Harry Potter and the Lure of Lust

BY : TheChemist
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It had been quite the hell-bending few months for Harry Potter. After surviving a battle with the Death Eaters, including Lord Voldermort, Harry had to go and spend the summer with his dreadful uncle Vernon and the Dursleys. This wasn't always the plan but after Sirius Black, his godfather, was killed in the battle, poor Harry had no choice.

Luckily Dumbledore came to his rescue once again and allowed him to go and stay with Ron and the Weasleys at the Burrow for the last weeks of summer. Not only was Harry going to be spending time with his best friend Ron and his sister Ginny, whom he secretly had a crush on, he also got to see Hermione who was also visiting the Burrow.

"Thanks again for letting me stay Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Harry said for the umpteenth time in a short amount of time.

"It's no trouble at all my boy," Mr. Weasley said.

"Agreed. But it's 1 in the morning and you need your sleep. You'll have Fred and George's room since they are living in Diagon Alley in that flat above their joke shop," Mrs. Weasley informed.

"Thank you Mrs. Weasley. How is their business going by the way," Harry asked. 

"Surprisingly well! They may not have been the best students but they know how to get a laugh and push product," Mr. Weasley replied. "But we can talk more later my boy, go get some rest."

Harry thanked them one more time. He didn't want to seem ungrateful especially considering the hell that was living with the Dursley's. His trunk was already in the bedroom, which currently resembled more a temporary warehouse than a place two identical twins slept. Making a path to the bed as quietly as he could, Harry was asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

It had only felt like he'd been sleeping a second or two, but Harry was awoken to the door being flung open and the drapes being instantly separated to reveal the bright sunshine flooding his room. 

"What's going on," Harry said while still half asleep.

"We didn't you were at the Burrow yet," an excited and familiar girl's voice said.

"You bloke! You should have woke us last night as soon as you got here," an voice boomed, this time a deeper and more manly one.

Harry reached to the nightstand and tossed on his glasses. It took his eyes a few seconds longer than normal to adjust but then he say the faces of his two best friends. Hermione took a seat at the end of Harry's bed while Ron pulled up a cardboard box before Harry filled them in about his crummy summer.

"I thought I heard a bunch of commotion going on up here," Ginny said as she appeared in the doorway.

"Hi Ginny," Harry said. He had secretly been crushing on the youngest Weasley for quite some time but didn't want Ron to find out as he figured it would rightly ruin their friendship. 

At that moment, a bunch of food trays came floating up the stairs. Apparently, Mrs. Weasley had made breakfast and felt that the teenagers would appreciate getting to spend more time together as opposed to sitting around a table with her. Whatever the reason, the four of them were happy to eat with one another and continuing talking about the summer. However, once they heard footsteps coming up the stairs shortly after they were done eating, they knew they were being broken up.

"Hello again Harry," Mrs. Weasley said while popping her head in the door. "Ginny, come downstairs. Fleur and I need your help."

Fleur had recently taken resident at the Burrow as well. Her and Bill had gotten engaged over the summer and now the beautiful but irritating woman was staying with the Weasley's while Bill was off hunting dragons. However, Fleur was driving Ginny, her mother and Hermione mad while Ron could only notice how gorgeous she was.

"I'm talking to my friends mom," Ginny shouted back.

"I said NOW!"

"Bloody hell. I'm coming," Ginny shouted to her mum before addressing her friends. "We're making soup and other crap for lunch and dinner so we'll be at least 45 minutes. I'll come get you when it's ready."

Normally Hermione would have offered to help and take part of the load off Ginny, but Hermione had just about had her fill of Fleur and wasn't going to volunteer for more time with her. Ginny went off down the stairs, leaving the three best friends to talk amongst themselves again.

"What's this I wonder," Hermione said aloud before lifting what appeared to be a perfume bottle.

"Not mine I can guarantee you that," Harry declared, getting a laugh from his mate Ron. 

"Must have been left behind by Fred and George, meaning its not ready for the joke shop so be careful," Ron warned.

It was too late. Hermione pulled on the rubber end of the bottle and a big gush of pink mist shot out of the opening. The mist hit all three of them in the face since they were occupying such a small space from each other, instantly traveling up their noses as they took a breath in.

"That is extremely pleasant," Hermione shared, feeling all her troubles leaving her thoughts.

"It really is," Harry agreed. "That is a very seductive scent."

"Definitely," Ron added. "And might I say Hermione, you are looking rather beautiful these days."

Ron didn't know what had come over him to actually say those words. He meant every one of them however he never thought he'd have the courage to actually tell the brainy girl. He watched Hermione's face for her reaction and he was happy to see that her cheeks started to turn a bright pink color almost immediately.

"I have to agree with me best mate Hermione. You do look stunning," Harry said, making the girl blush even more. 

Harry was in the same boat as Ron as he also didn't know what came over him and made him voice that opinion. Both 17-year-old boys were right in their statements though. Hermione was no longer the buck-tooth 11-year-old they first meet on the Hogwarts Express. 6 years had done wonders as she now had long, toned legs that Harry was imagining wrapped around his waist at the moment. She'd grown taller and her breasts had developed as well, Ron guessing that each perky globe would take up a bit more than his hand. 

Hermione could feel both of her friends eyes looking at her body intently, staring at her newly grown curves. Rather than being disgusted, like she normally would have been, Hermione was getting turned on by their sudden attention. Standing up from the foot of the bed, she slowly walked over to the window and drew the drapes shut. She made sure to really swing her curvy hips from side to side during her walk to give the boys a better chance to appreciate her perfectly rounded ass, which they happily did.

"Why'd you close the drapes Hermione," Harry asked smugly.

"I think you know exactly why I did that," Hermione answered before sauntering back to the bed.

Standing right in front of the boy with the lightning scar, she bent down and planted her lips right on to his. They both felt a jolt of electricity flow through them as they kissed with more passion then either of them knew they were capable of doing. They had already parted their lips and were allowing their tongues to dance with one another, each trying to gain the upper hand but neither one letting the other to do so.

Ron watched on as his best friend kissed the girl that he was falling in love with for the past few years. However, instead of being mad at the scene in front of him, the red-haired boy was getting excited, evident by the growing erection beneath his pants.

"Hope you didn't think I forgot about you," she said to Ron having just broken her kiss with Harry.

Her amazing legs walked her petite frame over to her other best friend and straddled his lap. Ron's face showed a mixture of excitement and nerves, but once Hermione's lips brushed his own, he got straight down to business. Wrapping his long arms around her tight body, one went around her toned waist while the other snaked up to press the back of her head so that their lips were crushed together.

"Is that a wand in your pocket or am I getting you excited," Hermione joked before continuing kissing Ron.

"Haha...well my wand is back in my room so I'll let you figure out what's poking you," Ron laughed before shifting back into serious mode.

"And this isn't my wand either Hermione," Harry said after approaching her from behind. With his body pressed tightly against her back and the bulge in his pants rubbing her lower back, the Chosen One bent down and started to kiss the side of her neck while using his hands to grab a handful each of her firm boobs.

"I was hoping they belonged to you," Hermione said while taking each hand and rubbing each of their erections. "But I still have mine."

Hermione pulled her wand out from her pocket. Neither of the boys knew why she was now wielding it and they wouldn't have minded if it wasn't for the fact that she stopping touching their hardened cocks. Pointing her wand at the bedroom door she shouted, "Muffliato!"

The boys now knew why she used her wand, with the Muffliato spell, the door wouldn't allow any noise to escape to room. Hermione was always the smart one, the one that was always thinking but now she was horny as hell and no one knew why. Not that any of them cared at the moment, all they cared about was getting off.

"How about we get these pesky clothes off," Harry proposed. "They're so constricting after all."

"Brilliant idea Harry," she replied.

Before the words were even out of her mouth, the Chosen One already had his fingers wrapped around the hem of her shirt. With a steady upwards force, the small cotton fabric was peeling off her creamy white skin and finally off her altogether. Ron then reached around her petite frame and unhooked for bra, allowing the black top to come off before being thrown to the floor.

"Blimey Hermione, you're beautiful," Ron stated with honesty.

Harry had to agree with his best mate. Hermione had developed into a gorgeous girl and that was before he saw her topless. Her boobs were just as perky as they both imagined and slightly bigger than they thought, especially given her narrow waist. To top it off, her small pink nipples look irresistible as both wizards wanted one in their mouths to suck on.

Working in wordless unison, Harry reached around Hermione and started to lightly pull on her nipples to get them erect while Ron started off on getting her pants off. By having her lean back against Harry's chest, he had better access to undoing her belt buckle and jeans. Once they were finally loosened, Harry lifted her up into the air while Ron tugged down on her last remaining clothing until her pants, panties and socks joined the mess on the floor.

Harry lowered their best friend down onto her back on Fred's old bed before he and Ron got a full look on what they were working with. Hermione was lying with her legs slightly spread so that the boys could get a good look at her bright pink pussy that was screaming for them to fuck. She had a nicely trimmed patch of light brown pubic hair above her hole, but Harry had other ideas.

"Removo capillus," Harry said as he pointed his wand at Hermione's crotch.

Instantly, the patch of hair she once had was completely removed, leaving her bald as could be. It was the only thing that could have made the 17-year-old girl look any sexier.

"Where'd you learn that one mate," Ron asked about the new spell.

"From Sirius. After the full moon he needed to shave off some extra hair," Harry replied.

"Love the new look," Hermione said while trolling her new bare skin with her fingers. "Now are you two going to get naked and fuck me or what?"

The boys exchanged a look of pure glee and started to strip down. Within second, both 17-year old boys had pulled off their shirts, taken down their pants and boxers and were standing in front of the sexy girl completely nude. Hermione sat up on the bed to get a better appreciation of what she had to work with and was not disappointed in the least. 

"Ugghh," both of them moaned as her small hands wrapped around each of their cocks and lightly stroked them.

Both were already fully hard so Hermione's hand glided smoothly along their shafts. Harry's appeared slightly longer at 8 inches, but Ron was thicker. She was also surprised to see how muscular Ron was underneath all of her clothes. Just looking at his large arms and chiseled pecs were making her wetter by the second.

"Mind if I do the honors," Ron asked his best friend.

"Not as long as we switch after," Harry replied.

The Chosen One went and stood at the head of the bed and encouraged the beautiful witch to lay down on her back. The height of the mattress was perfect, as Harry's penis was in a line with Hermione's lips. Not needing to read his mind in order to know what to do, the brown-haired girl parted her lips and encompassed the tip of his rod into her wet mouth.

"Bloody hell," he groaned at the sensation of having his penis sucked on by the skilled witch.

Ron couldn't help but feel a slight bit of jealous as he watched his best friend with his cock inside the mouth of the girl he secretly had a crush on. That small feeling went away rather quickly by positioning himself between her open legs and rubbing the head of his fat penis through her wet slit. He thought about giving her pussy a few licks to get it lubed up, but the bushy haired witch seemed fine in that department.

"Ahhh," Hermione grunted with half pleasure, half pain as Ron stuck the first inch of himself into her virgin hole.

"Don't worry Hermy, I'll go slow," Ron comforted her. "Before you know it, you'll be cumming all over me."

"Mmm," she replied in agreeance, her words unable to form since her tongue was being used to massage the underside of Harry's long penis that was gliding into her mouth.

Ron slowly pushed into her tightness and added a second inch before stopping his progress altogether. To help her loosen up, he withdrew almost completely before pushing back into her canal. He did this for a minute before adding the next inch then repeated the process all over again. After 5 minutes, both he and Hermione were surprised when his short, wiry pubic hair was touching her smooth skin above her slit.

"I thought you were a virgin," Ron asked, mystified why there was no hymen.

"There were some nights alone in the dormitory when some of us girls got in need of each other," she answered.

"Our Hermione swings both ways," Harry said with a big grin on his face. "Very sexy."

With his being the first time her lips were freed from around Harry's shaft, the young witch decided to change up her technique. Starting at the sensitive tip of his cock, she used her skilled tongue to lick down his hard cock until she got to his hairless sac. Giving it a few light passes with her tongue, Hermione opened her mouth and took one ball into her mouth and proceeded to suck on it. 

Harry had to clinch his fists as the pleasure was a lot to handle. The horny witch hadn't forgot about his penis either, as while she was taking turns sucking on each of his balls, she was also using her small hand to stroke the length of him quickly, yet smoothly.

Meanwhile at the other end of the bed, Ron was now ably to move effortlessly into Hermione's pussy. His slow and repeated small thrusts had allowed him to get all 7 inches of his thick penis into his dream girl and also loosened her up. She was still extremely tight but at least he could now pump his entire length into her with feeling like his skin was going to rip off.

"Ohhh Ron," Hermione moaned around the ball that was inside her mouth.

Since her body was being so responsive, the young red-haired boy was pounding into her small hole with as much force and speed that his teenage body could generate. He watched on from above her as the collision from their bodies crashing together over and over made her firm breasts bounce up and down, much to his delight.

"I think you might like this Hermy," Ron said.

Using just one hand to now hold himself up over her lithe frame, Ron used his free hand to snake down between their bodies. Finally finding his target, the muscular boy started to rub her extremely sensitive clitoris.

"AHHHHHH," Hermione yelled at the top of her lungs.

They were lucky that she had the presence of mind to cast the Muffliato spell before they got started or else the rest of the house surely would have found them out as the bushy haired witch had the most intense orgasm of her life. Ron had to grind his teeth together in order for himself not to cum since her pussy had clamped around his shaft like nothing he'd ever felt in his entire life.

"You're a screamer Hermione," Harry said. "It's always good to learn new things about friends."

"Oh my God that was intense," Hermione finally spoke while running her hand through her sweat-laced hair.

"Why don't you let Hermy clean you off with her talented mouth while I get a chance inside her mate," Harry asked.

"Sounds good. I need a change of pace right now or I'd be done in no time," Ron answered.

Both he and Hermione felt disappointed when his large shaft was pulled from her tight hole, but she knew that the vacancy would be filled quickly. She noticed that Ron was walking on slightly wobbling legs so she gestured for him to have a seat against the headboard, which he gladly accepted. To accommodate him, Hermione rolled off of her back so that she was now propped up on her hands and knees with her curvy ass in the air. 

Harry had already walked to the other end of the bed and climbed up onto the mattress before seeing Hermione changing positions. Doggy-style was his favorite of the sex positions, at least when he watched people having sex in naughty films he occasionally saw.

"Mind if I try out another hole back here," Harry asked while lightly dragging the tip of his spit-cocked penis over her tightly constricted asshole.

"I may be horny as hell and open to just about anything but that is one hole that is off limits to everyone, including the Chosen One," Hermione answered while looking over her shoulder.

Harry thought it was a long shot but it was always worth a try. Grabbing his penis at the base, he lowered it down another inch and pressed it into Hermione's soaking wet hole. He couldn't help but note how amazing it felt to have his member slide into a girl's pussy for the first time, the only fact making it better was that it belonged to his best friend, Hermione.

Ron was now sitting on the bed with his back resting against the wooden headboard in front of Hermione's sexy face. He knew the exact moment Harry crammed his tool into her pussy by the change in her facial expression. Biting her lip, Hermione let her head drop so that she could soak in all of the pleasure of having a long cock probe her insides and hitting all the right places. Even though she had an orgasm no more than a few minutes ago, she could already feel her body prepping itself for the next one.

"Don't think I forgot about you Ron," Hermione said.

"It still is covered in your juices from your pussy. Should I whip it off," Ron asked her.

"You do and I'll hex you," she warned him playfully.

Hermione opened her mouth and took the first 3 inches of Ron's wide penis into her mouth. Making sure to take her time and suck off ever trace of her cum, the witch bobbed up and down him until she had cleaned him off thoroughly. Motivated to take in all of his cock into her mouth, Hermione slid her lips further down his pole until the head was pressing against the back of her throat. Concentrating with all of her might, she was able to loosen her muscles in the back of her mouth and slip Ron's member into her throat so that her lips were wrapped around the very base of his cock.

As Ron was receiving the best blowjob (only blowjob to date) of his life, Harry continued to hammer into Hermione's pussy. He had started off slow, just like his mate Ron had done earlier, by just pushing an inch into the smoking hot teenager. Once he had fully immersed his entire length into her soaking wet hole, he started to increase the tempo as he withdrew before sliding back into her. With each passing minute he started to go faster until finally he was grabbing a hold of her rounded hips and slamming his penis into her with all the energy in his body.

"I'm so tasty," Hermione stated.

"Yeah and you are still so tight," Harry groaned as he felt his balls start to swell. "I'm going to cum soon."

"You and my both mate," Ron agreed as he felt Hermione's throat close in around his shaft again.

"Just make sure you let me orgasm too," she voiced up again. "I won't be very long."

As Hermione took a breath, she put back Ron's cock deep into her throat. This time it proved too much for the second youngest Weasley. He felt his body start to shutter before realizing that he was about to cum. Grabbing a handful of Hermione's long brown hair, he felt the first blast leave him and shoot down her opened throat.

"UGGHHH," Ron grunted.

His load grunt tipped Hermione off that Ron was ready to cum. Sure enough, she felt the first streak of the hot fluid smack the back of her throat and slide down. She took him out from inside her throat so that she could rest the tip of his penis on her tongue so that every drop of his semen coated the inside of her mouth. Now better able to taste his load, and Harry's relentless deep pounding into her pussy, Hermione started to experience another powerful orgasm.

"AHHH," Hermione moaned. "Oh yes...I'm cumming!"

Harry felt a sense of pride that the first time he had sex with a girl that he was able to make her orgasm. He immediately felt her wet hole get a lot snugger for his swollen member as the young witch coated his cock with her sweet juices. Unable to pump into her because she tightened up so much, Harry did one last thrust before burying his entire length inside her pink hole.

"Oh shit...oh shit....UGGHHHH," Harry groaned.

On the verge of cumming, Harry still had enough sense to know that they were having unprotected sex with a girl of fertility. Pulling out of her at the very last second, Harry was able to direct his head onto Hermione's plump ass just as the first strand shot out of him. As his entire body shock from extreme pleasure, Harry deposited his entire load all over the young witch's ass cheeks until both of her creamy white globes were covered in his thick cum.

"That...was...intense," Ron panted, slumped on the bed.

"Agreed," both Harry and Hermione agreed.

All three of the teens suddenly started to feel something deep within them. Their horniness levels seemed to immediate drop off back to where they were before Fred and George's love potion exploded in their faces nearly an hour ago. They were aware of what they did, but none of them felt regret or worried about the consequences, surely a result of the product. With a few quick spells, the three were able to clean up and get dressed in no time at all. Hermione finally took down the Muffliato spell on the door seconds before Ginny came bursting into the room

"Alright you lot. Come down and eat," she told them. As the four of them descended the stairs on their way to the kitchen Ginny asked, "So how'd you guys kill the time?"

"Had group sex," Ron smirked.

"You're gross Ronald Weasley," she sneered.

Harry and Hermione couldn't help but smirk.

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