The Life of a Mudblood: After the War

BY : K_Blaze
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The war didn't last long, but once it was over, even the young second year knew her life would change dramatically. The Dark wizards had won which was bound to bring about some changes. As soon as the Dark Lord took over the laws began to change. The ones that previously protected muggleborn were the first to go. Next new laws were passed.

Jessie Brenton walked into the classroom and sat down. The young girl was nervous. She had no clue what this class would entail, as it was new, but with a name like Mudblood Studies, she didn't think it would be good. Looking around, she noticed it wasn't just second years in the classroom. It looked to be every muggle born student in attendance.  She put her straight red hair up in a ponytail, and looked to the front, just as the Professor walked in.

The strict looking Professor didn't smile as she faced the class. “Put your hands on your desks, making sure your hands are flat and at the top edge” she said sharply. There was a rustling sound as the students did as they were told. As soon as all of them were in the position they were told, there was a loud metallic clanking sound.

There were many gasps, as every one of them were now chained to their desks. They could move their wrists no more than an inch. Finally the professor smiled. “This is your new homes, mudbloods” she said, before beginning to pass out papers. Once there was a paper on everyone's desks, she summoned all of their belongings. As soon as the last item was in front of her, she grinned sadistically. “You will eat here, sleep here, and learn here. You will only leave this room when your services are needed. This is the only class you will have. None of the others are needed” she said, as all of their wands began to fly out of their bags and land in a neat pile on the Professor's desk.

The Professor continued “You do not need to know my name, or anything about me, other than the fact I am your new Pureblood...Your Mistress.” she said. There were more gasps heard around the room as the pile of stuff in the front of the room caught on fire. “The first and most important law you must remember is, Mudbloods are property, and will be treated as such. Any mudblood not complying will be publicly punished, at their Purebloods discretion. This will be enforced. Mudbloods must obey their Purebloods every command. Any mudblood found disobeying may be publicly punished, at their Purebloods discretion.”

Picking up a wand from the pile, she continued her speech. “You do not speak, unless spoken to” she explained, as she sat down. “The second law you must remember is Any Mudblood found in possession of anything other than the clothes on their back will be tried and sentenced to time in Azkaban. Exceptions to this may be made, under certain circumstances, though those circumstances are few and far between.”

The Professor began snapping their wands, and sobs could now be heard coming from around the room. “As long as you are my mudbloods, there will be NO exceptions to ANY of the laws.” she said.

Jessie began to pull on the chains connecting her to the desk. It made a loud rattling sound, and within seconds her body was filled with pain. After about thirty seconds, it stopped, and she looked up at the professor, tears filling her eyes. She whimpered, seeing the Professors wand pointed at her. “That little stunt brings me to the next law.  Any mudblood found trying to flee will be sentenced to Azkaban for no less that 3 years, and anyone found aiding a mudblood in escape will be sentenced to death, effective immediately.” she said as she put her wand back in her robes.

“As you are all ‘students’ already, there is no way around this next wonderful law” she said, as she continued snapping the wands. “Once becoming a 'student' at Hogwarts, no mudblood is permitted to leave campus without being escorted by a trusted member of staff, and mudbloods must be accompanied by a pureblood, when in public, or they will face public punishments. Exceptions to this may be made, under certain circumstances, though as I have said, there will be no exceptions while here.”

Jessie heard whispering in the back of the class, but before she could turn around the Professor had her wand in hand, and screams could be heard from the students who had been talking. Over the screaming, the professor said “Any mudblood found communicating with other mudbloods, without permission will be publicly punished, at their Purebloods discretion.” As she finished reciting that law, she broke the spell, and put her wand back down.

“The last law you will learn is an extremely important one. Learning it could literally save your pitiful little lives” the Professor said. “2. Mudbloods, upon graduating MUST be escorted to the Ministry to receive new housing”

Life in the Magical world would never be the same, and though she was still just a child, Jessie was scared for her life, though she couldn't think about that, as she was mourning the fact she would never again see her parents.

Before long pamphlets were handed out to students and adults alike, in the wizarding world. All muggleborn adults were immediately detained so they could be trained properly, under the new laws. Their wands were snapped, homes burned and Gringotts accounts handed over to the Dark Lord. The pamphlets that were handed out were not pretty or flashy, simply a list of the new laws, which were quickly enforced.

That was five years ago. Things had gotten much worse, by the time Jessie finally graduated.

Authors Note: Please keep in mind this is AU. You will see by reading that The Order of the Phoenix are the Dark Wizards and the Death Eaters are the Light Wizards. While I would love to hear what ya'll have to say, and will take all the constructive criticism I can get, please keep this in mind :)Also please keep in mind this is a work in progress until further notice, therefore some chapters may be added on, and some details may not be revealed until later chapters

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