Master Mine Book 2: A Lesson in Love

BY : snowblind12 & ~*LissaDream
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, we do not own and are not making any money off it. We are no way affiliate with the Harry Potter Franchise, J.K. Rowling, or Universal Studios.


Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, we do not own and are not making any money off it. We are no way affiliate with the Harry Potter Franchise, J.K. Rowling, or Universal Studios. We write for fun. This disclaimer will not be repeated, it is a blanket for the entire story.

Synopsis: After a rocky start, Hermione and Severus Snape have been enjoying a wonderful, burgeoning relationship. Now that her contract with Lucius Malfoy has come to a close, Hermione is free to offer her submission to Severus, and in so doing, take her relationship with him to the next level. She finally has what she has wanted from the beginning. Or does she?

Does fate have a different plan for our heroine? Will unforeseen obstacles cause her path to change? Does Lucius still have a role to play in her life?

Join us on an adventure as we learn the answers to these questions and more. An adventure that can only be called, Master Mine: A Lesson in Love.

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Author Note:
First. Authors LissaDream and Snowlind12 are co-writing this story, which is the second part of a trilogy. Please read Master Mine: A Lesson in Submission before reading this installment if you have not already done so or you will be lost. We have also co-authored the completed stories: A World Not Fit to Live In, After Happily Ever After, and The Affair.

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A/N for Chapter One:

We can’t BEGIN to tell you how excited we are to be back to this trilogy! We anticipate this book will be around 34 chapters, although this number is likely to be higher when it is said and done.

Anyone coming to this story who has not read the first book is going to be lost. We do not review what happened in Master Mine: A Lesson in Submission so if you don’t remember, we advise you to go back and re-read or skim so that you are not confused.

Without further ado, let’s rejoin Snape and Britt in The Dungeon office, shall we?




Chapter One
BETA love: RaynePheonix2 & sab8179

For the second time in less than an hour, Severus felt his jaw almost hit the floor. After a brief pause he asked, “Pregnant?”

Her voice was just above a whisper. “Yes, sir.”

He stared at her for a few seconds as his mind spun with the possible implications before speaking again. “Britt, please call me Severus, I don’t think this is a conversation that calls for that particular dynamic.” His voice was slightly more gruff than he intended.

Wanting him to understand, she spoke quickly, “I’m not here because I’m convinced it’s yours, I just…don’t know that it isn’t, and I don’t have anyone to talk to and –” She broke herself off, and her hands twisted in her lap as her words became more frantic. “I needed to tell someone. I just…” She looked up at him. “…I don’t know what to do, Severus.”

Calling on years of experience maintaining a calm exterior when he felt sheer panic on the inside, Severus tried to think rationally. It had been months, at least three and probably four since he had touched her. “Do you know how far along you are?”

“The medi-witch said around three and half months.”

“I thought you were on the biannual potion?”

“Yes, of course I was! I am!  I took it on December fifteenth. It should have lasted six months, but…I got an owl from my medi-witch’s office last week informing me that I had been dispensed a faulty batch. Something about the willow roots being –”

Snape held his hand up in a signal for her to stop talking. He closed his eyes and took a calming breath before speaking in a strained voice. “Say no more, Britt. Willow roots cannot be exposed to natural light at any time. They must be harvested at night and handled in a windowless room and until those imbeciles in the Potion and Remedy Regulation Department get their…” He let out a breath and stopped himself from preaching the same words which had fallen on deaf ears at the Ministry for years. With a soft and resigned voice, he added, “Never mind.”

After taking another moment to compose his thoughts, he turned his attention back to the woman in front of him. A woman who at one time he had convinced himself he could love. A woman who could very well be drastically changing the current trajectory of his life. He buried the touch of resentment that was swelling inside him and touched her shoulder gently. “Are you feeling alright…physically? You seem thin. Have you been nauseated?”

“I’ve been feeling run down for the past several weeks, but the nausea has only been terrible for the past six days or so. I can’t eat, but I don’t know if it’s from nerves or pregnancy hormones.”

“Understandable.” Snape sat back down and faced her.

She shook her head in dismay. “If only I’d listened to you when you had suggested the monthly potion instead. At least then there would have been an indicator when my monthly cycle didn’t arrive. I would have known a lot earlier.”

“Not to mention you wouldn’t be pregnant in the first place. It’s a much easier potion to brew.” He instantly regretted his words when he saw the way she shrunk in her chair. He did not mean to make her feel worse. He cursed himself for thinking out loud.

“Britt, it’s not your fault the potion was brewed incorrectly. Forgive me for being tactless.”

She nodded sadly as she looked at him with tears welling once again. “I just…I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I need a paternity detection exam.”

“First things first. Did your medi-witch give you any supplemental potions or vitamin elixirs?”

Britt swallowed and nodded. “Yes, she gave me several, including a potion for the nausea.”

“If you will allow me, I will brew whatever potions or supplements you require going forward. It’s clear their potions provider is less than competent.”

Snape didn’t miss how her overall countenance visibly relaxed the more they spoke. She offered a small smile of appreciation. “Yes, Sir…I mean, Severus. Of course, I would appreciate any help you can offer.” She sniffled, and a tear escaped down her left cheek. Snape took a piece of blank parchment and with a wave of his wand, it transformed into a soft handkerchief. He handed it to her, and she took it with a softly whispered thanks.

“I have a sensitive question and it is your prerogative to answer or not, but I am wondering how many partners you engaged with during the possible window of conception?”

Britt shrugged her shoulders lightly. “It’s a fair question… and I’m ashamed that there were…a few. I was… I was…”

“It’s okay, Britt,” he interrupted reassuringly. “You certainly know me well enough to realize I would never pass judgment. I am only asking so that we can determine paternity. If it is mine, I will share responsibility for the raising of the child. If it is not mine, I hope the father will do the same. Regardless, Britt, I am glad you came to me.” He pressed his index and middle fingers to his forehead as he studied her and considered what other support she had. “Your sister is home, in Dublin?”

“Yes, Lanni left two months ago.”

Snape knew Britt was somewhat of a loner. She was not a social creature except at the club and, even then, she really only spoke to Dominants or potential Dominants. Snape rarely saw her engage with other submissives or other women.

“I guess I should have asked you if…that is to say…I’m assuming you wish to continue with the pregnancy?”

Britt closed her eyes as a fresh stream of tears drizzled down her cheeks. “Yes, I…I mean I realize I’ll probably be a terrible mother…”

Snape was taken by surprise by how emotional and insecure the witch was. While understandable, it was still a side of her he did not know and he found himself feeling awkward. This was a situation he was wholly unfamiliar with. “When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?”

Britt laughed without humor. “Seven nights ago.”

“I have a mild sleeping draught that will not cross the placenta barrier. You need to rest. I will owl it to you shortly.” After a beat, they both stood.

“Thank you, Severus. Thank you for everything. I’m sorry to burden you with this. I just…you always know how to see the logical side of things and I’ve been such a mess. I just…I didn’t…”

In an uncharacteristic move, the reserved wizard stepped close and wrapped his arms around her. “You did the right thing to come to me. Regardless of whether or not I’m the father…I do care about your well-being, Britt. That has never changed.” When they pulled apart, he added, “I would be appreciative if we could expedite the paternity test as soon as possible.”

“Of course. I’ll floo their office first thing Monday and get it scheduled.”

Severus nodded. “I will send your new potions on Monday. I will need the weekend to get them brewed.”

“Thank you, again,” she said one last time as she exited his office.

Severus closed the door and leaned back against it. He closed his eyes as he allowed the possible scenario to finally take hold.

A father.

He might be a father.

There was a part of him that felt a certain elation at the concept, but it was quickly dismissed when he pondered the complications it would present. Particularly in regard to Hermione. How would she take this news? He could hardly expect her to want to be with him if another witch was pregnant with his child. Spotting the bottle of fire whisky still sitting on Lucius’ desk, Severus poured himself a hefty serving.

His ire climbed when he thought about the faulty potion. Such incompetence! How many other witches were pregnant right now because of this? He remembered Hermione said she was using the quarterly potion, Impedio Gravidum, and felt a rush of relief.

He made a decision then and there that he would brew Hermione’s potions going forward. He also decided he would place a notice on the member’s community bulletin board warning all to take extra caution with contraception. He would not violate Britt’s privacy, but members needed to understand the risk. Perhaps a pamphlet that explained the different types and their risks and benefits. Severus Snape had long buried his life as a professor, but his proclivity to educate reared its head every now and then.

He checked his watch to find it was after three in the morning. Polishing off his drink, he resigned himself to the fact that, not only would he not see his witch tonight, he would be spending the next several hours brewing. He would see her tomorrow and, if he was a very lucky wizard, she would not reject him and would be curled in bed beside him for the long afternoon nap he was going to need.

Hermione’s eyes fluttered open as consciousness slowly descended upon her. She climbed out of bed and used the loo before padding to the kitchen, desperate for a cup of coffee. Looking around and seeing her living room a wreck brought back the memory of the night before, causing her heart to jolt and her stomach to feel like lead. The calming draught and sleep aid had not only helped her sleep, it had helped her forget. At least while she slept.

The reprieve had only been temporary, however. It was going to be hard to let Lucius go and would take her time. She saw her bag by the hearth and thought of her journal. Another jolt struck her when she realized she would not need to record her sleep or her meals anymore.

“Stop it, Hermione!” she scolded herself out loud. Enough of the wallowing. This was always the plan. Lucius is right, now you can focus on Severus. Remember him? The man you love and are actually pondering a real future with?

A defiant voice in the back of her head countered, Yes, but you love Lucius as well.

Forcing herself to cast aside her ponderings of the men in her life, Hermione grabbed her wand and began returning the furniture and shelves to their original places. Looking out the window, the sun’s position surprised her. The clock confirmed her suspicion. How can it be after twelve?

Padding back to the bathroom, she showered and thought about Severus. He was due at two o’clock for their standing Saturday afternoon date. A calm come over her as the wizard consumed her thoughts. However, by the time the shampoo was being massaged into her scalp, that calm had morphed into sheer excitement. She and Severus were completely free, now. They could finally be just like any other couple. With the delicious exception that she would submit to him a couple of times per week. The Dominant she had wanted all along would finally be hers. A Dominant who was also her lover and potential life mate. One door closes and another opens, Hermione.

Hermione startled when she exited the shower to find the man she had just been pondering sitting on the side of her bed. A vase of fresh lavender tea roses sat prominently on her bedside table. He looked tired but when he offered her a small smile, she launched into his arms and relished their warmth and strength as they coiled around her, making her feel whole again.

“I’m so happy to see you,” she whispered sincerely as she held him tight.

Severus was bone tired. He had brewed until eight and then slept until eleven before showering and coming to her flat. It was all he could do to stay awake while the water of her shower had been running. If they didn’t have so much to talk about, he would have simply joined her.

This wasn’t about what he needed, though, this was about her. He was certain she had conflicted feelings about Lucius ending her contract. It was a natural reaction, after all. Severus had been in the world of D/s for a long time and contracted Dominants and submissives often went through a period of mourning when those agreements ended. It was as hard as any other type of break up, especially when the pair had a significant emotional attachment like Hermione and Lucius enjoyed.

Circe, she smelled good. Wearing nothing but a towel with warm, soft skin that smelled like verbena and hair that smelled of lavender, it took all his control not to whisk the towel away and ravish her.

His voice was ragged with equal parts exhaustion and desire. “Are you alright? Lucius came to the office after leaving here last night. I know what happened.”

When she didn’t respond but simply shrugged in his arms, he tilted her head back with his thumb and forefinger under her chin. Her soft brown eyes met his discerning black.

“Open and forthcoming, remember? No more misunderstandings? Talk to me,” he reminded her. He needed her to tell him the truth. There was the possibility she had changed her mind about all this. Perhaps this situation had made her realize that Lucius was who she really wanted. He swallowed the pain of that thought as his eyes bore into hers; he needed an answer.

Hermione sighed. “Can we get comfortable on the bed?”

Snape nodded and climbed up so that he was leaning against the headboard as Hermione nestled in next him and summoned a blanket to drape over them. His arms were wrapped around her and she rested her face against his chest. Once they were situated, Hermione answered, “I’m going to be fine, Severus. It was a…shock. I wasn’t expecting him to end it. I thought we had several weeks – if not more – of training to go.”

When Snape didn’t say anything and just continued to rub her back, she continued. “I realized when he ended things that I had a much stronger attachment to him than I had admitted to myself. I was upset and confused. And I thought I had done something wrong.”

A soft growl escaped Snape’s lips, causing Hermione to look up at him. She loved how protective he was of her. She scooted up higher and nuzzled his neck. “I realize now why he did it, and he was right to do so. When he returned my cloak, we talked things through. It’s good that he ended things when he did – it was time. Now I can see that.”

Hermione peeked up again to see her lover’s eyes watching her intently, contemplating her words.

“I care for Lucius very much,” she focused on his shirt and played with one of its buttons, “but I know what he told me is correct. Ending a contract is sometimes like breaking up and it’s natural to have confused feelings and regret. Last night I was…distraught.” She peeked up. “I even asked him for a goodbye kiss.”

She realized she might be confessing too much when he tensed. She needed to be honest, though. It was important he understand all of it. Her hands reached up and cupped his face. “But this morning, after I had my coffee and while I was in the shower, do you know what I was thinking about?”

He shook his head.

“You,” she touched his nose with her forefinger and smiled. “Yes, I’ll miss submitting to Lucius for a little while but, Severus, I’m so excited to truly begin my relationship with you. No more restrictions. We are finally completely free. And my joy and overwhelming jubilation at that realization dwarfs my feeling of loss with Lucius. You are it for me. I am completely mad about you, Severus Snape. You are the one I want to date, and you are the one I want to offer my submission to. I want to give all of myself to us. No more pieces and parts. And I want the same from you. When I imagine our future, I get goosebumps.”

She grabbed his hand and dragged it over her arm. “See?”

When he felt her lightly pebbled skin, his right eyebrow cocked. “Well, it’s quite cool in here and you are in nothing but a towel. It’s a wonder your teeth aren’t chattering.”

Hermione giggled and climbed on top of him, straddling his hips with her thighs. “I am not cold! I am snuggled up to you and my blood is boiling right now. My only question is, what are you going to do about it…sir?”

Severus had listened to every word she said. Why in the world he ever let Lucius lay a hand on her he didn’t know. He should have claimed her for himself the second Lucius noticed her. Because of his stupidity and denial, Hermione had been spun into Lucius Malfoy’s web and dammit it all to Hades if Snape didn’t just sit back and watch it happen.

He internally rolled his eyes. Of course she cared for Lucius. In fact, Severus was quite sure the chit loved Lucius, even though she didn’t come right out and say it. But he couldn’t be upset with her for admitting what he knew to be true. Hermione was attached to Lucius and it would take time to move past it. She was being very open, and while a piece of him wished she had lied and said the dissolution of her contract hadn’t even phased her, Snape appreciated her honesty. It reaffirmed his trust in her. He could not fault her for her completely natural and understandable reaction. It didn’t mean he liked it, however.

He looked up into her fiery and challenging gaze. She wanted him. She wanted him to make her forget all about Lucius. Her towel clad body was begging for it and the swell in his placket proved he was more than ready to acquiesce.

Fuck it all to hell, he could do nothing about it, however. He still had to tell her about Britt. He had to tell her he might be a father in a matter of months and his free time might not belong to her much longer. She would likely run back to Lucius like a moth drawn to a flame.

He sighed heavily and ran his hands up and down her arms. “Thank you for being honest, Princess.”

She was becoming impatient and had begun unbuttoning his shirt. His hands gripped hers as his serious expression caused her eyes to widen with concern.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Please don’t worry about Lucius, it’s…”

“It’s not Lucius, Pet. There is something I need to tell you and I fear it could make this entire conversation obsolete.”

The color drained from her face. “Obsolete?” The word came out with barely enough air to be heard. It was clear his warning had knocked the wind right out of her.

Snape suddenly regretted his ominous choice of words. He quickly reassured her, “My feelings for you are unchanged, Hermione, but I fear you may feel differently when you hear what I have to say.”

“Tell me,” she said softly, her panicked eyes quickly darted between his resigned ones.

“Maybe you should get dressed,” he suggested.

“Maybe you should stop stalling,” she rebutted.

He had wanted to tell her as delicately as he could, but she was making it impossible. “Britt Brennan is pregnant. There is a small – very small – chance it could be mine.” There, I said it. He let out a large breath of air he hadn’t realized he was holding.

Severus could see her train of thought which was clearly displayed on her face. She was an open book sometimes. He felt a sudden and jarring loss when she hopped off him and briskly walked to her dresser.

She pulled open a drawer and froze. After a couple seconds, she asked in a calm voice that he knew belied her feelings, “How small a chance?”

He watched as she pulled out a t-shirt, knickers, and yoga pants. She dropped her towel and dressed quickly. He swallowed heavily, not missing that her eyes had not met his again. His voice was soft. “She thinks she is about three and half months. I have not been with her since just after New Year’s. That would be about four months.”

Hermione’s hand moved to her forehead. She didn’t say anything and seemed to just be thinking.

Realizing he owed it to her to be just as forthcoming as she had been only moments before, he swung his legs over the side of the bed. “Hermione, look at me…please.”

When her glistening chocolate irises glanced up at him, he felt ill. “I don’t want Britt, Mine. I will never want her. You are the only witch I want.” He swallowed heavily as she watched him. “However, if the child is mine, I will not be an absent father. I will not walk away or simply send monthly cheques. I will endeavor to be an active part and a positive force in…my child’s life. I will not be my father.”

In that moment, he could see Hermione deflate. She walked over and sat next to him, taking his right hand in hers. “Of course, you won’t be, Severus. You couldn’t be that man if you tried.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Severus. I’m sorry for my reaction a moment ago. I was…surprised and, well, a touch angry.”

“Understandable, as that was my immediate reaction as well.”

“When did you find out?”

“Last night, right after Lucius headed home.”

She shook her head before resting it on his shoulder. “You had quite a night, then.”

“As did you,” he responded before turning and planting a kiss on the top of her head.

“So, what happens now?” Hermione asked with no small dash of sadness.

“I spent most of the night brewing prenatal potions for her and a fresh contraception batch for you. I will provide your potions going forward, provided you still want to be with me…of course. It was a mistake by the potioneer that led to a faulty batch of contraception. I plan to offer my potions to our members as well. At a discount, of course. I can not abide incompetence and will rest easier knowing I have at least done my part for our members.” After a sigh he added, “As far as the pregnancy, I have asked her to find out paternity as soon as possible. Hopefully we will know within a matter of weeks, if not days.”

“Weeks,” she whispered.

“I will understand if you need some time away from me. It is not unreasonable for you to want to wait for the results before continuing our…”

“No, Severus. I don’t want to be away from you. We are finally free to be together.” Her eyes matched her sincere tone when she looked up at him and added, “If it turns out to be your child, Severus, I will support you. I won’t walk away from us because you have this amazing gift in your life. I’m not saying it won’t be hard for me, but I’m committed to making this work.”

“As I said before, I doubt the child is mine. It is only a small chance.”

Hermione squared her shoulders and let out a reaffirming puff of air. “Regardless, it will be okay. We will work through it…together.”

On Sunday, Hermione welcomed the brisk morning air as she started her run. The previous afternoon with Severus had been full of heavy conversation and then they had fallen into a long nap wrapped in each other’s arms. By the time they woke, he was due at The Dungeon and she had been expected in an hour at Ron and Luna’s house for dinner. They had agreed they would discuss the D/s aspect of their relationship in a few days, after they each had some time to reground themselves from everything that was going on.

In hindsight, she should have claimed illness and not gone to dinner. She had been distracted with her thoughts and had not been engaging company. Luna kept looking at her with concern and it took all of Hermione’s will power not to flat out ask the witch what she ‘saw’.  Did Luna have the answer already?

When Hermione had gotten home, she popped the original ‘Dangerous Liasons,’ with Glenn Close and John Malkovich into the DVD player and snuggled up with a pillow and a blanket. It was moments like that she wished she still had Crookshanks.

Today though, as she ran, she felt a little better. It was amazing how much running helped her clear her head. She meant what she had told Severus. She would support him and not walk away. If the baby was his, it would be hard for her. She was not so naïve to think that it wouldn’t change their dynamic. He was worth the effort, though.

She was struggling with a contrary thought that kept rearing its ugly little head. One that kept taunting her despite her efforts to ignore it. Yeah, you’ll support him. Right up until the moment he breaks your heart and says he’s leaving you for the mother of his child. Because if the baby was his, Hermione feared that was exactly what would happen.


The figure leaned against a tree, his presence hidden by heavy, drooping branches. The shade of the willow tree only made him more invisible as his camouflage clothing caused him to blend into the background.

He took a long drag off his cigarette as he watched the girl run. The girl he had hated as long as he knew her. The Mudblood who felt she belonged. Who had the nerve to consider herself worthy of magic.

He tossed the cigarette to the ground and mashed it with his foot. It didn’t matter how brave she was or how smart. It didn’t matter that she was adored by the masses. She was filth and it was time she knew it.

He moved around the tree as she jogged by. As he watched her retreat, a small smile of loathing crept over is lips.  I’m coming for you Mudblood.

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