Hogwarts, A Mystery

BY : Marionne25
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Author's Note: 


An original concept applied to the Harry Potter world.

The story is set in Harry Potter's 6th year as I've written this right after OOTP book came out. There have been A LOT of changes in certain scenes, chapters, characters, etc but the plot remains the same and as it were several years ago when I first wrote it and posted it on the original Harry Potter boards.

Took some time for me to edit certain chapters as the revision I had to create was massive seeing and rereading that I've written this waaaaay back when I was a teenager I guess and my writing has been nothing but complete shit. Not that it is perfect nowadays.


Will take some time for me to update as I have another life outside the fanfiction world - I'm a musician and music teacher in my chosen profession. But I do update and don't abandon my works.

Hoping to hear everyone's point on this take.

Lots of love







    The boy who lived journeys back to Hogwarts, the only place he called home just months after the recent death of his godfather, Sirius Black.

 Harry's heart is still in rage; filled with grief, guilt and regrets after the death of his beloved godfather. And this year, the burden inside of him would weigh even more as he returns to Hogwarts. 


   Cho Chang's angry with him thinking that Harry now hates her for the betrayal she has done; his suspension from the Quidditch games because of his lack of focus at his devastated state; the new DADA professor who is seemingly worse than anyone they've ever had before and one who seemingly harbors a secret of her own; the Potions Master's scrutinizing attribute and his hatred for Harry that seems to grow at every Occlumency lesson; his lack of communication from the Order of the Phoenix where he thinks they could no longer trust him with plans; Remus Lupin's seeming indifference towards him after the death of his last remaining bestfriend and the thread of the Dark Lord's growing power. 

  But all is never enough. For there are certain things this year at Hogwarts that is about to get worse and deadlier than ever before - not just for the Boy Who Lived but for everyone else as well. 

  Hermione and Ron tries everything to cheer him but the loss seems too much that Harry draws away from his friends and their worry only heightens at Harry's alarming behavior. 

  Only he could see a dark-haired handsome man who seemingly points to one direction and soon, he hears a mysterious humming melody and a misty figure garbed in a bloody wedding dress appears. Crimson blood then is spilled everywhere as a warning that it is about to claim a life. But when Harry tries to tell someone about all of it, the mysterious apparitions disappear. 

  Even his friends begin to abandon him in belief that because of grief, he has finally ran mad. Until one by one, students and staff begin to receive the same threats and claims to see the same apparitions that Harry sees.  Whispers and murmurs spread that a legendary woman called the bride of Judas returns at Hogwarts seeking revenge until the misty figure garbed in a bloody wedding dress is proven to be a human by its almost victim. 

 The rumors had turned into pranks that turned into a conclusion that someone at Hogwarts had become obsessed into bringing the legendary killer into life by eliciting the same method it does. But pranks soon die as attacks become more serious, more haunting. 


   Someone at Hogwarts rolls the 30 silver coins to warn and initiate the murder. But who amongst the many faces with different motives could be the real culprit behind the bloody veil? 


A secret past in the time of the Marauders draws the Golden trio deeper into the mystery that makes Harry feel terrified that after every attack, he only becomes closer to the culprit that he simply never suspects. 


Walk with Harry in the midst of the night as he reunites with Dumbledore's Army in order to solve the mystery that is haunting the once safest place in the Wizarding World. And in doing so, foes must become allies in revisiting the past that will link all the clues together to end all the deaths that are already in order.


                                                                                                           Who is the face behind the veil of Judas’ Maiden?


Unveil the ntriguing face of the culprit that returns fear to those who dwell within the walls of Hogwarts but be careful- because even within the ancient, powerful and protected walls of Hogwarts, there will be and will always be a danger that awaits those curious eyes..


  And at the end of the line, Harry and his friends will learn the true depths of an undying friendship without betrayal and the secret that binds them all to their grave. 

 There are some secrets best kept forever in the name of trust and dignity. And there are secrets that are not only vital, but could be as deadly as those who keep them.


 A story that draws itself from the past that started from an old secret – a secret that grew out of the extremes of: Greed. Anger. Hatred. Regret. Pride. Vengeance. Death.


Trust is vital. Trust is fatal.



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