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Tom blinked as he looked around the area.  The ritual he had just cast was somewhat complicated, so he had expected there to be more of a show of power once it was done.  But Tom found that nearly everything was the same. He was in the room of hidden things of the Room of Requirement. It has seemed like an apt place to cast the spell since the charms of the room should only enhance his magic.

But everything seemed to look the same, and he didn’t feel any different.  The ritual was supposed to give him some kind of guidance in finding the what others would call his soulmate.  He didn’t put stock in such terms but had recently become aware of the benefit of having a woman around that didn’t either bore him or annoy him.

If he found such a woman to entertain him and bring him pleasure, he could simply put her to the task of keeping the rest of the dredge away.  It had been a brilliant plan, like all his plans, but the ritual didn’t seem to have worked.

He was so sure of this one, it had seemed so promising, but as he looked around, he felt nothing.  It took him a few moments of scanning the room before he realized it had changed. The piles of countless junk students had hidden in the room seemed to be larger, more prominent pieces he remembered looked more worn and beaten up.

He gathered his things, he needed to find a reason for these small changes, and there was one place he could go.  When he stepped out into the seventh-floor corridor, everything looked the same as he had left it, though the castle did seem a bit warm for December.

He went to the closest window and blinked as there was no snow on the ground.  When he had cast the ritual there had been snow outside, but now it wasn't even cold enough to me autumn.  He started to rush down the hall. It was becoming clear to him that the spell had moved him through time for some reason, but now the question was how far and in which direction?

“Stop right there!”  An older woman snapped making him freeze in place.  He didn’t recognize the voice at all, so he turned slowly and gave her his best charming smile.

“I think I’m a little lost, Ma’am.”  He told the stern looking woman as she pointed her wand in his direction.

He was at Hogwarts. Still, there was simply no reason to fight when the woman would obviously give him what he wanted.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my school?”  She asked not seeming at all affected by his charm, yet.

“Tom Riddle Ma’am.”  He said putting his hands up to make her more comfortable.  “The last thing I knew is that I fell asleep in the Room of Requirement?”  He said unsure if she knew of the room, not everyone did.

“You are not one of my students Mr. Riddle.” She said lowering her wand as he showed he wasn’t a threat.

“I think I may be out of my time Ma’am.”  He admitted figuring he must be forward because he didn’t recognize her from the pictures of Headmistresses from the past.  “Please, could you tell me what year it is?”

“What year were you from dear?”  She asks sternly, smart enough to know not to give up information first.

“It is supposed to be January 1st, 1945.”  He told her honestly. The ritual was supposed to be a birthday gift to himself; it serves him right for being so sentimental.

“It is, in fact, September 1st, 1997.”  She explained narrowing her eyes at him for a moment.

“Follow me, Mr. Riddle, we'll get this sorted out.”  She ordered crisply as she leads him to her office. “Who was your Headmaster?”  She asked testing his story.

“Armando Dippet, Ma’am.”  He told her keeping up his respectful and polite tone.  He was just a lost boy who needed her help after all.

Once they got to the Headmistress’ office, the woman motioned for him to sit while she started to look through the shelves with student files.  This gave Tom time to think about how many years he had missed. He was now 52 years into the future with no thinkable way back to his time.

“Here you are.”  She said pulling his file from the shelf and taking it back over to her desk.  She opened and glanced between him and the picture in the file several times before nodding to herself.  “I am sorry to tell you dear, but it says here you disappeared during your final year.” She told him, a small frown coming to her lips.  “Though you have an exemplary record.” She added looking up at him.

He smiled and made himself blush a little.  “What will happen to me now, Ma’am?” He asked putting worry into his voice.  “I don’t know how I got here.” He added mimicking fear.

“I'm Headmistress McGonagall.”  She said as she gave him a warm smile.  “You, of course, are welcome to finish your education here Mr. Riddle, you were an exemplary student, and there is no reason to turn you away now.”

“Thank you, Headmistress.”  He said nodding and giving her an unsure smile.  “How will all of this work exactly, I was…” He started and glanced down at his chest where the Head Boy badge was stilled pinned.  “I'm sure you have chosen a fine one of this year, but…”

“I know the school charter, Mr. Riddle.  It seems we have two Head Boys. I would like for you to meet with the Heads once they arrive on the train and you three can decide how to organize yourselves.  Accommodations will be slightly more tricky. It's the privilege of the Head boy and girl to use the suite provided.

“I wouldn’t want to cause any more problems.”  He said thinking he will let this Head boy understand who the private room really belongs to if it came to it.

“There is a spare professors suit I could allow you to use under these extraordinary conditions.”  She told him thoughtfully. He looked up at her unable to hide his pleasure at the idea of an even better upgrade from what he had before.

“Miss Granger, our Head Girl this year will be able to help you in getting the class supplies you will need.”  She told him with a nod. “And I will have your Head of House show you to the room I'm speaking of.” She added more to herself than to him.

A short while later Tom found himself walking next to a stern looking man with dark hair and eyes.  He had known some Blacks back in his day, and they were a powerful and influential family.

“I'm sorry to be a bother, Sir.”  He told the man who gave him a small ironic smile.

“I will be reading your file from cover to cover tonight Mr. Riddle.”  He said looking Tom up and down as he worked to get the measure of him.  “The Headmistress believes your story about coming here accidentally, but as you were from the noble and cunning House of Slytherin, I find this unlikely.”

Tom licked his lips as he tried to think of the best way to manipulate the man. “It’s an embarrassing story, Professor Black.”  He said timidly. “I didn’t want the Headmistress to know my blunder.” He added deciding something close to the truth was the best way to get this man on his side.

“Blunder?”  He asked expectantly.

“I cast a ritual to find a woman worth my time.”  He said putting a hint of pride in his tone. “It seems that I had to travel 52 years in order to find her.”  He smirked at this.

“What is your lineage boy?”  The man asked now all the more interested but in a completely different way.

“I’m an orphan that was accepted into the great House of Slytherin.  I don’t know my exact parentage.” He lied because no one could know who he really was, not until he had gathered more power around him. He hid his anger as he thought about how he was going to have to start all over again from scratch.  But Lord Voldemort was up to any challenge.

“So a boy with no family thinks he is special enough, that no girl of his own time could carry his heir?”  The man asked moving to the subject of procreation like so many other purebloods always did.

“It isn’t me who decided I had to travel this far to find my equal.”  He countered blandly.

“Up there is the old Divination classroom.”  The Professor pointed to a trap door in the ceiling.  “We currently don’t offer Divination so these are the rooms you will be using.”  He added motioning to a door close by.

“Pity.  I was in a NEWTs level Divination class back in my time.”  Tom said regretfully as he glanced at the door and then opened what would be his room for the next year.

“I will leave you here; you will be expected to attend the feast tonight with everyone else.”  Professor Black said with a nod.

“Thank you, Sir.”  He called politely at the man’s back before letting his express turn more naturally cold.

The House Elves of the castle had already cleaned the room and made it livable decorated in Slytherin colors.  He had an office, living room and kitchenette in the space, as well as a larger bedroom than he had had back in 1945.  Now, this would do nicely.

Tom didn’t have a reason to stay in his rooms though so he spent the afternoon looking around the public areas of the castle, and finding any differences from his time.  It wasn’t long before he spotted someone he knew and he couldn’t help but sneer as Hagrid was sending the Thestral pulled carriages down to Hogsmeade to pick up the students.

He remembered the boy he was when he got him expelled and was morbidly amused to see the half-breed serving the menial tasks of groundskeeper of the school.  He leaned against the wall of the entranceway as he watched the man at work, and it wasn’t long after the last carriage was sent off that Hagrid looked up in his direction.

The man blinked at him as if he saw a ghost.  Time had not been kind of the half-giant Tom noted as the man came striding closer to him.  He put on his innocent kind smile for the oaf, as the man had no idea he had framed him on purpose.  No, it had all been a horrible misunderstanding.

“R-riddle?”  Hagrid asked as if he didn’t believe his eyes.

“Rubious.”  He answered pushing himself off the wall.  “What are you still doing here?” He asked in an amused tone as if he was pleased to see the half-wit.

“I’ve worked here fur the last fifty years or so.  Dumbledore hired me when he became Headmaster.” He explained looking Tom up and down.  “You haven’t aged a day.”

“Well to me I last saw you…”  He let the words go. “I’ve made my own mistakes now.”  He added as if they were on the same level. “But the Headmistress is allowing me to come back to school."

“That's good.”  The man said agreeably.  “I have to head down to get the first years, I’ll see you at the feast.”  He said awkwardly before heading off.

After that Tom made his way inside, the students would be heading up soon, and he was curious to see what he had to work with.  It was apparent to him the spell had worked, and it was simple deduction the think his woman would be one of the students. If he remembered the description, correctly all he would have to do was touch her to know if she was the one he was looking for.  This seemed simple to him as he made his way to sit at the Slytherin table and wait.

He had never had any trouble touching any woman he wanted to.  Most women begged to be touched. He was sure that his woman, for she was already his whether he knew her or not, would want him like all the rest.

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