The Honeymoon

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He couldn’t believe they we finally married! Harry and Ginny had tied the knot in a shared ceremony with his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. Now the four of them where on a honeymoon together in the Havasupai Reservation together.

After they arrived at the lodge, and put their packs in their rooms, Ron asked Harry aside “Can we speak privately?”

“Sure. Ginny and Hermione, do you mind?” asked Harry.

“Not at all. We have some stuff to talk about anyway” said Hermione.

After they left, Ron said “I have a problem.”

“What is it?”

“You remember the night in our third year at Hogwarts, when Professor Lupin turned into a werewolf right in front of us?”

“How can I forget.”

“That night I got cursed.”


“After he turned – you know, into a werewolf – my left hand accidently brushed up against his right ball. Now I can only get a boner during a full moon. I could hide it from Hermione before we got married, but now, I don’t think I can, or want to.”

“Is there a cure?” asked Harry.

“Yes,” responded Ron, “but I must ask your help. You might not like it.”

“I’d do anything for you, Ron. You know that.”

Ron fetched his pack, pulled out an ancient and worn out book entitled “Magical Sexual Disfigurments and ailments”, plopped it on the table saying “I found the proper counter-curse here. Don’t tell Hermione that I borrowed her book.”

He turned to a page about half way through the book that was titled “Were-weiner”. Ron started reaing, “It says here that, on a full moon, I have to suck the dick of a friend, eat half his cum, and have him lick half his cum off my dick and balls. Then I have have my friend eat my cum, while saying the short incantation Erectus Regulorum.”

“I have to lick my own cum? Off of your dick?” Harry asked, not sounding too sure about it.

“Yes. What would you do if you where in my place?” pleaded Ron.

“I would probably do the same thing.” said Harry, “But, I did say I would do anything for you Ron. The moon is full right now, isn’t it?”

Ron took a step closer to Harry. “Yes, it is.”

Harry looked at his Ron, and relalized that he was going to like this. He wanted Ron’s cock inside him, wanted to taste another man’s cum, and Ron was looking rather good right now. He leaned over and kissed Ron. “Believe it or not, I’ve been wanting this for a while, now. I’ve didn’t know how to ask.”

Ron kissed Harry back “Same.”

Harry and Ron both took off their shirts.

Ron undid Harry’s belt and fly, and Harry’s pants fell to the floor. Ron could see his erection growing beneath his underwear. His hand caressed his member through the fabric. “Feels like you really want to do this.”

Harry kissed Ron some more, and said “You should see it too,” and dropped his underwear.

As Ron continued massaging Harry’s dick, he said “Mine’s bigger!”

“Let’s see!” Harry said as he took off Ron’s pants, and underwear. “Wow! That’s huge!”

Harry reached down and started rubbing Ron’s hard cock.

They massaged each other’s cocks for a while until Ron pushed Harry onto the bed, and exclaimed, “I need your cum!”, and bent down, ready to put Harry’s cock in his mouth.

“Wait!”, Harry said as he reached for his wand. Harry pointed his wand at his dick, and said “Produsious Prodigium Ejaculum.”

“Does that do what I think it does?”


“Good.” said Ron as he ran his tounge up Harry’s shaft from his balls to the tip.

Harry moaned.

Ron took his wand out and pointed it at Harry’s erection. “Egorgio”. Harrys cock grew even larger. Ron smiled, put his wand down, and took Harry’s extra large dick into his mouth. Even though it was Ron’s first time sucking dick, he was able to his the entire shaft down his throat, and licked Harry’s balls.

Between Harry’s moans, he was able to ask “How are doing that? Are you sure this is your first time?”

Ron came off of Harry long enough to say “I payed attention when Hermione was learning to do this to me the couple times we fucked.”

Ron repositioned himself so that his penis was above Harry’s mouth. Harry reached up, grabbed his friends dick, and deep throated him. He coulnd’t go as deep has Ron, but could feel Ron enjoying himself. While going up and down Ron’s shaft, Harry cupped Ron dangling balls, and played with them. He could feel Ron groan onto his dick.

Soon, he could sense that Ron was about to come, let go of his balls, and stopped sucking.

“Don’t be such a jerk.” Ron said.

“According to the spell, I have to come first, don’t I?”

“That’s right.” Ron said as he licked Harry’s dick, put it back in his mouth, moving it first, and working Harry’s balls. Eventually, Harry couldn’t stand it any more, yelling out “I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!” Ron’s mouth filled with salty cum. He swallowed as much as he could, be it was coming fast and in large amounts, and as much went down his throat as spilled out of the corners of his mouth. Soon, Harry pulled out, spraying his seed all over Ron’s face. Harry moved to position his dick over Ron’s dick, and kept cumming.

When Harry finally stopped, Ron’s face, dick, and balls were completely covered in Harry’s warm sticky jizz.

“Wow!” said Ron, “Your cum feels good. Produsious Prodigium Ejaculum really works. I’ll have to give it a try when fucking Hermione.”

“I can say that Ginny likes it.”

“I’d prefer not talking about my sister having sex, alright? Besides, I’m enjoying myself with you.”

“Right. I can’t believe that I am happy to get to lick my jizz off your dick.” Harry said as he bent over Ron still erect penis. Harry ran his tongue and lips all over Ron’s balls and cock. Between Ron’s moans, he said the incantation from the book.

Once all the jizz was gone from Ron’s groin, Harry moved to Ron’s face, and licked up every last bit, while giving Ron a hand job. Ron pointed his wand, said “Produsious Prodigium Ejaculum,” and pushed Harry down to his dick. Harry put it in his mouth just as his friend started ejaculating. Harry tried to swallow as much as he could, but more came out than went down his throat. Ron pulled out, and sprayed his jizz all over Harry’s face, dick and balls. Just as Harry had done, Ron licked up every last bit, followed by the final incantation from the book.

“I hope this works.” said Ron.

“If it didn’t, I want to try it again for the next full moon.” Harry grinned and Ron.

“I think we should do it again too.”

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