Hold on Tight

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Very excited to bring this installment of Sirius Black's Happy Ending to you all!! This is the third installement in the series, so if you are just stumbling upon this story and haven't read To Catch A Rat, or Be Careful What You Wish For, I recommend doing so!

The road to happiness will be a bumpy one for Sirius, but he already escaped initially fated death, so he's got that going for him at least!!

Speaking of that, we will be entering a bit of a canon divergence from here on out because obviously Sirius isn't dead like in the books- LOL. Some events will be kept as close to canon as possible, and some will get tweaked (and added) to fit the story line.

And now onto the story- I hope you all enjoy!!

The concept of ‘a house being a home’ had always seemed foreign.

There had been no family traditions like apple pie with ice cream on Sundays, or after-dinner chess matches to bring laughter and love into 12 Grimmauld Place. This place had always been a cold hollow shell as far back as Sirius Black could remember. He’d never known the difference between a house and a home until the night he’d left home at 16.

He remembered that night vividly. He recalled the look of anger on his parent’s faces after words he could not take back left his mouth. He recalled the sting of his father’s slap across his cheek for a colorful comment directed towards his mother, and the disapproving look on his younger brother’s face just before the front door slammed shut behind him.

After hours of aimlessly riding the Knight Bus around London, he’d found himself outside the Potter’s house; it was the only place he’d known where to go. He’d wheeled his trunk up the drive in the pouring rain, and one he’d reached it, knocked on the front door three times cautiously.

He had stood on the front stoop soaked head to toe and dripping all over the welcome mat, fighting the sickening fear stirring deep in his belly. He feared the Potter’s would send him back home, insisting that his parents would forgive him if he apologized. Sirius knew better, however— by then, his mother would have blasted him off the family tree and disowned him.

They did not send him home, but welcomed him to their family like a second son. It was at the Potter’s where he learned what made a house a home. Their house was warm and bright, decked out with furniture that Sirius was actually allowed to sit on, rather than Mrs. Black’s shabby old antique couches that would get him a whack on the back of the head if he dared even place a finger on them. Mrs. Potter made pancakes every Saturday morning, with a dozen syrups and toppings to choose from. Mr. Potter invited James and Sirius outside in the evening for a cigar and a cup of tea after dinner most nights, chatting with them about the Ministry’s politics, his cosmetic potions business, and the two boys’ future career goals. Sirius cherished these memories, and he had similar plans for his own house now. 12 Grimmauld place would not be the toxic, miserable place that he had grown up in— he would see to that.

Bright sunlight came through the window of Allie’s old bedroom, illuminating and warming the entire room. Dust and grime no longer coated the glass to diminish light coming through—all the windows at 12 Grimmauld Place had been scrubbed clean.

The chandeliers throughout the townhouse had been wiped down, and the silver had been polished to a mirror shine. The decrepit wallpaper had been torn down, and the walls prepped for fresh paint. The stains had been removed from the couch cushions with Molly Weasley’s expert house cleaning spells, and the rickety, creaky staircase had been mended.

The only room with remnants of before was the drawing room. The Black family tapestry stretched across all four walls, sealed to the drywall with a permanent sticking charm. The tapestry, as well as the vehement portrait of Mrs. Black along the staircase, would not budge for any counter-spell (or extreme manual force) that anyone could produce. Sirius had accepted that he was unable to prevent these from sticking out like sore thumbs once the renovations were complete.

He swung back and forth clumsily on a stepladder, rolling fresh paint up and down one of the future nursery’s wall. The wet roller squished against the drywall, leaving behind drips of paint that ran down and pooled at the baseboard. Allie giggled softly from behind him.

“You have too much paint on the roller,” she said “That’s why it’s dripping.”

He stretched his arm to reach the very top section of the wall, and lost his balance. The roller smacked against the wall as he caught himself, splattering paint onto his face and in his hair. He cursed profusely under his breath, and threw the roller forcefully into the paint tray. Paint splattered out and onto the hardwood floor.


He cursed much louder this time as he climbed down the ladder. Allie snickered softly; He shot her a glance out of the corner of his eye, and then used his shirt hem to wipe the paint off his face.

“It looks good.” She offered, stifling down her laughter.

He took a step back to assess his handiwork— she was lying through her teeth. He was truthfully and unequivocally a god-awful painter. He wasn’t sure what had been worse; the powder blue and dainty flowered wallpaper that had encased the room before, or his mess of a partial paint job. Allie had chosen pale yellow, and the color had proven to apply patchy, streaky— a hue not to have been attempted by an amateur painter.

“No, it doesn’t— why must you insist we paint this room without magic?”

He turned around to face Allie. She sat cross-legged on the floor, dressed in pair of denim overall cut offs that completely concealed any baby bump. She ate ice cream straight out of the pint, chipping away at the block of frozen dessert that she refused to let sit out long enough for it to soften.

 “It’s a labor of love,” She giggled, patting her stomach. “Don’t you want to tell the baby you painted their room all by yourself?”

He grimaced. “…Not really.”

Allie sighed and rolled her eyes, then drew her wand and flicked it towards the paint roller. It levitated and started painting on its own, smoothing out the streaks, drips and patches Sirius had left behind.

“There,” she said, with a hint of irritation. “Now quit whining and come have some ice cream.”

He sat down cross legged in front of her, taking the pint and spoon. He chiseled himself a bite; Earl Grey and Lavender from Florean Fortescue’s, Allie’s personal favorite.

“You know, if you let this sit for a minute it’ll soften.”

She shrugged. “I had a craving, I didn’t want to wait— and don’t tell me I’m going to spoil dinner, I’m only having a little bit.”

“By a little bit, you mean half the pint…”

Allie rolled her eyes, which Sirius countered with a toothy grin and a wink. He chiseled himself another spoonful; He spoke with his mouth full as he gestured to her stomach.

“Anyway, how do you think your family will take the news?”

She shrugged, and then reached back for the pint of ice cream. She stabbed at it a few times with her spoon, not meeting his eyes. “I don’t know.”

“What have you told them?”

“Just that I was bringing my boyfriend over for dinner this evening.”

“And did you tell them who I am?”

Allie chewed her bottom lip for a moment, and then shook her head.

“Your mother is going to have a heart attack, isn’t she?” Sirius grinned “did you at least tell them you are taking your NEWT tests next spring?”

She shook her head once more. Tension spread across her expression, as if the impending stress of a baby and testing that was truly ‘nastily exhausting,’ was weighing heavily on her mind. He decided not to press any further on these matters today.

“Molly sent an owl this morning,” He said, after a moment. “Dumbledore is bringing Harry to the Burrow this weekend, and she invited us over for dinner on Saturday.”

The corners of her mouth upturned. “Sounds lovely— I’ll write her and offer to bring dessert.”

“You know she’ll say no.” he laughed.

Allie smiled more now. “I know that, but it’s the offer that counts.”

There was a natural pause in their conversation, and Sirius turned his attention to the disembodied paint roller. What had been painted so far was even and smooth— much better than it had looked a few minutes earlier. The pastel yellow made the room feel cheery, albeit it wasn’t Sirius’s first choice of color, but once painted smoothly it was a hell of a lot better than the flowered wallpaper.

“This yellow is a bit… well, girly— don’t you think?” he asked “What if we have a boy?”

“According to Witch Weekly, yellow is gender neutral.”

Sirius scoffed “You actually read that garbage?”

She flushed, and then shrugged at him as she took another bite of ice cream. Sirius leaned back onto his forearms, positioning himself in a half seated- half laying position. He looked up at the ceiling, now noticing a large crack running across the ceiling, much like a vein. He made a mental note to add ceiling repairs to their list of home renovations— his future son or daughter couldn’t possibly sleep in a room with a cracked ceiling.

“I’m surprised that magazine is still afloat with everything going on,” He continued “Businesses are closing down left and right, shop owners going into hiding—or worse.”

“Yes, I was sad to hear about Mr. Ollivander,” she frowned “But I think everyone is trying to come up with some kind of normalcy— that garbage, as you call it, keeps people’s minds occupied.”

“Well, I still say this is a girly nursery,” Sirius winked “we should’ve painted this room scarlet and gold— raise them to be a strong Gryffindor like their father.”

Allie playfully stuck her foot out and jabbed his leg. “Good thing I chose yellow instead— they undoubtedly will be a Hufflepuff, like their mother.”

They laughed, playfully bantering back and forth over which house was better until they fell into a natural pause. They both turned to admire the paint roller, now half way finished with the room.

“My enchanted roller is doing a better job at painting than you did.” Allie murmured playfully.

“Shut up, you picked a difficult color.” Sirius teased, flashing a wry smile.

She giggled, and then winked at him. “The roller doesn’t make it seem difficult.”

“Think you’re funny, do you?” he grabbed her thigh just above her knee and squeezed, making her squeal with laughter. “Like busting my balls, do you?”

She accidentally chucked the pint of ice cream across the room once Sirius started tickling her waist. They were both laughing, rolling around on the floor as Allie squirmed to get out of Sirius’s hold.

“Stop!” she choked through hysterics “The ice cream! It’s going to melt!”

“Doubtful, since it’s still a rock…”

Sirius paused and drew his wand, vanishing the overturned pint of ice cream with a quick flick.

“Oi!” Allie cried through laughing “I wasn’t finished with that!”

 “You’ve got 2 dozen other pints just like it in the freezer.”

He pinned her arms above her head, and kissed her firmly. She surrendered to his kiss instantly, swirling her tongue with his as their bodies arched towards each other. He trailed kisses down her neck, and up to whisper in her ear.

“You know, kitten…” he murmured huskily, releasing her arms so he could unclasp the shoulder straps of her overalls. “We’ve never properly christened this room…”

The weather was warm this evening, but not too hot. A slight breeze kept the air from growing stagnant, and a golden twilight cast a pleasant glow onto the fields around them. They walked through a field of plush grass towards a small brick cottage sitting atop a small hill. It was a picturesque scene, one that would’ve come straight out of a painting.

Sirius wiped his sweating palms on the seat of trousers as he and Allie made their way up to the house. He tugged at his shirt collar; was this thing too tight? Or was it just him? Not only could he not shake the sensation of being choked, he was painfully aware of his wand poking his thigh as they walked. He didn’t realize how nervous he was to officially meet her family until now.

Allie wore a soft blue knit dress that floated over her curves gracefully; despite her pregnancy belly being hardly visible at this stage, the dress she chose hid all evidence of such condition. She looked radiant, especially in the golden glow of the sunset— the sight of her was even more breathtaking that the scene of the little house on the hill.

Allie opened the front door without knocking, stepping inside first then silently motioning Sirius to join her. The house looked the same as he remembered it had, albeit making a mental note to pretend to have never been here before. He had the impression that her mother wouldn’t be too thrilled if she knew he had skulked around their house as a dog the previous summer.

“Mum?” Allie called

“In the kitchen!”

Allie took Sirius’s hand and led him into the kitchen. The kitchen table was full; two young girls with curls as wild as Allie’s sat next to each other, with a boy close to Harry’s age to their right. A blonde young woman that Sirius recognized as Allie’s sister, Shannon, sat at one of the heads of the table. Her mother, Colleen was at the stove finishing the dinner preparations. She turned around to greet them, and nearly jumped through the ceiling at the sight of Sirius. Her face drained of color as she clutched her chest.

“Merlin’s beard!” she hissed.

“Mum,” Allie said softly “This is my boyfriend… Sirius Black. Sirius, this is my mum, Colleen.”

Colleen’s eyes were as wide as saucers. Her mouth hung open as she blinked at Sirius in disbelief. Sirius forced a smile, speaking as politely as he possibly could muster.

 “Pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am.”

“Sirius Black?” Shannon asked intrusively, rising from her chair and looking at them curiously. “Sirius Black, the murderer?”

Allie frowned, shooting Shannon an irritated glance. “He was framed.” She said flatly.

Shannon held her hands up in mock apology, rolling her eyes. Allie’s other siblings eyed the two of them curiously; the three of them looked slightly surprised, but not frightened. Colleen, on the other hand, looked like she had seen a ghost.

“I-“ she stammered “I— I’ll be right back.”

Colleen hurried out of the kitchen, down the hall and out of sight. Sirius leaned in to whisper into Allie’s ear.

“That went well…”

Allie shrugged apologetically “Actually, it did— I guess let’s just sit down…?”

She linked her arm with his, pulling him into the direction of the table.  They sunk down into their chairs. For a moment, all of Allie’s siblings simply stared at the two of them until Shannon broke the silence.

 “Well, I guess I’ll make our plates then, since Mum is off having a fit— Sirius, what do you drink?”

He was caught off guard how non-chalant Shannon was about the whole situation.

“Oh, uh—“

He wasn’t sure why she had even bothered to ask, because she was off before he even had a chance to answer (“You look like a whisky man; I’ll get you whisky—”). She clanked around the kitchen, humming a tune that was vaguely familiar. Sirius’s attention was directed back to Allie when he felt her delicate hand rest just above his knee, giving him a gentle squeeze.

“Sirius, this is Bridget—“she pointed to the twin in green “—and Teagan,” she pointed to the twin in blue, then to the boy next to her. “And this is Rory.”

“And you don’t introduce me?” Shannon barked from the kitchen “I’m Shannon, another sister, of course.”

Allie flushed, undoubtedly remembering that Sirius already knew who Shannon was, unbeknownst to her. Sirius winked and smiled at her reassuringly, then nodded to the three siblings across the table from him.

“Pleasure to meet you all.” He said politely.

 “Mum made roast; I hope you like roast, Sirius—“ Shannon called back to them again “Mum’s is the best, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a piece of meat juicier.”

Once the table was set with food and drink, the 6 of them stared at each other and then to Colleen’s empty seat awkwardly. Shannon, on the other hand, started cutting up her roast without any hesitation.

“Shan, Shouldn’t we wait for mum…?” Teagan asked softly

“Nah,” Shannon said, waving her fork dismissively “She could be ages, you know how she gets.”

Shannon was the only one who dug into her plate. The rest of the table left their plates untouched until Colleen returned. It was only a moment later before she had returned to the kitchen, making it a point not looking in either Allie or Sirius’s direction.

 “Thank you, Shannon,” Colleen said weakly “for setting the table.”

 “Mmm,” Shannon hummed through a mouthful of her roast. “So Allie, Sirius— how’d you two get hooked up, anyhow?”


Allie looked suddenly uncomfortable. Her ears grew red, and her flush slowly started to creep to her cheeks.

“That’s a funny story, actually,” Sirius started, hoping to break the ice for her “How long has it been since we met? Three years, I reckon…? Wow— has it really been that long?”

Allie gripped his thigh under the table and shook her head quickly, but the can of worms had already been opened.

“Allie was in Azkaban three years ago,” Shannon said “Did you meet in prison? I didn’t think men and women mingled in prison”

Colleen’s eyes narrowed, looking between them curiously and suspiciously. Sirius leaned over and whispered as quietly as he could.

 “You didn’t tell them about the overcrowding…?”

Allie shook her head. Colleen glared at Allie intensely— Sirius’s whisper was not soft enough.

“Overcrowding? What of this ‘overcrowding’ that he speaks of?”

Allie did not answer. She slunk back against her chair, flushing from her hairline to her collarbones. Colleen’s grip tightened on the fork in her right hand, frozen in place in the middle of her roast.

“Allison, I asked you a question.”

Once again, Allie didn’t jump at the chance to answer. She started chewing on her bottom lip, looking as if she wanted to sink into the floor and disappear from her mother’s intense gaze.

“Azkaban had overcrowding issues a few years back,” Sirius offered “they had to double up inmates just to make room—”

“Sirius—“ Allie pleaded softly, but he did not heed her warning.

“Allie and I were placed in the same cell—“

What?! The same— the same cell?!” Colleen shrieked, cutting him off “A man and a woman? How was this allowed? Why wasn’t I informed? Or better yet—“ Colleen pointed her index finger at Allie “why didn’t you tell me?”

Allie opened and closed her mouth a few times before flushing a deeper shade of crimson. Sirius just now realized that Allie might not have wanted her mother to know this piece of information, and started to back pedal the conversation.

“The prison director was an idiot,” he offered “There were odd numbers, so Allie and I got placed together— temporarily—” he added quickly “It was just under a month.”

Colleen’s face was as red as Allie’s, but not with embarrassment. She looked angry, outraged— like she was going to have steam come out her ears any second.

“What on earth were they thinking…?” Colleen said softly. “You were charged with petty theft and they put you in a cell with a murderer.”

Allie clenched her jaw “He is not a murderer.”

Colleen ignored her. “What would’ve happened if he would’ve hurt you? Killed you inside that cell? We could’ve had you released early simply for their negligence had you spoken up—“

“He didn’t hurt me because he’s not a murderer!”

“According to who? Because for 15 years that’s what the papers—“

He’s innocent!” Allie snapped, slamming her fist onto the table. Sirius wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen Allie this fired up. “If you actually read the papers you’d know this!! Yes, they put us in a cell together. No, he didn’t hurt me, because he’s not dangerous.”

“And so what?—“ Colleen threw her hands up in frustration “He just waltzes back into your life and you decide to throw your life away for him?”

“I didn’t throw my life away!”

“You gave up marrying a good man to be with a criminal!”

“He’s not a criminal! He was framed! How many times do I have to say this?!!”

Allie’s voice started to constrict, and tears started falling. Shannon, Rory, Sirius and the twins were completely silent, flies on the wall to a very personal and emotionally heated conversation. Colleen turned to Sirius, rage seething.

“What did you do to seduce her? Love potion? Imperius curse?— or is this some kind Stockholm Syndrome from whatever psychological bull—”

“Mum!” Allie shrieked angrily, cutting her off.

Sirius felt his ears grow hot in a mixture of humiliation and irritation. He decided to turn to his humor in this moment, hoping it would break some of the tension.

“Well, I thought it was my devilish good looks that did it…”

Shannon let out a snort of laughter, but silenced once Colleen shot her a deadly glare— it appeared the Murphy matriarch didn’t appreciate his attempt at humor. She turned back to Allie, her face now as red as a tomato.

“Jack was a nice bloke, and here you just threw him away for a— a— jail cell fuck?!”

The room erupted into chaotic yells, shrieks and hollers.

“He’s not a jail cell fuck—!”

“I raised you better—!”

“Come off it, Mum—!” Shannon interjected

“Shannon, mind your own busi—!”

“Everyone lets calm down…” Rory interjected, but was not heard over the screams of the others.

“I love him, Mum! I love him—!”

“You obviously don’t know what love is—!“

“I do too, Sirius is—“

“You do not!”

“Mum, let her speak—!”

“Mum, Allie— please let’s just take a—”

The noise level was at top volume. The twins covered their ears, looking to one another, then to Sirius awkwardly. He offered a sheepish smile that was just as awkward.


Allie’s declaration cut through the noise in the room, and everyone fell silent. Colleen’s eyes were bugging as she gaped looked at Allie in disbelief. A wide smile spread across Shannon’s face, and she was the first to speak after a full minute of deafening silence.

“You’re pregnant? Really?”

“…Yes,” Allie said, nodding slowly. She took Sirius’s hand in one, and placed her other on her stomach, forcing a weak smile in his direction. “We’re pregnant.”

Colleen’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger without popping out of her head. She opened and closed her mouth a couple times before throwing her lap napkin onto the table and muttering under her breath.

I can’t believe this…”


“I need some air.”


The front door slammed behind her, and the silence was deafening once again. Allie threw her face into her hands and let out a frustrated, strangled groan. Sirius placed a hand onto her back and rubbed. She sniffed and wiped her face roughly.

“So…” Bridget, the twin in green started “you’re really going to have a baby, Allie?”

Allie nodded “yes.”

“Is it a boy or girl?” Teagan, the twin in blue asked.

“We don’t know; we want it to be a surprise.”

“Are you happy?” Rory asked

Allie wiped a few stray tears, choked down a sob and nodded again. “Yes,” She took Sirius’s hand once more. He gave her a small, reassuring smile. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

Rory pondered this for a second, and then shrugged. “Cool.”

Sirius felt the tension in the room start to dissolve. Everyone’s posture seemed to relax, and Shannon started chattering away with a mouthful of roast as if nothing had just happened.

“Well, I think you having a baby is great, we need some good news around here— the Prophet has nothing but terrible things to report. Did you hear about Amelia Bones? Head of Magical Law Enforcement?— such a shame, Rory fancies her niece Susan, huh, Rory?”

“Shannon!” Rory hissed, flushing deeply.

“Draws hearts in his notebook— ‘Susan + Rory’, it’s adorable. Say, Sirius— you’re Harry Potter’s godfather aren’t you?”

“Oh, uh— yeah—”

“Pretty cool to have such a famous godson, but I guess you’re pretty famous yourself— tell us, what was Azkaban like? Allie won’t talk about her time there, she always clams up and turns red—“

Shannon dominated the conversation for most of dinner, but Allie at least got to mention she would be returning to Hogwarts for lessons, and taking her NEWT examinations next spring. All her siblings seemed very supportive that she would be returning to school. Colleen did not return to the dinner table.

“Well, looks like we’ll be seeing more of you then, huh Sirius?” Shannon asked “Don’t mind Mum, she’ll come ‘round. She’s been particularly touchy with all the stuff that’s been in the news lately.”

When it was time to leave, they found Colleen seated in a wooden rocking chair on the front porch, rocking slowly and staring out at an unknown point in front of her.

“Mum, we’re headed off…” Allie said softly.

Colleen still did not look at them. She didn’t respond until Allie and Sirius had started down the porch steps.

“I don’t want you to think you are stuck with him because you are pregnant,” she said softly “You always have a choice.”

“Sirius is my choice, Mum.”

Allie’s voice may have been whisper soft, but her tone was laced with venom. Colleen did not respond, but judging by the way her jaw was clenching, she had heard her. They continued down the porch stairs and a few paced onto the lawn before Sirius stopped, and turned back. He was certain that he was only feeling this brave thanks to Shannon’s heavy handed pours on his whisky at dinner, but he didn’t care. He stood up straight and cleared his throat.

“I understand that I may not be your first choice for your daughter—“

“Sirius—“ Allie pleaded softly, but he held a hand up to silence her.

“But I love her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I can promise you I will love an dprotect her to the best of my ability. I will treat her better than any man could, and our child will grow up in a loving home. I may not have been your choice for her, but I promise you, I will be the kind of man you always wanted for her.”

Colleen looked at him curiously, appraisingly— but did not respond.  Sirius took Allie’s hand and they kept walking, but not before he gave her once last nod, and said;

“Thank you for dinner, the roast was wonderful.”

They walked out a few yards into the field before Sirius pulled Allie close to him. He inhaled the lovely scent of her floral perfume, and closed his eyes.  After the uncomfortable feeling of being squeezed to oblivion with iron bands, their feet landed with a thud onto the floor of his bedroom back at 12 Grimmauld place. Allie immediately broke down, sobbing into her hands as Sirius wrapped his arms around her.

“hey, hey— no need for tears, my love…”

“I’m so embarrassed,” she whimpered, wiping her eyes roughly “I’m so sorry you were put through that—“

“Oh, don’t you worry about me— I can handle your mum,” Sirius cupped her face with his palms, smiling at her reassuringly. “What will make you feel better, hmm?— A bath? I can go draw you one right now?”

Allie sniffled, studying him with large glassy eyes for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“A bath would be lovely.”

“Alright,” He kissed her forehead. “Give me a few minutes.”

Fresh, steaming water thundered down into the clawfoot bathtub. He sprinkled in perfumed bath salts, as well as a few bath oil pearls an inhaled deeply. The lovely scent of lavender and eucalyptus wafted upwards, filling his nostrils as he surveyed the bathroom; he needed candles. Yes, candles would certainly be the perfect touch to the relaxing ambiance.

He found a few pillar candles shoved in an old drawer in the drawing room. He placed them all around the bathroom and lit them with a flick of his wand, then turned off the bathroom lights so that the only illumination remaining was the soft orange glow of the flickering flames.

“Alright kitten,” he called to her “it’s ready.”

Allie entered, wrapped up in a thick bathrobe with her arms crossed tightly. Her curls were knotted up on top of her head, giving the illusion a ball of frizzy yarn had been placed on her head with a sticking charm. Her eyes had swelled, and her skin was still red and patchy from crying.

“I made it extra warm for you,” Sirius said, kissing her forehead softly as he gently uncrossed her arms. “And put that frou-frou bath shit in that you like so much.”

She smiled weakly “Thank you.”

She stepped over to the tub and shed her bathrobe, allowing it to pool at her feet. Sirius admired the curves of her body as she stepped into the bathtub. She sunk down into the water, clutching her knees to her chest. She turned her head towards him, resting her cheek atop her knee.

“Will you join me?”

She didn’t have to ask him twice. In a matter of seconds, he shed his clothes and stepped into the tub behind her. He allowed his legs to straddle her back, and for her to lay her back against his chest with her head nestled into the crook. His 5 o clock shadow Velcro-ed to her topknot of curls. Now that she was resting comfortably, the water hit just below her breastline, giving him an incredible view.

“I’m sorry today didn’t go as you planned.” He murmured in her ear.

It took her a moment to answer. “I honestly don’t know what I expected,” she sighed heavily. “I should’ve known she’d react like this.”

“You’re siblings seemed to be happy for you.” He offered

“Yeah, they’re great.”

Silence fell between them for a few minutes. Sirius watched as Allie traced random patterns with her fingertip along the bathwater’s surface, her mind seeming to be a million miles away.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Everything,” she whispered “my mum hating me and everything I do, going back to school as an adult, hoping that I don’t disappoint you and our child…”

“You could never disappoint me,” Sirius said “Don’t be stupid.”

“I just want to live up to your expectations.”

“And what do you think are my expectations, kitten?” Sirius laughed, and Allie flushed. “I guarantee whatever you think my expectations are you set them for yourself.”

She didn’t answer. Sirius could feel the tension in her body as she rested against him. He grabbed a washcloth from the edge of the tub and dunked it into the water, then lathered it with soap.

“Lean forward.”

She took a hesitant breath, and then leaned forward. He scrubbed her back gently, moving in small circular motions. When he got to her shoulders, she moaned softly as he kneaded her trapezius muscles before he scrubbed her skin. He felt her tension starting to fade. He cupped water with his hand and rinsed her back, then pulled her back against his chest. He started on her front, starting with her arms from her shoulders down to her fingertips. Her nails were polished a bright turquoise that stood out vibrantly against her pale skin— the color made him smile, albeit he had no idea why.

She let out a small whimper as the washcloth ran over her nipples. They hardened under the touch of the washcloth, forming into stiff peaks. He smirked as he moved the cloth down; over her breasts one more time, over her stomach, then down between her legs.  She inhaled sharply and arched her back. He dropped the washcloth into the bath, and slid his hand back between her legs. He gently circled her clit with his middle finger. He held her firmly to him with his free arm as her hips bucked wildly a few times.


“Shh,” he purred in her ear “You need the stress relief. Take a breath, deep and slow— relax and close your eyes…”

After a moment of contemplation, she obliged. She took a breath and allowed herself to relax back against him. He flicked her nub with feather light strokes, eliciting soft whimpers from her. She rested her hands on his thighs, her grip tightening as she grew closer to climax.

“That’s it,” he whispered “just breathe— let it take you…”

A few more seconds and her body tensed, her back arched, and she let out a glorious cry as she gripped so tightly her nails dug into his flesh. After a moment, she stilled, allowing herself to rest back against him. Sirius could tell she was now much more relaxed.


She chuckled softly, nuzzling herself against him.

“Loads, actually.”

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