Nature's Cruelty: Sequel to Earth Shattering

BY : Slytherin-Goddess214
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AN: Sorry for the delay everyone; I just got married on Sunday and things have been hectic! But I am back and ready to work on this sequel to Earth Shattering :) And after this story is done I will begin working on a new Time Travel story. Also I am going to take my time on this story and make sure it is edited well enough to post so I will no longer be posting every day, but I will try to get the next chapter out within a few days. Thank you all for your love and patience and I hope you enjoy this story!


Chapter 1- Prologue

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 12:36pm London, England; UK

"Alright, here we go." Kingsley Shacklebolt stated as he turned around and held up two wristbands. "Now, seeing as you both have never traveled to another country before, I will explain what these are and how they work. First, these are what we call Magicis Protectore Eius; which translate to Magical Protectors. We just simply call them, Magic Bands. Due to the nature that is our world today, some countries, mainly North America, do not allow foreigners to use disapparition and a witch and or wizard's magic is limited."

"Why is that?" Draco asked with his arms folded, while he stood next to his new bride in the Minster for Magic's office.

"Well," Kingsley continued "thanks to a few terrorist invading their homeland back in 2001, travel to the United States was almost impossible for a while; even for us. It was not long ago that they finally re-opened their magical boarders, after closing them a few years, but, they have strict rules and guidelines, protocols that visitors must abide by."

"That doesn't sound like much fun." Draco turned to his wife "Why are we going to America for our honeymoon if we are going to be restricted on what we can and can't do?"

Hermione opened her mouth to say something but Kingsley cut in.

"You can still have fun my good man; your magic is just limited." He chuckled softly and Draco let out a huff. "You cannot perform magic in front of muggles, similar to our own laws, and only certain spells can be cast when need be; simple ones to help you clean up a mess, shrink things or light a small fire for example."

"So why is disapparition banned?"

"To protect their people from terrorist bouncing all over their country, making it hard to not only catch them, but to find them as well."

"But we aren't, what did you call them, terrorists?" Draco raised a brow "We are just a newlywed couple going on our honeymoon."

"They don't know that and you have no proof that you are not going to harm them. You are an ex Death Eater, Mr. Malfoy, which in muggle terms, is a terrorist."

"It makes sense, Draco." Hermione turned her head to him "They are scared and are still at war with the Middle East. I am sure our government would do the same thing if someone hijacked a bunch of planes and flew them into buildings, killing thousands of people. I understand where they are coming from."

"So why go at all? Why can't we just go to the Maldives or Japan or something? Why America?"

"Because I always wanted to see the Pacific Ocean an-"

"You can see the Pacific Ocean from Japan, Hermione. You can even see it from South America."

"The ocean is not the only reason I want to go." she stomped her foot.

Draco relaxed his shoulders and softened his features.

"Okay Love. What other reason do you want to go?"

"I want to see the San Diego Zoo."

"The Zoo? Really? Hermione, do you know how many zoos are in the world that we can visit? Bloody hundreds."

"But that Zoo, is one of the most famous in the world, with over 4,000 animals and more than 800 species. Plus the maritime climate is well suited to many of the animals and almost all of the exhibits are open-air. They are extremely active in conservation and preservation of animal life AND many species are bred in captivity for release into their native habitats. It is everything I stand for, Draco. They help animals and take extremely great care in them. I want to see that. They also have all sorts of other activities we can do that I want to try. There are concerts with live performers and car shows; I am sure you will love to see-"

"I am not really a big fan of cars after last year's incident" He cut in.

"Trust me, you will love it. They also have Museums, craft beer tours, historical parks, we can even dine with Orcas at Sea World!" she exclaimed happily.

"Alright." Draco held a hand up and chuckled "You had me at craft beer tours."

"Really? We can still go?" she turned fully and grabbed his arm with both hands in excitement.

"Yeah, we can still go. If you are that excited about it then I can sacrifice using some of my magic to make you happy."

Hermione started jumping up and down with joy and Draco couldn't help but smile knowing he was the one to make her happy.

"But we are staying in the best Villa, you hear? We are going to stay on the beach and we are going to watch the sun set every night and rise every morning, do I make myself clear?" he claimed in a stern voice.

Hermione smiled widely as she looked at him.

"Whatever you want." She stated through her large grin before leaning in and kissed his lips quickly.

"Well, now that that is settled." Kingsley smiled and looked at the duo. "Here are your bands." He held out two clear rubber looking bands.

"So how do these sodding things work?" Draco asked taking them from the Minister.

"Once placed on your wrist, they will not be able to be removed unless it is by an Auror or an official of the US Ministry. It will act as a passport of sorts. Allowing you into the country and it will allow you to keep your wand on you."

"They take your wand away?" Draco asked confused.

"The US makes their wizards and witches carry wand permits; since the UK does not, the band will be your permit."

"This seems like a lot of bullocks we have to go through just to visit for two weeks."

"I am sorry but it is necessary…Now , because of the imposed threat they had to deal with a few years ago, you must check in at the Magical Congress of the United States of America, MACUSA for sort, before getting a port key to your destination. It is run by a President; closely resembling their muggle counterparts. They will-"

"Oh we won't be taking a port key once we get there." Hermione cut in "Draco has agreed and we are going to fly from New York to California." She grinned "We will take the international port key you are providing us to get to the East Coast and then take a 08:00am muggle airplane the rest of the way."

"It's a way to experience it all." Draco added sarcastically with an eye roll. "I would rather take the broom or port key if you ask me…but taking a muggle plane is what is going to make her happy."

"You have already learned the ways of becoming a wondrous husband, Mr. Malfoy." Kingsley winked "A happy wife means a happy life."

"Yeah well, if she is not happy then I'm not happy. No one really wants to experience a duel between us during a fight. Neither of us would win and the battle would end up tearing down a building. So I have learned to pick my battles carefully." Draco smirked as he nudged his wife with his shoulder.

"I agree to that statement." Kingsley lightly laughed. "I have seen you both duel. You are both two of the brightest people I know. I am honestly surprised neither of you became Aurors; although, I do understand why. Anyway," he opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a glass bottle. "This is your port key. It is set to go off tomorrow at 11:00am. You better get your beauty rest because New York is five hours behind us and California is three hours behind them. You should arrive on the East Coast at 06:00am and your check in with their government, should only take about 45 minutes or so. I am sure your will be able to catch your morning flight in time. These are also your ID cards; for if you want to drink or do an activity that requires it. It shows that you are both over twenty-one years of age, which is their legal drinking limit."

"Thank you Minister Shackelbolt." Hermione stated, taking the glass bottle and cards from him.

"You are most welcome, Mrs. Malfoy. I do hope you enjoy your stay." He began to sit down at his desk while Hermione and Draco turned to leave. "Oh," He raised a finger "and do be careful. I hear earthquakes are a major thing in that particular state."

Hermione turned and lightly smiled.

"We will be in San Diego; that city is not on the San Andreas Fault Line. We will be okay. Thank you again, Minister." She nodded her head and turned to leave.

As Hermione walked out the door, Draco stood glued to the floor as he stared at his wife with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry…Did you say earthquakes?" he asked with skepticism. "We already battled tornadoes; I really would rather not experience an earthquake too."

Hermione stopped in her tracks and turned to face him. She chuckled at his expression before walking back to him. Gently grabbing his arm, she began leading him out of the office.

"San Diego doesn't get them and if they do, it is just a small tremor felt from another city. California rarely even has large earthquake anymore. The last time a quake was ever above a 7.0 magnitude, was in 1992." She slipped an arm through his, while they continued walking to the room that contained the floo network. "Besides, it could be worse; at least it's not a volcano or a hurricane."

"Yeah, that doesn't really make it any better."

"We will be just fine, Draco." She chuckled "I promise."

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