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Warnings: Heterosexual sex, Infidelity



Knocking on Heaven's Door


I stared at the empty glass tumbler in front of me that had once been filled to the brim with firewhiskey and wondered where it had all gone. I glanced over to the now empty bottle on the table and thought hard about whether or not that was the last bottle in the house and if it was…where I could locate another, when I heard a loud knock on the front door.

I groaned and heaved myself up from my place on the sofa and staggered over to the window to see who was knocking on my door. I lifted the curtain and squinted out into the daylight and promptly dropped the glass that I had up until that point, still been clutching in my hand.

"Bloody Hell," I cursed. It was that witch—what the hell did she want? Hadn't she caused enough trouble in my marriage - in my life - so far?

I scowled and moved away from the window, pulling the curtain back into place as the knocking on the door became more insistent.

I walked into the hall with unsteady steps, cursing the day that I had ever met Daphne Greengrass.

As I reached the front door I paused for a moment. Did I really want to open the door and see her face again? That sinful tongue that had caused me to lose my calm demeanor and forget my vows on so many occasions… I couldn't help but hate Daphne for what she had done to my resolve to be faithful to Ginny from the very first moment. But at the same time my body still craved hers.

I scowled as grasped the handle of the door and pulled it open.

To hell with it all…


I had been standing knocking at this bloody door for nearly five minutes when without any warning it opened and there stood Harry Potter looking rumpled, and somewhat pissed.

I was about to speak, when he beat me to it "What do you want, Daphne," he slurred slightly.

Fucking great, he was drunk—I wasn't sure if that would make this easier or harder. I guess I'd have to play it by ear. I took a tentative sniff… Hmm Harry was a firewhiskey man.

I smiled and replied, "The same thing I've always wanted, Harry—you."

He stared at me, for a full minute before he seemed to take in my words. "And what makes you think I want you? I’m happily married, remember? Didn't you listen to a word I said on Sunday or are you just stupid?" He snarled.

I smirked and took a step towards him. "Why do I think you still want me?" I questioned softly, before taking another step towards him so that we were only inches apart. "I know because of this." I reached out and grasped the straining crotch of his trousers. "You're as hard as fuck for me. Harry, and you can lie as much as you want about it to me, the Weaslette, and even yourself—but we both know it's true."

He was staring at me again; his brain sluggish from the alcohol was still trying to work out the appropriate response. But I didn't give him chance to because I squeezed his hardened cock through the thin material of his trousers and smiled in satisfaction as he groaned. That sound was all I needed. I used my free hand to propel him back into the house and kicked the door closed behind us.

We stood there in the hallway staring at each other, my hand still cupping his crotch.

"You're trying to bloody break me, aren't you," he muttered. “Ginny won’t ever forgive me if she finds out.”

"Not break you, Auror Potter," I countered softly, "just own you."

With that I closed the remaining distance and kissed him hard on the mouth. At first Harry didn't respond and it felt as if I was kissing a sleeping man, until his lips suddenly parted and his tongue came seeking my own. I groaned as I felt his teeth nip at my lips and I could now fully taste the whiskey that coated his mouth. Part of my mind questioned how easy this supposedly married man devoted to his wife was giving in to me… but those thoughts quickly disappeared as Harry pushed me back against the front door.

He pushed his body into mine and began to bite at the curve of my neck. I groaned again as I felt my eyes begin to roll back in my head before I reached out and wrapped my arms tightly around him, splaying my hands across his strong back.

Suddenly his mouth was gone from my neck, his body from my arms. I stood there dazed, my chest heaving and looking at him in confusion.

"You're wearing too many clothes, Daphne," Harry said. "Take them off."

I felt a shiver run down my spine at his voice. It was the voice that he had used on me before, when we used to play our games—my Harry was back.

For the first time that day I was grateful that I had kept my wardrobe simple, eschewing my usual wizarding robes. I smiled and grasped the edges of the shirt I wore and pulled it up over my head before throwing it to the floor. I watched as his eyes roamed over my breasts hungrily

"No bra," he rasped.

I shook my head and smirked as I kicked off my shoes and undid the top button on my trousers, followed by the zipper and pushed them down my legs so that they were down by my ankles.

I waited for his comment in silence. He had to say something about me not having any panties on—he mentioned the bra. But he didn't, he just stood there in silence looking at me.

"Step out of the trousers," he told me finally.

I did as he asked and he kicked them aside before coming to stand in front of me again.

"Daphne," Harry murmured softly. "Such a pretty little witch, aren't you? So naughty, making me cheat on my wife, but you like that, don’t you?"

I felt myself getting wetter my the second, and if I didn't know any better I'd swear that my legs were shaking too –and I hadn't so much as fucking touched me yet. I was about to ask what he wanted me to do, when he placed his hand over my mouth

"Be quiet," he said before turning and pointing towards the stairs.

I looked at him in confusion, "What?" I felt a stinging slap to the top of my thigh and I jumped slightly.

"No talking," he reminded me quietly.

I walked over to the stairs where he had pointed to and stood waiting for my next instructions. I felt him come to stand behind me and place his mouth to my ear, "The fourth step up from the bottom; I want you to bend over and place your hands on it."

I took a step forward and did as he asked.

"Now spread your legs," he told me.

I slowly opened my legs so I was completely bared before him and waited while listening to the sounds of his harsh breathing. I could feel the wetness spreading as I thought about Harry standing there, looking at me in this position. I almost gasped out loud when I felt him slide a finger inside of me but I obeyed him.

"Good witch," he said approvingly as he continued to move the digit slowly in and out slowly, before he stopped. I began to wonder what he was playing at when I heard the rasp of a zipper and I felt my thighs quiver slightly in anticipation.

I felt his hardness rub up against my slick entrance before he entered me with one sharp thrust and I groaned loudly. I half expected him to stop and slap me again, but he didn't—instead he placed his hands on my hips and began rhythmically pounding into me.

I gasped loudly as his thrusts started to get harder and more frequent and I felt myself getting wetter and even more turned on. One of his hands moved off my hip and slid between my legs to rub my soaking centre. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build and I could tell that by Harry's frantic thrusts that he wasn't far behind that when he began to alternate between rubbing and pinching at my clit—that little manoeuvre was my undoing.

I came in a haze of curses and groans, with him following me closely behind with a muffled curse and a whispering of my name.

It was only afterwards when I slumped onto the stairs with him still inside of me that I allowed myself to smile in satisfaction.


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