Christmas at the Burrow

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Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. Unless real life interferes, weekly updates. No money is made or asked for.

Kings Cross Railway Station

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. Unless real life interferes, weekly updates. No money is made or asked for.

“Speaking/Talking” ‘Thoughts/Pondered’ "SHOUTING/SCREAMING/YELLING"

A/N: I know things are out of order. Events and timing have been changed for the sake of the story.

Fred & George Weasley – 16

Hermione Granger - 15  

Harry Potter - 14

Ginny Weasley - 13

Going back to London

Saturday, Dec 19th 1994

The last day of term was yesterday and there were enough students, including Hermione, who had no interest in staying an extra week for the Yule ball on Christmas Day. Viktor Krum asked Hermione. He was so full of himself he acted like she had no choice but to say yes so Hermione said no. She already planned to ride back to London with her boyfriends anyway.

A disappointed Headmaster Dumbledore had to ask the Hogwarts Express to run a ‘short’ train of fewer carriages down to London. Harry was supposed to stay but with so many witches stalking him with the goal of being the Boy-Who-Lived’s date, Harry hid and stowed away on the train at the last minute with help from his friends.

For most of the train ride back to London the twins spent the trip plotting pranks for next term. So Hermione spent the time in the same compartment reading playwitch, for the articles, of course. After the twins finished their plotting mischief Hermione was able to snuggle between her boyfriends.

Harry and Ginny were hidden away in their compartment until it was time to disembark.


Thursday Night, Dec 10th 1994

Hermione planned to help Harry solve the golden egg clue in the Prefects’ Bath but Ginny beat her to it. Later they came back, Harry had a goofy grin and Ginny was all together too smug.

Once up in the fourth year girls’ dorm Hermione asked, “Did you…?”

“No,” Ginny said, disappointed, “but he knows I’m a girl. You have no idea how hard it was to convince Harry that I take a bath in the skinny.”

“It’s Harry… From your expression downstairs he came around.” Hermione had a sad smile. Harry was Ginny’s.

Ginny noticed Hermione’s fleeting expression, “You know, Hermione, I know Ron and Harry are your friends but as your friend if you’re looking for a relationship with a boy who's as smart as you I’d suggest either Fred or George.”

“The twins?” Hermione was surprised by the suggestion.

“Sure, you don’t think those prank items make themselves do you?” Ginny asked, “The potions they use are way above what’s taught in Hogwarts. If fact it’s a safe bet they invented a lot of those potions. They need someone levelheaded to pull them back to earth so to speak.”

Hermione did think about it. Ginny was right. Their joking and play-acting aside the twins were actually very intelligent. They had to be in order to create, plan and execute their pranks. Now that Hermione silently agreed they had boyfriend potential she had to decide which one? How to tell them apart? Hermione did not believe identical twins were completely identical. In order to keep them from pranking her by taking turns screwing her. The difference might be hidden under their clothes, one way to find out.

After Lavender and Parvati were asleep and the common room was empty Hermione quietly climbed the stairs to the sixth year boys’ dorm room in her nightshirt.

She winced when the door’s hinges groaned and two wands were pointed at her.

“And what do we have here brother of mine?”

“Either a ghost in a nightgown or Little Miss Future Perfect Prefect is here to tell us off…”

“… Too true, too true… although…”

“… Although what?”

The twin cast the lumos spell* and aimed the beam of light on Hermione. “Lee is going to be sorry he’s away tonight…”

“… No he won’t. Tonight it’s Angelina’s turn.”

“So he really is doing all three?”

“In rotation in The Room with the other two watching until it’s their turn…”

“… Lucky bastard…” There was no heat in his voice just an envious acknowledgement.

From what Hermione heard these two were available and they were teenage boys…

The twin on Hermione’s left smirked before he stood and walked over. He wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist bunching and pulling her night dress above her knees. She gulped but reasoned this is what she came up here for. Hermione tried to relax and let him pull her to him. She wasn’t going to see if the identical twins were not so identical if she could not get them out of their clothes. To do that, she had to play along and lose her clothes also.

The other brother lit only one of the magical wall torches to give the room a dim light. It’s not like they were going to be reading or anything. Now they had light he put away his wand.

The twin who held Hermione inched her night shirt up her thighs. The other twin stripped off his pajamas.

Hermione held the bottom hem of her night shirt down, “Alright I need to know who’s who.” Hermione poked the twin holding her, “Name?”

“She’s got us, brother of mine.”

The boy holding Hermione said, “Forge.”

“Gred,” said the other and walked over so he could knead her perfectly round butt now that Forge had raised Hermione’s night shirt to her ribs. He stopped fondling Hermione’s ass so Gred could get out of hid identical PJs as fast as he could.

Now both boys were naked Hermione quickly helped the boys pull off her night shirt. Strangely, she was not embarrassed to be naked with the naked twins. It was kind of exhilarating. Having a naked snog and probably more was such a turn on.

Gred led her to one of the beds.

Hermione surprised them both by sitting on the edge of the bed so she could closely examine the cock and balls of both boys. They both had nice kits. Unfortunately for her they both looked the same. These were the first real male bits had ever seen that were not pictures or drawings. Hermione reached out for a hand to hold each penis. They were both soft but rigid she read the penis had to be stiff to penetrate her. Hermione had read all the books she could find, even the underlined parts of her mother’s secret stash of bodice-rippers. That didn’t compare, Hermione lightly squeezed the two real cocks in her hands. She started to feel warm, very warm in the pit of her stomach or lower. She wasn’t sure; she never had such a strong feeling from fingering herself. The two boys gently pried her hands from around their dicks and laid her down on the bed.

One boy, Hermione thought it was Fred, climbed on top of her but stayed on his hands and knees his dick pointing down at Hermione’s face. She lifted her head up a bit so her tongue could lick the tip of his cock. He groaned in frustration when she lowered her head to rest her on the pillow.

George? He spread Hermione’s legs apart so he could line up before he slowly pressed the head of his cock against the outer lips of her virgin cunt.

When Fred saw Hermione’s mouth open from his brother’s sinking his cock deeper in her he slowly lowered himself so his erect penis was in Hermione’s open mouth. She made a wordless noise when she sucked cock for the first time. The salty precum from Fred’s cock didn’t taste like she thought it would. After a short time, he started to move up and down sliding in Hermione’s mouth. She accidently bit Fred when George’s penetrating meat rod ripped through Hermione’s hymen. With a mouthful of cock she couldn’t tell George to take it easy and he pounded her over and over. To hurry this to end before she was hurt too bad Hermione increased the tongue work on and around Fred’s cock. This was harder than she thought it would be because the penis was up and down too fast for her to try any tongue action. ‘This blowjob stuff is harder than it looks,’ Hermione thought, her lips tight around the biggest, and only, cock she ever sucked.

Then Fred climaxed and the white cum from his penis caused Hermione's cheeks to bulge with more and more being pumped out until Hermione was forced to swallow some of the thick cream. There was too much and Hermione was forced to open her mouth and turn her head. The creamy cum spilled from her mouth on the pillow, the bed sheet, her face and in her hair. While this was happening Hermione had her first ever real sex orgasm.

George was thrusting faster and faster in Hermione as he could feel his orgasm building. Then when Hermione’s orgasm exploded, her body thrashed all over the place, it was enough to put George over the top and he started pumping his Weasley seed in Hermione.

“Ohhhh,” Hermione groaned. It hurt so good. ‘I can get used to this,’ she thought.

And she did. Now both boys were Hermione’s fucking boyfriends.

End Flashback

Saturday, Dec 19th 1994

Kings Cross Railway Station

The Hogwarts Express would pull into Kings Cross Railway Station in a few so it was time for Hermione, George and Fred to get dressed. Playtime was over.

Molly and Arthur met Ron, Ginny, the twins and Hermione in the magical side of Kings Cross Railway Station. They were surprised to see Harry but welcomed him anyway. Molly thought she should report Harry Potter was here instead of school to Dumbledore until she saw Ginny holding his hand.

There was bedlam when everyone realized nobody collected their trunks from the luggage carriage. The twins and Ron were ordered to gather them up and bring them back.

When Ron complained why he had to go one twin asked, “You like purple hair…?”

“… All your hair, even down there,” The other finished.

The three were still arguing when the Hogwarts Express left the station to go wherever it goes between its trips to and from the school.

“Um, no thanks,” and Ron ran to hide behind Molly. He didn’t want purple hair anywhere.

“NOW SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” The Fred and George pointed fingers at each other.

Hermione face palmed. Then she had a wicked idea. “Mrs. and Mr. Weasley why don’t you take Ron, Ginny and Harry back to the Burrow. Fred and George can help me get this sorted out and we floo with the luggage back to the Burrow later.”

“Later?” Molly asked suspiciously, she was the mother of 7 children and 2 of them were twin troublemakers. Her mischief potential warning bell was ringing.

Hermione made her best innocent smile. “I promise to keep them with me all the time. I won’t let them wander off getting into who knows who… er… what. Once we locate the luggage and set them aside for collection later I thought we would explore.”

The twins looked interested.

Arthur brightened, “That’s right! It is all muggles on the other side of the barrier.”

“You need to go home Mr. Weasley. I couldn’t show the twins the same things if you were along.” Hermione said hurriedly.


“Yeah dad, joke shops an’ stuff,” the twins chimed in.

“Oh,” Arthur sounded disappointed.

“We should plan on a full day in muggle London what with all the Christmas lights and stuff rather than only an hour or two, okay?” Hermione promised. She waited until the parents flooed back to the Burrow with Ron and Ginny and Harry. Hermione looked at the twins with lowered eyelids and ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. Fred and George ran to look for the magical station manager who pointed to the Lost and Found Room and went back to sleep. Hermione followed her boys with her hips swaying.

Inside the Lost and Found Room the twins quickly shuffled boxes, crates and trunks to form a large bed, then objects were shrunk or enlarged to level the surface, a shipping blanket was transfigured into a soft mattress on top. While the twins were playing games making a bed the hard way Hermione undressed and folded her clothes neatly on a transfigured table next to a transfigured chair. She climbed up on the temporary bed. She felt positively wicked. She was starkers at the railway station in an unlocked room. Hermione tingled and her nipples stood out at the possibility of being caught.

Hermione’s breasts were a respectable size for a 15 year old but flattened out to mere mounds when she lay on her back. The boys transfigured boxes into chairs on each side so they could attack both of Hermione’s breasts with their mouths because her nipples were erect and begged for attention. The boys sucked on Hermione’s breasts like they wanted to swallow them whole. Their tongues laved all their attention on her nipples until she thought they were going to drive her around the twist.

When they felt she was ready, the two played a quick game of curse, parchment, wand. The winner undressed while the loser enlarged the bed even farther before he stripped down. Hermione thought the moving bedding under her tickled when it was enlarged.

They climbed on the makeshift bed with Hermione, one on each side, Hermione was still wet from their fun and games on the train and ready. After Hermione rolled on her side the loser slid in Hermione’s wet, ready and willing cunt. The winning twin lubed up and then slowly pushed into her virgin ass. Hermione hissed and bit her lower lip while she adjusted to her asshole being stretched. There was some fumbling until the three found a rhythm that they could screw or be screwed in.

Merlin, how Hermione missed this, she was almost screwed on the train but they ran out of time. Sometimes Hermione wished they weren’t such dedicated pranksters. If it wasn’t for the fact the two were geniuses in their own wonderfully weird way Hermione would have started looking elsewhere. The twins did have a practical side and it showed in their careful plans for opening a joke shop. This she approved of. Not so much the kind of shop but their careful, meticulous plans for making their dreams a reality. If she stayed with them she could help with research, books and games. She did know the muggle side of things and George and Fred didn’t.

Still Sunday, Dec 19th 1993

The Burrow

Back at the Burrow Harry was flying with Ron. Ginny sat in her room and looked wistfully atr Harry’s things next to his bed. It would have been so much easier if Harry had taken the hint and come on to her but he seemed to place flying with Ron higher than stripping Ginny naked and screwing her silly. Damn! Hermione’s getting fucked and Ginny sat on her bed. ALONE! All she had at hand was her hand. Damn Ron for wanting Harry to go fly with him. What did she have to do, dance naked in front of Harry?

When Hermione and the twins returned to the Burrow Hermione was walking stiffly.

Ginny smirked, “Your first time?” She asked quietly.

Hermione pulled Ginny up to her bedroom where she sat down a bit gingerly. “No and yes,” Hermione hissed. She dug out a jar with cream, “On my asshole please.”

Ginny laughed softly, “After you wash up. I wish I had a friend to help me after my first ass fucking.”

“Who?” Hermione was curious.

“After your bath, GO!” Ginny shooed Hermione away.

When Hermione dried off from her bath she scooted up to Ginny who laughed at the way Hermione walked. Hermione lay down on her bed, “You said you’d tell me about your anal sex.”

“You mean my ass fucking?”

Hermione sighed, “Yes, your ass fucking. There is better to say that you know.”

Ginny dipped her finger in the jar of cream. “Who cares? It’s just between us girls. Anyway it’s more like who didn’t ass fuck me in this family. Let’s see… Dad and Bill and Charley when they’re home, I like Bill he’s gentle and cares about me and of course the twins.”

“Your father and brothers?” Hermione asked.

“Ya,” Ginny said causally, “it’s not like its illegal or anything. Being the only girl in the family, mum’s off limits to the boys by the way, I get bopped a lot. I hope you don’t mind ‘cause Bill ‘n Charley will want to sample you. Percy… well Percy’s moved out ‘n doesn’t even talk to me let alone fuck me anymore. I think Ron’s a fag and has the hots for Harry. Harry’s mine ‘n I’ll hex Ron’s skinny little arse if he tries to make a move on what’s mine!”

“Why only your arse?”

“Mum wants me to be a virgin for Harry. So it’s my ass until Harry does me.”

Ginny smeared the lotion on Hermione’s sore rose bud.

Hermione hissed, “GINNY!” When the red head’s lotion covered finger poked in Hermione’s asshole. Ginny laughed and poked Hermione again.


A/N: *

In canon the Lumos spell has a beam of light from the tip of a wand like a flashlight. Not an area effect like a lantern.


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