Instant Death

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Chapter 1: The End


Courtroom 10, the Ministry of Magic, London, June 25th, 1995

Fourteen-year-old Harry Potter was sitting in an uncomfortable chair, tied up and secured by iron chains around his wrist and ankles. The chair stood in the middle of a large domed room. Lit torches lined the black stone walls.

Benches rising in levels stood along the wall and on them sat witches and wizards in plumb-colored robes embroidered with a silver letter W. They filled out the entire back end of the room. Harry could hear more people sitting on the benches behind him. There had to be at least a hundred people, if not more.


He had seen this room before, not that long ago. Harry had been horrified when he had been dragged in here earlier, through the doors on the opposite side, all these people already present. He recognized the courtroom from his venture into Dumbledore’s Pensieve. This was where the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Junior had been sentenced to Azkaban.


Harry himself was feeling quite numb, overwhelmed and shocked at this turn of events. This was not supposed to happen. He hadn’t done anything wrong. The Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament and everything that had followed had only taken place yesterday.


He had dueled Voldemort and barely gotten away alive, succeeding in taking Cedric’s body with him back to Hogwarts. When he had arrived face down in the dirt in front of the maze, disoriented by the portkey, it hadn’t taken long for the screaming to begin. Cedric lying dead beside him. Mad-Eye Moody had tried to get him into the castle, but Dumbledore had intervened.

Dumbledore had escorted Harry to the Headmaster’s office, even though he was injured. He wanted to know what had happened. Harry had told him about Voldemort’s rebirth and the duel that had taken place, about his scar burning, when Voldemort had touched his face. Afterwards he was given permission to go to the infirmary where Madam Pomfrey healed his cuts, bruises and spider bite on his leg.


He had felt tired after everything that had happened, as well as sad and guilty over the death of Cedric. Before he could fall asleep however multiple people had entered the hospital wing. Wizards wearing bright red robes, aurors, he thought. The Minister Cornelius Fudge and Moody.


Harry had been confused, and when they had placed him in magic-suppressing handcuffs and told him he was arrested for the murder of Cedric Diggory and for lying about the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to create fear and disruption, he had blinked unbelieving, stunned at what was happening. Harry had started yelling, beyond angry at what they where accusing him off. He had looked at Moody for help, but the grizzled auror had only smiled down at him looking beyond satisfied.

He was placed under a silencing charm and dragged out of Hogwarts, thrown in a small cell at the Ministry.


He now looked out on the people in front of him in the courtroom. He recognized more than one. Dumbledore was standing slightly above the rest on the raised podium. To his left the Minister was sitting looking important and to his right a woman wearing a monocle, he didn’t know her. Rita Skeeter was one of the reporters present, he saw, they were all standing slightly to the left, taking pictures of him or looking up at the people sitting above them.


Harry was starting to feel a deep dread and inner despair. This couldn’t end well. His bad luck had turned on him with a vengeance, he thought.


He tried to say something and was disturbed to find out that the silencing charm was still on him. He tried to scream, to get them to pay attention to him, to tell them this was a misunderstanding, but someone noticed because he was suddenly frozen, unable to move at all, except his eyes. Hit with a ‘Petrificus Totalus’ unseen.


An ominous silence descended on the room. Dumbledore stood and declared, looking upset, “Trial of the twenty-fifth of June, regarding the murder of Hogwarts student Cedric Diggory. The accused, Harry James Potter, fourth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Interrogators: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic; Amelia Susan Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister. Presiding: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Chief Warlock.”


And so, the trial of Harry Potter began.


Harry was quick to notice the ugly woman wearing pink underneath her plumb-colored robes. She was arguing for throwing him in Azkaban. He simply stared at her unbelieving, how could she want to throw him in prison, he didn’t even know her. Worst of all the Minister was agreeing with her.

The monocle wearing witch was somewhat against it, but even he could see her be slowly persuaded by the large amount of evidence that had apparently been gathered or made, Harry thought, not recognizing half of it.

Dumbledore was neutral, apparently being the Chief Warlock, he wasn’t allowed to voice his opinions. He gave everyone a chance to speak, which they did.

Arguments against Harry and his supposed crimes were voiced. Some people tried to defend him, he was pretty sure one of the older women trying to protect him and standing firmly on his side was Neville’s grandmother, Augusta Longbottom. She was very vocal and wasn’t afraid to yell at the people she disagreed with.


Harry slowly detected a pattern. Dumbledore, even though he wasn’t allowed to speak up, was trying to push the vote in Harry’s favor by selecting people who defended him right after someone had accused him. It didn’t seem to be working however. To many were accusing him of killing Cedric, to many believed him to be turning dark or on his way to becoming a dark lord. Some of the things they said left him staring incredulous forward. Did they really think he would attack and kill them? He was only a child! Not even fifteen. He didn’t even have his OWLs yet!


Time went by, and before he knew it hours had passed. Dumbledore called for a break in the proceedings, and Harry was quickly hit with a spell again, making him able to move, still silenced however. It had to be one of the aurors, he thought, looking at the pair of wizards standing close by. He was escorted back to the small cell.



When the trial recommenced, Harry was once again chained to the chair, frozen. He thought it strange and didn’t really know if it was just standard procedure or not. It became clear to him however that the aurors where not on his side, when everyone had voiced their opinions, and Dumbledore allowed him to speak up in his own defense.


He was frozen, paralyzed by the full body-bind curse, and could only look up at the people sitting on the benches. The auror had hit him in the perfect moment, he was looking out with a bored expression on his face. Hearing the same arguments hour after hour had been tiring.

Now however he wanted to scream but couldn’t. He could only glare in front of him, looking up at Dumbledore whose expression slowly turned blank when he didn’t say anything. Dumbledore suddenly looked very angry. His grandfatherly appearance disappearing. “You need to tell us the truth, Harry! Tell them what you experienced, what really happened, tell them what you told me.” he demanded in a steely voice, looking somewhat shaken. Harry was silent, unable to talk, a bored expression on his face. Dumbledore didn’t look him in the eyes for some reason, if he had, he might have been able to see the slowly building terror and panic.


“Obviously the boy is guilty!” The Minister exclaimed, taking his silence as a sign of guilt, and thinking his bored face was him showing all of them he thought of himself superior. Dumbledore looked beyond disappointed. The woman, he had learned her name was Dolores Umbridge, smirked, he was looking at her, and the smirk widened. “It is time to cast a verdict Dumbledore,” the Minister demanded, several people around them agreeing.


“Those in favor of clearing the accused of all charges?” Madam Bones voice boomed out. Several wands rose into the air, among them Augusta Longbottom and Madam Bones herself and about a dozen more. They were however in the minority. Harry had a sinking feeling in his stomach.


“And those in favor of conviction?” over half of the people covered in plumb-colored robes raised their hands, among them the Minister, the toad-like woman and many others. Harry couldn’t believe it. They honestly believed he had killed Cedric. That he was a murderer.


Dumbledore looked grave, “We, the Wizengamot, hereby sentence Harry James Potter to life imprisonment in Azkaban for the murder of fellow student Cedric Diggory and for the use of one of the unforgivable curses, the killing curse. So mote it be,” he intoned with a finality Harry didn’t like. There was an uproar of noise. The sound level exploded. It was impossible to hear anything, everyone behind him was shouting at once. Several cameras flashed, taking pictures of the moment.


Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was stunned. He didn’t want to go to Azkaban. Just as Dumbledore passed his sentence, he was hit with a ‘finite’ making him able to move and talk again. Angrily he glared up at the people who had just declared he was going to prison, he screamed and tried to make them see reason, but his own voice drowned in the chaos around him.

He couldn’t believe Dumbledore would do something like this. Dumbledore was looking at him with a disappointed and sad look, as if Harry had betrayed him personally. And before he could do anything else he was dragged out of the courtroom by strong arms, aurors on each side.


He was harshly told by an auror to take hold of a lengthy piece of rope which several aurors were already holding. He did as he was told, not really having a choice.

The auror incanted ‘Portus’ and Harry felt the familiar feeling of a portkey behind his navel. The last thing he saw before disappearing was someone snapping his wand.



Azkaban prison Island, Middle of the North Sea, June 25th, 1995

The portkey deposited them outside on a dock near the ocean in a spiraling cascade of colors. It was cold, and a harsh wind was blowing against them. Landing, Harry stumbled to his knees. He really hated portkeys. He was quickly dragged to his feet by the three aurors accompanying him.

The aurors had their wands out. They all incanted ‘Expecto Patronum’, misty animals soon surrounded them. He looked up and saw the Prison of Azkaban for the first time. Harry could feel the cold seep into him, he was sure some of it was caused by the dementors he could see floating in the air high up, even though the aurors had all cast the Patronus charm.


The prison was located on a barren rocky island in the middle of the North Sea. He knew the dementors guarded the island, feeding on the thoughts of the prisoners. Sirius had told him, that the prisoners themselves were locked behind iron doors in their own cells, having minimum human contact. The building had multiple floors, the lower down the cell was located the greater the security was. Harry was pretty sure that both Sirius had been and that the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Junior still was in the High security wing.

They walked together up the path towards the black monstrosity that made out the prison. The huge iron doors opened by themselves when they reached them, revealing several dementors guarding the place inside.

He was marched into an empty side room, containing only a table and an open shower, with a single showerhead attached to the wall.


“Strip” one of the aurors ordered him after they had all entered and the door had closed behind them. He shivered. He was still in his school uniform, which they had him change into before the trial.


Harry was somewhat shy, he didn’t grow up learning his nudity was nothing to be embarrassed about, and the isolated school of Hogwarts didn’t teach anything about puberty or sex. He only knew what he had learned by himself or been told by his roommates. He had been naked where other people could see him before, in the communal showers at Hogwarts, but never in front of adults, it had always been boys his own age, and there he had still somewhat been able to cover his nakedness, being self-conscious about his own body.


Now however, three grown men was staring him down, waiting for him to take off his clothes. He really didn’t want to. “Strip now, or we’ll do it for you! You can’t wear your Hogwarts robe here. You are required to wear this,” the auror repeated, holding up what looked like a prison uniform. One of the other aurors raised a wand, pointing it at him threateningly, probably ready to vanish his clothes.


Harry, hands shaking, slowly pulled of his school robe, undid the buttons on his shirt. He pulled it off and exposed his pale adolescent chest to the aurors, nipples quickly hardening in the cold room. He was feeling more humiliated than he had ever been before. He zipped open his fly and pulled down his pants, removed his shoes and socks, which left him standing in his briefs.


“All of it, boy. we don’t have all day!” the same auror yelled, making Harry jump slightly.


He reluctantly pulled down his briefs. Standing naked in front of the three men who looked at his body, their gaze going up and down, his penis and balls on display. He quickly covered himself with his hands, making the aurors laugh. One of them leered down at him “Not much of a man yet, eh. I don’t think I was that small his age,” he said to his colleagues who laughed. Harry could feel his face burn in shame and humiliation.


They suddenly walked towards him and dragged him by his arms towards the shower, he yelled out unable to cover himself, but they ignored him. “Get clean. hurry up, boy, we don’t have all day. And give me your glasses!” They deposited him in the small open stall and took his glasses away.


Cold water soaked him, and he yelped out in surprise. He was given a bar of soap by the auror closest to him. Not wanting to anger them more, he slowly started to scrub and rinse his body, feeling embarrassed to be standing naked in front of three adults, having to openly show his nudity to wash himself down.


“Lift your arms, boy. Wash yourself thoroughly.” Harry lifted his arm and scrubbed his armpit which was still hairless, before moving on to the next. He could see the aurors watching his every move.


“Remember to wash your cock, boy. if that small thing can even be called a cock.” One of the aurors told him. Harry, beet red, started to wash his small amount of black pubic hair at the base of his shaft, after quickly washing his chest and stomach. His dick had shriveled up in the cold, making it look even smaller than it usually was.

“Pull back your foreskin, boy. Wash it properly!” the auror instructed him. Harry was too overwhelmed by the verbal harassment and felt too humiliated to disobey the adults, who all stood staring at him. He took a hold of his flaccid three-inch penis and slowly retracted his foreskin, revealing the glans. The aurors cheered him on, making him feel even more mortified than he already was. He washed his penis and worked his way down to his hairless balls. Trying to get it done quickly.

“I’ve never seen a dick so small, and I’ve seen my own son naked. My son is only twelve,” the auror stated, making the others laugh.


“How old are you Potter?” another one asked.


“Fourteen,” he whispered.


“What? Can’t hear you, boy. Speak up!”


“Fourteen,” Harry timidly repeated a bit louder, and the aurors laughed again.


Harry could feel tears forming in the corners of his eyes, threating to fall. “Well, maybe Potter here hasn’t reached puberty yet.”


“I think he has, he’s got pubes, although a rather small amount” the third auror joined in, pointing out his bush of pubic hair, “When did you get them?” Harry didn’t answer. The auror suddenly stepped into the shower and shoved him up against the wall, “I asked you a question, boy! I expect an answer!”


Harry, slightly afraid of the auror, answered reluctantly. “I got them just last year. Around Christmas.”


The auror nodded satisfied and stepped back, quickly drying himself off magically with his wand, “He only just recently entered puberty then,” he told his colleagues as if Harry wasn’t standing right in front of them.


“Have you started masturbating yet Potter? Do you wank at night before going to sleep?” the third auror continued. Harry quickly shook his head in a negative, not wanting to reveal his wanking habits feeling ashamed to be even asked about it.


“Maybe you’ve had a wet dream? Have you ever woken up and felt a wet sticky patch in your pants and on your bed?” the second auror jumped in, leering down at him. Harry didn’t respond but could feel his face turn red again which made the auror snort.


“I don’t believe you don’t jerk off if you have had wet dreams before, Potter! You better fucking tell us the truth, you won’t like what happens to you if you lie to us,” the first auror threatened.


“When was the last time you had an orgasm?” the third auror demanded.


Harry not wanting to answer, feeling humiliated, was standing in the shower, rubbing the soap bar unconsciously back and forth through his small bush of pubes, his foreskin still pulled back showing off his penis head. He felt the tears slowly run down his face, concealed by the shower.


“a few days ago,” Harry said, remembering back to the night before the third task two days ago in the fourth-year boys dormitory, where he had masturbated after going to bed, the curtains closed. Beating off his hard-on until he came spurting several robes of come onto the sheets and leaving it for the house-elves to clean up the next day, slowly drying and still somewhat sticky on his bed.


“was it a wet dream or masturbation” the first auror wanted to know.


“I was masturbating,” Harry said in a quiet voice, feeling his face go red again.


“Ah, so you do know how to do it then, not too young after all,” the third auror said, “you shouldn’t lie, boy. you’ll get punished for lying or disobeying us from now on.”


“Get out here. Time’s up,” they told him, and he quickly rinsed of the soap on his body and pulled his foreskin back down covering up the head of his penis again.

Stepping out of the shower, Harry covered himself up. “you have nothing to hide we haven’t already seen by now. Your prick is so small anyway, there is practically nothing to cover up,” one of them stated, slapping his hands away exposing his groin. Harry looked down at the floor to his feet feeling chastened.


“Maybe he just takes after his father. I remember seeing James naked in the shower once. He had a small one too,” the other responded, setting off another round of laughter.


He was given the prison uniform, it was a small shirt that was almost falling apart by the seams and a pair of pants too big for him, hanging loosely on his hips. There was no shoes or underwear. The clothes were grey in color with black stripes. He quickly dressed beyond thankful to no longer be naked in front of these strangers. He didn’t get his glasses back again.


He was told to follow and was quickly marched further into the prison.



They passed several corridors. At each door leading to a new hallway a dementor hovered, standing guard. He could feel the hopelessness each time they passed one, their Patronus only helping a little.


The noise was unbearable. Loud screaming and people moaning out in pain and despair could be heard from everywhere. It was awful. They passed several closed doors where the screams inside were like nothing he had ever heard before. He shivered violently, not liking this place, wondering how Sirius could stay sane.


They walked further down several stairs. They had to be below sea level now, Harry thought, after the fifth turn around a corner passing another dementor.


Each time they passed a cell and if a prisoner noticed them, they would begin to yell out. The prisoners where in various states of dress, he saw. Most prisoners were men, there were very few women. Some had their shirts off, others were totally naked. He didn’t really see them properly walking and looking out without his glasses before striding past, even though he was a bit curious, not having seen adults naked before.

Some at the people where screaming in outrage of his age, of them placing a child in the prison, shouting obscenities at the aurors, others laughed, catcalled after him or shouted words he didn’t catch. The further down they went, the less prisoners called out. Some just lying unresponsive.


They entered a new corridor and Harry could see several open cells. All the cell doors were made of iron bars, making it possible to look inside. He saw dirty men sitting or lying on small beds, one person in each cell. So far, he was the youngest person there as far as he could see. They passed several prisoners before coming to a stop outside an empty cell.


Suddenly the only woman in the corridor, in the cell next to the empty one they were standing by, screamed out at the aurors “He is back! He is coming. The Dark Lord is back! He will return.” She looked insane. He could barely see her without his glasses, she was blurry around the edges. Black curly hair framing her gaunt aristocratic face, looking down on a tattoo branded onto her left forearm. It looked like a black blob to him in his half blind state. She noticed him.


“Who’s this? A new one?” she asked the aurors escorting him, “Who´s the little baby?” she changed her voice to a childish high pitch, making her look even more deranged. He suddenly recognized her. She was Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the people who had tortured Neville’s parents!


“I’m not a baby!” Harry exclaimed, a bit shocked by his own voice. She looked at him closely. The aurors leered down at him, opened the cell door and pushed him into the empty cell.


“He’s Harry Potter,” one of the aurors told the woman and the other prisoners around them, who were now looking on through their cell doors with interest. “He’s been sentenced to life for the use of one of the Unforgivables. We are sure you’ll all keep each other in good company,” the auror finished, the lock on Harry’s new cell door clicking shut. Bellatrix cackled and the three aurors turned and left the same way they had arrived.


“Harry Potter in Azkaban! Harry Potter used an Unforgiveable! How?” she demanded in a harsh voice. “Impossible! Ickle bitty Potter is just a little boy!” She screamed out for everyone to her, “He wouldn’t know what end of a wand to hold!”


Harry could now feel the dementors, the aurors taking their Patronuses with them. He felt like he had been dumped in a body of water in the middle of winter, it was incredibly cold. Bellatrix was still screaming like a mad woman. He shivered violently and looked out through the cell door.


The locked cell door, made of iron bars, opened out into the corridor. He looked through it and saw black rough stone walls. He could see into three of the cells across the hallway. All three male prisoners in the cells on the other side were staring at him. The cells were similar to his. It was the only three cells placed in the right position to look into his own. The man sitting inside the middle one looked familiar, Harry couldn’t place him though.


“Is he already unconscious, Rab?” Bellatrix suddenly demanded. Harry was a bit startled when the man replied and told her no. He told her Harry was just staring out at nothing. Harry was staring at him. The man winked, and Harry quickly turned, lying down on the small cot, suddenly beyond exhausted by everything that had happened. He fell asleep moments later.



Harry groaned out loud and tried to open his eyes. Everything was sore, it felt like he had been punched by someone repeatedly.


Finally managing to open his eyes he was shocked to see he was in a cell or dungeon of some kind. What the hell was happening? Why was he locked up? Everything that had happened to him came back, and he shut his eyes again, wishing to be anywhere but here.


It was beyond cold in the cell, and his small nipples were standing hard against the thin shirt he was wearing.


He suddenly felt his morning wood press against the loose pants, creating a small tent. It didn’t feel like he had to take a piss, Harry wondered why. He looked around and saw no toilet. He groaned silently again, thinking of how to get rid of his erection and not wanting the men across from him in the other cells to notice it.


He furtively looked over and saw them all lying on their beds unmoving, probably sleeping, he thought, although it was hard to see without his glasses. He could hear other men snore further down the hallway. He decided to take a chance and silently get rid of his problem, not wanting to be caught, but feeling aroused. He was a teenage boy after all, and it had been awhile since he had touched himself.


He slowly reached down into his pants and gripped his erect four inches with his right hand. He began the familiar movements, his fist going up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his penis head, exposing it. He tried to be silent, but he was so horny. It had been three days now since his last orgasm.


Harry was lying on his side, his hand in his pants, panting slightly. He stopped and heard his secret activity had become a bit too loud, rustling too much with his hand movements against his prison uniform. He decided to move his pants a bit down to be able to finish faster. He slowly pushed them down until they pooled around his knees, trying to be quiet.

His dick was standing proud, with his smattering of black pubic hair around it. He resumed wanking, moving a bit on the small bed, his right hand going up and down faster than before. Precum started to flow, lubricating his hand and penis. Harry noticed he always produced a lot of it, making silent masturbation a lot harder.


Harry was now lying on his back, having moved again, trying to find the best position to wank in a new unfamiliar place, but at the same time trying to avoid being seen or heard, afraid to be caught with his pants down.

If anyone had looked into his cell it would be obvious what he was currently doing, as he had his pants around his knees and his shirt pulled up to his chest, exposing him completely. His dick stood straight up, and his hand wrapped around it was moving at a fast speed, going up and down.


He didn’t notice the man in the first cell across from him to his right, looking straight at him with open eyes, lying down in his own bed and enjoying the show, watching him jerk off in secret.


Harry panted out a bit loud several times, feeling great touching himself.


His left hand slowly slid up over his flat chest, up to his pink nipples standing stiff in the cold. He started to fondle the left one, getting more aroused by his own touch while beating off his meat with his right hand. He was so close, he tried to be silent, but it was impossible.


He moaned softly, but still loud enough for several other prisoners to hear, not that he cared about it too far gone in his own self-pleasure by now. The men who were awake heard him, some joined in silently wanking in their own cells, others just smiled listening to the Boy Who Lived and his soft panting and obvious activity, knowing how it was like to have been a teenage boy once.

“mhh..uuh, uh”

The noise of his wanking filled his cell, quite loud, but Harry thinking it was silent enough not to be noticed continued, unknowingly being listened too by several grown men, who got aroused by his adolescent moans and the sounds his masturbation caused. They could hear him quite clearly as his cell echoed out and magnified the noise of his activity to them, broadcasting what he was currently doing all the way down and into the next corridor.


The loud fapping noise echoed around his cell as his hand was hitting his thigh with force each time he slammed it downwards. He was thrusting his hips slightly to get more friction. His balls slapping lightly against his skin with every movement. Enough precum coating his penis and working as a lubrication. It made a soft wet sucking sound when his hand pulled up on his foreskin and going over his shaft in fast blurry movements.


He was breathing heavily, making soft whimpering and moaning noises, trying to keep them in, but unable to stop the boyish moans from going past his lips which were parted, his face and cheeks flushed. Harry feeling his orgasm approach picked up speed and drove his hand back and forth faster, increasing his sound level to the silent enjoyment of the men listening in unseen by him.


He felt his scrotum contract and grunted out loudly, making some of the prisoners further down the hall snigger lightly at what they correctly guessed to be the Boy Who Lived shooting his load like the horny teen he was, reaching his climax and ejaculating, not that he heard them thinking they were asleep. The first jet of semen shot out of his piss slit landing on his pale stomach. He moaned softly as the second shot landed in his small bush of pubes coating them sticky. The third shot slowly ran down over his hand and balls. He sighed, his orgasm receding.


The fourteen-year-old breathed deeply feeling sated.

He could hear more sounds coming from the others down the hallway now, silently hoping they hadn’t heard him masturbate and feeling a bit embarrassed to have done it so close too several strangers.

Harry thought naively that he had done a good job keeping silent and felt accomplishment in this, knowing it would be a good skill to have as he was unable to put up a silencing charm or close his cell door to the snooping gazes of the men surrounding him. He was probably going to have more wanking sessions in the future, he thought, knowing he couldn’t keep from getting erections, and knew from experience how often he got aroused.


He didn’t notice the man across in the first cell, masturbating silently after having seen everything through the cell doors. If Harry had had his glasses on he might have. Nor did he hear the groans from further down mingled with the sounds of waking inmates. 


He looked around and decided to mop up the mess he had made with his threadbare thin bed sheet, not really needing it on the bed, and thinking it would be more useful as a cleaning cloth and as his cum rag. After trying to clean up the semen sticking to his thighs, balls and penis the best he could, he pulled up his pants. Wiping off the rest of his sticky stomach Harry, feeling satisfied, swung his legs over the edge of the small cot he was lying in. He shoved the rag underneath the small bed, hiding it, not wanting anyone to know what he had been doing.


Standing up, he looked down upon himself checking if there was any evidence of his activity. He then looked around the cell a bit despairingly.


His cell was a bit bigger than his old cupboard under the stairs, a definite improvement, he thought sarcastically. He could stand up and move around slightly. Not having anything to do, he lied back down, and relaxed.


Slowly the other prisoners woke, he could hear them stop snoring, and some started talking in low voices. The man opposite him in the middle cell stood up and stretched, even though he didn’t have a lot of room.


Harry couldn’t help looking over at the other prisoner curiously. The man hadn’t noticed him yet, and Harry was ready to turn around, so he wouldn’t get caught staring.


The other prisoner was middle age, probably around thirty. tall, he had dark hair and a bit of facial hair covering his face, stubbles covering his chin and upper throat, but no beard. When he stretched a part of his stomach was revealed. Harry could see the man was quite hairy, with a trail of hair leading down into his pants from his navel. He also had an erection tenting his pants, the bulge stretching the fabric out. Before he could get a better look at the impressive bulge, the man turned towards him, and he quickly looked away, pretending to be asleep.

Harry thought about the man and couldn’t get the large looking bulge he had seen out of his mind, feeling a bit envious. He wondered how much bigger the man’s cock was compared to his own smaller one.


Harry didn’t talk with anyone the rest of the day, even though some tried to call out his name or get him to say something. When his nutrition potion appeared in front of the door on the floor, he quickly took it and drank it, hoping to feel less hungry.


Hours later a sudden eerie silence descended, the talking stopped. He looked around curious to see what changed.


He tried to press his head against the bars on his cell door looking out into the corridor. He saw movement. He saw two dark shapes moving towards him. The prisoners in the corridor started to moan and scream.


Harry was horrified to see a couple of dementors gliding along the corridor, leaving a trail of ice behind them.


He started shaking, the dementors affected him badly. He managed to crawl back into his cot seeing flashes of his mom dying repeatedly and Cedric killed by Wormtail again and again, until it became too much, and he fainted. The dementors stopped outside his cell and looked at him, feeding on his happy thoughts before moving along and disappearing around the corner.


He had learned that one of the men across from him, the one located in the middle cell, was Rabastan Lestrange, the brother to Bellatrix’ husband Rodolphus. Bellatrix was in a cell placed between Harry himself and Rodolphus, placing the man two doors down the hallway.


He had only talked briefly with Rabastan while the others had been asleep or knocked out by the dementors. It was strange knowing the man was probably a killer and had help torture Neville’s parents. He seemed so normal, so ordinary, Harry thought.


After waking from his earlier fainting, the dementors having receded back into the other hallway, Harry felt exhausted. He slowly sat up, wondering if this was going to be a daily occurrence.


He looked up and saw the man staring at him again, “are you okay?” he asked in a kind voice.


“Yeah, I’m fine, just tired.” Harry answered back.


“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you then,” the man said grinning, bowing his head, and introducing himself as Rabastan Lestrange. Harry stared, now seeing the similarities of the person in front of him and the person he had seen in the Pensieve. He was a lot thinner, with a somewhat gaunt face and longer hair.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Harry Potter,” he introduced himself politely.


They talked a bit, and Rabastan told him about the prison.


Azkaban didn’t serve food or have any other human necessities. No toilets, no showers. The wards surrounding the prison took care of any needs one had, vanishing anything before it became a problem. Although occasionally, when the aurors decided, the prisoners were escorted into an open shower room, around a dozen people at the same time, allowed to rinse off the dirt and grime, but it happened rarely. Harry dreaded this happening, thinking back on the humiliating shower he was forced to take when arriving.

The only thing served was a nutrition potion that kept them alive. It did nothing to stop the growing feeling of hunger, which was one of the things that drove most prisoners insane.

They had limited human contact. The only people they saw where the occasional guard checking the corridor. Apparently an auror contingent of five was always present on the island getting. The group of aurors got replaced daily, three teams of five in total. They kept the dementors in check, and made sure no one escaped like what had happened with Sirius Black.


Dementors patrolled the corridors in pairs, going by twice a day.


It took a while before the screaming stopped after they passed. He didn’t think he could live like this. Now better understanding how Bellatrix had gone as crazy as she had, constantly yelling, sometimes even singing. Anyone would go insane here over time. The dementors were already taking their toll. He could feel his thoughts being less clear, less coherent. They had already begun to slowly turn muddy and fractured.


When Rabastan lied back down after saying goodnight, Harry felt bored. There wasn’t anything to do locked up in such a small space.


His was lying down again, and thinking of his humiliating arrival, being forced to shower naked and the aurors teasing him repeatedly about his small penis. His thoughts led him to the naked prisoners he had seen when walking by and this morning, seeing Rabastan’s hard-on bulging his pants on obvious display. He wondered if the other prisoners here wanked off regularly, it seemed like one of the only things to do if feeling bored, Harry thought, thinking it was a bit naughty to think of grown men masturbate.

He could hear the others starting to snore again, slowly falling asleep. Harry was staring up at the ceiling, as the minutes slowly passed by.


Suddenly Harry heard a moan. No way, he thought. Someone was jerking off, he could hear it. The person was obvious not thinking about keeping quiet if his noise level was anything to go by. He suddenly heard the distinct sound of two men, pleasuring themselves at the same time.

Harry’s eyes widened a bit, his innocent mind thinking of men beating off close to him, just down the hallway. Even though he had lived in a dorm room where masturbation happened frequently he didn’t normally get to hear it, his dorm mates usually placed a silencing charm around their bed, like he himself always did after he had learned to cast it. He couldn’t really do that here.


He checked on Rabastan and the two others, but they seemed to be sleeping.


Harry could feel his own erection rising, listening in on the loud moans and fapping noise echoing in the hallway. He quickly pulled down his pants to his ankles and took off his shirt, not wanting it to get dirty with his semen when he came. His dick was standing up, and he sat down with his back against the wall.


He tried to listen to them jerk off, getting aroused by the sounds. He started his wanking routine, his hand fisting his erection, going fast and hard from the beginning. His own sound of self-pleasure was soon added to the others. His soft boyish moans distinguishable from the other grown-ups, unknown to him, sounding a lot younger. He didn’t think they could hear him when one of the unseen men suddenly whispered quite loud, “that’s it Potter, cum for us, let us hear you moan.”


Harry’s breath hitched, and he felt himself go over the edge, very humiliated to be caught, but at the same time more aroused than he had ever been before, knowing they were listening to him wank. He groaned out loud as his orgasm took over, not caring about the sound, a small part of him wanting them to hear him. He came, his cum spewing out forcefully landing on his thighs, pubic area, up his stomach and down on the bed until only a slow dribble trickled out making his hand wet and sticky. His penis slowly going soft again in his hand.


His sounds had obviously set off their own orgasms as he could hear them grunting loudly, and then exhaling falling quiet. His face felt hot and his heart was beating fast.


The man suddenly whispered to him again, “Did you like that Potter? Were you turned on listening to us jerk off?”


Harry felt embarrassed being asked questions, but not able to see who asked them helped with his nervousness and own shyness. He decided to answer, “yeah,” he whispered back, “It felt great..” he said in a low hesitant voice, “and yeah. I got horny when I heard moans.” Harry felt naughty talking about this to a grown man, he didn’t normally speak about masturbation with anyone.


“How often do you usually wank off?” the man wanted to know. Harry could feel his blush growing, and quickly told him the truth, “I usually do it once a day, sometimes twice.”


“You’ll probably end up doing it more in here. Not a lot to do around here.” The man answered back.


“yeah, probably,” he quickly agreed. “How often do you do it?” Harry asked in a low curious voice, hoping no one was eavesdropping on their whispered conversation.


“Few times a week, although probably fewer than you,” the man answered back, and Harry blushed knowing it was probably true. “It certainly sounded like you enjoyed rubbing one out this morning,” the man stated making Harry stare wide eyed at the cell door.

The other inmate who had been silently listening in up until that point, suddenly added, “yeah Potter, you woke me up. That sounded like quite the orgasm when you blew your load this morning. Hell, I could almost hear the cum splash across the room”

Harry, flushing a deep red, didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t think he had been caught that time. Hearing them describe his furtive wank in detail made him very uncomfortable and a bit self-conscious.


Deciding to try and play it cool, Harry responded with a forced calm voice, “sorry for waking you. I had to get rid of my m-morning wood. And I guess I got a bit carried away, I tried to be quiet.”

That was perhaps the most embarrassing thing Harry had ever said out loud, he silently thought. He could he the men laughing, trying to be silent.


“It’s fine, no harm done. And you certainly got rid of your problem,” the man answered sniggering a bit.


 “I’ll look forward to finally seeing you naked in person when it’s shower day. I’ll think of your body until then,” the other ended the conversation.

“Definitely,” the other man agreed.


Harry felt his face burn, silently dreading the day he had to be naked in front of the two men who had caught him wanking and heard him ejaculate. He was still sitting covered in his own cum, his pants pooled around his feet.

He got his new cum rag out from under the bed and started wiping off the spots of semen all over him. He dressed himself and lied down on the wet spots staining his bed, slowly falling asleep, thinking he had to try to be quieter next time he felt like masturbating.



Harry was sitting silently like he had done for the last two days being in Azkaban, listing to Bellatrix and Rodolphus, she called him Rodo, argue about Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, and which food they would like to conjure up and eat if they could manage to bypass the law. They were quite knowledgeable, Harry thought, not knowing half of all the magical theory on transfiguration they mentioned and argued about.

He suddenly heard footsteps. The couple quieted down also hearing it.


It was the first time since he had arrived that someone besides the dementors was out in the hallway.


He turned to face the cell door, when two male aurors arrived outside his cell. He didn’t recognize them. They quickly fired a ‘Stupefy’ stunning him through the bars, unable to avoid it, he was hit, and knew no more.


He woke tied to a cot in a different room. His arms and legs spread out and bound with robe to each leg of the dirty bed. They had removed his clothes and he was lying naked on his stomach. Freaking out, he tried to move but quickly found out he couldn’t.


He heard a door open. “awake are you Potter? About time,” the man said in a rough voice, probably one of the aurors that had removed him from his cell, Harry thought.


He could feel the man coming closer and felt humiliated lying there in front of him, his naked body on display. Suddenly a hand touched his ass, and he jerked, trying to get away. This was not happening, he thought.

“Please stop, don’t do this. Please don’t, don’t…” Harry repeated desperately.


The auror only chuckled. He could hear the auror open his belt buckle, and what sounded like clothes being removed hastily. The bed dipped, and he felt someone close, pressing against him.


The auror was lying half on him, above him, when he whispered in his ear. “You are a very pretty little boy. Your ass looks delicious.” Harry shivered disgusted.


He felt the man’s breath on his neck and his erection pressing into the cleft of his arse. It felt big, much bigger than his own. “I’m going to fuck you, like you’ve never been fucked before, boy. You’re going to be my little whore for the day.”


Tears started to form, he couldn’t believe this was happening. Harry didn’t know much about sex, being a virgin and having never even kissed a girl before. He had learned some from his roommates, Dean the most outspoken of them, always going on about girls, pussy and different kind of sexual situations.

Harry saw himself as straight, and when he masturbated, it was usually to the thoughts of naked girls. He had once borrowed Dean’s dirty magazine, lying in his own bed studying the many pictures of naked women while jerking off in secret.

He didn’t want to have anything shoved up his ass or be violated like this. He knew how gays had sex, having talked about it with Dean, who had explained anal to him, and how good it supposedly was to fuck someone from behind, talking about the girls in their year who had the best asses. He didn’t want to be raped.

His only sexual experience so far had only consisted of his own fantasies, the occasional wet dream and frequently masturbation like most other teenage boys.


Harry felt the man press his cock against his virgin ass and began crying out for him to stop. He could feel the man sliding his cock up and down his ass crack before suddenly aiming it towards his anus. He felt the head of the man’s cock slide into him, passing his tight muscle. He screamed out in pain.


The auror moaned, lips pressed against his ear. The pain was almost unbearable. The big cock slowly slid all the way inside him. He could feel the man’s pubic hair and balls press against his ass cheeks. It felt like a hot poker had been pressed up his ass. He wanted it to stop.


The man started moving, sliding in and out, all the while whispering how tight he was, what a good fuck he was, a cock whore, a pretty little slut, born to be nothing but a toy for them to use and how much fun they were going to have with him, how no one was coming for him, and how he was going to be their own private sex slave. Harry felt his face burn crimson by the man’s lewd words.

The pain slowly subsided a bit but was still present, like a slow burn. He didn’t know what to do. Helpless, tied to the bed, he could barely move, only take the cock that was currently fucking his young ass at a fast pace.


Harry felt the man in him tense and felt warm cum fill his ass, slowly trickling out and down his legs. He felt disgusted, humiliated and a burning shame. The man quickly pulled out, Harry whimpered at the feeling. The man stood up and put his clothes back on before leaving. Harry wasn’t left alone however. The next auror entered and the process was repeated.


The third time something different happened. Harry started to feel pleasure. He didn’t want to. They were raping him, he shouldn’t like it. He felt his own dick slowly rise to its full hardness, precum flowing freely, coating his foreskin. He felt disgusted by himself, unable to stop himself from grunting out loud when the auror cock in him hit his prostate again and again. He climaxed, semen coating his stomach and the sheets beneath him, at the same time as the auror groaned into his ear and he felt cum flooding his ass. The man left him covered in semen. His legs, ass, stomach and own dick and balls sticky. He heard the door open and close, a different person taking his place and the rape starting anew.


The fifth auror quickly entered but didn’t fuck him immediately like the four others had done. Instead he was frozen with a quick ‘Petrificus Totalus’.

Unbound and flipped over on his back. He was embarrassed when he saw the auror look at his hard four-inch penis. “Enjoying yourself, are you?” the man leered down on him. Harry felt mortified, no one had ever seen his penis hard before.


He was quickly tied up again. The auror crawled on top of him, sitting on his chest after casting a ‘finite’ and he could feel himself and move slightly around again even though he was bound tighter to the bed than a few moments ago.


“I want to use your pretty little mouth; those plumb pouty lips look enjoyable.” Harry stared horrified up at him not believing what he had just heard. This was worse than being fucked anally and losing his virginity, he thought.


The man lightly tapped his wand against his throat, before he could protest, casting something silent. Harry felt his throat relax unable to move it, talk or scream. His mouth was pried open by the auror’s fingers. He was unable to bite down or close it again.


Slightly panicking he watched as the man fished out his erect cock and balls. Harry stared, never having seen an adult naked or a grown penis before. The aurors earlier had taken Harry from behind, with his face pressed against the bed.

The cock in front of his face was much larger than his own by several inches, at least twice the size compared to his own small penis, he thought somewhat awed at the auror’s size. Only having seen a few other boys his age or slightly older furtively in the shower after quidditch and the communal showers in Hogwarts, he didn’t have a lot to compare too, but he knew his own penis was a bit smaller than average compared to the other boys his own age.


The man moved closer and Harry could only watch as the cock slowly pressed against his lips pressing into his mouth. He could feel it lying heavily on his tongue, slowly sliding further in. The auror took a hold of his head, fisting his hair. He could feel himself being pressed up against the man’s cock. When it hit the back of his mouth he gagged, trying to get away with no luck. Harry was starting to panic, he was going to choke.


The auror moaned out loud and pressed the cock further into his mouth, down his throat. He could do nothing except make choking and gagging noises as the man fucked his face and throat violently, Harry somewhat thankful for the spell making him relax his throat, making him able to breathe. The large cock was all the way in, something he didn’t think was possible when he had seen it. He could feel the man’s large bush of pubic hair press against his face, nose and cheek. The man’s balls resting on his chin. His head was forced against the groin in front of his face by the auror’s hands tightly. The erect cock was slammed in and pulled out, repeatedly. “Use your tongue, boy!” the auror suddenly yelled, slapping him across the face.


Not wanting to get hit again, and thinking by complying he might stop, Harry started to run his tongue up and down the shaft of the cock fucking his mouth. Whenever it was out far enough, he would slide his tongue over the bulbous head. However instead of stopping like Harry hoped he would, the auror only increased his speed, fucking his mouth at a higher pace. Harry could taste precum each time the cock was pulled half out, the head reaching his tongue.


Harry knew the man was close, his motions became erratic and he was panting like a wild animal. The man would ejaculate soon, and it would be over. Harry ran his tongue over and up and down the shaft trying to cover as much as he could, hoping to end it faster by making the man come sooner. Al the while the man was whispering dirty words down at his face, looking at him.

“you are such a good little cockslut, boy. You like the taste of my cock, huh. I can feel you want it, all eager you are. Ah, you better fucking swallow the load I’m gonna give you, slut, or else you’ll regret it” the man said punctuating each word with a trust of his hips. Cock filling his mouth, Harry could only grunt in reply, wanting to hurt the auror.


A few moments later, Harry felt the cock swell against his tongue, and then semen filled the fourteen-year-old’s mouth at a fast rate, spewing onto his tongue. He quickly swallowed, trying to get rid of the vast amount of cum the only way he could, making room for more so he wouldn’t choke on it. He had to swallow four times and some of it still managed to flow out past his lips encircling the shaft and dribble down his chin. The taste wasn’t as bad as he had anticipated, having never tasted semen before. It was salty and had a certain taste to it he’d never had before now. He didn’t like it.


The man pulled out and tapped his throat again, making him able to move and close it. His throat felt sore and his jaw ached. He could feel his face grow hot when the man leered down at him.


“Lick it clean, slut.” The auror pressed the half hard cock against his lips.


Harry obeyed, to beaten down and humiliated to put up a fight. His face feeling hot and red, blushing hard from what he was doing. He had been a virgin less than an hour ago, he was still somewhat shy and the shame he felt of what had happened, simply made him comply even though he didn’t want to.

He stuck his tongue out and ran it along the shaft, licking up the sticky semen coating the cock. He pressed his tongue against the head slowly inserting it into the man’s foreskin, running it around the penis head. He could feel the cock harden again. Not wanting a repeat performance of what had just happened, Harry stopped and pulled back.


The man grinning down at him, “You liked that, slut. Didn’t you? Maybe you want more of this,” The auror said taking a hold of the now erect large cock.


Harry quickly shaking his head as a no, close to tears again.


“To bad, boy. because I want a piece of that ass,” the man sneered down at him while moving back, sliding across his body.


“No please! No more! Stop, stop,” Harry screamed, not wanting to be fucked again, trying to fight against the abuse. He could do nothing as he was still bound by ropes. This time however he was face up and when his legs where raised magically to give the man access to his ass, he could feel the tears starting to roll down his face.


He was lying with his ass exposed as the man looked down at him. He could feel his legs moving even further apart, which resulted in his ass cheeks being forced apart too, giving the man a view of his anus. He felt himself blushing again, humiliated to have his most private parts on display.


When the man was satisfied with his position he guided his cock and pressed against his opening. Harry sobbed and moaned out loud as the auror pressed in, sliding his whole length inside him. He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything else than what was happening to him, when he was suddenly slapped across the face. Surprised, he opened his eyes.


“Look at me, I want you to watch me as I fuck you, slut,” the auror demanded, thrusting in and out at a steady pace. The cock in his arse hit his prostate and he moaned out loud, unable to hold it back. The man laughed and took a hold of his flaccid penis lying against his stomach. He started to jerk it off.


Harry could feel himself harden by the touch, and self-conscious, with tears of shame streaming down his face, he moaned out loud again as the man rammed his pleasure spot.

No one beside himself had ever touched his dick, feeling the man slide his foreskin back and forth over the head, while repeatedly getting his prostate stimulated was too much. He groaned loudly and ejaculated, the cum shooting out and landing on his chest, stomach and at the base of his own dick, trickling down his shaft. He could feel the man climax in him, semen filling him up again, flowing out and down his inner thigh.


The man pulled out and left him lying covered in semen. Harry could feel his eyes starting to drop, he fell asleep feeling empty, cold and sticky.


Harry woke up some time later in his cell. They had put him back in his prison uniform but hadn’t washed him or cast a cleaning charm. He could feel the dried semen on his body. His ass felt sore and wet still leaking cum.


The Lestranges were talking in hushed voices. They eventually called out to him, but he didn’t respond. He was lying staring up at the ceiling. Unresponsive.



The next day the aurors came back. Harry felt numb and tired. He hadn’t slept much. They didn’t stun him, and he didn’t fight back. His eyes a dull green color, bereft of the energy they had held. They dragged him along the corridor into the same room as the day before.


He was placed on the cot and his clothes was removed. He could feel tears forming in the corner of his eyes. He didn’t want this. Why where they doing this to him?


It was like the day before, whispered words, quick movements, wet squelching and the sound of flesh hitting flesh, a grunt, moan and the wet feeling of being filled with cum. The only difference was he remained unresponsive, silent tears running down his face.


At one point two aurors took him at the same time, one in front with a big cock filling his mouth, pressing against his throat which was once again charmed to stay relaxed, and one behind pushing in and out of his ass making it burn slightly. It was the only time during the long rape he felt his own dick harden. He didn’t reach orgasm. When they finished, filling his ass and mouth with their seed and after he swallowed as much of it as he could, they thankfully cast a cleaning charm covering his whole body, vanishing all traces of cum. They placed his clothes back on and marched him back to his cell.


The same process was repeated once each day, each time with five different aurors.


Bellatrix and the others became more vocal, trying to get him to respond, yelling at the aurors to let him be, asking questions hour after hour, wanting to know what they were doing to him. the Lestranges thought he was being tortured. If only they knew. He ignored them, waiting for the dementors to come by so he could be knocked unconscious by their feeding habits. Harry preferred the dementors and their visions more than real life at the moment.


The 2nd of July around midnight, Harry woke up drenched in sweat. He had had a nightmare, seeing visions of Voldemort. His scar burnt badly. He looked out into the hallway. The snoring reaching him, thinking everyone was probably asleep in the darkness.


He felt drained, like his mind was uncapable of thinking anything. What was worse was the sensitivity of his body. He could feel the soreness in his arsehole, and how it felt strangely empty after getting fucked against his will repeatedly each day for almost a week.


He pulled down his pants and his hand slowly slid down between his legs feeling his arse. His finger encircled his hole. Harry felt naughty touching himself down there, never having done so before. He stopped and took off his clothes, before lying back down again. He started to probe his anus with his finger, raising and spreading his hairless legs wider to get better access.


He slowly pressed his finger against the muscle, sliding it in. He couldn’t help but moan at the feeling. Oh god, he thought, it felt just as good as pulling his cock. He slowly pressed his finger all the way in, breathing deeply at the feeling of having something pushed up inside him.

He started to push his finger back and forth, before adding another. His asshole was quite tight, and he had to ably pressure to get them in.

His moaning grew, Harry thinking he was a bit slutty lying here fucking himself with his fingers after getting raped repeatedly, but this was at least something he could control himself. His other hand sneaked down and took a hold of his dick, starting to beat off, his lust taking over feeling turned on.


Harry didn’t see the men across from him watching his movements, Rabastan and the two other inmates woken by the noise he made, as he was lying on his back.


All three of the men could see the boy’s face, eyes closed tightly, cheeks flushed from his activities.

They observed carefully, seeing the Boy Who Lived lie with his hand between his spread pale legs, two fingers pressed up his butt. The young ass pointed towards the cell door in their direction, giving them a perfect view of the boy pressing his fingers up inside his asshole. One of the men named the boy as ‘the little whore’ in his own mind, while watching the teen repeatedly push two fingers up his rectum and withdrawing them, drawing them half back out his visible pink sphincter before pushing them back in.


They were able to see the fourteen-year-old wank aggressively with his other hand, his small hard-on, between his slender legs, drooling precum. A visible patch of dark hair surrounding the base of his prick. The sound of the boy’s hand slapping against his skin each time he drove it downwards mingling with the moans he uttered in his lustful haze made him sound slutty.

All three men observing, thought the Boy Who Lived to be a horny little fucker, beating off frequently, not being the first time they had heard lewd sounds from his cell, as the boy often masturbated multiple times a day and was rather loud, and quite the slut, they all added, seeing him lying there fingering himself like a poof.


“ah, fuck yes,” Harry moaned out loud, increasing his speed, pressing his own fingers further in. He couldn’t help his train of thoughts, thinking back on the auror slamming his cock inside him. of him forced to suck cock, the auror ramming it down his throat.


He moaned repetitively, unknowingly putting on quite the show for the adult men now sitting up and dealing with their own erections in the cells across from his, as he continued to play with his exposed ass.


He didn’t feel his orgasm approach, to occupied with penetrating his anus with his fingers, trying to hit his prostate, and beating off quicker than he had ever done before.

“Fuck! Aah, Ah..Yes! Aahh, Oh fuck. hhu”

He suddenly cried out, jets of cum shooting out, going as far as hitting him in the face, coating his cheek and chin, landing on his chest and stomach. Harry breathed heavily. He couldn’t believe he had wanked off to the thoughts of his own rape, feeling ashamed of himself.


He went to take his cum rag and was about to start mopping up his come-covered face and body, when he suddenly noticed the men across from him jerking off watching him. He flushed a deep red but couldn’t stop looking at them, watching them masturbate. After cleaning himself he stood up and walked over to the door, getting a better look, not really thinking about his actions. They were still all watching him, while he looked at them, though it was hard to see all the details without his glasses.


The men in the cells across grinned at the teen’s forceful ejaculation and seeing how it hit his face increased their own speed, finding pleasure in viewing the adolescent teen without his knowledge. When the boy finally noticed them watching him and blushed a deep red, they thought him naïve, thinking he obviously saw his eager wanking as being concealed. They continued uncaring of his wide eyes staring. When he walked towards the door and stood ogling them, they thought him to be a little poof again.


He got an idea, still feeling somewhat horny and a bit hot, both from his earlier activities and from the men watching him. He pulled off his shirt slowly and pushed down his pants, exposing himself to them and showing his nude body off willingly. His now soft small three-inch penis resting against his balls beneath his bush of black pubic hair. They looked at his fourteen-year-old body with lustful gazes, and he slowly ran his hands over his pale body, coming to a rest at his slim hips, his fingers playing with his dark pubes, pulling them softly. He smiled shyly and a bit nervous towards the three prisoners scrutinizing him.


Harry felt naughty showing himself off, but also strangely powerful standing naked in front of the men, knowing they were jerking off to him, to the sight of his young body. He watched as they came, spurting out large amounts of semen. They didn’t talk to him or say anything, only breathing harshly. When they finished he just pulled up his pants and went back to bed.


He felt asleep thinking how he would rather have sex with the other prisoners across from him, than the aurors who used him, forcing him to comply.



A few days later, after his body had been used by the aurors multiple times, and he had shown himself off a few times at night on purpose, wanking in his cell to the lustful stares of Rabastan Lestrange, something inside him snapped.


He was done. He wanted to get away. To leave Azkaban. What had he done to deserve this? He had done nothing wrong, and yet he was still thrown in prison, the only one here his own age among adults. If this was how they thanked him then he wished he hadn’t stopped the Dark Lord as a baby, the first time around.

He should just let Voldemort have it all, let him win, let him kill all the muggles and magicals alike and burn the Ministry to the ground, Harry no longer caring. Angry at the Ministry and all the people working there, angry at Dumbledore for agreeing to place him here, not even capable of looking him in the eyes during the trial, hating the aurors with every fiber of his body, angry at the world, angry at himself for letting this happen, for being weak and unable to fight back. He felt like a whore, just like the aurors kept calling him, when using his body.

Harry thought back on his life and didn’t think he had ever met a kind person or had ever had a true sincere friend. His childhood had been isolated. Growing up in a cupboard, doing chores and kept in the house. His relatives certainly weren’t kind. His preschool teacher had always yelled at him believing him to be a bully. How he couldn’t fathom. Dudley and his friends were the bullies.


He thought of the Wizarding world, and how he was either blamed or praised for something he never did. Praised for defeating a dark lord, blamed for setting a basilisk on the school and being a dark lord, praised for saving the school and defeating a dark lord, blamed for entering into the Triwizard Tournament seeking glory and fame. Like he wanted their fame! Blamed for being a murderer. How he wanted to hurt all of them. They could burn for all he cared.


Good people didn’t exist, he concluded viciously, thinking back on Ron’s constant jealousy and how he turned his back on his supposed best friend multiple times, Hermione’s constant ranting and betrayal in third year, of supposed friends turning against him at least once, never really caring about him during his second and fourth year.

Harry thought of Dumbledore, who pretended to care, but who sent him back to his relatives anyway, even though Harry told him how they acted. Dumbledore had even been indifferent about him killing Quirrell in his first year, as if it didn’t even happen. He thought of Snape who bullied him, a supposed grown man, who found pleasure in making first years’ cry.


They all just wanted him to be the Boy Who Lived, to be there for them when they needed a scapegoat, to blame him for their own problems.


He thought of the people in the wizarding world he had saved as a baby. The pathetic and weak people who always blamed others for their problems. He should have stayed with the Dursleys, never accepted to go with Hagrid on his eleventh birthday, he determined viciously. The wizarding world had only brought him misery and pain.


He had been tortured, seen Cedric die, managed to escape and then they had thrown him in Azkaban. The aurors who were supposed to be the good guys had raped him. Used him multiple times against his will.

He wanted to hurt them, the ones doing this to him. The aurors. The Ministry. Everyone who had ever wronged him. Everyone he knew. He didn’t have family or friends. They didn’t care about him, they only pretended to care. The longer Harry thought about it, the more it affected him.


Dementors came and went, days passed unnoticed. The aurors came, took him, and used him, before throwing him back in his cell, satisfied with the young flesh he provided in form of his fourteen-year-old body. He didn’t move, just lying unresponsive as a doll.

Slowly his mind broke, he no longer cared about others. They didn’t care about him, so why should he care about anyone other than himself. His saving people thing disappearing, no longer a part of him. His innocence taken away, darkness consuming the light.


Rabastan, Bellatrix and Rodolphus all called out to him daily, never getting a response back. Other prisoners slowly joined in. They almost sounded concerned, but he didn’t believe in people, in humanity, anymore. Harry was using the time alone in his cell to come up with ways to kill himself, he had given up for the first time in his life, wanting the pain he felt to stop.



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