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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor the characters from it and I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This plot however is a figment of my imagination.

It had been a year since Hermione saw her daughter Rose. Lovely Rose who was full of life and joy. A teenager of ninteen years, Rose was captivating and beautiful to every male who saw her. Hermione was not blind. She could see how attracted the men in Rose's life were towards her. She was a lovely child, obedient to a fault. She loved learning and had been invited to complete her masters in potions by several universities but Rose had held her options. She wanted independence. She was planning something else, something that Hermione had never thought she would plan for her future. She was planning her marriage! Little did Rose know that she would not be able to see that happening. Hermione had been shocked by her decision to get married so early but she had supported Rose like any good mother. Rose was very much excited though Ron had very verbally and physically demonstrated his disapproval of the groom. Hermione took time to get him to calm down. She sat with him for days trying to get him to agree for their daughter's happiness. She too was angry with the groom but what could one do if they were in love? Finally after much persuasion Ron had agreed. 

Hermione set down the flowers on the cold cement slab which had words inscribed on them from the Bible. Hermione had taught her children about the Lord and they had put their faith in him. Hermione slowly took out her wand and flicked to have the dried flowers vanished and the plot completely cleaned of dust and leaves. She sighed with satisfaction as she looked upon the grave of her eldest child Rose Weasley. The next moment she started to sob as she remembered how she had given birth to her and then taken care of her for ninteen precious years only to have her taken away cruelly by fate. She cried as she recalled the moment when she told her that she was in love and wanted to marry her lover. Hermione had been shocked because she was not expecting her daughter to get married until she had completed her studies. Rose was getting ready to be someone's wife and Hermione had given in to her wishes even though she thought that Rose was too young to make that decision. Her tears covered her cheeks as she fought with God again and again asking why...why did he take her daughter away so early? She had her whole life in front of her and Rose had been killed by a curse right before her eyes... just before they were going to announce her engagement to the world!

Hermione sat there for a long time before she wiped away her tears and cleaned her cheeks with her handkerchief. She was about to move when she heard a step and then she turned around to find a neatly dressed Draco Malfoy standing in front of Rose's grave carrying flowers. He bowed slightly before murmuring his thoughts to Rose and then sat down beside Hermione after acknowledging her with a nod. Hermione looked at him. It was nearing dusk, Draco looked tired and sad. Even though his pale skin and smooth blond hair were all in place and perfect, she could still make out that he felt the burden of Rose's death. They sat in silence perfectly comfortable with each other. Hermione felt a calm come over her as she saw Draco bow down his head between his knees. They were sitting on flat grass covered ground and near each other. She saw a tear run down his cheek and unable to stop she flicked it away and spoke softly, "It wasn't your fault Draco. Nobody could have guessed that she would be attacked. I was just as stunned as you were. Please stop feeling guilty."

Draco snorted, "You know I expected you to say that. you are so forgiving Hermione. I am not. I cannot get over the fact that the murder happened at my party and that too when...when..."

Hermione sighed and completed his sentence, "that too when you were going to announce your engagement to her. I know.... it must have hurt a lot and I can guess the pain you must have felt to have lost her but Draco you did not plan this! someone evil did that and we will find that bastard and he will pay for his crime." She gulped down her pain at seeing Draco so broken. Maybe this wouldn't have hurt so much if she hadn't been in love with him so much. She looked away from his beautiful face and closed her eyes trying to deal with the shame she felt for being in love with the very same person who was in love with her daughter. She felt that if fate ever wanted her to know that she would never find true love then this was it.

She had divorced Ron after they started fighting every day and it was affecting their children too much. They had grown apart slowly and agreed to end their marriage. She had been free for almost three years now. She left his house and took her own flat. She reveled in her spinster ways. She brought takeouts, watched movies, had parties and girls nights in her flat and enjoyed her life. That was until she resigned from her ministry post and joined Draco's new NGO. They were helping war vctims, those who were still uncompensated by the ministry. She found that she loved her job! She was actually helping people reclaim their houses and get money for rebuilding them. Many had fled the country and their houses had been claimed by others. She helped them get justice as well. Those who were maimed by the forces of the Dark Lord were compensated generously by Malfoy Inc. Orphans were being paid for their education and boarding. She saw the positive affects on their clients' life and she felt happy for them. She felt as if this was what she was meant to do.

And then there was Draco. How he had changed...he treated her with respect, listened to her arguments with patience and even implemented some of her ideas while giving her full credit for them. They spoke about every thing under the sun and argued their points with ease. They both never felt that they had to hide their feelings or be polite for the other's sake. She felt like she could be herself in his presence and she loved it. She still did not believe that he had changed until one day when she saw a client walk into his office which was opposite to her's and shouted at him. She left the door open and her glass encased office helped her see what was going on in his partially glass encased one. The woman was limping and had been cursed by his aunt. She threw the compensation she got from the ministry at his face and called him names and told him of the pain she had suffered for so many years with no help from anybody. Draco had gone red...he kept his head bowed and stared at his desk until the woman finished her rant. He then offered her a seat and a glass of water, he then apologized to her and then wrote down a check for a sum that made her eyes pop out. She stared at Draco's solemn face for a long time before taking the check meekly with her trembling hands and thanked him for his generosity. He simply smiled and said that he was only repenting for what had been done to her. After that Hermione never doubted him or his intent.

They began to spend more and more time together. He took her out for lunches even though there were no business clients to eat lunch with. They went to see exhibitions and plays. They still argued but Hermione had begun to feel as if he did that just to make her angry and then enjoy her reaction. She felt affection towards him and was terrified because Draco was never affectionate verbally or physically, though he did flirt with her at parties but that was pretty much what he did. So she was never sure if he loved her even though she could see his love through his eyes or the way he tilted his head when she said something nice. Hermione was scared to ask him outright, after all he was her boss and he paid a very good salary that she need very much. Her children were finishing college and she wanted to support them as much as she could. Ron paid her no alimony as she was employed and she liked it that way. All she wanted was someone to share her remaining life with. And she knew Draco had divorced Astoria long ago and she had remarried. Scorpius was also finishing college and lived with his dad as per the law. There was no one to object if they were to be together except she was blown away one night when she caught Rose crying and she confessed to her that she was in love with Draco Malfoy. She told her that they wanted to get married. It was as if the world had stopped turning and Hermione could not make sense of what had just happened! She sat down slowly afraid that she might hit the floor flat on her face from the shock she just received! she asked Rose to repeat her words and gulped down the bile that was rising in her throat when she imagined Rose with Draco!

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