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Ron was sitting alone in his bedroom waiting for someone to walk in. When he finally heard footsteps, he stood up quickly and stared at the door as Ginny stood in the doorway for a moment before she walked in.

Ron spoke in a low whisper, "Well, come over here already. I've been waiting for hours." Ginny slowly walked up to Ron. He quickly grabbed her in his arms and started to kiss her passionately. He could feel himself starting to get aroused, so he pressed himself against her to let her know what was about to happen. Ginny pulled her lips away from his and stood there for a moment. Ron waited with an expression full of confusion, and then he gently asked her, "What's wrong, Ginny, I thought that we weren't going to fight this anymore?"

Ginny's face looked sad as she replied, "Ron, I don't know how to tell you this but..." She stopped for a moment to wipe a tear from her eye, "Ron, I'm pregnant."

Ron woke from his dream and sat up quickly in his bed before shouting, "Bloody hell! What was that all about?" He was covered in sweat and was very confused. He pulled the bed covers off himself and looked around his bedroom. There was no one there. He sat in his bed alone as he noticed the morning sun starting to shine through the curtains.

He lay back down with a thud, covered his face with the pillow, and thanked Merlin that it was only a dream.

* * * * * * * * * * *

By this time in the morning, Hermione was already at work and ready to start her day. She worked in a wizarding office. She started immediately after school ended and she had been there for about four years now. She was on her way to her office when she bumped into someone. She turned to apologize, then saw exactly whom she ran into.
"Oh, Malfoy, I'm sorry I just..."

Before she could even finish her sentence, he cut in, "It's fine. Just be more careful next time."

"All right, I will." As she continued to walk away, she heard his voice from behind her say.
"I'm still coming by this afternoon for our usual discussion, right?"

She didn't stop walking; she just turned her head a little and shouted over her shoulder, "Yes, of course! I'll see you then."

Draco Malfoy also worked at the same office, but he had only been there for about three years now. Throughout the time they had worked together, they had become pretty good acquaintances - almost friends, but neither would admit it.


Hermione was finally on her lunch break. She was of course, reading a large book while waiting for Malfoy to show up for their usual once a week discussion. For the past few months, they had been meeting up regularly to discuss the war. They were both a bit emotionally scarred about everything that had happened during their school years and they had found that talking about it with each other helped enormously to resolve their past issues. While having these meetings, Hermione could finally see the true Draco Malfoy and she found herself thinking he was quite nice to be around as long as he wasn't in a foul mood, which tended to happen every now and then, especially when he had to talk about his father. Apparently, they didn't get along at all, which surprised everyone.

When Draco walked into her office, he smiled slightly to himself when he saw her reading.

"Nose stuck in a book, as always."

Hermione glanced up and gave him a look as he walked over to an extra chair in the office. She put her book down and turned her chair over toward his. They began their conversation slowly and by the end, they were both speaking very animatedly. They were almost arguing, but they were both on the same side.

Hermione glanced down at her watch and gasped, "Oh no! My break is over! I should have been back to work five minutes ago!"

Draco looked at her as she moved her chair back and pulled out some paperwork that she had been working on. He smirked and stood up to leave, but before he reached the door, he turned to her and said, "You know, five minutes isn't really that big of a deal. We were having a nice conversation."

Hermione stared at him for a moment before she replied, "Yes, it is a big deal! Work is very important to me and I have responsibilities."

Draco took a couple steps forward and cleared his throat. "You're more important than your work, you need to get out and do something fun every now and then."

"I do fun stuff all the time..."

Draco cut her off before she could finish the sentence, "Reading doesn't count."

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