The big bad and the wolf *Completed*

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This story is written as part of a fic exchange.
Rules of the exchange demanded that the fic can't be longer than 22K words - which forced me to cut and delete one huge portion of the story (almost 3 full chapters). I hope that you understand and that you still can enjoy the story.

The cacophony of voices drummed on his eardrums and scratched on his nerves. Never in his life, more than now, Remus didn’t appreciate the fact that he is still alive and still stuck on Order meetings.

The war was over.

They had won!

Everything changed. And yet, below the surface, nothing had changed. Not really.

Minerva’s voice raised above the rest, “He can be in school, but we are still rebuilding and I can’t assign someone to take care of him.”

Remus sighed quietly as he noticed Minerva didn’t look too eager to help. He briefly wondered if the reason for that was shame or that she still held a grudge. That woman could hold a grudge.

“He can stay here.” Harry offered reluctantly “But, that would mean he’d share his living quarters with Hermione, Ron and me. Somehow I don’t see him accepting my offer.”

“Maybe Malfoy’s would take him.” chirped Mundungus

Why is he still with us? Remus wondered as he sighed.

The noise in the room raised to an unbearable level when all present members started to voice their opinion at once about this suggestion.

The quiet voice of Luna Lovegood somehow managed to break through the noise “It seems to me that none of us really wants Professor in our home. That is sad.”

This caused another uproar. Privately, Remus agreed with Lovegood girl. Not one of the present really wanted a dour War hero with blood on his hands.

He, Remus Lupin, wasn’t the only one who survived against all odds. The miraculous survival of Severus Snape was still a mystery in the wizarding world.

Then came the hospital, the arrest, and the trial. All this followed by public uproar when awarding the Order of Merlin First class to Snape, and his inevitable stay in St. Mungo’s where he has been staying due to his slow recovery. He still needed constant care, but now he was recovered enough to leave the overcrowded hospital.

And that raised the problem.

It was painfully obvious that Snape didn’t expect to survive the war. Or at least he wasn’t counting on walking free if he did. He sold his home in Spinner's End. He gave away all his possessions, including the most shocking of all - dividing his extensive library between Hermione and Lupin. All his gold accumulated over the years he left to various potential funds.

Long story short - the man had nothing. Even the shirt on his back belonged to St. Mungo’s.

And all that lead to this the argument being held in 12 Grimmauld Place kitchen. Remus swallowed a low growl that formed in his chest and bubbled his way up his throat.

Ungrateful, near-sighted fools. All of them.

It was his time to intervene, to stop this idiocy. The display of false concern left him feeling sick to his stomach. He could see the hypocrisy behind their words and false concerns. He knew it intimately. He faced it for the most of his life.

Lifting from his chair he leaned on the table. No one paid him attention. Taking a deep breath he roared.


Suddenly the room was all too quiet. The row of confused and a bit scared faces, mouths gaping. No one even dared to breathe loudly. He smiled politely.

“I do apologize for my tone. There is no need for arguments. Severus will come with me.”

“If you think that I will allow my grandson…”  Andromeda stuck her chin out, starting what threatened to be one of her lengthy tirades. There was a quite few of them lately.

“My dear Andromeda.” he cut her off “You already took my son from me, so there is really nothing else you can hold over my head. Is there, now?” he paused, but only silence answered, “Well, that's settled then.”

He pushed himself off the table and headed to the door. Hand already on the handle he turned to still quiet room.

“Harry, I do expect you to be there tomorrow, 11 in the morning, was it?”

Harry nodded mutely. He tilted his head and left the room. In the coolness of the corridor, Remus felt a small trickle of sweat, prickling its way down his spine.

~ SS ~ RL ~

Why did he do it?

Why did he take this burden upon himself?

They must wonder about that. But Remus knew, he knew even before the meeting started. He was ready to fight tooth and nail to have Severus by his side.

He knew.

Tonks knew.

Even Andromeda knew - that is why he cut her off.

No one else knew.

It was said ‘The ones we love are the ones we hurt the most’ and in his case this was true. At first, he reacted on fear, on implanted prejudice, on fear to lose what he had. He reacted out of stupidity.

But the universal truth was - youth rarely does have wisdom.

He was young, scared of who and what he is. He wanted to belong more than anything, so he hid the truth. It was easier to let his friends know he is a werewolf than to let them know that he was gay.

The ones we love are the ones we hurt the most…

How so very true.

He loved and hated that boy. He willingly participated in his torture by his best friends. He was attracted to him, pulled like a magnet - and he punished him for that. It was his fault after all.

Remus didn’t want to feel anything for that boy, for any boy for that matter.

Remus didn’t want to be attracted to the “enemy”.

Remus wanted to be - “normal”.

The boy loved girls, just like any other normal boy or young man or man for that matter - and Remus hated him for that most of all.

But that was then. That was before the incident in the Shrieking Shack. Before “the lake”. Before two wars and two miraculous survivals.

Now, Remus was sure of himself, not ashamed of what - of who he was. And he was in debt. He owed Severus years and years of suffering and taunting. The boy grew into a man. Remus Lupin owed the boy - no, the man, so much.

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