Draco's Saving Grace from his Devastating Past

BY : PygmyPuffs
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Chapter 1: Draco

Draco stared in horror at his family’s ritual room. There were runes painted everywhere, whether it was from blood or paint, he had no idea. There were candles, black with blazing flames. Astoria was in the middle of the room, naked and also covered in runes, carved into her flesh. Her usually well-kept hair in disarray with blood streaked through it. She sat in an inverted pentagram and there, on the floor before her, was the body of an unusually quiet, day-old infant. His son, his Scorpius.

“What have you done!” he cried out. He would have rushed to them, to his baby boy, but for the fact that the circle around them was still unbroken. The magic that still lingered in the room. The overwhelming blackness told him the type of ritual used. “What have you done to our son!” he demanded.

He took a step back when Astoria glanced back at him with a serene smile that scared him nearly as much as the lingering magic did. Her eyes alight with happiness as she said, “I was summoning the Dark Lord’s spirit. To bring him back.”

Draco took another step back, his eyes darting between his wife and the infant laying on the floor. Its eerie stillness making more sense. “You killed our son…” he whispered in utter horror.

“No,” she stood, cradling the body of her son, “I’m bring back the Dark Lord, Darling. Don’t you see? It’s a good thing!”

He shook his head, “No…no…” he turned and ran. He ran to the most secure part of his manor, away from the horrors behind him, the son that was dead, and towards the only man that was truly family to him.

He pulled open the door to the sitting room and rushed to the fireplace. He took a handful of Floo powder, tossed it in and shouted, “Greengrass Manor!” and waited, anxiously.

“Draco, is that you?” a warm voice asked from the fire.

Draco glanced up and said quickly, “I need you and Lord Greengrass here Madam. It is of great urgency and importance. It’s about…about Astoria.” He managed to choke out past the lump in his throat. “Please, I need you both here. I’ll leave the floo open. Hurry…” and he stepped away from the fireplace and walked over to the couch, facing the door to the bedroom where his father-figure lay.

His head was bowed as he remembered the day before, the moment he held his little boy the first time…


Draco stared down at the sleeping bundle in his arms in wonder and awe, “I promise, my little Scorpius, you will be raised differently than I. You will know love and a childhood, raised to know that not all Gryffindor’s are awful and that not all Slytherin’s are bad. I mean, one did save the whole of our world. Saved me from my own stupidity.”

Draco took his sons tine hand in his before raising him high enough to kiss his forehead. Bring him back down, Draco watched and memorized his little face. Such a sweet boy, and only minutes old. I can’t believe I’m a father now. He glanced over at his sleeping wife, exhausted after hours of labor, and smiled lovingly. How did I get so lucky!

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

A hand on his shoulder startled him from his thoughts and he spun around, only to see his concerned in-laws. “Draco, darling, is Astoria and Scorpius alright?” Lady Greengrass asked.

“No…no, they are not alright. My beautiful son, my heir, is dead and my beloved wife is deranged…I swore I would never do this, but I must ask for a dissolution of the Marriage Contract…I cannot be married to her after what she has done.” Draco said, anguish filling his voice and clearly expressed on his face, in his eyes.

“What do you mean Draco? What has happened that caused you to ask this? And what of Scorpius? What do you mean he is dead?” Lord Greengrass asked, confused and a little angry at his son-in-law for asking this of him.

Draco shook his head, eyes closed, “I…I cannot speak of it…” he turned from them, only to call for his elf, “Tilly, I need you to bring me my pensive from my office. Quickly!” he called out, only form there to be a ‘pop’ as she arrived with the said object, placing it gently where it wasn’t it in the way before ‘popping’ back out.

Draco turned and walked to the basin, wand already at his head. First, he thought of the day before, the birth of his child, and placed it in the pensive. Next, he thought of the horror he woke to. Once both memories were able to be seen, Draco walked away from it again, his back towards the Greengrasses and the basin. “I will not be joining you…I cannot see it again, the horror, the magic! I simply cannot…” he glanced at them over his shoulder, “I am sorry, truly sorry…” and he finally let the tears that threatened to fall, escape.

If he had been watching, Draco would have seen the Lord and Lady Greengrass look at each other with worry and concern, before, hand in hand, putting a figure on the runes and letting the pensive show them his memories.

Draco knew not how long he stood there, tears falling down his cheeks, his hair, usually immaculate, disheveled and falling into his face. He clothes were rumpled seeing as he hadn’t bothered getting dressed when he found his wife and child missing just over an hour before. He felt lost and unbalanced. All he knew was that his son was dead and his wife, a monster.

“Oh Merlin!” was a gasp that brought Draco back to his senses. He turned and saw his father-in-law holding his wife, horror, fear, and grief etched on their faces.

“Let us not speak of what I have asked of you now. Let us wait for tomorrow. I have already locked down the Manor as I came here to get you, to show you. She cannot leave, nor can she find this place. We are heavily warded here.” Draco turned to the door he had been facing when they first came.

Walking to the bedroom, his hand on the handle, he looked over his shoulder, “Come, this way,” and he opened the door and walked in. He stood for a moment looking at the figure on the bed.

“Severus?” Lord Greengrass asked, “I thought he was dead.” He walked over to the bed with his wife as Draco sat in his customary chair.

“That was what we decided the populace could believe if they decided to do so.” Draco said wearily. “Potter came to me after the Battle was over, he informed me that he was only able to stabilize him, to put him in a magical coma, and asked if I could take him somewhere where he would be out of the spotlight and we could find a way to heal him.” He sighed and took the hand of the prone man.

“What happened?” the Lady asked.

“We are unsure of what magic’s exactly are causing us such distress in healing him. The only thing we really know for certain is that that blasted snake, Nagini, bit him, and Potter was witness to that.” Draco informed them, gently squeezing the hand in his. “I brought him here, warded several rooms on this side of the manor, so that none but the few I allow can enter. The floo you came through granted you temporary entrance since it was within the warded area.” He informed them when he saw that they were about to ask.

“I have hired healers from all over the world to see what can be done, if he can be healed. They all agree that once they find a way to neutralize all the foreign magic’s, and his own magic strengthens and can begin to heal him, only then will he wake. The all agree that they do not know how long that would take. Potter, in exchanged, did everything he could to make sure I and Uncle Severus remained free of Azkaban.” He finished so that they can ask any other questions.

“What all did Potter do to accomplish this? We know that Severus has been exonerated, but we are unsure of how that was done,” Lord Greengrass asked.

“Memories, provided by Sev himself and that of what he had done through the years to help and make sure that Potter survived.”

“So, Potter provided his own memories as well?”

“Yes, but not just his, those of fellow Gryffindor’s and the other houses that last year. From the staff as well. Their testimonies are what pardoned him. As for is inability to speak for himself, we had the many healers who saw to him take their results to the Wizengamont and had three impartial members come here as proof to his coma. It was enough to keep him out of Azkaban and to award him with the Merlin First Class. It was agreed that he should remain hidden for the time being, seeing as no one really knows when he will wake.”

“So, he remains here, in your care.”

Draco nodded and stood. He turned from the man in the bed and the Greengrasses. He shoulders began to shake as the shock finally started to wear off. He hugged himself and let the tears flow and the sobs to break through in the aftermath of the devastation he felt. He was so overwhelmed be his own grief that he did not hear anything but the murmur of a spell before he was met with darkness.

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