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Narcissa ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Bellatrix, her beloved older sister, was dragging her down the hall by the hand. Bellatrix had just turned fifteen. Narcissa was only five. She worshipped her older sister. Everything Bellatrix did was amazing in Narcissa's eyes. So when Bellatrix started pulling her down the hall, she followed along happily. They stopped outside of the old chapel at the back of the house. Back when everyone was Christian, some family member built a chapel. Now, the newly deemed Lord Voldemort held Death Eater meetings in the room. One had begun moments prior. 

"Where do we go to hear what is going on in that room without being seen?" Bellatrix whispered urgently. She knew Narcissa would know where to go. The child was sneaky and small and had found many secret pathways around the huge manor. 

"Oh, uh, this way," she thought for a moment and then pulled her sister by the hand down the hallway to their right. They stopped at a door Bellatrix had never gone in before. "Through here," Narcissa threw the door open and pulled Bellatrix into a dark and musty room. Bellatrix pulled her hand away from Narcissa and covered her mouth.

"It's dank in here, where are you taking me?" Bellatrix barked out, brushing her dress down to avoid the dust.

"Through there, Bella," Narcissa pointed to another door. Bellatrix sighed. 

"Let's go then," she said, wondering if she really thought this through properly. Narcissa opened the door and there was a narrow, unfinished hallway beyond. Bellatrix scrunched her nose up in disgust. 

"C'mon Bella, there's a place to sit on the other side of the weird hallway," Narcissa tugged at her hand again. Bellatrix followed with a sour look on her face. She didn't think it would be so dirty. And Narcissa didn't even care. She was such a tom boy. Bellatrix shook her head. No, not a tom boy, a tommy girl. That sounded better. But still awful, Bellatrix sighed. She hoped that Narcissa didn't follow in their middle sister Andromeda's tracks. Andi, as she insisted on being called, liked popular music and didn't understand why mudbloods were so bad. She was delusional. But Narcissa seemed to march to her own beat. Bellatrix had a hard time getting a read on her. She wasn't a goody two shoes like Andromeda, but she didn't get in trouble the way that Bellatrix did. 

The girls reached the other end of the hall, having to squeeze through several feet where the room bowed out. There were several slats of wood stretched across the concrete and Narcissa sat on one end. She patted the place next to her then she put a finger to her lips and let out a quick 'shush'. Bellatrix gave her a dirty look. Of course she would be quiet. Did the girl really need to tell her to shush? She sat next to Narcissa and tuned her ear to hear the meeting going on. 

"Alright, alright, let's table the discussion on muggle intimidation methods until next meeting," a muffled voice sounded out over the din of the crowd in the room. He banged a gavel and finally all the men quieted down. Lord Voldemort spoke for the first time.

"What new business do we have to attend to?" he asked, his voice slightly higher than normal, almost nasally in its tone. It felt like the room dropped ten degrees when he addressed them and everyone hesitated to answer him. The secretary finally snapped to attention.

"Sir, my Lord," he said bowing his head reverently. "There's the matter of the marriage of Bellatrix Black," he said bracing himself for the Dark Lord's ire. To his surprise, the Dark Lord looked happy. 

"Ahhhh, what a blessed day. It's always a wonderful day when I get to bring together two of my faithful," Voldemort said with an evil grin. He stood up and swept across the room. Bellatrix couldn't see him but turned her head when she heard his voice come from a different part of the room. She envisioned that he floated as he moved. She held her breath when he started to talk again.

"I've given this matter much thought. Yes, Bellatrix is a bright, beautiful witch. She will make any of my followers a most remarkable bride. Someone who suits her temperment," Voldemort said as he walked around the room, looking into each of the expectant faces. Several of the men were still single. Much more than there were impressionable young women to marry them off to and start a new generation of followers. Bellatrix was the perfect Pureblood daughter and would be the perfect Pureblood wife. 

Voldemort stopped in front of one man and clapped his hand down hard on the man's shoulder. It didn't give, the man was like a boulder. "Rudolfus, Rudolfus Lestrange, stand up," he said grandly gesturing for the other man to walk toward the podium still standing at the front of the room. He smiled hugely. Voldemort smiled back a wan smile. A dangerous smile. 

"Yes, my Lord," Rudolfus replied, hoping that he had been picked, but never sure what was going on where Lord Voldemort was concerned. 

"I select you, Mr. Lestrange, to marry Miss Black," he said and the everyone in the room began applauding. Bellatrix bit her fist so hard she tasted blood. She was infuriated. How dare the Dark Lord do this to her? Lestrange was a thug, not an intellectual. He was a bodyguard, not someone who would ever need to be guarded...her thoughts slowed down. That's what it was. She would be married to a bodyguard. The Dark Lord sought to protect her any way he could. He would never be able to marry her himself. It would put her at too great a risk. But she could be kept safe. A doll, who needed his protection. 

"No," she whisperered angrily. Narcissa looked surprised and shushed her again. Bellatrix rolled her eyes at her sister. She was already formulating a plan. She would show her Dark Lord exactly how strong she was if it took all the magic in her body. Narcissa looked frightened. She had never seen Bellatrix so angry and focused. 

"It will be okay," she said hugging her sister tightly. Bellatrix tried to shrug off the hug, but Narcissa hugged tighter. 

"Thanks, Cissy," Bellatrix whispered softly into her sister's hair. She knew it would be alright, but just not what she wanted. Well, she thought, I put my trust completely in the Dark Lord. With the Dark Lord, all things are possible. 

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