the Pureblood Purge

BY : Mansi Jain
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Draco stared at Black. When he was informed that the head auror wanted him to help with this case, he hadn't known that the said had auror was Sirius Black. With his usual smirk and dancing eyes, he still looked handsome and he could see why his godfather fell for this man. That he would go from an escapee from Azkaban to the head auror was a considerable feat in itself. But that's not what had stunned him speechless.

He tried to think about mundane things, things like Black had shoulder length hair and a scar underneath his right year. Absently, he wondered why Black never got it removed.

Of course, his mind came back to Black's words. Draco was a freelance detective and was one of the best in his field. When he had said that he would only come if he would have the finest auror or detective they had as his partner, he hadn't known that it would be Harry Potter.

"Head auror Black, have you lost your mind?" Draco asked incredulously. What this man was suggesting was preposterous. It was completely absurd.

"No." Black's smile faltered and his brows creased as he leaned forward, "This is a very complicated case. Lately, many other disappearances have been reported. Four of our aurors are at St. Mungos and two others escaped death narrowly. You're our only hope."

"Potter and me. It's ridiculous." Draco drawled, "I am a freelance detective. I don't take orders. In fact, I need someone who can follow my orders. Potter and Weasley won't do. They can't take orders."

Black chuckle and it was my no means a happy laugh. It was bitter and sad.

"Ron runs a chain of bakeries now and Harry has changed a lot. " The man said and leaned back on his chair, "Actually, Harry meets your requirements."

Draco stared at him, trying to read the man's face for lies. But he found none. However, he had a feeling that Black was hiding something from him, something crucial. He didn't say anything though because he knew that Black would not tell him the whole truth.

"Not him. Anyone but him." Draco said and leaned forwards, his hands joined on the table in front of him, "Even Ronald Weasley would do."

Sirius shook his head and said, "Like I said, Ron is running a chain of bakeries now and Harry is the finest auror as well as detective we have."

Draco pulled back and with a frown, stood up. He walked towards the open window and stared outside. It was a nice, sunny day outside. With a sigh, he turned around and leaned against the wall beside the window and pushed his hands inside his pockets before looking at Black.

"Have you asked him?" Draco asked carefully.

Sirius shook his head and his smile faltered, "I'll tell him today. Don't worry about him, Draco. He won't make a fuss."

Draco's eyes narrowed. What was Black trying to tell him. Potter shouldn't be told about this. He should be asked whether he wanted to work with Draco. He most certainly would throw a tantrum on finding out that Draco was his new partner. But Draco didn't say any of this.

He nodded, "I'll start tomorrow then."

Sirius nodded and leaned back, his shoulders relaxed. He tried hard to hide his relief but his eyes betrayed him. Draco chose to ignore it though.

Draco muttered, "If this turns into a huge disaster, I'm blaming you."

Sirius only smiled at him, "It won't but okay. I'll take the blame."

Draco frowned again but nodded and left the office. The last time Draco had seen Potter was after the trials. He had thanked him for speaking for his family in the court and had left the country. Except for the fact that Potter had three kids, one among whom was Albus Potter, Draco knew nothing about Potter. He knew a lot about Albus and James, though and the credit went to his son who had come out to him just a few months ago and had a huge crush on Albus and Teddy who liked Potter's eldest son quite a lot.

"Malfoy!" A loud, surprised and excited voice broke into his thoughts and Draco froze. He was tired, hungry and annoyed. He did not have patience for Ronald Weasley right now. However, he pasted a smile on his face and turned around, expecting a bloated Ronald Weasley in his stupid clothes running towards him. However, when he saw a tall, fit and a quite handsome red head in black jeans and a white shirt, his jaw fell open.

Weasley stopped in front of him and bend down to take deep breaths. Draco would have teased him about not having stamina but he was stunned speechless.

It took a few moments for Weasley to stand up and look at him. Aurors passed them, paying no attention to Draco or Weasley.

"Did Sirius tell you about who your partner is?" He asked.

"Yes." Draco drawled, "Now, if you would excuse me, I'm quite busy."

"Wait." Weasley exclaimed and he breathed deeply before forcing out a, "Yes."

"Listen, I know that Harry is your official partner for this case. But, as I don't have any partner and won't have any case until Harry returns, I would like to help you too."

Draco stared at him for a few moments. Weasley didn't say anything. Draco waited for the man to say that he was just joking but he didn't.

"You're an auror?" Draco asked carefully.

Weasley nodded, "And a detective. There are only two detectives. Me and Harry. But we're aurors as well."

He shut his mouth abruptly as if he was about to say something and stopped himself.

Draco swivelled around to storm inside Black's office but found him leant against the wall beside his open door.

"You said that-"

Black cut him off with a calmly spoken, "I didn't say that he isn't an auror. He does have a chain of bakeries, Draco. You can ask him."

His eyes were gleaming and Draco knew that he still wasn't telling him everything. He wanted Potter to be his partner. But why?

Draco looked back at Weasley who was pouring a glass of water for himself.

He crossed his arms and tried to intimidate Black. He only stood in front of Draco with raised eyebrows. It must be Severus's influence. Draco gritted his teeth and started heading towards the exit.

He ignored Weasley's "Malfoy, wait. Meet Harry." and continued walking. He simply didn't have patience for this right now.

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