To Be Alive

BY : Moonbeam37
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A swirl of steam curled below his nose as a deep inhale punctuated the quiet of the cafe. The man let out the faintest of sounds as breath from between his lips hissed out to cool the scorched tea. This tea was hotter than he’d ever steep it for himself. He knew the herbs inside their small sack has been ruined the second the server dunked the bag once, twice, into the searing liquid.

He was a new man, however. No longer fit to fly off the handle at the slightest incongruence of personal slight. No longer wanting to make servers cower in the kitchens as they waited to hear his reaction to their offerings. No. He was a changed man. A patient man. A man who would drink his ruined tea as if the poorly made cup didn’t ruin his already mundane day. He would tolerate.

That’s what he told himself, anyhow. A reflection on the mantra that play in his head. He tried to stifle his frustrations:

“Not today,” the voice in his head repeated until it felt true. “Not today. Today is a new day. A day to be glad you’re still here.”

The man scoffed at the thought. He placed the delicate tea cup back on the saucer and pushed it away. Yes, today was a new day. It had the potential to be a good day. Each day has the potential to be a good day when you’re the sole person responsible for the outcome of that day, he reminded himself. He looked to the server, who had been looking at him. He could see nervousness spelled out across her features as she watch him push the saucer away. He gave her a small smile and fought back the chuckle that meant to escape him when she blushed at his kindness.

Yes. Today, like every day, had the potential to be a good day, but it bloody well didn’t seem like it was going to be today judging by the start. He placed some money down on the table and made to move away from the untouched cup. As he stood he made to remove his frock coat from the back of the chair and shrug it over his shoulders. Without a sound, he turned on his heel and gave the nervous server one more smile before walking out of the cafe.

The street outside was busy despite the cooler that normal temperatures. As the man fell into step with the pedestrian traffic around him, he noticed a fine mist rolling of the edge of his nose. “Great” he thought grimly before chastising himself. He tried to ignore the annoyance. “Not today. Today is a good day. A day to be grateful you’re still...”

The next thing he knew his limbs were in a crumpled heap around him and his nose was filled with bits of cobblestone and concrete. He tried to blow the intrusive bits out of his nose and back onto the pavement as he stood, distractedly wiping at his face.

He barely registered the sound of that incessant know-it-all clamoring on the ground beneath him. He felt his brain begin to tune in as he recovered from their collision. Two men ran to her aid and pulled her to her feet while he just stared at her stupidly.

“Professor Snape? Professor? Are you alright. I am so sorry. How careless of me. I am so sorry I got in your way...I..I must have not been looking.”

Was she babbling? Oh, of course this was babbling. The man stared at her as she spoke and the two men helped to steady her.

“I am terribly sorry, Professor,” she choked out as she brushed the dirt from her skirt.

He didn’t say a word, but a short, low, animalistic snarl escaped from between his lips as he swiftly began to walk past her, never once looking back at the small crowd that had formed.

Walking with purpose and never breaking stride, he bit down hard on his bottom lip. Yes. Today is a good day. A day to be glad you’re still...”

He felt blood beginning to well up inside his mouth and dabbed it with his finger to keep the trickle from seeping down his chin.

Was he never going to avoid fucking Hermione Granger?

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