The Dracken Prince

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, the universe, or anything you recognize here. My take on Drackens should be unique, but it is also a borrowed concept. I make no money from this, and do not endorse anything you may see herein.

Severus knocked on the door and didn’t get a response. Since this was odd for his son, he tried the door and it opened easily.


Harry was laying on the bed, still covered, but moaning lightly and shaking like a cruciatus victim.


Severus walked up to him and placed a hand on his forehead. It was hot, and dry. No sweat. Either he was suffering from heat stroke or he was coming into a Dracken inheritance after all, a year early, as Luna had implied.


Harry turned onto his side, facing away from Severus, and curled in on himself, the blanket slipping down to pool around his hips.


Severus sighed when he saw his back. There were bright green scales running in two straight lines right between his shoulder blades, and the skin was starting to rend where the wing tips were tearing their way out.


So, inheritance it was, but what had triggered it early?


Severus bent near to Harry’s ear. “I know what this is. You’ll be fine. However, I need to get someone, so you do not damage the house when the transformation is over by going to find him, through whatever wall he is nearest.” He told the boy quietly.


Harry didn’t seem to rouse, or, indeed, hear him at all, and Severus left the room, heading for the receiving room. He firecalled Riddle Manor.


Mulciber answered. “What, Severus?”


Severus frowned. “Is Our Lord there right now?” He asked.


Mulciber shook his head. “No, he felt something strange. He left to follow it. Why?”


“Then he will be here soon. Never mind, you will find out later.” Severus said, then cut the connection.


He turned and the Dark Lord was standing right behind him.


“Where is he?” He demanded.


Severus nodded. “Come with me.” He said, striding back up the stairs and to Harry’s room, ignoring the fact that the Dark Lord had somehow Apparated through his Wards without alerting him. That could be dangerous.  


They got into the bedroom, and found Harry crouched on the floor, mid-transformation. He was conscious now, but seemed unaware of their presence. He had grown large green wings already, and his feet and hands had started to grow claws.


“This is progressing rather faster than I had expected.” Severus said. “He has a six foot wingspan. Impressive.”


The Dark Lord rushed in, bypassing the Wards and proving he could get past the blood Wards, and knelt next to the boy. “It will go fast. The transformation goes faster with his mate near. It won’t make it any easier, just faster. He can draw magic from me, and this is a very magically draining transformation.” He said, laying a hand on Harry’s back, between the wings.


Severus sighed and sat down on the floor, several feet away from where he assumed Harry’s form would be once he was fully transformed.


Harry screamed as bones and muscles started shifting, scales sprouting all over his body as he fully transformed, ripping his clothing into shreds.


It took only ten minutes, but for Severus, it felt like an eternity of listening to his son’s pain.


Once the transformation was finished, Severus stood. “Will he be alright?” He asked as Harry’s now emerald-green eyes fell on his Lord.


“Yes.” Tom said, sitting on the floor as Harry curled around him. “He will be fine. We will need time to be alone. He needs to calm, and he will, but it will go faster if I am the only one with him.”


Harry huffed at Severus, and steam came out of his nostrils. Then he growled in warning, baring large, dangerous teeth.


“Oh, don’t give me that sass, young man. I will leave you two alone. I will be back in an hour or so.” He said, getting up.


“He should be back to normal by then. If not, he will at least have regained his human mind. Right now, he is off-balance and nearly all dragon. It will ease with time.” The Dark Lord said.


Severus walked to the door. “Don’t do anything you know I would not approve of.” He warned.


Tom gave him a droll stare. “Have sex with a dragon? I think not.” He said.


Severus smirked and left the room, leaving the two alone for a while.


Tom sighed and ran his hand over the small green dragon. He wasn’t quite full-grown, but he was still an impressive size. “You’re lovely, even like this.” He murmured. “My beautiful Prince.”


Harry rumbled happily and laid his head in Tom’s lap, letting the man pet his head and soothe him.


Tom smiled. “We will have to bond before you go back to school, you know that, right? We are on a time limit now.” He said.


Harry tensed and growled lowly.


Tom hummed. “I know, we need to be careful. We will find a way. I will not hurt you, but the bond must be secure before you can be safe away from me, no matter how meagre the distance. The mental aspect will take time to form. It cannot until we are intimate.”


‘Don’t be so sure.’ Harry’s voice sounded in Tom’s mind.


The man froze and met the dragon’s eyes. ‘This shouldn’t yet be possible. How?’ He thought, and tried to think it at Harry when it didn’t receive a response right away.


The dragon huffed in amusement, and Tom realised he had to intentionally send thoughts, but still, that was more than most new mates could do before bonding. ‘I’m always special, you should know that by now.’ He gave his mate a draconic grin. ‘Besides, Horcrux, remember?’


Tom smiled, relaxing against Harry’s side. “Oh, yes.” He murmured. “That.”


Harry huffed again. ‘Yes. That.’ He agreed in amusement.


“Even so, we still should bond soon. If you came into your inheritance early, there was a reason, and you will likely need the power boost only a secure bond can give you, and soon. I’d rather you not go back to school—into possible danger—without a fully-realised bond.” Tom told him.


‘You do realise that for our first time, I will need to top, right?’ Harry asked through the immature bond.


The Dark Lord stiffened. “Is that really necessary?” He asked warily.


‘Non-negotiable. I may be willing to let you top the majority of the time, but for a Dracken, the first bonding only goes one way.’ Harry told him firmly.


Tom sighed. “I suppose if it must be that way, I can oblige.”


‘That sounded reluctant. Don’t you want me?’ Harry asked, amused.


Tom remained silent, not answering but for the faint hints of pink that appeared on both cheeks. It was hardly noticeable, but Harry’s superior vision picked up the slight change.


‘What’s that? A blush?’ Harry asked, incredulous. He moved forward and got a better look, up close. ‘You’re blushing! Why? You talk about sex without batting an eyelash most of the time!’


“To be fair,” Tom began in an irritated tone, “Most of the time, I am talking about myself taking you. As for the other way around... There has been no one.” He finished quietly.


‘As it should be.’ Harry said with finality. ‘You are mine, and mine alone.’


A clearing of the throat was heard, followed by, “Yes, well.”


Then they lapsed into a content silence that lasted twenty minutes before there was a knock at the door.


“You may come in.” Tom said.


Harry growled softly in discontent. The growl tapered off into a huff as Tom smacked his nose gently. Harry turned an incredulous look on the man for the brazen act. “Hush. He needs to make sure you are okay.”


“Can you change back yet, Harrison?” Severus asked, coming into the room.


‘Do I have to?’ He whined, looking at Tom.


Tom smiled. “Yes, you have to.” He said in amusement.


The dragon huffed again and moved a few feet away from his mate, then began shifting, and within moments, a naked sixteen-year-old was standing in its place. “Shit!” Harry covered himself, blushing.


Severus covered his eyes, then glanced over to find Tom blatantly ogling his son, walked over, and covered his eyes, as well.


There was the sound of the wardrobe opening, some quick rustling, and then a door closing as Harry ducked into his bathroom to dress.


“Don’t look at him while he's naked, what’s wrong with you?!” Severus snapped after uncovering both of their eyes.


Tom grinned. “You act like it’s the first time I’ve seen him naked.” He said in amusement.


Severus saw red. “WHAT?!” He roared.


Harry opened the door and peered out long enough to tell Tom, “As far as he knows, that was the first time!” before closing it again.


Tom's grin faltered. “Oh.”


Severus was shaking in rage. He turned to the bathroom door. “As soon as you come out, you will join us in the blue parlour!” He grabbed Tom by the front of his robes and snarled, “Come on, before I decide to flay you alive without hearing your excuses!”


Tom sighed and let his former servant manhandle him around. At least the only witness to this indignity was on his side.




Harry walked into the parlour to stony silence and a very nervous-looking Tom and his irate father sitting at opposite sides of the couch. He sat in between the two, gingerly. His whole body ached, and he wanted to lean into one of them for strength, but neither option seemed very safe at the moment.


“Explain.” Severus bit out, not looking at either of them, instead choosing to stare moodily ahead.


Both opened their mouths, then Tom nodded to Harry, giving him the floor. ‘Coward.’ Harry sent through the mind link, earning him a disgruntled look.


“Well, Dad, it’s been almost two years.” Harry said tentatively.


Severus growled.


“Listen, I have hormones right now, and I wanted to do something! We haven’t had sex yet, I would have told you first, but we've done... Stuff. Naked stuff. Do you need details, or is that enough information about my sex life?” He asked a bit peevishly.


Severus sighed, burying his face in his hands. “Were you ever scared?” He asked, voice muffled. He sounded like that would be the worst possible thing for Harry to have felt.


Harry blushed. “Um, nervous. The first few times. But not scared. I trust Tom. He's gentle with me.” He explained.


Severus raised his head and glared past Harry, at Tom. “What do you have to say for yourself?!” He snapped.


Tom met his gaze unflinchingly. “Your son is an incubus.” Was his only response.


Harry groaned and buried his face in his hands.


“I tried to get him to wait, but he kept pushing. I'm not a saint. When he started taking his clothes off, I’m not ashamed to say I cracked under the pressure. I told him that actual sex would wait until he inherited, at least.” He said calmly.


Severus sneered. “How very noble of you.”


Tom shot him a glare. “I think so, considering my first time with him is going to be my first time ever being the bottom!” He snapped.


Severus looked stunned. “Really?” He asked. “I thought he would be submissive to you.”


Harry flushed. “Dracken. Has to be that way the first time, or the bond won't take.” He explained.


Severus looked mollified. “Good.” He finally said. “When and where?” He asked, all business.


Harry and Tom locked eyes, then both spoke at once.




“My home.”


“Tom, I want to do it somewhere I feel safe. Where there aren’t Death Eaters roaming around all the time.” Harry said.


“Well, then, both places are out.” Tom said lightly.


“Tom...” Harry said warningly.


Tom quirked a brow at him. “Your father is a Death Eater, Harrison.”


“He's my dad first!” Harry spat. “I’m doing this here. With or without you, that’s your choice!”


“What do you mean, ‘without me’? You can’t bond to yourself.” Tom said.


Harry sighed. “I didn’t want to bring this up, but Drackens have multiple options. I can pick Neville, Draco or Theo if you don’t work out, and I have no problem insinuating myself into the middle of an established relationship. I get along well with all possibly involved parties, so it wouldn’t be a hardship for me.”


Tom went very still. “You won't.” He said, voice cold.


“I hope I don’t have to.” Harry answered calmly. “Here.” He repeated, then added, “In a week.”


Tom sighed. “Very well.”


Severus nodded. “Fine. Use silencing charms. And for Merlin's sake, do not do this early!” He said, getting up and leaving the room, muttering, “I need a stiff drink. Drinks. I need several stiff drinks.”


Harry snorted once he was out of earshot. “That went well.” He said sarcastically, then turned to Tom. “’Your son is an incubus?’”


Tom shrugged. “You are. Don’t deny it.”


Harry smiled, leaning into his side. “Your incubus.” He said happily.


Tom wrapped an arm around his waist and pressed a kiss to his head. “Always and forever.” He agreed.




Harry wandered down to the parlour, finding Severus there, already immersed in a book. He sat in the free chair and waited for the man to acknowledge him.


Finally, Severus looked up. “Yes?”


“Do you have a moment?” Harry asked, fidgeting.


“For my son? Always. What do you need?” He asked, setting the book aside.


Harry noticed that it was one of the Dracken journals, and took a deep breath. “I wanted to talk about… What…” He paused and considered that what he had been about to say, ‘What Tom and I are going to do,’ sounded like he wasn’t truly ready. That was not the image he wanted to present right now. He was ready, if a little nervous. “About sex.” He amended.


Severus’ interest sharpened. “Alright.” He said, letting Harry steer the conversation.


Harry cleared his throat. “I’ve been reading about it, and there are some things I found a little confusing. I figure you’ll know, since you have experience with men.” He added.


“Go on.” Severus encouraged.


“I read about stretching, and all that seems pretty self-explanatory, but what am I looking for when I try to find the prostate? I know it feels good when it gets touched, but what does it feel like? How will I know I’ve found it?” Harry asked, worried.


Severus chuckled softly. “Of all the times I have imagined this conversation, I never imagined it would go this way. I rather figured it would be the other way around.” He mused. Then he sobered. “It is an almond-shaped gland. It will feel like a raised area, and you will know you have found it by Tom’s reaction. I don’t imagine he’s ever felt it being stimulated before, as he is not one given to self-pleasure and has admitted to never bottoming before, so his reaction will probably be quite intense. It is an indescribable feeling. Keep in mind, though, that once you find it, you must be careful not to stimulate it too much, or things will be over rather quickly. Stretch him without touching it except enough to keep him interested and relaxed. Anything more and you risk him coming untouched, and he will not be able to orgasm again for at least an hour, I imagine, at his age. Perhaps longer, I’m not sure how potent the potion I made him was, exactly.”


Harry made a face. “There you go again, reminding me of his age.”


Severus chuckled. “Once you bond with him, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. The bond will reverse any of the effects of aging on his body and organs. For all intents and purposes, he will be back to his mid-twenties in truth.” He revealed. “That’s why Drackens that bond with significantly older persons do not lose their mates early. It won’t be noticeable to you, but he will feel the effects. Keenly. He may not say anything, but his stamina and recovery time will be impacted positively, and, though I don’t like to admit it, he will want you often. Libido between Dracken pairs is generally high. This is difficult for me, so listen, because I will only say this once: Indulge that libido. Sex will strengthen the bond, so if you are craving it, you need it. Don’t ignore your body’s signs.”


Harry smiled. “That must have been physically painful.” He quipped.


Severus glowered at him. “Get out of here, brat.” He said. Harry laughed and left the room.


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