A Prince in Lion's Clothing

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Harry trudged to the abandoned classroom the weighing of the wands and the top-secret “tests" all champions had to complete would be conducted in.


He walked in and Bagman waylaid him, dragging him forward and explaining that his wand would be tested for defects and damage, then he simply had to donate a drop of blood to test him for any special abilities that could give him an edge in the competition. “Of course, the simple test will only tell us what families you are descended from and not if you have any latent creature lines. They would find active ones, but you are only fourteen, you can’t have had an inheritance come into play yet.” He said jovially.


Harry just stood there, numbly, waiting while a woman with a crocodile-skinned handbag and rigid blonde curls watched him—he felt rather like a delicious fish caught in the gaze of a hungry shark.


“Since we are all here, we might as well get on with the part we don’t need Dumbledore or our wand expert for.” Bagman said. He laid out four pieces of parchment. “All four champions, prick your finger and let a drop of blood fall onto the parchment. It will display your families' crests.” He told them.


Harry conjured a pin using the same spell he heard Cedric utter, and pricked his finger.


The woman leaned over his shoulder and gasped when two crests appeared. “Jarod, come get a picture of this!” She said urgently. “Potter has the Selwyn crest! And one other that isn't Potter!” She said in shock.


The man holding a camera hurried over and snapped a picture of the parchment just as the door opened.


Dumbledore walked in, along with Mr. Crouch and the wand maker, Ollivander.


There was a bit of shock over Harry’s parchment, and Bagman confirmed that the Selwyn crest was present on the Maternal side, which was strange, as that family was dead, had been for quite some time.


The stranger part was that the Paternal side showed what Dumbledore and Ollivander recognized as the Prince crest. And the Prince’s had died off, too, but recently.


“Odd.” Dumbledore murmured. “But that does not mean the boy should have any unfair advantages.” He said.


“Not at all, not at all.” Bagman agreed. “On to the weighing of the wands, and then a quick picture before you can all be on your ways!” He said.


The woman, who Harry assumed was a journalist, was writing furiously as she snuck hungry glances at Harry.


She made him very uneasy.




Harry groaned the next morning when his Daily Prophet was dropped beside his plate. He paid the owl, then began to read with a sinking feeling in his gut.


Harry Potter not a Potter at all!


My lovely readers, do I have a story for you today! As you know, the Triwizard Tournament is being hosted at Hogwarts this year. The champions were tested for genetic advantages just yesterday, and something surprising was revealed about our boy hero in the course of the testing. When he applied a drop of blood to the genealogy parchment, his result was shocking!


Instead of the Potter crest, which should have been the Paternal crest, the only crest to appear (as his Muggleborn mother was not from a crested family), he got two crests, and neither one was the Potter crest!


The Maternal crest showed up as Selwyn (a dead family, meaning his mother was really a descendant of squibs from that line, most likely), and the Paternal crest was Prince! The Prince line died out when the last Prince married a Muggle and was subsequently disowned.


This result means that there is still a Prince in our midst, one that was not disowned, and that Harry Potter is truly Harry Prince!


Descended from a Selwyn and a Prince, however it happened, means that our young saviour is going to grow into a force to be reckoned with.


I know that I will be watching to see what he accomplishes in the future. I can only hope that you will watch with me.


Rita Skeeter


Harry sighed and threw down the paper. “Just what I need.” He muttered. “More publicity.”


“Like you don’t like it.” Ron muttered sullenly from two people down.


Harry shot him a glare. “Shut up, Ron. You obviously don’t know me at all.” He spat at the redhead.


Neville, sitting next to Harry, patted is hand soothingly. “Just don’t worry about him. He’ll come around in time.”


Harry gritted his teeth. “It had better happen soon, or I might just decide I’m better off without him.” He growled under his breath.


“Don’t make any rash decisions.” Neville advised him.


Harry fumed. “It would be a long time coming.” He muttered, stabbing at his eggs.




Harry was partnered with Neville for Potions, so he wasn’t surprised when his potion bubbled over and he and Neville had to work fast cleaning it up together.


Snape had been giving him strange looks all throughout the class period and when time came to begin cleaning up, he finally spoke, confirming Harry’s fears.


“Potter, you will stay after class.” Snape announced as they all put their things away.


“What did you do?” Neville asked.


Harry shrugged. “Existed, I assume. Same as always.” He answered.


Neville grimaced. “Well, better you than me.” He said.


“Gee, thanks.” Harry returned dryly.


The rest of the class filed out, and Snape stepped forward, nearly into Harry’s personal space. “You are a Prince.” He spoke quietly.


Harry shrugged. “Seems that way. Don’t know why everyone seems so excited about it. Doesn’t change who I really am, at the core.” He answered.


Snape’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, but it does.” He spoke in nearly a whisper. The sound sent a chill of unease down Harry’s back before the man continued, “It means that you are my son.”


Harry gaped at him. “Sir?” He asked dumbly.


“You see, Harry, my grandfather, Septimius Prince, willed the name and the ancestral home to me after I joined the Death Eaters. It pleased him that I was willing to follow a noble cause, and as a result I am the last of the Prince line left. Everyone will assume you are the son of a cousin of mine, as no one but me, and now you, knows that I have taken the name, home and monies.”


Harry shook his head. “But why tell me? We hate each other!” He said, too loudly.


“Shh!” Snape shushed him. “Not so loud. Perhaps hate is too strong a word, especially considering recent events. I am willing to take you under my wing, teach you some things our family generally excels in, show you how to be a proper young Lord of the house of Prince. You just have to keep it secret. Not even Dumbledore can know. For that reason, I will not tell you any more right now.”


Harry bit his lip. All he had ever wanted was a family. He was being offered one now, though it was a Darker one than he had expected and came with certain caveats. “I… I’d like to get to know my father, now that that’s an option.” He said hesitantly. “Just don’t try to hurt me or turn me Dark.” He requested.


Snape smiled. “Oh, if you are truly a Prince, you are fairly Dark already. We will see where your education leads. I make no promises past this: you will not have to do anything you don’t want to do.”


“That’s good enough for me, Sir.” Harry said. “When do we start?”


“I will set up extra lessons with the Headmaster. We will say you are receiving remedial potions lessons and will have to improve your skill as a result, but we will work on that around other things.” Snape told him. “Now get to your next class. Remember, all this is our secret.”


Harry nodded and hurried off, wondering just how this new knowledge would change his life.


One thing was for certain, though. If he had a living parent, he would do whatever he needed to do in order to foster a relationship with him. Even if it had to be Snape.


Even Snape as a father had to be better than no father at all.






“Our family,” Snape began, “Has an affinity for the mental arts. Specifically, Occlumency and its counterpart, Legilimency. Once you know Occlumency well enough, you will be able to keep Dumbledore out of your head, and then, we may become closer. It will take time, but I am sure you can learn it easily, if you are truly my son.”


Harry nodded. “What do I do, Sir?” He sked eagerly.


“Clear your mind.” Snape said. “I will try to get in and pluck memories from you. Evade me, and keep me from grabbing hold of them.”


Then, he was in Harry’s mind.


Harry was five, crying in his cupboard, hungry and scared, wondering why he had been left in the dark. He had only wanted to try Dudley’s birthday cake, which he had worked so hard to make. It looked so good, and he was so hungry.


But no. He was the Freak. He wasn’t allowed food.


Harry was eight, tripping over his own feet as he ran from Dudley and his gang. They had caught him once earlier, and he already had a painful black eye and split lip from that encounter. He couldn’t be caught again. Suddenly, he was on the roof of the school. How in the world had that happened?


Vernon beat him black and blue that night.


He was eleven, going to Hogwarts in two days. He was so excited, and he finally had his own bedroom! Vernon walked into the room, a savage smile on his face. “Petunia and Dudley are going out tonight. I have you all to myself, Freak.”


Harry screamed, both internally and outwardly, shoving Snape out of his mind. He couldn’t let the man see that!


Snape eyed him warily. “No Prince lets someone in that easily. Something in your psyche has you unsettled. Until you come to terms with it, you will not be able to keep anyone out. Do you feel like talking about whatever trauma still haunts you? Or do you think you can fix the issue on your own?”


Harry paled. “I… I’d like to fix it myself, Sir.”


Snape sighed. “You may call me Severus during these lessons. We do not need to be so very formal here, just us two.” He said.


He could come to like the boy, as he had seen enough of his past to see that Harry was much like him.


He just had to allow the boy in. And let himself trust in the strength of blood over years of pent-up mutual dislike.


Hopefully, they could come to some accord.


Harry gave him a wan smile. “Are we done for today? Severus?” He asked.


Severus sighed. “Yes.” He waved at the door. “Go.”


Harry ran out of the room, intending to go take the hottest shower he could find after what he had almost relived.


He felt so dirty, all over again.

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