When The Stars Fell From The Heavens

BY : Ryukotsusei
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Disclaimer: The Harry Potter series belongs to J.K. Rowling. I make no claims of ownership to the series or characters, and no profit has been made off this story.

Author’s Note; I know, I know, it’s been several years since I’ve posted anything and truthfully, I’ve had absolutely no desire to write up until now. Sure, the ideas have come but my motivation has just been dead and no matter what I tried, there’s been no resurrecting it until now. Here’s to hoping the muse sticks around and is willing to play for a while. Currently I have eight chapters written already with no idea how long it will take before it’s finished. I guess it should be noted for new readers, and those who haven’t read my fics for a while but I tend to go dark with my writing. I have no idea exactly how dark this one will end up being, but there will be elements in here that need to be warned for.


So here’s your warning: As of right now, we will have some graphic violence, miscarriage/forced abortion, torture, and murder. More warnings will be added as needed. This fic will mainly focus on Sirius/Hermione, although I’ll be honest, I am considering adding Harry/Hermione to it as well. There is also the potential for Draco/Ginny in the future, but at the moment I’m still undecided. As always, reviews are loved.


Credit for the quote in the summary goes to Marcus Aurelius. Disclaimer: The Harry Potter series belongs to J.K. Rowling. I make no claims of ownership to the series or characters, and no profit has been made off this story.


Chapter One




If there was one thing that Hermione hated, it was being indecisive. Logic dictated to her that if one had all the facts to a situation, then settling on a course of action should be easy. Taking this approach had always worked for her in the past, however, now, even with the facts laid out before her, she was at a loss.


"What do I do? Oh, I know I should tell Harry, but is it worth getting his hopes up?" She stared at the book she’d been reading for the past four hours, her copious amount of notes strewn across the table in front of her. At the moment, she was just glad that Harry hadn’t come over wanting to know what she was researching. Most likely he assumed it had to do with the horcrux hunt but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this side project of hers had been ongoing for a while now… ever since Sirius had fallen through the veil, in fact. What would it mean to Harry to have him back? Was it worth the sacrifice she’d have to make? She swallowed hard, her throat suddenly dry.


“Oh, Sirius. I wish there was a way to talk to you. A way to find out what you really want… if this would be something you’d wish for,” she whispered to herself. Assuming that her research was correct, and she had no reason to doubt it at this point, there was every chance that Sirius would return from the veil. However for him to remain… “A sacrifice would have to be made. Could I do it though?”


Her attention focused on the book again, in particular the paragraph detailing the return of one particularly brutal man who had been sentenced to death. The final victim to the veil was none other than the disowned, Eduardus Black. At 48, Mr. Black had been discovered conducting human sacrifices. No less than 36 skulls had been found, the residual magic in them not only revealing who they were but how they were killed. Through the use of blood magic, Mr. Black had been augmenting his own powers by draining muggle-born witches. However, by the time that Eduardus Black had been sentenced to the veil, rumors had long been circulating that more than one convict had returned from the land of the dead. When lead to the archway, it is reported that Eduardus Black merely smiled and promised that not even death would stop him.


Many scoffed at his promise, however, I admit that his words chilled me. It was as if he knew something and it was only a matter of time before his words came to pass. Less than a fortnight later, Mr. Black’s executioner had been slain and his mutilated body left in front of the archway. Many thought nothing of it, a coincidence and nothing more. Yet, my doubts remained. Perhaps it was a family member getting even with who they saw at fault for their loved one dying. Quite obviously though, it was a message.


My suspicions only grew when Hannah Thompson disappeared. Her testimony had been instrumental in Mr. Black’s conviction, as it was her who had seen Eduardus taking her sister and alerting the aurors as to what had happened. Less than a week after her disappearance, tragedy had befallen the rest of the family. Miss Thompson’s parents were found brutally murdered in their home and later, when I had the chance to read the auror’s report, they had found Hannah’s body, torn to pieces and discarded in the same room that her parents had been found in. All the evidence indicated that she was still alive up to the point she’d been returned to her parents house. I can only hope that they were already dead by the time he turned his attention to Hannah.


It was a murder that even the Ministry could not ignore. Not when Eduardus Black had left his personal calling card at the scene of the crime. Clearly he was taunting them, daring them to come for him. It was only a matter of time for him to make a costly mistake though, and six long months later, Mr. Black was brought to justice once again. Through the use of Veritaserum, they were able to determine how Mr. Black returned through the veil. The revelation chill us all.


Only through the use of murder can one return through the veil. The act of forcing the condemned through the veil binds the souls together. Within the veil, one exists as nothing more than a shade. Time seems to stop around the condemned and through intensive research, the conclusion is that they’re left trapped within their own minds. The traumatic death of the executioner breaks the spell, forcing the condemned back to the land of the living. However, this rebirth is not without its own problems. To be born, one soul must be connected to another and thus, familial bonds are formed. Once a soul passes through the veil, all bonds are severed save the one formed at the moment of ’death’.


The Gods only know how many of the veils victims returned to the land of the living, wandered for a short time and then perished due to this lack of connection. Eduardus Black explained how it was his mistress, Elladora Thomas that killed his executioner, Garrett Prewett. However, Mr. Black knew that would not be enough and in the end, Ms. Thomas performed the anima vinculum ritual. By forcing a soul bond with him the moment he emerged from the veil, she ensured that he would survive.


Hermione sat back in her chair and scrubbed a hand over her face in frustration. The facts were there, if the book she had nicked from Professor Dumbledore’s office was indeed a factual account. If Bellatrix died, theoretically Sirius would return. But that wouldn’t make a bit of difference without the anima vinculum ritual. Without thinking, she stood, pushing away from the desk, ready to give her mind a break from the endless questions. Could she do it? If not her, would anyone else be willing to do it? Would Sirius want to be resurrected? There were so many questions she just didn’t have the answers for and she knew the final battle was coming soon. It was something she needed to have figured out soon, before it was too late.


She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t hear Harry coming up behind her, sliding his arms around her waist and pulling her into a hug. “Harry...”


“He wouldn’t want you stressing yourself out over this, Hermione,” he murmured softly into her hair. In truth, he’d been quietly following her work for some time now even if he hadn’t said anything about it. If it had been any other side project, he might have been furious she wasn’t devoting all of her time to the horcruxes, but this was Sirius. If she had a way to bring him back he would support her as much as he could.


“You… you know then,” she whispered, leaning back into him and taking what comfort she could from his presence. One of her concerns had been Harry’s reaction. She didn’t know what he would think of her delving into blood magic, even if it was to bring his Godfather back.


“I know some of it. Enough to give me hope that when this is all over, we might be a family again. All of us… including you,” he said after a long moment. He’d known what she’d done to her parents and understood how lonely she’d become because of it. He’d always considered her family before and he’d be damned if she was left behind. Not even if she somehow managed to bring Sirius home to them.


“What should I do Harry?” she said and turned so that she could rest her head on his shoulder. “Would he even want to come back? Bellatrix will die, one way or another and that means no matter what we do, he’s coming back. Whether he stays or not though…”


“Because of the anima vinculum, right? Why don’t you tell me what is is, first,” he said, guiding her over to one of the more comfortable chairs and helped her into it before kneeling in front of her, holding her hands.


This had been one of the things she was dreading and she fought the urge to stand up, dismiss the conversation and pretend he’d never asked the question. However, she knew Harry. If she didn’t tell him, he’d find out another way. Most likely by snooping through her books and notes. While she could lock it all down, she didn’t think that would be much of a deterrence for him. Finally she sighed and raised her head, squeezing lightly at his hands. “You must understand, Harry, that I’ve been pouring over these books and researching since the wedding. By all accounts, the anima vinculum ritual is the only way to keep Sirius’ soul where it belongs. There is no other way, none that I’ve found. And the ritual itself is… well, I won’t say it’s all that difficult. It just requires commitment, you have to be willing to pay the price… so to speak.”


“Commitment. You say that like it’s some sort of wedding ritual or something,” he said, intending to get a smile from her but when she just continued to watch him silently, waiting for something. Understanding hit him then and he lowered his voice to a soft murmur. “It is, isn’t it. That’s what has you tied up in knots. Someone has to marry him. Bind their soul to his.”


“More or less. Whoever meets him at the veil has to be willing to soul bond with him,” she whispered, looking at him steadily, “Now you see my dilemma. He was not with anyone in the months leading up to his death. A stranger or even an acquaintance, will be unlikely to help him.”


“Then I’ll do it. Tell me what I need to do; I’ll help with the bond and he can be free again,” he breathed out. He’d often said he would be willing to do anything to have Sirius back from the dead. If a simple ceremony accomplished that, how could he say no?


“Harry...” she trailed off, looking away, “It’s not… it’s not that easy.”


“Then tell me what we need to do,” he said earnestly, his eyes so bright they looked feverish with his excitement.


“It’s a soul bonding ritual, Harry. It means sex. Sex to seal the bond, during the ritual itself,” she said, taking his hands again to ground herself. The ritual itself is easy. The sex, while probably awkward, can be done with minimal fuss. However this ritual is usually done at weddings. Why do you think magical bonding is permanent, Harry? Whoever does this is always going to be drawn to Sirius. Could you do that? Could you handle finding yourself attracted to a man who is the only family you have left? To want him in that way? Forgive me, Harry but you’ve never shown interest in men before. Perhaps I’m wrong but… I’m not entirely sure that it’s a position you want to put yourself in. It would be… complicated.”


By the time she had finished speaking, he’d turned his head and settled back to lean against a chair, his expression pensive. It was an impossible situation. Hermione was right, it was beyond complicated and he honestly didn’t know how he’d follow through with the ritual if it involved sex. He’d never had inclinations towards other men and most certainly not towards Sirius. Perhaps with lust potions, but one of the things that the professors had drilled into his head, was that most rituals failed if potions of any kind were involved. A fail safe, if you will. “I’m… I’m not. Not like that… but, Hermione. Who else would be willing to do this?”


In a way, it was a moment of truth. That same question had been plaguing her for months now and finally, someone else had asked it. It was time for her to make her decision. Within the past five minutes alone, she’d seen Harry run the gauntlet of emotions and it wasn’t hard to know what his reaction would be to hearing there was no one else. She couldn’t lay that responsibility on him and she couldn’t just let Sirius die a second time. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and looked at him. “It will have to be me.”

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