There Are Some Things Books Can't Do

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“Where’s Ron?” Hermione asked as she tossed her trunk up onto the ledge in the compartment, careful not to squash Crookshanks in the process.

    “I dunno,” Harry replied looking out in the hall of their compartment, ignoring the stares, grins and whispers of the other students once again. “I thought he was right behind me when we boarded.”

    Hermione tutted, but smiled. “He’s probably basking in the glow of being a hero right now. After all, he isn’t as used to it as you.”

   Harry nodded vaguely as he surveyed the hall automatically looking for danger. He tensed when he felt a hand on his shoulder, but relaxed, realizing it was only Hermione.

     “Come sit down Harry, its okay.” She said softly, squeezing his shoulder lightly.

     Harry complied, but spoke , “we should go look for Ron, make sure he’s alright.”

    Hermione sat across from Harry, and Crookshanks settled into her lap immediately. “He’ll find his way back here, he seems to have a knack for it.” She was of course alluding to their time on the run. “If he isn’t back in an hour, then maybe we should go look, after all we technically still have prefect duty.”

    Harry nodded, but his mind was elsewhere as the compartment door opened up and Ginny and Luna walked in. Harry brightened immediately, much to Hermione’s relief and Ginny sat on Harry’s lap, throwing her arms around him and kissed him soundly.

   Luna demurely sat next to Hermione, uttering a soft, breathy hello before burying her face into the newest edition of the Quibbler, the first print since the end of the Battle at Hogwarts. Hermione tried not to pay attention to Ginny and Harry across from her, but their embrace had tightened and his hands seemed to be wandering down a tad too far for company.

  Hermione coughed, awkwardly and Harry and Ginny pulled apart, both flushing bright red.

“Sorry…” Harry mumbled, slightly abashed, but Ginny’s flush was already receding and she grinned at Hermione.

“I bet if Ron was here you would be doing the same thing.” Ginny chided, nestling herself more firmly on Harry’s lap, his arms wrapped around her securely.

Harry laughed before Hermione replied. “Don’t count on it Gin, I haven’t seen them together since that one kiss during the battle.”

Hermione felt her skin burn hotly, but replied back defiantly, “Well I was rather busy this summer wasn’t I, tracking down my parents and reversing the spell. I had to spend the summer with them, I couldn’t very well leave them to spend time with a love interest after what I put them through!”

“Love interest? Isn’t he your boyfriend now?” Ginny asked incredulously.

Hermione shook her head. “We haven’t made anything official…I’ve barely seen him all summer, and when we wrote, he said nothing about being official, although we did flirt.”

“And how are you so calm right now? Aren’t you dying to find out? Why didn’t you just kiss him when we met you on the platform?” Ginny was intrigued to the point of barely breathing as she asked questions.

Hermione sighed. “I wanted us to have a private moment, not in front of a ton of people, especially his family! I was planning on asking him during our rounds, but he still isn’t here!”

Ginny slid off of Harry’s lap, pulled Hermione to the door. “Let’s go find him, you two need to have that talk!”

To Hermione’s chagrin even Harry and Luna got up to follow them out into the now quiet hall, the noise confined to the compartments.  

“Fine, but when we find him, I’m going to be alone when I ask if he is my boyfriend or not” she snapped hotly.

The group assented, but there was general excitement from them as they started walking the length of the train, listening for Ron.

    After walking up and down for a few moments, Hermione was starting to wonder if they missed him when they heard his voice coming from a quiet compartment towards the end, closer to where they had been sitting than expected.

       “Bloody Hell!”

      Relieved that they had found him Hermione slid open the door, and her mouth dropped open in silent shock, her hands gripping the door tightly.

    The rest of her friends bumped into her and she could feel their silent reaction behind her.

    Ron was in the compartment sitting on the bench, his trousers pooled around his feet, as a girl with long hair straddled him, completely naked, and grinded on him, occasionally bouncing up and down, soft moans coming through her lips.

     Ron’s eyes were closed, his hands squeezing her buttocks tightly, leaving red marks in her flesh, as he groaned with her every movement. “Bloody Hell Lavender, you feel so good!”

   Hermione paled at his comment but was unable to move as Lavender moaned, “Oh Ron, I’ve missed your cock, two weeks in too long!”

   Luna slid the door shut, and it was apparent the couple didn’t notice, because the next moment Ron burst out, “I’m cumming Lav!” at the same time she made a high keen of pleasure.

    The group stared awkwardly at Hermione for a moment before Luna spoke. “I suppose he isn’t your boyfriend Hermione.”

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