Draco’s Slytherin Revenge

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: The Harry Potter and its characters have been borrowed without permission they belong to JK Rowling and everyone else she sold the rights to. This story was written for non-commercial purposes only and I make no money from my hobby.

Draco’s Slytherin Revenge

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter and its characters have been borrowed without permission they belong to JK Rowling and everyone else she sold the rights to. This story was written for non-commercial purposes only.

Friday, October 10th 1995

In a Hogwarts Hall

Draco was upset. How dare Potter insult him?

Time for revenge later, for now Draco had needs that must be taken care of. After lunch it would be time to go hunting, he had a free period and with Astronomy at midnight, students were expected to have a nap last period.

Draco thought about who would be the lucky girl. Slytherin? No, if they were old enough to interest him, they were old enough to know they had to submit to a Slytherin wizard and that would be boring.

Gryffindor? No, either they would let him or it would put the Old Battleaxe on the warpath. Not worth the trouble.

Hufflepuff was too easy so the left Ravenclaw.

Draco chuckled, Ravenclaws liked to learn and he was willing to teach a thing or two. ‘Let’s see, ‘Claws have double potions this afternoon, she won’t be missed.’ Professor Snape would ask why she missed class later but wouldn’t dock house points or give detention when he explained she was taking care of his needs. Draco was sure he had all afternoon to screw around. He had a semi just thinking about it. Draco left early after a hurried lunch. He had to scout out his happy hunting ground.

Mandy Brocklehurst was a shy, plain, slightly overweight girl with little dating experience and now was late for class. The bodice ripper she was reading was just getting to the good part. Mandy would never admit she read pornography because it was porn. She told her housemates the muggle paperback book was research.

Draco stood in the dim light between two wall torches when he saw the girl walking fast towards him, ‘She’s available, she’ll have to do.’ A quick glamour charm on himself and stepped out of the shadows, “You’re late. Don’t bother. Professor Snape will nail you to the wall with points lost and detentions. Your house will be out of the running for House Cup for the next two years.”

Mandy’s face crumpled and started crying.

Draco stepped forward and hugged her shoulders. “There, there,” he patted one arm, “Professor Snape hates me more than anything if you say I kept you from class, he’d believe it...”

Draco stopped at Mandy’s look of disbelief; then smiled, “Its okay, you could dance in a tutu if you say it’s my fault he’d believe it.”

“Thank you. You're really are sweet to do that, you know that?”

“Thanks, by the way, what is the name of the fair damsel I am rescuing?” Draco joked.

Unknowingly it was the right thing to say. Mandy smiled, the handsome rogue in the book she was reading said something like that when he rescued the beautiful princess. Then he took her back to…, and then she had to stop reading the book. She closed her eyes once and leaned on Draco. “Mandy,” She whispered, “What is yours?”

“Harry, Harry Potter.” Draco smiled while he slowly caressed a finger along Mandy’s jaw.

Headmaster Dumbledore’s golden boy, the Gryffindor hero and Boy-Who-Lived when he kissed her forehead, with her eyes still closed, Mandy tilted her head up.

With this silent invitation Draco hugged her tighter, his body pressed closer to her. She could feel every trace of his body including his hardon.

It caused Mandy to moan with pleasure. This was the good part she had not read. Now it was happening for real. To her! Mandy opened her mouth for her next kiss. She opened her eyes to see Draco’s lips slowly meet hers. Mandy kissed him back with passion. His tongue invaded her mouth which gave Mandy goosebumps. Soon she felt soft kisses on her neck then Draco gently nibbled the skin above the crook of her neck. Mandy pulled at her necktie so she could unbutton the top button of her blouse. Once the collar was open Draco sucked harder on her skin until she was now sporting a hickie. Mandy moaned from the feelings she only read about. She never thought to wonder how her robe was unfastened or care about her blouse being unbuttoned or care when her bra became unhooked. This was everything she read or wanted to read about and it was for real. Draco expertly tossed the Ravenclaw necktie on a torch holding wall sconce.

Draco pushed Mandy’s loose bra cup up and lowered his mouth to one of her breasts. Mandy placed her arms around Draco’s neck. The messy haired male pressed his mouth to her left breast. "Mmm..." he hummed. Mandy thrilled to the feelings the vibrations made, her nipple became erect and sensitive. Draco began to suck and lick at her nipple in soft, gentle motions. With his other hand he massaged her right breast, his free arm held her waist. Mandy never questioned her top half being completely undone in the hall. Draco guided her down the hall leaving her robe on the floor they slowly walked stopping often when he kissed and nibbled while he teased her nipple with his fingers.

“H... Ha... Harry...” Mandy moaned. Her eyes were still closed and trusted him to guide her down the hall. She never noticed her fingers dispel the glamour.

Draco continued to lick and suck on each one of her well rounded but still growing breasts. Draco mentally kicked himself. Even though he scouted the area where Ravenclaws would have to use to go to class he never thought of where a bed could be or have an elf set one up. He wanted to take his time to fully enjoy everything the young woman had as was his pureblood right. There was a time and place for rough and tumble but for now a slow gentle approach was needed. He turned and held Mandy while they walked out of sight away from the classroom and her forgotten bookbag on the floor. Around the corner Mandy’s shirt was left hanging on an empty wall sconce for a torch with the two teens nowhere in sight.

An Empty Classroom

Draco banished the empty classroom’s furniture to the walls and left one desk to be transfigured to a plain wood bed frame. A mattress was beyond his skill level. Not that he worried about that. He was perfectly capable of casting cushioning spells. The spell would last longer than he planned to be here.

Mandy watched Harry/Draco’s spell work in the dim light. His back was to her. It was clear he was more skilled than rumor in the school had him. She thought Harry Potter was able to defeat Draco Malfoy if he really wanted to. She nodded to herself keeping his real magical strength hidden was the smart thing to do. “Harry, you don’t have to pretend to hide your true strength. I won’t tell.”

Draco grimaced, she thought Potter was magically stronger. With a growl he rapidly stepped up to Mandy and Draco nipped the skin over Mandy’s collarbone. The fingers of one hand traced the girl’s spine to her shoulder blades and dropped her bra on the floor.

Mandy shivered in anticipation she would have her first time with the Boy-Who-Lived. She closed her eyes in anticipation then she bent back to offer her exposed her breasts to the Boy-Who-Lived.

With Mandy bent back like she was her abdomen was stretched tight which made it easy for Draco to slip the fingers of one hand under the front of the waistband of her uniform skirt. There was not enough room for his whole hand to slide under until…

“Harry, Harry wait,” Mandy unhooked and unzipped her skirt.

Draco’s hand was under her knickers and cupped her ass cheek before Mandy’s skirt hit the floor. He rubbed his hardon on the front of Mandy’s knickers.

Draco moved both of his hands to Mandy’s hips to push her underwear down as far as he could without bending down now he rubbed both hands on her bare ass cheeks.

Mandy closed her eyes and relaxed with Harry Potter/Draco. She was going to be intimate with the Boy-Who-Lived. He was going to shag her. She might even end up as his girlfriend if she was willing to try to be good enough for him. Mandy stepped away to lie down on the cushioning spelled bed frame. She was ready for the ultimate experience a girl could have and she would have it with her hero. Draco dropped his pants and boxers before he climbed on the bed next to Mandy. If she opened her eyes Mandy would have seen Draco Malfoy was on top of her not Harry Potter.

Once on the bed next to Mandy Draco took an erect nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

Mandy moaned from the slight pain but didn’t say anything. This must be part of the first timer’s pain she read about in the dorm.

Draco kissed his way to her lower regions when he put his hand to her legs she tensed up. Draco did not wait for Mandy to relax and forced her legs apart. He backed down to the foot of the bed and stared at the pink flesh in a hungry manner, she didn’t look as chubby down here. Mandy tried to close her legs no one had ever looked down there, when she started to have ‘that time’ her healer would wave her wand but never looked or anything. Draco stopped her from trying to close her legs, “Stay, keep them apart.”

“But I…”

“No buts, you will do as I say.”


Draco slapped her thigh, “You have nothing to be embarrassed about if you do as I say.”

Mandy kept her eyes closed and her legs spread wide.

Draco lowered his mouth to her womanhood and started to lick at the young woman's opening.

Mandy squeaked when Draco tongue first invaded her slit. “Harry? What are you... AIIEEE!!”

Draco nipped one of the fleshy lips at the entrance to Mandy’s sex. “Quiet, I want to do this and you will let me.” Then he started to lick at her clit. The girl's taste and smell was better than nothing. Draco really wanted to punish Granger. He bit, pinched and slapped Mandy because Granger was not here. Draco came to his senses and controlled himself. He had this witch so he could get his rocks off. Harming this girl might stop him from doing that. Harry/Draco licked, sucked, and teased her opening with his tongue and mouth.

Mandy had never imagined that oral sex could feel this amazing. Her dormmates would go on and on about which boys would do this. Now Mandy understood why.

Draco added another finger and probed deeper in her to find another way to dominate her. Disappointed he couldn’t think of one he took his fingers out and sucked them.

“Damn, Mindy you're soaking wet and you taste good too.”

Mandy was so absorbed in her new feelings she never noticed Draco’s name slip up.

Draco felt the urge to shove his growing erection in. He didn’t see a reason why not. If this girl ever complained, Potter did it. She was wet enough so in one shove he claimed her virginity. “Salazar’s shaft she’s tight! Good thing she’s wet! I could’ve hurt myself!” Draco thought.

Mandy bit the inside of her cheek from pain and tried to muffle anything that did not sound romantic.

Harry/Draco stopped to give Mandy a small potion bottle. “Here love, drink this, it will make everything so much better.” Draco had planned on looking like scarhead and came prepared. After the trusting girl drank the potion he started back up with slow, light thrusts. His movements were at a slow, steady pace.

Mandy finally relaxed herself enough to fully enjoy the feeling when his thick length thrust deep inside her. She placed her arms around his shoulders and held her Harry tight. When she opened her eyes Mandy looked over his shoulder at his back. Draco continued to pump in to her slowly at first, then faster and faster until he emptied his sperm in her.

“Harry slow down,” Mandy murmured before she fell asleep.

Draco wiped his dick off with her skirt and pocketed her knickers for a souvenir. It’s not every day he had a chance to screw Potter. Draco also made sure to banish the fertility potion bottle. After he adjusted his clothing Draco whistled on his way back to the Snake Pit.

Monday, November 4th 1995

Hogwarts Infirmary

Mandy Brocklehurst was not feeling well after breakfast and threw up all over her work desk in charms. Professor Flitwick banished the mess and sent the Ravenclaw to the school infirmary. Where Matron Pomfrey fixed the young witch with a glare, “Forgot to drink your contraceptive potion didn’t you? Who is the father?”

Mandy felt awful until she had a potion to settle her stomach, “Harry Potter.”

“I am so disappointed in Mr. Potter. I shall, of course, have to report this to the headmaster.”

Later in Headmaster Dumbledore’s Office

“Harry, my boy, I am most disappointed with you. I understand boys will be boys and I want you to enjoy your youth. But it is evident I need to remind you that it is a wizard should tell his witch of the moment to be protected. It is well known that witches are flighty emotional creatures...”

Harry made a mental snort at the thought of Professor McGonagall as ‘flighty’ or ‘emotional.’

Dumbledore continued, “… So you, as the wizard, should remind them that it is their responsibility to use a contraceptive.”

“But I didn’t…” Harry started to say he didn’t know let alone touched Miss Brocklehurst. He didn’t even know what House she was in except she wasn’t in Gryffindor.

Dumbledore eyes twinkled, “Off you go now.” 

Dumbledore wished the girls would just take their potions like they were supposed to. Then he wouldn’t have so many interruptions. He might as well wish for muggleborns to stop yelling RAPE every time a wizard wants some. Couldn’t they figure out boys would use the mind altering spells taught? That’s why contraceptive potions are so readily available. Witches were born to submit. That’s the way things are. 

That was not the end of it however, when High Inquisitor of Hogwarts learned of Mandy Brocklehurst’s pregnancy Deloris Umbridge ordered Harry Potter expelled for unapproved sex and his wand snapped. What followed was a bad time for the good guys. Draco’s Slytherin Revenge was complete.

The End




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