Just Another Day in Paradise

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter any of these characters or the original work by J.K. Rowling. Everything belongs to her. I make no profit from this story.

This is my first attempt at any fan fiction. It is a work in progress. I have the first few chapters written and am going to hopefully add a new chapter every Monday. Feedback is always helpful. If I get any reviews i will add them to the end of the chapters as they are posted.


Hermione walked down the platform with Ron, Harry, and Ginny. It has only been two and a half months since the battle, but Kingsley and McGonagall had decided to reopen Hogwarts this year anyway. Something about the best way to move forward is to move on. While Hermione agreed with it to an extant, she still thought people needed more time. People like the Weasley’s. She had gone back and forth from Grimmauld Place and the Burrow consoling and being consoled.


Hermione looked around as she followed Ginny and the boys. At first she saw joy, happiness, and a little relief in the parents and students alike, but the farther down she traveled, the excitement slowly dissipated, as the students were older. She sadly noticed that there were fewer parents as well. Subconsciously, they were making their way towards the back, none of them really wanting a lot of attention for a little while longer.


“What are they doing here?” Ron grumbled as they reached the end of the platform. Hermione looked up just in time to see a group of older students, lead by a tall blonde haired guy, disappeared into the last car.


“The invitation for all last years seventh years to return this year to finish their N.E.W.T.’s was extended to everyone, Ron.” Ginny replied.


“Why can’t you guys have just one year without being tormented by them?” Hermione had completely forgotten that the rest of the Weasley’s had accompanied them to the train. George seemed just as annoyed as Ron was.


“I think this year might be different,” Harry sighed. “This was has changed everyone. I’m in no way standing up for him, but he did save my life. And yours, Ron. So I think we should at least give him a chance to move forward instead of hang the past over his head.”


Hermione felt someone starring. When she glanced up and to the left, her brown eyes locked with grey ones. It wasn’t a surprise that she and Malfoy were starring at each other, it was a surprise that the look he gave her wasn’t one of disgust. It was deeper than that.


Pulling herself away from his gaze, she said “We should probably find seats now if we don’t want to be disturbed.”


“Yes, of course” Molly said, trying not to let her emotions show too much. Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione all took turns giving hugs and hand shakes to Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fleur, Percy, and George. This goodbye was difficult to give. Even though the evil was gone, everyone took life a little more seriously these days. Molly made sure to tell everyone how loved they were. Twice.


“Don’t worry mum,” Ginny said soothingly. “We will be home for Christmas before you know it and I will write to you at least once a week and tell you how everyone is doing. I promise.”


“Me too. Mrs. Weasley.” Hermione said, reassuring Molly as well. “Everything is going to be just fine.”


Molly sighed. “I know. I’m just being silly. Now onto the train, all of you. Have a good term.”


The four of them boarded the train and made their way to the last available compartment. As soon as they sat down, the train lurched forward.


“This year is going to be completely different” Ginny said as she snuggled closer to Harry. Both looked like they hadn’t slept well in days, for a couple different reasons. Of course dreams haunted them just like everyone else, but at least they had some distraction to help.


Hermione had accidently walked in on them one night while at Grimmauld Place. She had had a bad dream about the same wretched bitch of a witch, and after trying to wake a very drunk Ronald, with no luck, she sought comforting words elsewhere. It had only taken her twenty seconds, because her eyes needed to adjust, to realize that Ginny was completely naked and bouncing up and down on an equally naked Harry. That night forward, whenever she woke up from her nightmares, she would bury herself in a book.


“I wonder what the common room and such will be like since the eighth years aren’t living with everyone else this year.” Ron stated as he propped his feet up on the opposite bench, accidently kicking Ginny as he did so.






“They will probably be just like the other common rooms, but smaller because there aren’t as many of us.” Hermione replied as she pulled out her most recent book.


“I want to see what the castle looks like” Harry said sleepily. “It took a huge hit and it’s only been two and a half months.”


“I wonder if it’s even livable” Ron added, closing his eyes. Clearly he was fighting a hang over.


Hermione put her book down. “Of course it’s livable, Ronald. Headmistress McGonagall wouldn’t have let any of us come back so soon if it wasn’t.”


“Yeah. Right.” After that, everyone settled into a comfortable silence, either reading or sleeping, for the rest of the journey to Hogwarts.”


As they pulled into Hogmeade, everyone slowly got up and put their robes on. They waited just a couple more minutes for most of the crowd to die down. Ron took the lead since he was closest, followed by Harry and Ginny, while Hermione brought up the rear, deep in conversation with Ginny about how the castle looked.



“I wonder if we are going to have coed dorms this year” Theo said excitedly as he pulled his trunk down.


Blaise snorted. “Doubtful. McGonagall is headmistress now. She probably won’t put us eighth years in the same dorm period because of the past between Slytherin and Gryffindor.”


Draco, Pansy, and Daphne stayed quiet. Draco took the lead and left the compartment. Instantly, he noticed the Gryffindors, who were only a few feet in front of them, waiting for everyone else to get off the train. Draco slowed to a stop about two feet behind Granger. Theo and Blaise were to busy discussing the dorms to notice that Draco and the girls had stopped in front of them.


All too sudden, Theo and Blaise walked right into Daphne and Pansy, causing them to fall into Draco. Draco was completely caught off guard, tripped over his feet and crashed right into Granger, knocking her to the ground with him on top. Potter and the Weasels turned around just in time to see Draco fall onto Granger. Everyone froze.


The weasel, of course, was the first to speak. “Way to go Malfoy! Did you think that what your aunt did to her wasn’t enough and you thought that crushing her might be good enough?! You just have to make sure you continue to walk all over her and treat her like shit, don’t you, you bloody-“


Draco looked up just in time to see Potter shove Weasel off the train. Draco felt the girls get off his legs so he was able to get off Granger. Abandoning his things, Draco helped Granger up then started to pick up her stuff. She kneeled down with him, fixed her bag that had torn, and started putting her stuff that she could reach back in it. Draco kept trying to make eye contact, just to make sure that she was ok, but Granger wouldn’t have it.


Once they were done gathering their stuff, they stood up and Draco handed her the last book he had picked up for her. When she grabbed it, he held on a little tighter, making her look up. “I’m really sorry about what my aunt did. No one should ever be tortured because of who they are.” Draco let go of the book, Hogwarts, A History, and added, “I’m also sorry for falling on you.”


To say Granger was shocked was an understatement. She looked like she was about to say something, but instead, closed her mouth and left the train to join Potter and the Weaselette, who had left after everyone had returned to their feet.


Draco turned back to get his bag and was met by four shocked faces. “Oh, come on guys. The war is over. If they are going to try to be peaceful with me – with us – then why can’t we put a little effort in as well. Let’s just move on from the past.” And with that, he grabbed his bag and left the train, only to run into the headmistress herself.


“Ah, Mr. Malfoy.”




From behind McGonagall came a very angry, but hushed, “Ronald! You didn’t!” McGonagall turned around slowly to face the Gryffindors. Only it wasn’t just the Gryffindors, but everyone that had returned to redo their final year.


“Ms. Weasley” McGonagall started, “if you could be so kind as to join the rest of the school heading towards the castle in the carriages. The eighth years will be going up separately as there aren’t enough carriages for them.”


“Yes, ma’am” Ginny replied. She turned to go but then stopped and added, “My idiot brother is wrong, headmistress. It was all an accident.” And away she went.


“Is that true, Ms. Granger?”


“Yes ma’am. Zab- Mr. Zabini and Mr. Nott were engrossed in their conversation and not paying attention. They ran into Pansy and Daphne, which caused them to fall into Dr- Malfoy. Malfoy wasn’t able to catch himself in time and fell into me.” Granger didn’t look at Draco, but he could sense that something about their relationship, or lack thereof, had changed.


McGonagall then turned to Daphne and Pansy. “Girls? Is that what happened?”


“Yes, ma’am. Exactly what happened.” Pansy replied while Daphne nodded her head in agreement.


“Well then” McGonagall turned towards the rest of the eighth years as Draco and the other Slytherins joined them. “What I had originally came down to tell you all is this. As you are all of age, you may apperate straight to the gates of Hogwarts and take your seats in the Great Hall. Please meet me at the teachers table after the feast to discuss your living quarters for this year. Now off you go.” As the turned to leave, she added a little louder, “Mr. Weasley, please stay here for a moment longer.” Draco smirked as he noticed that Weasels face was the same color as his hair.


Draco turned on the spot and apperated just outside the main gates of Hogwarts. As soon as all four Slytherins were there, they joined the rest of the eighth years headings towards the castle. No one spoke. Most were to busy starring at the castle. Draco tried desperately to focus on that as well, but Granger’s ass and long legs was all his brain was showing him. He had accidently touched her ass during the incident and had seen her sleek legs while they were picking up their stuff. He had also peeked at her breast (how could he not? Her sweater vest had been tight on her as she was bending forward). Draco’s trousers were starting to feel rather tight as he entered the castle. That’s when he actually noticed that there was a little bit of a difference to it. The castles structure didn’t look any different but the halls had looked more…shiny?...energetic?...opening?


As he took his seat, he noticed that all the younger Slytherins were trying everything they could to stay away from the eighth years. Draco chanced a look at the Gryffindor table only to find that Granger was already looking at him. Once their eyes made contact, she blushed, looked away, and immediately started a conversation with Weaselette.




Once everyone had been seated, the doors opened and in came the new first years, following Professor Sprout. Draco didn’t catch the Sorting Hats song, nor did he see who was sorted where. He didn’t even hear the Headmistresses opening speech. Everything that had happened that landed him in the “paradise” had finally caught up with him. All to soon, the food appeared  and the courses, and surprisingly the conversations, flowed easily.


Once Draco was finally full (for what felt like the first time within the last six month), he waited for everyone else to finish so he could join the eighth years at the teachers table and be lead to his new dorm and comfy bed. If he was being honest with himself, the one thing that he really wanted, but most likely wouldn’t get, was his own room. Sharing a dorm had its perks, of course, but after everything, he felt like he needed space and privacy. The others didn’t need to see him having his nightmares.


Once everyone was done, McGonagall dismissed the school and waited for the eighth years. “As you all have guessed, there has never an eighth year. Therefore we have made a few changes this year and added another dormitory. Please follow me.”


She lead them out of the hall, up the stairs, and through the corridors until she was one away from the library. About halfway down the corridor, she stopped in front of a portrait of the founders. “Unity” she said. They all smiled and the portrait opened to reveal a common room that had every house crest and colors on the walls.


“Before I leave you all, I want to go over a couple of things.” McGonagall had stepping in behind everyone but staying near the portrait. “As you all are of age, there will be no curfew. Your classes will be more advanced then the seventh years. You are allowed to visit Hogsmead whenever you would like, but I cannot remind you enough that every student is looking to you for leadership so set examples accordingly. All of you will also be required to help the seventh years with their studies. Please remember that while house competition is okay, house unity is more important. We have all suffered enough, which brings me to my next point. Each of you will have your own room. No one under seventh year is allowed in this dorm.” With that being said, she left them.


“We have our own rooms?” Pansy asked.


“We have no curfew?” Blaise questioned.


“Well we all fought in the war, no matter what side we were on,” Hermione said quietly. All eyes turned to her. Noticing this, she went on a little louder. “Well it only makes sense. No matter what side we were on, we still fought. We all have dealt with so much that McGonagall probably thought it would be best to have our own privacy, not to mention we are all of age.”


Everyone was beginning to see her point. Some turned to look closer at the common room, while others, including Draco, made their way towards the dormitories. Upon walking inside his dorm, he noticed a private desk, his trunk, and of course his four-poster bed – all decorated in Slytherin green. The only addition to his dorm was a toilet, sink, and mirror located through a door next to the dresser. Being as full as he was, he had easily become sleepy. Deciding to set everything up later, he took out his robes for tomorrow and a pair of lounge pants and got ready for bed.

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