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Author's Notes:

A slow burn Dramione from my seven part series of various of fanfiction I called "Dark Desires" where the main theme are usually angst and mystery.

This is a WIP and the setting is post second wizarding war. The main timeline is in the year of 2018, two decades after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Flashbacks and memories will be written in 'italic' form and are constantly recurring to give readers glimpses and views from the past that which explains the present.

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- an object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event.




At the first Christmas just months after the Dark Lord’s defeat, the wizarding world’s joyous celebrations diverts into a halt when at the eve of war heroes Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Granger’s engagement party - she vanishes without a trace – at exactly seven days later, by Christmas morning, is presumed dead.

Harry Potter mourns her loss beyond anything he has ever endured and swears that he will never stop until he finds the killer that has left nothing but a blood trail at the cold snow at the night of their engagement. 
And three months into the investigation, a Slytherin scarf is found at the scene of the crime and thus points to the possible murderer who has all means and motive to kill the Mudblood as he always called her.



Draco Malfoy fails to run for his life and is sentenced to years in Azkaban without proper trial that ignites the idea of suicide to Lucius Malfoy in his own Azkaban cell.

The year is 2018 and two decades after his sentence, Draco Malfoy is given a parole for a chance to redeem his life.

All hate and horrors he has not seen beyond the bars of Azkaban are reflected in Harry Potter’s eyes as the boy is forced to relieve all the pain all over again at the release of Draco Malfoy.

All Harry Potter wants is justice for what he strongly believes the young Malfoy heir has taken from him and he will stop at nothing to claim justice and restore him back at the godforsaken prison for the truth he claims they both knew.


As the gates opened to signify the resurrection of his freedom, murders begin to happen.

But protecting himself from Harry isn’t the call he wants to make. 
He remains steadfast that he is innocent and that he had been jailed for the wrong reasons, that despite their differences and history, he would never lay a hand on Hermione.

With the death of his mother as the final straw that unveils his time at St. Mungo’s and places further bias into his cause, Draco fights back to clear his name and evade all of Harry’s attempts to bring him back down and prove to the world that despite the name he bears and the crimes of his family, he is not a murderer.

For in search of truth and thirst to prove one’s innocence, everything goes haywire that borders into a destructive obsession.

And in the twisted turn of events, Draco Malfoy will discover a horrifying truth that has barred him to gain a better life after the war and its revelation that will cost him everything that he has left and what the whole wizarding world believed to be true.

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