Hermione Granger's Goddess

BY : Yagamilight
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                                                                            Chapter 1 

Two years had passed since the new and perhaps definitive defeat of You- Know-Who. Shortly before the end of the Triwizard Tournament, which took place during the fourth year at Hogwarts of the famous Harry Potter, the Aurors discovered that a Death Eater, who had infiltrated the school and who had taken the form of the professor Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, it had transformed the Triwizard cup into a portkey, a magical object able to transport anyone who grasps it beyond the confines of the school, hundreds and hundreds of miles, to the gloomy cemetery of Little Hangleton. The young Harry Potter was supposed to be the winner of that tournament, the Dark Lord needed him and his blood to be reborn. Instead, the plan had failed and on the evening of the last task of the tournament, the Aurors had surroundend the cemetery and arrested You-Know-Who's servant, Peter Minus, and eliminated that strange "thing" that was the Dark Lord. Dumbledore doubted that this was the final end of Lord Voldermort, but certainly his return by now would be harder than ever. The fifth year of Harry Potter and his group of friends was very boring and even the sixth did not seem different... but Miss Granger would soon change her mind. 


The small group of Gryffindors entered quickly in the cold and dark Potions Classroom that had not changed much with Professor Slughorn, who had taken the place of Professor Snape who had been assigned the chair of Defense against the Dark Arts the year before and that it was incredibly teaching for the second year in a row, breaking what looked like a curse ... needless to say that Harry and Ron were not very happy with that result. Professor Slughorn greeted his students with a wide smile and explained with excitement what the object of that lesson would be.

- Who can tell me what potion there is inside this cauldron ? -

As always, Hermione Granger raised her hand. The girl had immediately recognized the potion by its mother-of-pearl sheen and without hesitation she answered :

- Amortentia, it is the most powerful love potion in the world, it causes a powerful infatuation or obsession, for this reason the Ministry of Magic has banned its production -

- Exactly ! Five "well deserved" points to Gryffindor. And do you know Miss Granger that the smell of... -

- It's different to each person, according to what attracts them " Hermione said, interrupting the Professor and adding - For example I smell fresh cut grass, new parchement and... - the girl stopped, embarrassed, she realized that she had let herself be carried away by emotion. 

- Very good, very good. But now enough talking, it's time to start. Two people per table, the ladies together please 

Hermione turned quickly around to look in disgust at the only other girl of the sixth year who attended Potions, the person who she most hated in the world. Pansy Parkinson ended up talking to Draco Malfoy, who laughed out loud at her friend's joke, and went to sit in the assigned seat.

"I'll just have to concentrate on my work and not pay attention to her evil barbs" thought Hermione, who for a moment sought the support of Harry and Ron, but the boys had already taken a seat at the back of the classroom.

The girl with thick brown hair took from her bag her copy of Advanced Potions of Libatius Borage, she almost immediately found the chapter that interested her and she read carefully the list of ingredients.

- Ashwinder Eggs

- Rose Thorns

- Peppermint

- Powdered Moonstone

- Pearl Dust

The amortentia was really a potion difficult to prepare and the classroom filled soon with imprecations of the students who were increasingly frustrated to see their potion take on the most disparate colors, very far from the mother-of-pearl sheen that everyone hoped to see. Hermione herself continued to reread the instructions on her manual hoping to figure out what she had done wrong, trying to ignore the ever more frequent laughs of the Slytherin girl at her side. Of course, Pansy Parkinson had not done a better job, but she was very happy that the insufferable know-it-all Granger was failing like everyone else. At one point, Hermione saw from the corner of her eye Pansy taking off a shoe and immediately after, a sock.

- What the hell are you doing ? - asked Hermione, more and more nervous

- There's something inside my sock that bothers me. Anyway, it's none of your business, think of your grandiose potion, Granger -

- Oh I'm sorry if my brain can not work well because of the stench of your sock-

The girl with long black hair did not take that answer very well and without wasting time, she brought her sock to Hermione's face, who wasn't able to react promptly and avoid contact with that stinking thing. The two girls began a furious fight and incredibly none of their comrades noticed what was happening, Professor Slughorn instead had fallen asleep several minutes before and he snored loudly. At one point, to get rid of Pansy's grip and remove the girl's sock from her nose, Hermione used all the energies in her body and with a violent blow pushed Pansy to the ground, but at the same time the girl's sock went to end up in the Slytherin girl's cauldron , generating a small explosion and a thick pink smoke that hit Hermione. The hubbub attracted the attention of all the boys and awakened Professor Slughorn who immediately ran to the girls' table to understand what had happened.

- Miss Parkinson, you must be more careful - the Professor said, examining the cauldron for a moment.

- Excuse me Sir - replied the girl, looking with hatred Hermione, who continued to cough because of the fumes she had inhaled.

Professor Slughorn quickly checked all the cauldrons and at the end of the inspection said that no one had done a satisfactory job and that therefore they would have to try again in the next lesson. The students left the classroom laughing at what had happened just before, Hermione wanted so much to tell her friends about the incident that Pansy had caused but her next lesson would have started shortly and she had to go to the other side of the castle.

"What a evil bitch " Hermione thought as she ran down the corridors, cursing Pansy Parkinson and her stinky sock.

"Well ... it was not so stinky " she said to herself, remembering the aroma she had smelled when Pansy had put her sock on her face. It was a strange smell but it could not be descrived as bad, indeed a part of her had even found it pleasant. Hermione tried to remove those absurd thoughts from her head...  besides, how could the smell of a sweaty sock be considered pleasant? Luckily, the Arithmanzia lesson started on time and the girl was happy to be able to concentrate on her favorite subject and forget about Pansy Parkinson ... or at least she thought so. 

There was no way to remove from her head the thought of that damn sock and that strange smell that had upset her day and, at the end, Hermione surrendered and instead of hearing the lesson, she lost herself in trying to remember in the smallest details that aroma so...so... wonderful. Yeah, wonderful, that was the word that Hermione Granger's brain now associated with the scent she had smelled for the first time in her life. The girl knew that what she was thinking was terribly wrong but something inside told her that it did not matter, something was pushing her to come up with a plan to be able to smell again the foot scent of the hated Pansy Parkinson.

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