Too much potion

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# Harry and Ginny aren't together. Ron and Hermione are.

# This Party/orgy most likely won't play any role besides being an initial setting.

"Haven't you had enough?" asked Ron smirking, pointing at Seamus' hard cock that bobbed at each step.

It was after two in the morning and four of them, because Dean hasn't returned to Hogwarts, were returning back to their room in various state of undress and a bit tipsy; Seamus was the only one who was completely naked, not in the slightest concerned with that as he always has been - throughout the years when he was caught wanking, it was the other party that felt flustered instead of him.

"That's because I'm on virility potion and easily could've gone another one-two times. But nooo... It's late and bla-bla-bla..." Seamus said, finishing in mocking girlish voice, no doubt trying to sound like THE authority in Gryffindor - this year's Head Girl of Hogwarts - Hermione. Even with her tits on full display she had no problem making them listen to her this year.

"No, it's because you drank too much of it," said Harry. "It is stated on the label not to drink more than -"

"Ah, that's just a suggested dose," said Seamus dismissively.

"Well, then go about now with your suggested dose..." replied Harry smirking.

For Harry and Ron this "Party", as everyone who knew about it called it, was a big revelation, it was an old tradition in the last year between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw; the other two were enjoying it for their second last year, though it wasn't as wild last year for obvious reasons. Funnily enough Hermione did know about it since her sixth year. After all, to hold the tradition going somebody had to be brought in earlier, which was Hermione and one Ravenclaw.

At Gryffindor tower there was a smaller common room accessible only for the students on their last year besides a few exceptions. It was known to be a refuge for the hard working students who wanted to get away from pestering others and study for their NEWTs. And obviously nobody below seventh-years knew about what happened in there besides studies on some dedicated days.

Now nobody even knew when the Party became what it was now. Every Friday at around 9 at night a queue of willing Ravenclaws was smuggled in while disillusioned. It rarely took more than 30 minutes before somebody got naked.

All four of them were too lazy for a shower as always on such days, so the most sober of them - Neville, as usual, cast on each a simple cleaning charm.

Seamus was about to put on his pyjama-bottoms and looked at himself - he still had an erection that didn't look like going anywhere.

"Harry," said Seamus standing up, "you've been lapping up cum off Hermione as if it were honey. If you liked it so much, want some straight from the source? I'm sure it won't take long."

Harry froze and his cheeks reddened, hardly believing what he just heard as he stared at fully naked Seamus standing before him in the dim light.

Everybody got still, waiting for the response, expecting to laugh it off most likely. But Seamus just stepped closer to Harry. "So?" Seamus gently stroked the side of Harry's face with his knuckles and shuffled even closer, holding his hefty cock in his hand as its tip was now mere inches from his face. "Wanna?"

Harry made an attempt to answer, but words got stuck in his throat. Seamus misconstrued Harry's half-open mouth and gently pushed the tip of his cock against Harry's parted lips.

Harry shuddered at that and his jaw widened as if on its own. Seamus without hesitation slipped his cock forward, feeling as it softly grazed on the parting teeth. A second later Harry's lips made a tight seal just where the spongy head ended. His mouth, without any conscious thought from him, as if by instinct alone, began working slowly - cheeks hollowed a bit as he began to suck.

It took Harry another few seconds to finally realize what he was actually doing as he slowly bobbed his head back and forth and right at that moment Seamus said triumphantly, "I knew it!" Harry raised his eyes at that, looking up as a guilty puppy, his lips gliding over the throbbing organ non-stop.

Harry had no doubt that his other roommates were staring at him with shocked eyes, even though he didn't dare to look sideways to make sure. The question about pulling away wasn't even there, he was just unable to stop as if being compelled; alcohol still coursing through his veins surely was partially to blame. But mostly - what was the point of stopping midway if most damning thing - having Seamus' cock in his mouth - has already happened? So Harry went on.

Real cock, Seamus' actual cock, was in his mouth. Nothing in this night full of sex with witches suggested that it will end like this. Just an hour ago while getting a handy he was wistfully watching as one witch from Ravenclaw, who was known for her love of blowjobs, was giving one to her housemate. Harry liked to imagine himself as her in particular because of the incredibly sexy way she approached it.

An audible sigh from above spurred Harry on. Harry wanted to grab the shaft, but something was stopping him, as if doing it would finalize the fact that he was indeed giving a blowjob.

"Can you take it deeper?" asked Seamus. Harry knew that he could - he never had a real cock in his mouth before today, but he practiced with a dildo religiously in hopes of some day to get an opportunity similar to this, at least that was the reason he justified it to himself at the start. Not getting a clear indication of an answer Seamus added, "Mind trying?"

Harry shook his head hesitantly this time and Seamus pushed forward immediately, but slowly, making Harry's throat glurk as the cockhead hit the back of his mouth. Just as Harry realized how incredibly embarrassing it sounded, Seamus already pulled a little back and then again made Harry produce this distinct glurking sound. Then again. And again.

Harry didn't remember putting his hands on Seamus' hips, but caught himself squeezing them a little as Seamus with slow thrusts pushed his not-so-small cock deeper and deeper into his throat.

"What a good boy you are..." said Seamus, combing through Harry's hair as he was giving Harry a little respite.

Harry once again was able to look up, meeting Seamus' eyes he slowly munched on the cockhead, stroking its underside with his tongue. But soon Seamus again pushed with his hand on the back of Harry's head.

Seamus' cock was very similar to the dildo he practiced with, and it wasn't a coincidence, but it didn't bend as readily despite being much less rigid than it was at the night's beginning. Still, Harry took it without a hint of complaining even in his own thoughts as Seamus was slowly thrusting.

Harry has been imagining similar situations so often, and now it was finally happening, he was ecstatic. The presence of his other roommates was already forgotten. All that mattered was this throbbing mass sliding over his tongue.

Seamus still was going quite slowly, as if testing the waters.

Harry's eyes rolled back as his nose got pressed into the pubic area for the first time. Harry made swallowing motions, massaging the cock and easing it for himself.

"Merlin, you look so cute with my cock in your mouth." Harry's cheeks again flushed crimson. "I'll fuck your mouth for a bit now, okay?" Harry nodded, his cheeks blazing from the wording, which only made Seamus smile widely.

Seamus put his second hand over the back of his head and started to thrust slowly. It wasn't much different from what he was doing for previous few minutes, maybe a bit more energetic. Harry liked how careful Seamus was; he always hated having his hair pulled even a little, it always reminded him of his "loving" relatives.

Soon there thrusts became faster, but Seamus still was giving him enough breathing time. Harry liked being manhandled like this.

"Merlin... Almost there," he mumbled as his movement became more erratic.

Seamus didn't hold through more than a dozen of strokes as he pulled back just a moment before the first spurt of semen hit the back of Harry's mouth. Harry felt as the pungent taste enveloped his tongue as a few more feeble spurts of cum splashed right on it.

Seamus sighed deeply. "As promised - straight from the source..."

Harry has seen Seamus ask this of witches, so he opened his mouth and titled his head back. He didn't dare to pull out his tongue fearing that some might escape, it wasn't much, considering that Seamus came a number of times today, but still Harry relished in it - the first semen that he worked for before tasting it. It didn't occurred to Harry that in this light Seamus wasn't able to see it at all. Harry gulped, swallowing the meager load.

"Merlin, Harry, this was brilliant!"

Harry stopped gripping Seamus' hips as he stepped back, and that made Harry finally remember where he was and that they weren't alone.

Neville and Ron had almost the exact same thought - "WTF" as Harry got up from his bed and without meeting anyone's eyes hurried to the bathroom with an evident tent in his pyjama-bottoms.

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