Forever and Always

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       Author's notes:

This story begins at the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban book, and follows the canon storyline loosely to integrate original characters and their story arcs into this fanfic. There is a teacher-student relationship during the first part of this story, but Mia, the main character, is of age (18) at the time of any hanky panky.  if it bothers you still, please dont read. I hope you all enjoy, please review!    


As Mia Roswell walked through Kings Cross station on September the First, excitement and relief flooded through her as she was about to begin her 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had just spent half of the summer with her father in Florida, an American muggle who is a member of the US Air Force. He was stationed in the gulf coast area, which wasn’t a bad place to spend the summer abroad. Mia loved getting to see her father, but life on a military base was restrictive, and she had to maintain a lie about her life when talking to her father. Her parents met in a coffee shop when her father, John, was stationed in the UK. They fell in love rather quickly, and had Mia shortly after their marriage. Her mother, Susan, a talented witch who was aiding in the defeat of Lord Voldemort, feared for her muggle husband and half-blood daughter’s life. She was a strong member of the Order of the Phoenix, a resistance group founded by Albus Dumbledore, which put her family in the middle of the war. Susan was so afraid after a death eater came knocking and tortured John while 4 year old Mia hid behind the sofa that she performed a memory charm on him, making him believe they had a rocky marriage, and forgetting that she and Mia were witches. He retreated back to America with Mia in tow, and began life as a single father. It pained Susan to see her family go half way across the world, but she felt it was the only way to keep them safe, as she was too valuable a member of the Order of the Phoenix to leave the war. 

Mia stayed with her dad until she was 7, when her magical nuances became more than coincidences. Susan had to memory charm John again, forgetting the objects flying across the room or the lights flickering when Mia was upset. Susan felt safe bringing Mia home with her since the war was over, but by this point, John had fallen in love and was to marry another woman, and she couldn’t bear to break up his happiness. He married a woman, Miranda, that Mia really liked and enjoyed spending time with her when she came to America to visit. Mia wanted them to know about what she was, wanting to tell them all about Hogwarts on her summer holidays, but her mother forbade her from telling her father and stepmother about what she was. It was the hardest secret she had to keep, but her mother insisted it was for the best. Miranda passed away from breast cancer when Mia was in her 3rd year, having to miss a month of school to travel to America while she was in hospice care. Mia told Miranda while she was on her deathbed about her school, who she was and the things she learned at Hogwarts, but Miranda just laughed it off, thinking Mia was telling her a good story to ease her pain. Mia wasn’t allowed to use magic outside of school until she was 17, but she so desperately wanted to show Miranda a spell or two. She knew if she did, she’d get a violation from the Ministry and her mother would’ve had her head, but to this day Mia carried the regret of not being able to show Miranda who she really was. Mia’s 18th birthday was in 3 days’ time, so she had been legally allowed to use magic outside of school for the last year, but her mother still fought her on telling her father.

 As Mia approached the barrier to platform 9 ¾, her mother gave her a big hug and kiss, tears in her eyes. “Oh, my sweet girl is a 7th year already!!” Mia rolled her eyes- her mother had this reaction every time she sent her off to school. Her mother could be a touch overbearing, she was very protective of Mia and very strict about studies. Susan was so proud when Mia was sorted into Ravenclaw, as this had been Susan’s house as well, but the pressure to follow in her mother’s footsteps was steep. Mia knew that she had disappointed her mother when she didn’t make prefect in her 5th year, let alone Head Girl, and felt that put more pressure on her to excel in her classes. She had obtained O.W.Ls in all her classes, continuing on to N.E.W.T. level, but it never seemed to be enough. Susan had given her the usual run down of her expectations for Mia’s grades for the year, but she also was nagging her to keep an eye out in case the recent escapee from Azkaban, Sirius Black, showed up in Hogsmeade or near the castle.

“You need to be careful, he was convicted for killing 13 people, one of which being his best friend. He fooled all of us into thinking he was a good person, while the whole time he was working for Voldemort.” She had told her, more than once, since he was found to be missing from his cell in Azkaban. Wizards didn’t escape from Azkaban, it hadn’t been done before, so the fact that Black did this was terrifying and mystifying at the same time. She hugged her mother and said goodbye, and walked through the barrier.

 As Mia entered platform 9 ¾ she heard her best friend, Penelope Clearwater, calling after her. “Mia! Mia! AMELIA ROSWELL!” she was yelling, running to trying to get Mia’s attention.

“Geez Penny, I hear you!” Mia giggled and hugged her friend, whom she barely got to speak to this summer.

“How was your summer? It killed me not to send you an owl; however you could’ve picked up the telephone once in a while! I have so much to talk to you about!” Penelope exclaimed.

Penelope was muggle born, having a telephone at home, but John was always so concerned about long distance telephone bills she kept her calls to once a week to her mother. Susan hated the telephone, but had to keep one around for reasons such as that.  Mia had opened her mouth to answer when Penelope’s boyfriend, Percy Weasley came jogging up to them.

“Hi Penny; Mia” he said as he nodded towards Mia and kissed Penelope on the cheek. Mia rolled her eyes; she never really cared for a goody two shoes like Percy, but he seemed to make Penelope happy so she usually tried to keep the eye rolling to a minimum in front of her.

“Hey Percy” Mia said, doing her best to sound pleasant “Ready for your new position?”

She regretted bringing up the fact that Percy was Head Boy the moment the sentence left her lips. Percy stood up a little straighter and beamed at the mention of his position and begin to ramble on and on about how he was going to make Hogwarts better during his tenure. His Head Boy badge pinned proudly to his chest, it gleamed silver in the fluorescent lighting of the train station. As Mia spaced out and only pretended to listen to him, she looked around at all the other Hogwarts students preparing to board the train. A couple posters were hanging from the support beams around the platform with a mugshot of Sirius Black. There were posters all over the wizarding world, he even made the muggle news and was tagged as ‘armed and dangerous’. A few feet away from them were Percy’s family, all crowded together and impossible to overlook with their flaming red hair. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were tagging along with the crowd of redheads that Percy was now walking back towards to scold them for not loading their belongings onto the train fast enough.

“The Hogwarts express leaves at 11:00 SHARP. Hurry up now so I don’t have to explain to Professor McGonagall why you aren’t at the feast!” he called after his siblings in a huff.

 Penelope just giggled and followed along, enjoying seeing Percy in his element. Across from them were Draco Malfoy and his gang of cronies picking on a 2nd year Hufflepuff that was trying to lift his truck that was three times larger than himself. Mia rolled her eyes at the gang of 3rd year Slytherins; they were the most annoying group of so-called hot shots that think they ruled Hogwarts already. Oh, to be 13 again.

Once on the train, Mia situated herself in a train car with Penelope, Percy, and Oliver Wood, who had his head buried so far into his quidditch magazine you’d think he was suffocating. Everyone knew that Wood ate slept and breathed quidditch. Penelope and Percy were reading a book together, giggling at each other as they snuggled up in the booth. Disgusting, Mia thought to herself as she rolled her eyes for the millionth time that day, and popped her earphones in to listen to music. Her dad had gotten her a new pair of headphones and Walkman for her early birthday present, so she popped in a cassette and zoned out staring at the rushing landscape passing by.

After a couple hours, the weather had started to change and get dark and rainy. Mia was on her 3rd cassette, Wood was asleep snoring next to her with his quidditch magazine in his lap, and Percy went to patrol the first years train cars to see if he had any Head Boy duties that he could attend to.

“Wow the weather is really looking rough out there” said Penelope, a little concerned. “I just hope that the rain stops before we get to Hogwarts so we don’t get soaked looking for our trunks.”

Just then, the train stopped suddenly and the lights went out. The entire train felt like an ice box. She began to feel dreadful, as if something was sucking all the happiness out of her. She could only see herself in the moonlight coming through the window, her breath visible in the air. All her sad and horrible memories throughout her life flooded to the surface, making her feel like she wanted to cry into nonexistence. She remained still for what felt like ages, and then the lights came back on and the train felt warmer again. She heard voices outside the train car, hearing people saying “Harry Potter fainted! He just collapsed!” and “what were they doing here?” By this point Percy had returned, and was fawning over Penelope, checking if she was alright. Wood lay in the same position he was in before, snoring away, completely unaware of what just happened. Mia stood in the doorway to her train car and saw a man in tattered robes walking up the aisle to the conductor’s booth. His presence caught Mia off guard while she watched him walk past her. He was handsome; tall with a muscular build and sandy brown hair peppered with just a couple grays. His sweater was faded, and his robes looked tattered and old, looking like they were hand sewed in a couple spots that may have torn at some point.

“Percy, who was that man that walked by?” Mia asked, as she kept her eye on the conductor’s booth, waiting for the man to reemerge.

 “That’s Professor Lupin- he’s the new defense against the dark arts professor”.

After about a minute of lingering in the doorway, Professor Lupin returned and was walking down the hallway. “Excuse me, Professor, what happened with the train a few minutes ago?” Mia asked, trying her best to sound calm and collected.

Professor Lupin stopped, and locked eyes with her for half a second before speaking. Mia felt a jolt of what felt like electricity run through her. His light blue eyes looking almost gray in the lighting of the hallway.

“it was a dementor, one of the guards of Azkaban, searching the train for Sirius black. It’s gone now so you don’t have to worry.” Lupin said, now looking at the group, with a confident smile. “we should be arriving in Hogsmeade any time now, I’d change into your school robes if I were you.”

His eyes locked again with Mia’s just a little bit longer than she was anticipating, which made her heart flutter and her palms start to sweat. As Lupin began walking down the corridor, she shook off her strange reaction to him and grabbed her robes and headed for the girls bathroom to change.

When Mia walked into the Great Hall, she was overwhelmed by the delicious smell of roast chicken and mashed potatoes. Any feast at Hogwarts was always one to look forward to. She took a seat at the Ravenclaw table next to Penelope, grateful that Percy was a Gryffindor and wouldn’t be sitting with them during the opening feast. He was too busy playing his role of Head Boy to even come over and talk to them, but Penelope didn’t seem to mind and Mia was thrilled. Percy was a nice guy, but so pretentious it made Mia want to gag. Percy’s brothers all had a knack for getting themselves in trouble, which Mia found to be a little more interesting than perfect Head Boy.

After the sorting hat and Dumbledore’s welcome speech, the feast began. While Mia was helping herself to a third serving of mashed potatoes, her eyes kept returning to the mysterious Professor Lupin, who sat amongst the rest of the staff, standing out for his faded, tattered robes compared to the other teachers looking crisp and freshly pressed. Mia wondered his story, why his robes looked the way they did and how he would be as her new defense against the dark arts teacher. She had had a new teacher each year in that class, the last few being complete busts. Many students believed the position was cursed. While Mia was staring at Lupin for the 6th time during that feast, his eyes turned to her and locked her gaze for a couple seconds, until she turned her eyes downward towards her mashed potato mountain and didn’t dare look back up for the rest of the feast. He knows you were looking. He looked right into your eyes. How long did he know you were staring?? Mia asked herself in embarrassment. Her palms had that familiar sweatiness to them as they did when talking to the professor on the train. She chalked it up to new teacher nerves and her own general nosiness, and scooped herself a 4th helping of potatoes.

Lupin was hunched over his desk, attempting to prepare his first Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons, but kept finding himself distracted thinking of the mysterious Ravenclaw girl that he found himself wanting to look at. He didn’t know her name, just her house based on the blue and bronze accents to her school robes that he saw her wearing. She looked to be older, most likely a 7th year, with beautiful black hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back that perfectly complimented her porcelain skin. Not that he was looking. Remus, you can’t get distracted by every pretty girl you lay eyes on; especially ones at least 15 years younger He thought as he fidgeted with his quill instead of writing lesson notes. He felt a strange connection when he saw her on the train, looking into her hazel eyes that he could still picture when he closed his eyes. He shook his head and forced himself to focus on the task at hand. He was very excited to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts this year, and he couldn’t let himself get caught up in thinking of a student. He had the knowledge and experience, and needed this job more than he cared to admit to himself.

Mia was getting ready for her first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson when she felt butterflies in her stomach. The idea of seeing the handsome, mysterious professor was exciting and nerve wracking, but she tried to shake off the feeling.

 You’re just going to class, don’t make it weird.  She thought as she looked in the mirror to inspect her uniform. Mia was shorter, only about 5’3”. Her sweater was a perfect fit for her petite frame, her blue and bronze Ravenclaw tie nestled perfectly around her collar, but her shoes that had to wear with their uniform were less than to be desired. Mia had hated these shoes for 7 years, but at least they were comfortable. She slipped on her Ravenclaw robe, fluffed her long, dark hair and headed out of Ravenclaw tower.

 When Mia walked into the classroom, Lupin caught sight of her almost immediately. It’s her he thought, and they locked eyes for just a moment. Mia broke her stare when she realized he was staring back, a nervous jolt running through her body. She shuffled into her seat next to Penelope, and rolled her eyes when she started talking about the adorable thing Percy said to her at breakfast.

“Ok class, welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I am Professor Remus Lupin, your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Today we are going to start with a lesson that hopefully Professor Lockhart went over with you last year as a refresher. Can anybody tell me what spell you would use to shield yourself from an attack?”

Mia raised her hand. She was most likely one of the only students who read their proper 6th year textbook, knowing she needed to know more than what was written in Gadding with Ghouls.

“Yes miss-?”

“Roswell, Mia Roswell” she said.

“Ah, is Susan Roswell your mother?” he asked, now seeing the resemblance from his former school prefect and Order of the Phoenix co-member. Mia nodded and blushed a little bit, Professor Lupin was maybe only 5 years younger than her mother, so she figured maybe they had been in school together at the same time.

“The Protego charm, which either absorbs the attacking spell or defects it.” Mia said confidently.

“Excellent Miss Roswell, you’ve been paying attention! Now, can anyone besides Miss Roswell tell me the only spell the Protego charm cannot block?” Lupin asked, his first day nerves settling. The lesson went off without a hitch, and he smirked to himself because he finally knew the mysterious girls name. Mia Roswell, a 7th Year Ravenclaw.

The first few lessons in Defense Against the Dark Arts were very interesting. Aside from enjoying staring at the handsome teacher, Professor Lupin was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching thus far; refreshing coming from last year’s git Gilderoy Lockhart, who ended up being a liar, cheat and complete buffoon. Mia couldn’t recall learning a single thing from him last year. Susan was pushing Mia to get as many Outstanding scores on her NEWTS as possible this year, so she made sure she was paying attention in all her classes, minus History of Magic. Professor Binns lessons were less entertaining than watching paint dry, and she’s rather just read the textbook on her own. Mia would spend most of her nights during the first few weeks in the Ravenclaw common room studying, rather than sleeping, due to some nightmares she was experiencing.

Mia regularly had flashbacks to the night The Roswell’s home had been attacked by a death eater. The Death eater tortured John using the cruciatis curse, and if Susan didn’t give up information about the Order, Mia would be next. Susan was barely able to fight this death eater off herself, but knew she needed to protect her family and separating them was the only way to keep them safe. If a death eater came knocking again, they would only find Susan, and her two weaknesses would be miles away, safe and sound. Mia could remember the spells flashing all around her, crying behind the couch as her father screaming as he was being tortured, the death eater trying to get information about the order out of Susan. Mia experienced symptoms of PTSD following the attack, making Susan wish she would’ve modified her memory as well. The magical nuances that happened with wizarding children when they showed signs of their powers would be magnified if Mia was going through a fit on anxiety, which would have John calling Susan in furious confusion.

“Susan, I see a lot of guys with these issues when they come back from deployment. Mia is showing symptoms of PTSD. I don’t understand why our elementary schooler would have PTSD; the lamps keep getting broken, but she swears she didn’t touch them. Miranda has had to replace the living room lamp 4 times this month.” he had said one day when Mia was about 7, and Susan knew it was time for her to come back to live with her.

When she had returned to live with her mother in the UK, she started seeing a trauma counselor through St. Mungo’s Hospital, and was able to head off panic attacks and anxiousness with the help of calming draughts and coping mechanisms. She only had panic attacks now in periods of heavy stress, but the reoccurring nightmares happened every so often with no apparent cure. Sleeping draughts were mostly forbidden by Susan, as they were highly addictive and didn’t fix the actual problem.

One night at the very beginning of October, Mia woke up in a cold sweat from her recurring nightmare. This night the nightmare had set her on edge more so than the last few times she had dreamt it, so she decided to go for a walk around the corridor to ease her mind. She slipped on her bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, and tip toed out of the girl’s dormitory, out the common room entrance and into the dimly lit hallway. She walked around the corridor looping around Ravenclaw tower, until she ran into none other than Head Boy himself on her 4th lap.

“Mia, what are you doing up this late at night? Let alone wandering the corridors.” Percy asked, looking very smug with his head boy badge pinned to his pajama robes.

“Couldn’t sleep, what are you doing patrolling this late?” she asked, a little irritated that Percy interrupted her walk.

“As Head boy and a prefect, tonight was my night to be on patrol until 4. You should know the prefect schedule since Penny has to do night patrols too”. Penelope had been a prefect since their 5th year, so Mia was very familiar with the prefect schedule. She was more so just giving Percy a hard time, because it was so much fun to mess with him. He got so riled up when questioning his authority.

“I’m going to have to give you detention, Mia, you know the rules about being outside the common room past curfew hours.” He added.

 “Percy, REALLY? I couldn’t sleep and I needed to clear my head by taking a walk. Ask Penny, she knows I don’t sleep well. Cut me some slack.” Mia said furiously. He was really going to give his girlfriend’s best friend detention for a little night stroll?

“Three days detention starting Monday with Professor Lupin, Mia, and any more backtalk will get you longer so I suggest you head straight back to Ravenclaw tower and get to bed. Don’t let me catch you up past curfew again”

 Mia was fuming at Percy, she wanted nothing more than to tell him to shove his detention up his pretentious ass, but she knew no matter what she said, and Percy unfortunately had the authority to give her detention. Mia could be a little hot headed, but Percy was stubborn as a bull and she knew arguing with him would get her nowhere. She turned on her heels and stomped back to the common room, muttering some choice phrases about Hogwarts prodigal head boy.

In the morning, Mia woke up feeling more drained than when she went to sleep earlier that morning. It took her a minute to remember that Percy gave her detention for her little night stroll, and as she remembered irritation flushed over her. Pretentious git she thought to herself as she dressed herself to head down to breakfast.

“Hey Mia, are you feeling ok?” Penelope asked as she was putting on her shirt.

“your wanker boyfriend gave me detention because I went for a walk last night” she said irritably “I told him I don’t sleep well and his pompous self still decided to exercise his power to make everyone hate him”

“Oh Mia, he’s just doing his job. Technically you were out past curfew, and it’s his job to discipline as he feels necessary. I can talk to him about your nightmares if you like, maybe he can help? Get you an exception to walk in the middle of the night to clear your head?” Penelope said, cool as a cucumber.

Penelope was the perfect Ravenclaw; always saw things logically and always thought with her head, not her heart. Mia being a much more passionate person usually was guided by her feelings. She usually appreciated Penelope’s impartial, logical self, but today, she was irritated with it.

“No Penny, you’ll just make it worse. Don’t say I said anything to you. He may tack on an extra week just to be spiteful” Mia said in an eye roll “come on; we’ll be late for breakfast”.

Penelope just sighed and followed Mia out of the dormitory, knowing that this was not the morning to try to argue with her friend.

As Mia walked to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to begin day one of her detention with Professor Lupin, she dreaded what mundane detention task she would have to endure this week. Last year professor Snape had her wax the potions classroom floor by hand, and scrubbed walls and cauldrons until her hands cracked from over exposure to cleaning chemicals. She prayed that she wouldn’t have to alphabetize anything though, shed scrub cauldrons again before sorting dusty old books.

“Ah, Mia Roswell, caught out of bed after curfew I hear; Ready to begin day one of detention?” Lupin said in a cheery voice.

“Yes sir, what detention task will you have me do today?” Mia said flatly, waiting to hear her mundane chore.

“I don’t believe in making you waste your time with useless tasks” Lupin said as he paced at the front of the classroom “I believe that this time should be for learning. Do you have any homework that needs done for the day still?”

“No sir, I finished all my work before coming here. My mum is very adamant on me getting as many Outstanding’s on my NEWTs this year as possible” Mia said, curious as to what learning she may be doing for detention instead, but rolling her eyes slightly at the thought of how neurotic her mother was with her grades.

“Ah yes, your mother was a Prefect and Head Girl when I started at Hogwarts, she was known for her excellent marks. hmmm, How are you with dueling? We could practice some spells that would correlate with defending yourself in a dueling situation. It would be excellent for your Charms and Defense against the Dark Arts NEWTs”

 “uhm, I don’t know, I guess ok, decent enough to get Outstanding O.W.Ls in Charms and Defense against the dark arts. Lockhart’s dueling club last year was a joke, and some of these spells I haven’t used since 5th year.” Mia muttered. “Professor Flitwick doesn’t let us practice dueling outside of the charms classroom either”

“Well let’s start with something basic, how are you with Expelliarmus, disarming your opponent?” Lupin asked. He looked like he got his energy from teaching; his blue eyes were lit up with passion and excitement to teach a student a new skill.

“Expelliarmus!” Mia cried and pointed her wand at Lupin, but nothing happened. “ive done it before, I promise” she said, giving him a sheepish look.

“Ok, yes let’s start there. there’s plenty for you to work on. We’ll go back to the basics.”Lupin chuckled and opened a cupboard at the front of the classroom. He pulled out a dueling dummy, and positioned its arm up as if it was holding a wand at Mia. He tucked a stick in its hand, and stood across from it.

“Expelliarmus!” he cried, and the stick flew out of the dummy’s hand and into his. He turned and smiled at Mia.

 “Your turn” he said through his grin “just focus your energy and picture that stick flying out of his hand and into yours. You want the wand to come to you so your dueling opponent can’t just pick it back up and use it again.”

Over the next hour or so, Lupin was so patient on correcting Mia’s form and stance, and assisting her on her spell casting. He was extremely knowledgeable, and continuously corrected her form and stance.

“When you are getting ready to cast the spell, the way you are standing is leaving your left side open to get hit if you are not faster than your opponent. Shift your hips this way…” he said, as he placed his hands on her hips and shifted them into proper form.

Mia could feel herself blush scarlet as he touched her, an almost electric-like pulse ran from his touch throughout her entire body. She felt a connection with him, it made her heart flutter and her palms sweat every time he even came near her. Finally, after about an hour of the stick either not moving or just clammering to the floor, the stick flew out of the dummy’s hand and into Mia’s.

“Oh my god- I did it!! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!”

Without thinking, Mia flew her arms around Lupin’s neck and hugged him tightly. Much to her surprise, he hugged her back.

“Excellent work, Mia, Excellent.”

She pulled back a little bit to look at him, and his expression changed. His smile faded into a curious expression. He stared into her eyes, and as she stared back, she leaned in and placed her lips on his. Her brain had gone on autopilot, not even thinking about the fact that she was kissing her teacher until her lips were already met with his. His lips were warmer and softer than she expected. She opened her mouth slightly and began to swirl the tip of her tongue around his. He began kissing her deeper, wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her close to him. They both had thoughts that they should pull back, what they were doing wasn’t right, but the connection that drew them together prevented either of them from stopping. She felt a hardness pushing against her leg, so she reached down and grazed his erection with her hand. It was much bigger than she anticipated; He let out a low growl as her hand began to move up and down against the bulge, and he picked her up and set her onto one of the classroom tables next to them. He knew what he was doing was not smart, but just as she felt drawn to him, he found himself in the same predicament. He wanted her, and let himself lose his inhibitions. He slid his hand up her skirt to find her lace panties soaking wet with desire. He grabbed ahold of them and pulled them off in one motion, and before Mia knew it his erection was out of his pants and was ready to enter her.

“Are you a…?” he asked, stopping himself before sliding himself into her.

“No.” Mia said with a grin, knowing he was asking if she was a virgin. she grabbed his penis and pushed it towards her opening. As Lupin slid into her, Mia let out a moan of pleasure, gripping his shoulders tightly. He filled her up quite nicely, and she was already close to climaxing she was so turned on. Mia had to work extremely hard to keep quiet; she muffled her moans by burying her face in Lupin's neck.

She whispered in his ear “I’m going to come, right now!” and pushed her hips further towards him. Her orgasm rippled through her, the sensation more intense than she anticipated. Her entire body went tense as she cried out in ecstasy, forgetting for a moment that there was no silencing charm on the room. Just after her muscles clamped down in Lupin's pulsing member, he grunted and squeezed Mia as close to him as he could, breathing heavily from his own intense orgasm. They both held their positions for a minute, enjoying the release they both had before having to face the realization that a student and teacher just engaged in sexual relations.

“well, uhm,  I don’t really know what to say…” he said sheepishly, running his hand through his hair “What just happened is entirely inappropriate, I shouldn’t’ve allowed myself to get carried away like that”

“I think we both enjoyed that” Mia said confidently “as far as I’m concerned, that is our secret and no one will know.” She leaned in and kissed him “that was amazing, by the way” she grinned at him slyly. She couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure she got from him. She had had sex with an old boyfriend last year, but she was never able to orgasm during sex with him. It took twenty minutes of him poking around until he found something that felt good for her, and half the time she faked it because she was bored and would just masturbate later.

“Mia, this was… well…” Lupin smiled, blushing “but this can’t happen again. We can be finished for the night; you should head back to your common room before curfew hits. I’ll see you tomorrow evening” Mia smiled and winked at Lupin and said “I’ll see you tomorrow”.

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