Harry's Bender...Gender-Bender, That Is

BY : JustAWhat
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Disclaimer: The author does not own Harry Potter, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Gender-Bender Sex (Harry/Shemale), Infidelity, Casual Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex

Summary: Harry Potter, has a little secret - he does not mind getting some of the shemale cock. [Harry/OC]


Picking Up a Girl

The Boy-Who-Lived-To-Conquer, Harry Potter, has a little secret - he does not mind getting some of the shemale cock. After a night out with the blokes one night when his wife is away with the Harpies, he disappears from the group down the road to a muggle gay night club. Harry has never been in a gay night club and feels a little out of his depth. He has had a few drinks so is feeling relax and sits down scoping out the club. Looking around the club his eyes settle on a brunette with curly long hair in a group of girls. He moves in for closer investigation of the target, she is wearing a tight red lycra race jump suit. Liking what he sees, he is still unsure if she is tranny yet, he introduces himself to the muggle girl, who is named Amanda. Straight away he confirms that she is a tranny from her cute little feminine voice and eventually offers to buy her a drink.

After a couple of drinks the pair hit the dance floor and begin dancing to the techno beat. Harry is grinding his package all over her arse and she is grinding back just as hard, leaning from behind Harry kisses Amanda deep with some tongue. The grinding leads to wandering hands and more deep kissing. Harry's hands are exploring her arse and tits through the jump suit and Amanda is rubbing Harry's package through his jeans.

They soon decide to leave the club and hire a taxi back to Amanda’s flat, where the clothes begin to come off as soon as they come through the front door. Making their way to the bedroom, Harry starts kissing Amanda while thrusting his cock against her red lace knickers and feeling her exposed boobs making her nipples become erect. It’s not long before Harry pulls off the red knickers exposing her 6 inch hard cock and strokes it in his hand. Kneeling at the end of the bed, Harry licks the tip of her cock before taking her into his mouth and sucking. Amanda begins to fuck her cock in Harry’s mouth and he takes all of it, deep throating her a couple of times.

Harry is rock hard now from this excitement and wanting more action. He gently lays Amanda back on the bed and climbs on top. Kissing Amanda with passion Harry places her cock between his arse crack and thrusting and humping her cock. Her precum is providing some lube as he humps her cock with his bum cheeks. The pair thrust like horny teenagers with heavy panting and long deep kissing. Amanda reaches in her nightstand with a free hand and pulls out some lube, grabbing her cock she lubes it up. Harry grabs the base of her cock and then squats down, slowly lowering himself as he guides her cock bit by bit into his tight arsehole. She bottoms out in his tight hole and Harry stays in position, just feeling her cock fill his hole.

Harry feels his arse relax and begins riding her shaft slowly, the sensation of his hole being filled with every thrust has his own cock rock hard and leak cum on her belly. Leaning in and kissing bubbles as he thrusts up and down her shaft. He picks up the pace and with every thrust down Amanda thrust upwards in his arsehole, both are panting heavily and Harry loving the feeling of her filling him. Fucking her cock for twenty minutes, Harry can feel the pressure building in Amanda cock, her cock is twitching on every down stroke Amanda feeling she is near leans in kissing Harry and whispers in his ear she is about to come.

Unexpectedly, Harry tells Amanda to cum inside his hole and fill him. This sends Amanda over the edge, hearing a man telling her he wants her seed inside of him, and she cums wave after wave in his tight hole. Amanda’s orgasm sets off Harry as she gives one last thrust, which is enough to massage Harry’s prostate and cause him to exploded all over Amanda’s tits and face. Harry collapses into Amanda cum soaked tits and hugs his lover, her cock still inside of his cum filled hole pulsating in his passage. They embrace and kiss until her cock becomes flaccid. Pulling off of Amanda, her cum leaks onto her belly and Harry takes a scoop and licks it off is fingers and rubs it over his cock. His cock is still hard, Amanda leans in and cleans his shaft of the cum.

Spent from their session, Harry has a shower. Sharing one more kiss and a grope Harry gets Amanda’s number and hires a taxi to Grimmauld Place, satisfied with a great night and looking forward to his wife’s return the next day.



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