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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor the characters from it and I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This plot however is a figment of my imagination.

Hermione sat in her kitchen well technically her mother in law's kitchen. After all the Burrow was not her home. They just spent their weekends there. Their flat was a small two bedroom house which was in dire need of repair and they had been thinking of spending money on it for the past fifteen years. Ron was earning good enough money through the WWW shop but he was just a manager and nothing more. He was not a partner and he did not want to be anything more. He was happy with the job and did not want any more responsibilities. So Hermione had to be the one who had to think about their future. Their very bleak future because Hermione had just spent her last savings for their children's fees for their seventh year at Hogwarts. Her inheritance was not much and her job at the ministry paid her enough to pay for their groceries and their house loan. Ron's money was used for gifts for birthdays and christmases. They had a huge family and that meant presents for all. It cost them an arm and a leg to get all of them presents for every birthday in the family as well as for Christmas. With every brother having at least two children the cost ran into thousands of gaellons. Hermione knew Ron would be least bothered about Rose's wish to go to the University in Egypt to study ancient runes or about Hugo's dream to learn Potions in Paris. She would be the one to lose sleep over it. She was determined to fulfill her children's wishes. She was so tired of compromising on everything in her life that she promised herself that her children would not have to do that ever in their lives. Hermione was ready to sacrifice anything for her family. She just needed a way to make some money tobuy her children their dream.

Draco sighed as he read the parchment again. The healer had written the same thing the previous seventy healers had...his sperm was not the problem nor was Astoria's egg. They just could not figure out why they were not getting pregnant. Sitting in his plush office he was getting angry. This was one more thing that his father had over him. No children. Not even one. He had married Astoria because she was a beautiful nice girl who had none of the prejudices his parents had. Thanks to his thinking the society had accepted him back after he was aquitted of all crimes due to his age. He hadjoined his father's business and had done quite well for himself but his married life was not so smooth. His parents were not happy with Astoria. First it was because she was not from the sacred twentyeight and then it was because she could not concieve. The first few years were not so difficult but as years passed he got desperate andnow he was so desperate that he was consulting a doctor from the muggle world who was also a squib. This Dr.Thorne had promised him that he would have a child with the help of muggle technology in no time. Draco had not told his parents this. Only his wife was aware of it. Without an heir Draco would fail as a son and a Malfoy. Something that he was not ready to do. He was desperate and helpless. He was willing to go to any lengths to get a child. His own flesh and blood. He was ready to do anything for his family.

Astoria covered her naked breasts as she got up from the bed. She looked at her partner. He was good though he was a squib. She left ashamed at what she had done but she had a promise to keep. There was no way she was going to give birth to a Malfoy. They were bigotted and snobs. Her lover had died because of their betrayal. She would never let them have another generation. Their family would end with her. The squib was easy to manipulate. He was like a dog wagging his tail waitingfor her command. Astoria's beauty and elegance attracted many a men buther heart had been broken a long time ago. Now all she was doing was taking revenge for her family....her only family ....her lover David. Her parents had not thought about her....her sister had not worried about her....only David had and he had died because of the Malfoys. Now she was doing this for her family.

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