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The witches and wizards of the Wizengamont stared down at the prisoners sitting a line before them. There were varying looks of dislike upon their faces, the silence that had settled over the people watching the trials was almost visible to everyone. Draco Malfoy sat with his mother and father on either side of him, he could hear his mother whimpering next to him and his fathers harsh breathing on the other side. Draco twitched his head to one side to move his lank white blonde hair out of his pale, gaunt face to make it stop itching, it didn’t help much the beard he was unaccustomed to was scratching his face. It had been two years since the end of the war, it had taken that long to track down the runners and have trials for them. The Malfoy family should consider itself very lucky, they’d had to wait the two long years in Azkaban, it sounded harsh but every day within those two years that they weren’t tried meant that there had been someone on the outside that was fighting against their execution.


“Miss Granger” The new Chief Warlock said “It is true that you were held captive and tortured in Malfoy Manor, is it not?”


“It is” Hermione answered primly, her golden-brown eyes looked at everything but the prisoners sitting just a few feet away.


“And who tortured you?” He asked, looking at the notes that were sitting before him.


“Bellatrix LeStrange” Hermione answered.


“But the Malfoy family held you, right?” He asked in an angry huff “The men held you against your will…did they touch you or threaten to do, unsavory things to you?”


“No” She answered “Neither Draco or Lucius Malfoy did anything to me”

“Mrs. Malfoy then?!” He all but snarled at her, the others around the long desk looked uncomfortable at his harsh attack on the famed Miss Hermione Granger.


“It was only Bellatrix LeStrange” Hermione answered, she turned icy golden eyes to him “As I have said many times and has been written down more times than that!” There was a chill that ran through the room that had nothing to do with Dementors that floated around the top of the room “You will not get me to change my story to fit some stupid view that you seem to have, are we done now?!”


“Y-yes, Miss Granger” The man sputtered and there was some cruel laughter, if Draco had been in better spirits he too would have laughed because the man who was likely in his later sixties was now cowering before the nineteen year old muggle-born witch “Very well” He looked at the prisoners “In the case of the Malfoy family I find them…”


End Memory:


Draco’s grey eyes snapped open and he looked out at the bedroom before him. The whole manor was silent, the moonlight streaming through the gauzy curtains making long shadows dance along the floor. It was twelve years since the end of the war and ten years since he’d sat before the Wizengamont. He’d been put on house-arrest for five years, his mother as well though she died just two years in to her sentence. His father, on the other hand had been given life in prison for his many indiscretions during the war and before it. Draco had worked from home, managing to be in the office without actually leaving the manor, he learned to love that which used to terrify him. Silence. After his five year sentence was up though Draco was unable to leave his manor in the daylight. The people flinching away from him, spitting on the ground at him and the looks of hatred bothered him. He closed up Malfoy manor, eliminated all the human staff but kept on the house-elves and then closed the doors and gates to his home for good.


“Master?” Kippy called out from the shadow that she’d been hiding in “Would you like some tea?”


“Yes, Kip” Draco said gratefully “I would and maybe a sandwich as well”


An hour and a half later, Draco was apparating to Diagon Alley, people don’t generally know it but the Alley had quite a bustling nightlife. Of course he didn’t frequent the places that most people chose to go to, he liked to go to the seedier bars in Knockturn Alley to have a few drinks, listen to the whispers of the outside world and occasionally buy a whore to take care of his more basic needs. He walked by some of the houses that held those types of women and casually looked in taking in the sight of the overly made up women that giggled and waved at him. He turned back to his course and entered his bar of choice, smirking at the bartender as he went to the booth in the back to do his drinking and listening. A few minutes after his drink was in his hand some of the goons he was used to seeing there came in and sat down in the booth in front of him.


“Did you hear?” The bald man with his back to Draco said “That Granger bitch is finally getting her comeuppance?”


“I’ve been at work at that damn prison, Mort” The other man sitting across from him said “How could I have heard anything other than the dishes clinking?” He hissed something under his breath “What’s happening?”


“You knew that she wiped her parents memories and couldn’t retrieve them, right?” Mort asked and the other man nodded “Well, her husband just got a magical divorce because apparently the bitch is barren” There was mean laughter among the two “She had a meltdown in the ministry and lost her job, Potter hasn’t been friends with her for more than three years now and she has no-where to go…I heard that she was seen around one of the cathouses down the street”


“She’s a know-it-all, uppity bitch but I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride or two” The man said with a leer “Could show her a thing or two, I could” He looked confused for a moment “But won’t her friendships within the ministry save her job, I find it hard to believe that this all happened in one afternoon and she’s already looking in to whoring herself out”


“Apparently the divorce has been going on for months” Mort answered, Draco leaned forward eagerly “It wiped out her finances, she’d been living with his family but now they’ve turned their backs on her…and you know that the Chief Warlocks been looking for a reason to kick her to the curb since she made him look a fool during the Malfoy trial”




Hermione stood in the window of the ‘cathouse’ that she’d been staying in and looked out in to the night. At twenty-seven years old this was not what she had planned for her life. She and Ron had gotten married when they were twenty, three years in they decided to start a family just like Harry and Ginny but that was not in the cards for her life. Finally, Ron had had enough of waiting for a child that was likely never going to come, though the Healers told her that she was fine there was nothing she could do to get pregnant and anytime she brought up to Ron that it may be him and not her that was the problem he freaked out. She’d moved out and stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley but once the divorce was in place they made it more than clear that she was no longer welcome there. She knew that Ron had told some heinous lie about her but Hermione no longer wanted to fight to stay in their family. She’d thought about going to Ginny and Harry but she knew that Ginny would take her brothers side and Harry would do whatever Ginny wanted him to do because now that all was said and done he was nothing but a weakling that was led around by his dick.


“You could start taking clients” Madame Rochelle said from her doorway “As soon as you’re ready”

“I’m not sure that I’d be able to do…” Hermione whispered, her hand flailing in the air towards the sounds of passion that came from other rooms.


“We are cheaper than any muggle or magical hotel” Madame Rochelle said, lifting her chin a bit “You’ve paid for the next two weeks which means that I will leave you until then but when that day comes in two weeks time you will need to come up with more money for more time here or well…you are very beautiful and could make a lot of money that way”


“Madame Rochelle” Hermione said, tears filling her eyes as she turned to look at the beautiful older woman “I have searched for jobs everywhere in the magical and muggle worlds…I can’t find anything and to be honest I cannot have sex for money”


“It is amazing what one can do when they are starving” Rochelle informed her “There is another way, sort of, but it involves a lot of work and even then I’m not sure if you have the disposition for such a position”


“What is it?” Hermione asked.


“Some of the prostitutes that are good enough to have a regular with a lot of money” Rochelle said “Find themselves being bought apartments or taken in to rich homes where their every need is met and they want for nothing”


“But how could I ever get that?” Hermione asked “I’d have to shag hundreds”


“Yes” She said with a smirk “Plus, you’d have to play the part of a simpering whore that just loves her mans cock” She watched Hermione for a minute before sighing “In the old days they were called ‘keepers’. Rich men who would marry as their families wanted but would go to whore houses to find what they wanted, if by some chance they found the right one they would ‘keep’ her away from other men. They would be loyal to their man, have sex whenever they wanted to and the men would pay for everything that they wanted, it’s not a bad life, really”


“Were you ever kept?” Hermione asked as she sat down on her bed. She raised her eyes to the woman with the black hair that was streaked with white, her eyes were a muted blue color that sometimes seemed so childlike and other times, like at that moment, seemed old and ragged.


“Yes” Rochelle answered “My ‘keeper’ was Abraxas Malfoy…once”


“What happened?” Hermione asked.


“He kept me for three years” She went on “Then his wife gave birth to his son and I was forgotten about, no more money, no more home…it was back to the streets for me until I got enough money to buy this” Rochelle smiled as she looked around the house “I promised myself that I would help other girls in unfortunate situations and I have”


Hermione watched as she left the room she’d rented, she sat down on the bed and looked around the sparse room and heaved a great sigh. Tears filled her eyes, no matter how hard she tried she knew that she’d have never been able to lie and say that the Malfoy men had done anything to her. It wasn’t in her nature, she was an honest person and would never been able to live with the stares she’d have gotten had she admitted to something like that. Chief Warlock Mr. Barret had a problem with her ever since then and even though she brought it to Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was now the Minister of Magic, but all he did was say that Barret was a good man. Men all stuck together.


Hermione walked to her bedroom door and locked it before placing a strong ward over it. She laid down on her bed and let out a soft sigh, of course she’d placed a feather-soft charm on the bed when she acquired it just the other day before then it felt like she’d laid down on a board and not a bed. Apparently, comfort in a whore house was not the top priority, which made her smirk to herself as she laid there and listened to the many people in the house having sex. She wondered what Ronald would say if he knew that she was living in a whore house, she who had learned to hate sex because she had never experienced anything good within the act. That was why she would never be able to be a prostitute, all sex was, was a simple act of body parts moving against and within one another…that was it, nothing interesting at all. As her mind started to shut off to the sounds of the women pretending to be experiencing wonderful orgasms she promised herself that tomorrow she’d find a job.



Draco got home late that night as he usually did and after eating something to make sure that he wouldn’t feel sick, he went to bed. That was around three in the morning. His eyes, however, snapped open at just ten in the morning, usually he slept until about three in the afternoon or later, wake up have something to eat then lay back down for a few hours. He would reawaken at about six or seven, have tea and something to eat, shower, get dressed and head for the bar or wherever he needed to be at eight or nine. When his mother was still alive he didn’t sleep as much, he’d been determined to make her lockdown as enjoyable as possible. After her death he’d slept way more than usual but as he learned to deal with her loss his sleeping evened out to what he called normal now.


“Sir” Kippy stepped out of the shadows, startling him as usual “You’re awake, are you feeling sick?”

“No” He answered, letting his upper body fall back against the pillows “Kip, how are you always in here when I awaken…do you just watch me?”


“There’s an alarm, sir” Kippy answered “When you wake up it goes off in the kitchen and lets me know that you’re up and then I come up here to see what you need” She adjusted her little dress and then ran her little hand over her ears “Did you need something…sir?”


“Advice” He muttered, he sat up and patted the seat next to him. Kippy had been the first house-elf that he’d employed and she understood him, often times he forgot that she was an elf and not a human.

“What’s going on, sir?” She asked as she sat her tiny body down on the comforter next to him.


“There’s a girl” Draco started “Well, she’s a woman now” Kippy nodded her head “We went to school together, she was an annoying know it all that had to always be right. We were on opposite sides of the war but when it came to my trial the Chief Warlock was trying to pin something, anything to my family by trying to coax her in to saying that my father and I had violated her but she never faltered, never lied she just kept to her story”


“Good woman” Kippy said in earnest “So what’s wrong?”

“Her telling the truth kept my sentence down to just a five year house arrest as opposed to what it could have been” Draco continued “Well, I learned that last night she’s fallen on some really hard times”


“How hard of times?” Kippy asked her master.


“She’s divorced” He answered her “Homeless, jobless and living in…well it’s a whorehouse but for her right now, according to what I overheard from the Madame of the house, it’s just a boarding house right now…but her money will runout real quick”


“And you’re trying to figure out a way to help her” Kippy guessed.


“I don’t even know if she’d accept my help, we were not friends” Draco sighed as he plopped back against his pillows.


“Then don’t come to her with this as a ‘friend’” Kippy advised “Tell her you need someone to…be a housekeeper”


“She’ll know I have house-elves” Draco sighed.


“Then someone to watch over the house during the day” Kippy said “Tell her about the fact that you sleep all day and need someone to do the shopping and all the normal stuff that you would do but can’t because of your discomfort out in the populated world”


“Like a house manager” Draco offered sitting up from his lounged position “You’re brilliant!” He hugged her quickly and she was positively aquiver with happiness “There is a definite bonus in your weekly pay this week”


While Draco was completely happy with the thought of offering Granger a job so she wouldn’t have to live in a whorehouse and possibly become one herself, he still couldn’t make himself leave the house before six-thirty that evening. By then he was rather tired, he hadn’t been able to sleep after the thought of offering her a job every time he tried he would feel a flutter of something he wasn’t sure how to name in his stomach. Finally, he worked up the courage to leave the house and apparated to Knockturn Alley. He went to the bar for a drink to give him courage, two in he took a deep breath and walked towards the whorehouse that he’d eavesdropped at the night before.


“Hey cutie” One of the whores greeted him “Do you want to have some fun with me?” She giggled and plastered herself against his side “Only costs you twenty sickles”


“Some other time” Draco promised, keeping his face down so she couldn’t see him “I need to see Madame Rochelle”


“Madame!” She called further in to the house “Got a man needs to talk to you” She looked at his cloak “Looks rich too” Draco watched an older woman come walking around the corner and stare at him, looking him up and down before sauntering over to him.


“What can I do you for?” Rochelle asked licking her lips “I don’t usually take clients…but I have a feeling you’re worth the ride”

“I’m looking Hermione Granger” Draco said, ignoring her obvious flirting.


“She ain’t taking clients…yet” Rochelle looked up the stairs with a look that bordered on disgust “But I’m working on her, don’t you fret…come back in two weeks, she should be good and desperate by then” She laughed at her own words “If you pay extra I’ll let you be the first to ride her”


“I’m an acquaintance from Hogwarts” Draco sneered at her, sickened by the casual way she spoke about Hermione as if she were an animal “I need to talk to her”      


“No offence, sir” Rochelle dropped all fun playfulness from her voice “Hermione ain’t taking clients and I’m not some secretary taking her messages for her, you want to see her then find her when she goes out tomorrow” Her look hardened “But if you ain’t here to pay for a fuck then piss off!”


“Madame” Draco snarled, he drew his hood back just enough so that she could see angry pale face, white blonde hair and recognizable grey-blue eyes “I need to see Hermione Granger”


“M-Master Malfoy” Rochelle’s eyes went wide “Yes, of course…right away, come with me”


Draco was led up a flight of stairs to the second floor that was lined with doors. Some were closed while others were wide open, he saw an orgy with no less than sixteen people, a foursome with three men and one woman, a woman whipping a man, one man wearing a diaper and in a closed room that was further down than they were going he was sure that he’d heard a cow mooing. Draco wrinkled his nose in disgust, he’d never been to this particular whorehouse but apparently it was one of the seedier places to be. His stomach convulsed at the thought of the types of men that likely frequented the establishment, thoughts of his aunt Bella’s husband and his brother came to mind and made him sick all over again. They had been in to blood play as well as torture and the thought of someone hurting someone like Granger bothered him. Rochelle noticed him looking towards the sound of the mooing coming from another bedroom.


“We cater to every fantasy in this house” She said with a naughty smile before she opened the door leading to Hermione’s bedroom.




Hermione was sitting on her bed with a book opened in front of her. She wasn’t reading it though, her tear-filled eyes were staring at something in front of the bed though there was nothing there. Hermione was broken, she knew that now as before it had been a vague thought that she didn’t allow herself too much time to think about very often. She had been everywhere earlier in the day including Hogwarts but the Chief Warlock was always two steps ahead of her even hitting the local bars in the magical community had been a no go and she really didn’t want to be back in the muggle world, it made her think of her parents. When the door opened that reminded her that she hadn’t locked it and her wand came out immediately getting ready to attack whoever it was. However, it was only Madame Rochelle coming through and behind her was a man with a cloak wrapped around him and the hood pulled low over his face so she saw nothing of his face.


“I told you that I was not going to be taking any clients!” Hermione snarled “Get out!”


“Calm down, Miss Granger” Rochelle said, lifting her long fingered hand to the younger woman “This gentleman right here is an old acquaintance of yours from Hogwarts and wanted to speak to you” Hermione’s face turned bright red and she lowered her eyes in shame “I shall leave you two to get reacquainted…if you do decide to have sex, make sure to get some kind of payment, never give it away for free” She closed the door firmly behind her as she went in to the hallway.


“Hello” Hermione said with her eyes still lowered to the ground.

“Granger” Draco said as a greeting and the hair on the back of her neck raised and her intense eyes raised to look at him though he still had the hood on.


“Malfoy?” She whispered “It that you…take off that hood, show me your face!” He raised his pale, masculine hands and hesitated for a moment before he pushed it back and raised his eyes to meet hers. His skin was paler than it had ever been, his hair was still short and white blonde, his eyes were still beautifully grey-blue but his face was gaunt and there were dark circles around his eyes that had never been there before.


“Hey, Granger” He greeted.


“Holy shit” Hermione breathed, she sat down heavily on the bed near her and placed her hand over her chest “What the hell are you doing here?” She snarled “Come to kick me when I’m down?!”

“What?!” He looked horrified “Why would you even ask me that?”


“Why would I ask you that?” Hermione looked horrified that he would even say that “Because you have never been nice to me in my whole life knowing you and now would be the perfect opportunity to remind me of how much of a failure I am”

“But…” He started.


“I mean look at me” Hermione extended her arms out in front of her “I’m divorced because I can’t have kids though that was likely Ron, not me. My friends have abandoned me completely to take his side without even having heard my side. I’m homeless, I’ve got no family, in protecting your family I pissed off the one person that could ruin my entire magical career and oh look, he did!” She slapped her thighs “I’m living in a brothel I have no job so soon I’m likely going to be taking clients to be able to feed myself, hell I don’t even like sex and soon I’ll be in debt up to my eyeballs in this house that I will never be able to escape…so what would you like to mock first, hmm?”


“You have every reason to hate me” Draco said slowly as he walked slowly across the room to the window and back again before sitting down on the wooden chair in the corner “But I have every reason to be grateful to you”


“What?” She asked, usually so talkative Hermione couldn’t think of one thing to say other than the one word.


“I am indebted to you” Draco said “You kept my mother and I out of prison, thanks to your honesty and kindness in the courtroom and out of it before our trial we only got five years of house arrest” His eyes found hers again though she could tell it was hard for him to make eye contact “You need help, Granger and for once I am able to offer you that”


“What kind of help?” She asked wearily.


“A place to live” He answered.


“Like my keeper?!” Hermione snarled, her eyes were practically on fire as looked at him, horrified that he would offer that.


“A keeper, like in Quidditch?” He asked, then thought about it and with a small ‘O’ forming on his lips he said “Like a rich man that takes care of a prostitute, no not like a Keeper” She raised her brow “I’m offering you a job. I sleep all day, I don’t usually get home until like three or four in the morning then sleep until early evening and I am in need of someone who can run my house, collect memos from my work, manage the house-elves and likely help me with the paperwork Malfoy, Inc. will send over”


“You need someone to mother over you and your home” Hermione surmised, crossing her arms over her chest “Why not just your regular mother?”


“Oh” Draco looked a little surprised “You don’t know, figured it would be big news…my mother died, a few years after her imprisonment started”


“Oh” Hermione put her hand to her mouth and tears filled her eyes “I am so sorry, I didn’t know. No one said anything about it, it wasn’t in the news or anything, does your father know?”


“I paid the papers to keep quiet” Draco answered “I think Lovegood paid some kind of anonymous tribute to her in the Quibbler” He shrugged “My father heard about it and killed himself a few weeks after”


“Merlin’s beard” Hermione looked at her hands “So…” She felt weird about not taking his help now that she knew he was alone somehow she felt like they were one in the same now “What else are you offering?”


“A place to live for free” He answered “Free food, your own access to my bank accounts, anything you could ever want”


“No sex” She clarified with a stern look “No sexual anything


“Deal” He agreed “So, would you like to get your stuff ready tonight and come home with me?”


“No” She answered “I’ll be there in the morning, I trust one of your house-elves can let me in and show me around the house and to my bedroom”


“I’ll have Kippy waiting for you” Draco promised as he stood up and headed to the door, he put his hand on the handle “Have a good night, Granger” She watched him leave, surprised by her own willingness to go on with his plan but she wasn’t stupid and she knew that if she wanted to live without having to have random men between her thighs every night and a rapidly growing debt to Rochelle this was the only way to go. With a sigh Hermione locked and warded her bedroom door and then laid down on her bed feeling that she had finally gotten her feet under herself again.



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