The Man in The Silver mask

BY : LovelessHope
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Harry, Ron and Hermione sat together waiting for the train to arrive to take them to Hogwarts. It had been 6 months since any of them had seen each other due to a brief rebuilding period and they all honestly needed some space. The first month after the war, Hermione and Ron had tried to start a relationship, but after the trauma Bellatrix brought upon Hermione that Ron couldn't understand, they decided together that perhaps it was best that they didn't date. It's not that Ron had any ill feelings towards the event in question, but nothing like that had ever happened to him, he couldn't empathize with or comfort Hermione when she had her debilitating flashbacks and nightmares. It ended up pushing them apart.

When the train finally arrived, Ron stood up first and made his way on to the train with haste. Harry pulled at Hermione's arm to stay behind with him and gave her a look of sympathy. Hermione just sighed and shared the uncomfortable feeling of doubt with her friend as they boarded the train in silence, headed to their once pronounced safe haven that had caused both physical and emotional devastation to them both. 

Hermione wasn't surprised but disappointed that Ron decided to sit away from her and Harry. He sat with Ginny and his brother instead. Harry sighed and looked at his friend who were now protected from the outside world by a sliding door. 

"Are you ok?" He asked trying not to break eye contact with Hermione

Hermione took in a breath as if she were to speak then paused a moment before resuming what she was going to say "I... I don't know" 

Harry put his hand on her shoulder "I'm really sorry that Ron is acting like this. I thought given the circumstances he would be more un-

"I don't need your pity, Harry" Hermione warned giving him an annoyed look

"I'm not trying to pity you Hermione. I'm just saying. Only a handful of kids were invited to Hogwarts this year, and I'm sorry he has to be one that you're in close quaters with"

Hermione sighed "Yeah, I'm not looking forward to seeing exactly how hogwarts will function this year. In the letter McGonagall described it as a rebuilding year, where the brightest and eldest students come back to graduate and bring good tidings to Hogwarts"

A loud crash interrupted the duo's conversation followed by an all too familiar voice "Let go of me you sorry excuse for a train conductor"

Both Harry and Hermione watched in horror as the train conductor explained to Draco that there were no empty seats on the train besides the one in the room housing themselves

"Fuck" Harry said, prompting Hermione to let out a nervous giggle. Harry never cursed like this, and right after the word had left his lips, Draco Malfoy was sitting adjacent to them. 

"I'm not thrilled about this either Potter" Draco scowled. He looked at Hermione "Granger"


Draco sat back, desperately trying to regain his composure "Didn't think you'd see me here huh you... oh what is it they're calling you all over the news.. oh that's it: Heros"

"Honestly, Draco, I'm surprised you're not in Azkaban" Harry snorted putting his hand firmly on Hermione's.

"And I'm surprised you're not dead"

Harry brought his hand to his side to withdraw his wand but Hermione stopped him, giving him a look then returned the same look towards Draco and spoke to him. 

"I think Harry does bring up a good point, why are you here, Draco"

Draco blushed a little when Hermione looked at him. It was like he had never been within 2 feet of her and he had never really noticed her face behind her frizzy mop of hair. She had really pretty hazel eyes Draco thought, then cleared his throat

"I am here because I was as much of a part of the war as you were, and in case you haven't figured it out, we're not just here to graduate and gain knowledge and what not. We are testaments of history. We will be teaching the professors just as much about the war as they will about their mediocre subjects."

Hermione sat back in what was a little bit of shock but an understanding that what Draco was saying made sense. She looked at Harry and they shared a look of understanding. Hermione went back to facing Draco.

"So, I know it wasn't really your choice but you happen to be stuck in this train car with us, so I am going to give you two options. One: You converse civily with me and Harry then we go our seperate ways when we get to Hogwarts. Two: I put a silence spell on you and you wait in silence until the train is at Hogwarts where I decide whether or not I should let you speak again"

Draco smirked "How about the third option. You tell me why Weasley isn't here as part of your three musketeers act. Then I tell you about the dorm situation we are all in"

Hermione gave it a second of thought, this could be valuable information that could be helpful when they arrived but then again, Draco was playing his own kind of game with her. So she leaned in as if she were about to greet his rude 'third option' as a valid idea then with conviction spoke, her wand pointed at his face


The color drained from Draco's face as Hermione hadn't fallen smoothly into his trap. And he spent the rest of the train ride forced to listne to Harry and Hermione insufferably talk about academia and how important it was to pay attention in class. Draco tried to drown out the boredom by sneaking looks at Hermione. She had really grown into her body. Her hair was substancially less messy and her once crooked and oversized teeth were straight and fit nicely in her mouth. His body took notice too, and then he also had to spend the rest of the train ride with his legs tightly crossed in order to cease his erection. 


When the train ride, which for Draco felt like it would take years, was finally over he waited for Hermione to stand up. He then stood up himself and trapped her shoulder. He motioned toward his mouth for the retrieval of his words. Hermione rolled her eyes and undid the spell. 

Draco opened his mouth to speak to her, but she stopped him with a sharpness to her voice

"I don't know your angle Draco, and I don't have the energy to try to psychologically evaluate you and predict the next time you will become a prepubescent child who can only hurl insults at me, but I implore you to keep your distance. It's for your own good"

Draco swallowed the words he was so desperate to get back and just solemnly followed the witch in front of him to the Great Hall, where Professor McGonagall was speaking. 

"Good Evening, Students. I want you to look around" McGonagall stated "As you can see there are only a few hundred of you that range from year 5 to year 7. Year 7s will be tutors and in charge of giving this school a good name. And because there are so few of you, you will all be sharing tight quaters within your year group. You will be in the house assigned to you when you were first sorted. After I finish speaking I would like my 7 years to follow me, and I will show you where you will be staying"

After McGonagall was finished with introductions, she motioned for the tables housing the 7 years to follow her. The faces Hermione could make out of the crowd were of course Ron's, Harry's, Blaise, Astoria, Pansy and Draco. Everyone else was behind her, she didn't see Neville though. She thought that was incredibly strange.

McGongall showed the students down a long hallway that had in it many different dorms. There were two doors right beside each other, then a gap in the wall and another two doors. This went on until the end of the hallway. 

"Alright Students, there will be a female on the right hand side of each duo, and a male on the left. This is to bring you all closer together regardless of gender. You will each have your separate bathrooms, and if a male or female tries to enter another gender's room, I will be alerted immediately. This is for you to make friends, not make babies" No one could tell if the wise professor in front of them was joking in the slightest.

She then began to call out names "For the first set of doors, on the right will be Pansy, and on the left Harry"

Pansy looked shocked and looked back longingly at Draco

"For the second we have Blaise and... Luna"

Hermione let out a sigh of relief, Luna was also someone who she didn't recall seeing and was incredibly happy to see the witch that once annoyed the living you know what out of her. However, this was short lived happiness as the next names were called.

"For the third set of doors... Hermione and... Draco"

Hermione's head snapped backwards and saw him... Smirking... Oh merlin was this going to be a long year.


After the festivities had calmed down and the students were ordered into their dormatories, Draco made a b-line toward his bed. He had been holding in a burning sensation all day, and though it deeply disturbed him that it was in response to Granger looking so... pretty, he needed the release.

He ripped down his pants and began scaling his length. The pleasure felt amazing as he stroked himself up and down. Right when he was on the verge of release a sharp knock came to his attention. He reached for his robe and angrily made his way toward the door.

He was about to rip the intruder a new one, when he opened the door to the face of Hermione. 

Before he could even register what was going on, she spoke

"Well, Malfoy, it appears as though we are going to be spending quite a bit of time in each others presence. And I am supposed to give you this invitation to the ice breaker dance next week as what professor calls a friendly introduction. It's a masquerade. Attendance is required so you have to show up. Gods know I wouldn't if that weren't the case but here"

The young witch shoved the piece of paper toward her former rival and stormed back to her dorm. 

Draco looked at the invite. This could be interesting.


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