Sporting Consequences

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Sporting Consequences





Okay, I know I said my next story would be a rather dark re-write of GW:PS but in these COVID-19 affected days I realise writing something depressing is the last thing I want to do. So, instead, here is a little stand-alone tale of a sporting bet gone to extremes. I might even do two further stories covering matches against Ravenclaw and Slytherin although, while I know how I’d want to cover the latter, the former has yet to be worked out. We’ll see.



“I’m really sorry about this, Ginny, I really am.”


It was about the tenth time Angelina had said that to her and Ginny was starting to get annoyed with the older girl. Not only was it her team captain that had made the stupid bet with Hufflepuff House, it had been her that had insisted that Ginny carry the consequences of losing that bet. It had been, as Johnson had pointed out, her fault that the Hufflepuff seeker had beaten her to the snitch, even if they had won the game.


Currently, the two Gryffindor girls were walking along a largely deserted corridor that led towards the school’s kitchens. In an alcove at the end of the corridor, they were due to meet up with Michael McManus, the beater that had taken over the Hufflepuff team after Cedric Diggory’s tragic death. It was with him that Angelina had made her ill-advised bet that Ginny was shortly going to have to suffer the consequences of.


Now, it has to be said, Quidditch players are generally an unruly lot. The wizarding press was always full of stories about the outlandish behaviour of the professional players who almost universally had reputations as being violent, drunken nymphomaniacs. A day didn’t pass without some gory expose of some player who, after winning a match, had drunk two bottles of Firewhisky, had sex in a public place with three other people before punching the officer from the Magical Law Enforcement patrol sent to restrain them… and that was just the female players.


It goes without saying that most of Hogwarts’ school teams thought such behaviour utterly disgraceful so, naturally, they went out of their way to copy it. Fights regularly broke out between teams, illegal alcohol was smuggled into the castle and players were generally known for being somewhat promiscuous, to say the least. Gambling was another frowned upon activity that the school teams regularly engaged in with the stakes being suitably illicit.


Perhaps Angelina could be forgiven for thinking that she’d been onto a sure thing. When she had made her bet with McManus before their recent match, Harry Potter had been their Seeker and the prodigy had only failed to catch the snitch on one single occasion and he’d had the not unreasonably excuse that he’d been attacked by Dementors at the time as a mitigating factor. With this in mind, Angelina made a wager with Michael not on the result of the match, but on who caught the snitch. McManus had obviously not been keen, especially as Hufflepuff had to stump up ten bottles of Firewhisky if they lost, but turning down a bet was seen as cowardly, so he’d agreed.


Then, of course, Professor Snape had banned Harry from playing Quidditch.


Ginny, as the stand-in Seeker, had done well and had only narrowly missed out on catching the snitch but, truth be told, Gryffindor was so far ahead on points that she hadn’t really put too much effort into it. Gryffindor still won but only later did Angelina explain the downside to the victory.


McManus had, as his right, not actually stated what his team would want in the unlikely event of winning the bet. Instead, he’d consulted with his team and reported back to Angelina three days after the match what they required as their prize. To be sure, there were accepted norms of what it was permissible to ask for but, to Johnson’s shock, the normally mild Hufflepuffs had requested something on the outer limits of what was considered tolerable.


Quite simply, they’d requested to gangbang one of Gryffindor’s female players.


While it was considered on the edge of what could be demanded, it certainly wasn’t without precedent. When Angelina had explained the request to the very shocked Ginny, she’d also revealed that all the other girls on the team had already gone through similar events. Alicia had been gangbanged twice, both times by the Ravenclaw team, and had come through unscathed. No, Johnson had told the stunned redhead, if Ginny had any ambition to become a proper Quidditch player, this was a rite of passage for her. Needless to say, it had taken some persuasion from her team captain for Ginny to see it like that.


“So, what was your time doing something this like?” Ginny asked her captain as they walked.


“Me? Oh, my time was pretty unpleasant but that was mainly because I got done by the Slytherins,” Angelina explained, the distaste clear on her face. “Mind you, the snakes weren’t as bad a few years ago as they are now. It’s only recently that all the sons of the convicted Death Eaters have come crawling back but there were still enough arseholes present that I would never want to go through that again. Trust me, Ginny, a pureblood will always try and fuck you up the arse.”


“I’m a pureblood,” Ginny pointed out mildly. “Come to think of it, this Hufflepuff team have a few, too.”


“Why do you think I got you to cast those Lubrication Charms on your front and back passages?” Angelina asked.


“Oh, great! Not only am I going to get shagged by a bunch of blokes I don’t even know, but some of them are also going to fuck me up the arse! Great, Angelina, just great!”


“Oh, don’t make such a fuss. The ‘puffs are normally a gentlemanly bunch and I’m sure they won’t make you do anything you’re too uncomfortable with.”


“What, apart from gangbanging me,” Ginny muttered darkly.


“You complain now, but I’ve seen you with that Ravenclaw boyfriend of yours,” the older girl retorted. “You’re just like the rest of us girls in the Quidditch team – a horny bitch. You complain now, but I bet you’ll start to enjoy yourself once you get going. We’re all like that. It has something to do with spending so much time with a broom between our legs, I think. Trust me, once those hunky Hufflepuff players start getting their cocks out, you’ll be bloody gagging for it.”


“If you say so,” she replied, sounding unconvinced.


“The Hufflepuff team are nice blokes. You’ll enjoy yourself.”


“Why don’t you take my place then?” Ginny demanded. 


“Partly because this will prepare you for what’s to come if you do end up playing professionally, but mostly because the ‘puffs asked for you personally. They seem to think you’re hot and I happen to agree with them. After seeing you in the showers after the game, I’ve nearly wanted to shag you and I’ll never bat for the other side, believe me.”


“Really? But I’m nothing compared to you,” Ginny protested. “I mean, I’ve seen you, too, and you’re like… like… a Goddess, or something.”


“Don’t put yourself down,” Angelina scolded her. “With that fiery red hair and those sexy freckles, most blokes get a stiffy just looking at you. You might be young, but your figure is amazing, I have to say. Your tits and arse are sensational and, while you might not be as busty as me, you’re perfectly proportioned. Those ‘puffs are going to cream themselves when they see you.”


Ginny would have been lying if she had said she wasn’t a tiny bit pleased that out of all the girls on the team, the Hufflepuffs had wanted her. For years, she’d always thought of herself as desperately unattractive, always the tomboy with scraped knees and a face full of freckles. It was only in the last few years that her petite body had developed curves and a nice pair of breasts. Boys had started to notice her even if the one she truly wanted to give her attention was still drooling over some Chinese bint.


Sadly, her choice of boyfriends had been less than ideal. Michael Corner was handsome and considerate, at least initially. Unfortunately, time had also proved him to be a sulky, jealous loser with a small dick. Against her better judgement, she’d done him twice and both occasions had been completely underwhelming. She’d recently dumped the bad-temper twat only a few weeks previously and her only regret was that she hadn’t done it ages ago. Still, it did mean she wasn’t terribly experienced when it came to sex, something that meant her current situation was pretty terrifying.


“Look, there’s McManus waiting for us,” Angelina declared rousing Ginny from her thoughts. A wave of panic hit her as she realised that she was out of time.


“Ah, there you are,” the tall, young man said as soon as he caught sight of them. “Glad to see you’re on time.”


“Don’t worry, we’re not backing out of this,” Angelina growled which Ginny thought was a bit rich as it was her that would have to be spreading her legs.


“I’m pleased to hear it,” McManus said with a smile.


Ginny took the opportunity to give him the once-over. Although she’d seen him around, she’d never really given him much attention. Like most Quidditch players, he was lean and was clearly in fine physical shape. He had wavy brown hair and a pleasant smile. In fact, the more she looked at him, the more Ginny realised that Michael McManus was pretty hot which was just as well bearing in mind he was going to be one of the guys banging her shortly.


“Okay, as we discussed, I’m going to let you into our common room, but you’re going to have to be blindfolded,” he explained. “No one outside of our house has ever seen inside her and that’s not about to change anytime soon. I’ll lead you both through to a side room that we’ve prepared for this evening. Angelina, as we agreed, I’m going to let you accompany Weasley and you can stay within hearing distance of her, but you can’t watch. If we catch you looking there will be consequences, understand?” 


“Trust me, I have no desire to see your flabby white arse bouncing up and down,” she retorted.


“Oh, you wound me, Angelina!” he sniggered. “Okay, girls, blindfolds on.”


“Won’t all the younger kids wonder what’s going on?” Ginny asked suspiciously.


“Nah, they’ve been told to go to their dorms tonight and the sixth and seventh years are making sure that they do,” Michael assured her. “The room we have arranged will be locked and soundproofed, so we won’t be disturbed.”


“Oh,” she said simply.


Seeing no point in delaying things, the two Gryffindor girls put on their blindfolds and McManus carefully examined them to make sure they couldn’t see out. They were then led by the hand forward.


As they walked, Ginny became more and more distressed. Not only was she being led to some strange place whilst complete blind, in a short while she was going to be stripped naked and fucked by a gang of older boys. While, as Angelina had suggested, she was a little excited by the idea, her fear was much greater and she had a strong urge to turn and run. Unfortunately, in her current state, she would probably smack straight into a wall.


To distract herself, Ginny listened intently and tried to get a feel for where she was being taken. At first, she assumed they were walking down a corridor as her robes kept brushing up against a wall but then she got the distinct impression of entering an open space. There was a murmur of voices around her and she guessed she was in the ‘puffs fiercely guarded common room. McManus continued to lead her forward though and very shortly he warned the girls that there were steps in front of them. They descended three steps and were guided through a door. They were then told to stand still as their guide let go of their hands. Soon after, they heard a door close.


“Okay, girls, you can remove the blindfolds.”


Hurriedly, Ginny pulled off the strip of black material and looked around her. She found herself in a fairly large, wood-panelled room without any windows. There were two doors, one of which they had just passed through and the other on the far side of the room. In terms of furnishings, they were minimal. They were standing next to a raised platform which could act as a small stage and, over to their left, there were several mattresses spread out on the floor. Ginny didn’t need to use much imagination to figure out why they were there. Aside from that, there were some sofas placed against the walls in various places but nothing else.


“So, what do you use this space for when you’re not gangbanging rival Quidditch players?” Angelina asked, voicing Ginny’s exact thoughts.


“Oh, we use this for all sorts of things,” Michael revealed. “As you can imagine, we’ve prepared it especially for Weasley’s visit today.”


“Sounds like you’ve done this before,” Ginny noted.


“That’s the thing, all the other Houses always underestimate us. We always find that picking a girl to satisfy us all is a good wager, too. The team that fucks together fights together we always find.”


“Wow, I must remember that little gem when I next work out our training program,” Angelina muttered sarcastically.


“Bearing in mind my brothers are on the team, I wish you wouldn’t,” Ginny told her.


“Ha! That would complicate things,” McManus laughed. “Actually, something like that happened to the Hufflepuff team a few years back, before my time, anyway. Ravenclaw lost a bet with us and, naturally, we’d picked the gangbang prize in the wager. Unfortunately, the Ravenclaw girl who originally said she would do it got cold feet and backed out at the last minute. They substituted one of their reserve players to do it, completely forgetting that her brother was on the Hufflepuff team. Apparently, things got a little bit awkward when this guy suddenly found it was his sister standing naked waiting to be shagged by him and all his teammates.”


“What happened?” Angelina asked.


“Oh, the bloke sportingly dropped out and all his mates gave her a right seeing to. If that’s not an example of a Hufflepuff being willing to sacrifice anything for his House I don’t know what is.”


“You mean, he just sat in the other room while his own sister was fucked by all his teammates?” Ginny gasped.


“Yeah, although I understand that some of the female Quidditch players took mercy on him and kept him, umm, occupied while it was happening. See, it’s all about teamwork with us.”


“Great,” Ginny muttered.


“Anyway, it’s time we got this show on the road,” Michael declared. “Angelina, we allowed you to come here today just as a courtesy as Ginny here is so young and inexperienced. As we discussed, you can remain in earshot just to make sure she’s not being abused in any way, but that’s it. You are not to intervene unless Weasley specifically asks you to and you’re not allowed to watch the proceedings at any point. We’ve arranged a screened-off area over in the corner where you can sit, but you’re not to leave that spot until we tell you it’s okay. Got that?”


“Yeah, McManus, that’s fine. Ginny, just remember that if you feel like you’re out of your depth that I’m nearby.”


“I’m already out of my depth,” Ginny grumbled. “I can’t believe you got me to agree to this."


“Hey, don’t worry, Weasley,” Michael assured her. “We Hufflepuffs are a nice bunch and we’ll make sure you have a good time. Everyone always takes the piss out of us, but we’ve got some really decent guys who will go out of their way to take care of you.”


“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of!” she moaned.

“Ha, well, it’s too late to back out now,” he told her. “Anyway, I’m going to go and get ready. You two stay here until I tell you that we’re ready to begin.”


With that, McManus headed towards the door on the far side of the room and vanished through it, closing it firmly behind him.  


“You okay, Ginny?” Angelina asked. “I know I was quite insistent that you do this, but if it’s too much for you…”


“No, as you said, if Gryffindor doesn’t honour the bet we’ll be shunned by all the other Houses,” she said with a sigh. “I just… I guess I don’t really know what to expect and that scares me more than anything.”


“The waiting will be over soon,” Angelina assured her. “Just try and do your best and, if possible, enjoy yourself. Even when the Slytherins did me I have to confess there were times when I started to get into it. I’m just not very submissive and they like their girls like that. I can’t imagine the ‘puffs will be like that, though.”


“Perhaps, but I…”


Ginny never finished her sentence as the far door opened and McManus stuck his head out.


“Okay, we’re ready to go,” he declared. “Johnson, take your place behind the screen, please.”


“Good luck,” Angelina said before turning and heading over to the area that had been screened off in the corner.


McManus waited until the dark-skinned girl had vanished from sight before looking over at Ginny. “Ready to go?” he asked her.


“Not really, but we might as well get this over with,” she replied.


The Hufflepuff captain just grinned in reply before he stepped into the room causing Ginny to gasp audibly.


Perhaps she hadn’t expected things to escalate so quickly but she most definitely hadn’t expected McManus to enter naked as the day he was born. Completely without embarrassment, the young man strode into the room and walked towards her. Her eyes took in his tall, muscular frame and couldn’t help but look at his cock, dangling between his legs. Apart from her ex-boyfriend and a few unfortunate accidents that occurred with her brothers, Ginny was fairly inexperienced with male genitalia. McManus’s, while still soft, looked to be on the largish size to her and swung slightly as he walked.


A moment later, another naked bloke walked through the door… and then another. Ginny’s eyes bulged as the room started to fill up with young, athletic-looking young men, none of whom had a stitch on. Once they had all filed in, she did a quick headcount. She was faced by seven guys all of whom seemed to be displaying their cocks to her proudly.


“Oh, fucking hell,” she muttered.


“Here we go, Weasley, this is all of us,” McManus told her. “These are all the male members of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, including the reserves. Seven of us in total. Reckon you can manage us all?”


“I… I… I have no idea,” she blurted, her eyes darting to and fro. The whole room seemed to be full of naked male flesh.


“Well, just do your best, eh, gorgeous,” he told her before turning to his teammates. “Okay, guys, as per the bet, Gryffindor has volunteered this young beauty to fulfil their end of the wager. This is Ginny Weasley and, as you can see, she’s only a fourth year. I want you all to behave like gentlemen and treat her in the way I would expect any Hufflepuff to behave. Got that?”


“Yes,” they all called out. Ginny couldn’t help but notice the hungry look most of them had in their eyes.


“Great,” McManus said before turning back to Ginny. “Okay, as you can see we’re all ready and raring to go, but you’re still a bit overdressed. If you would kindly step onto the platform so we can all see and disrobe, then we can get started.”


Ginny’s legs nearly gave out at those words. She had never been more terrified in her life but, equally, she was determined not to let her team down. Rather unsteadily, she stepped up onto the small platform and looked around her. Seven pairs of eyes stared back at her lustfully.


During her trip to the Hufflepuff common room, Ginny had been wearing her heavy school cloak, done up all the way. There had been a reason for this, as what she was wearing underneath was in no way appropriate for the corridors of the school. The other Gryffindor girls had been adamant that the House’s honour rested on her making a good impression and they had all gone out of their way to make sure that she would do just that. Under the cloak, she was just wearing a set of sexy underwear that Angelina and Katie had transfigured to fit her.


With trembling fingers, Ginny began to undo the buttons on her cloak. She saved the one at her neck until last, meaning the Hufflepuff boys didn’t bet a clear view of what she had on until she shrugged the heavy garment off her shoulders. There was a loud gasp as she unveiled herself and even a scattered round of applause. 


She had to admit, the girls had done a bloody good job on her outfit. The whole ensemble was in black, with a lacy, low cut bra and matching knickers. For the first time in her life, she wore sheer stockings and a suspender belt, with a pair of modest high-heels. The outfit was finished off with a black lace choker around her neck. When she’d seen herself in a mirror for the first time wearing all this, even she had to admit it was bloody sexy. The Hufflepuffs obviously agreed.


“Bloody hell, I think we’re in for a treat today,” McManus announced. “Amazing as you look, though, Ginny, you’re still wearing too many clothes. I think we’d all like to see you take them off.”


A loud cheer backed up his words and Ginny found herself blushing. As embarrassing as this all was, she couldn’t help but feel a bit flattered by all the male attention. The ‘puffs clearly desired her and, to her surprise, this was turning her on.


Starting simple, Ginny began to undo the straps attached to the tops of her stocking. There were four straps in total and, to her relief, they all came undone very easily. Once removed, she undid the clasp on the suspender belt and let it drop to the ground. A murmur of appreciation met her actions.


Next, after kicking off her high heels, she began to push down one of her stockings when a voice called out from the floor.


“No, leave the stockings on,” one of the boys cried.


“Still got your stocking fetish, eh, Herbert?” Michael said to the laughter of all the other boys. “Hmm, actually, I think they can stay on, too. They are bloody sexy, after all. I guess that means your bra is next, Ginny.”


Gulping, Ginny reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. Things were moving far too fast for her taste but, equally, she didn’t want it to drag out, either. With a deep breath to steel herself, she pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders before tossing the garment off to one side.


A loud cheer filled the hall as soon as she exposed herself. Until just a few years previous, Ginny had been flat as a pancake in the chest department which was a surprise bearing in mind the formidable bosom her mother boasted. Then, seemingly overnight, she had sprouted a very respectable bust line. While not huge, on her petite frame they looked quite large and Ginny was rather proud of them. Her freckles only descended as far as the valley between her breast and her nipples were on the puffy side, but they had been enough to drive Michael Corner into a frenzy. They had the same effect on her audience here.


As she stood letting them drink in the sight of her, Ginny realised that her nipples were starting to harden visibly. She blushed, before also noticing a distinct odour was drifting up from between her legs. Sweet Merlin, she thought, I’m actually getting off on this!


As the Hufflepuffs cheered and clapped, their shouts began to merge until they were all calling out the same thing. The message was quite clear.


“Kickers off! Kickers off!” they all chanted.


With the excitement building in her, Ginny clasped the hem of her underwear firmly before yanking them down in one fluid motion. The boys went wild as she kicked the garment away, revealing a tuft of bright red pubic hair between her legs.


“Fantastic!” Michael exclaimed as the clapping and cheering died down. “Bloody hell, Gryffindor has certainly given us their best, haven’t they?”


Ginny stood, her cheeks blushing red, as the seven Hufflepuffs stared at her nakedness. She couldn’t help but notice that most of them seem to have their hands wrapped around their cocks and were starting to gently stroke them. Perhaps for the first time, it really hit her what was about to happen and she started to tremble.


“Great as that show was,” Michael continued, “it’s time to get a bit more serious. Ginny, what I would like you to do is hop down from the platform there and kneel on the mattress over there. I’d then like to take the opportunity to introduce you to all the team…”


“To our cocks at any rate!” someone called.


“Thank you, Malcolm,” Michael growled. “Seriously, Ginny, the last time we did something like this it ended up being a bit of a disaster. The Slytherin girl got to about the stage we're at now and then decided she’d had enough. You can imagine how frustrating it was for all of us. Slytherin eventually sent someone else a few days later but it was a bit late by then.”


“Who was the girl that backed out?” Ginny asked curiously.


“Pansy Parkinson. She kept yelling about how she couldn’t stand a non-pureblood touching her. Stuck up cow.


Ginny blinked. In some ways, she wasn’t surprised that the loathsome Draco Malfoy had sent his own girlfriend to fulfil a bet, but she was amazed that Pansy agreed to it in the first place. That girl always seemed to think Hufflepuffs were scum, only slightly better than Gryffindors. Still, she could understand that if the ‘puffs had gotten to this stage how frustrated they must have felt when nothing happened.


“So, what do you want me to do?” she asked.


“I’ll introduce each of the team to you one at a time and I’d like you to, umm, give them a bit of a gobble, right?”


Nervously, she nodded. She hadn’t even given her ex-boyfriend a blowjob and now she was agreeing to suck off seven random guys. Mind you, she’d only refused Michael Corner as he’d been so whiny about the whole thing. She’d been worried about being inexperienced, well, now she was going to get to examine seven different dicks closely. Very closely.


With legs of rubber, Ginny walked over to the mattress and dropped down to her knees. To her surprise, McManus followed her closely and stood directly in front of her as soon as she was in position.


“Hey, the captain goes first,” he shouted after a few catcalls had been heard.


For her part, Ginny ignored the various shouts going back and forth. Instead, her attention was completely taken by the cock dangling just a few inches away from her face. McManus had become excited and his penis had significantly lengthened and thickened. She could see the veins starting to stand out along his shaft and his helmet started to bulge. Michael Corner’s pathetic little member paled in comparison to this one and it wasn’t even completely erect yet.


With a trembling hand, she reached out and wrapped her right fist around the base of Michael’s cock. His dick twitched and began to straighten and rise upwards. With her mind scrambled, Ginny lurched forward and captured it in her mouth, making McManus jump in surprise.


Once she had captured his helmet and several inches of his shaft in her mouth, Ginny paused. She could feel the man’s cock harden against her tongue and it wildly excited her. Whilst beginning to move her hand back and forth, she clamped her lips around his length and sucked hard. Michael groaned loudly in pleasure in response to her actions much to her delight.


Feeling that the Hufflepuff was now fully erect, Ginny pulled his cock from her mouth so she could examine properly. Her eyes widened at the sight of it. It had already been an impressive size before she had started to suck it but now it was huge! She could barely wrap her hand around his thick shaft and his glands were so swollen that she was amazed that it had fitted into her mouth. It was beautiful.    


Suddenly gripped with lust, Ginny stuffed McManus’s cock back in her mouth and began to suck it furiously. She could feel his member throbbing in her hand and it excited her no end. Almost unaware she was doing it, she slipped her left hand between her legs and began to rub her increasingly wet twat. She could actually smell her arousal quite strongly now.


“Oh, fuck me, that’s good,” McManus groaned. “That’s it, Ginny, suck me.”


Delighted that she was having such a strong effect on the young man, Ginny redoubled her efforts. Feeling a little variety was in order, she pulled his dick from her mouth and began to rub her tongue all over his swollen helmet. He gasped and flinched slightly as she dragged her tongue over the slit in the head of his penis. Having not realised that this was such a sensitive area for men, she concentrated on it without mercy causing the Hufflepuff’s legs to start trembling. 


“Okay, time to let someone else have a go!” he suddenly cried, backing away. Ginny looked up at him and noted his flushed cheeks and wide eyes. It made her wonder how close she’d been from making the bloke shoot his load.


As McManus backed away, another boy stepped forward. He was slightly taller than Michael was if not so solidly built. His long dick was already at a 45% angle and he was grinning at her lustfully.


“Ginny, this is Malcolm Preece, one of our Chasers. Would you be so kind as to do to him what you just did to me?” Michael asked.


“Hello, Malcolm,” Ginny greeted him in a surprisingly sultry voice. She was enjoying the idea of all these fit boys presenting their cocks to her for inspection.


“Hello, Ginny,” he replied, stepping forward until he was right in front of her. “I hope you’re as good to me as you were to Michael.”    


“Hmm, let’s see,” she said, taking his dick in her hand and slowly opening her mouth. With deliberate slowness, she took his length between her lips before beginning to suck. Preece immediately let out a shuddering groan of pleasure.


It didn’t take long for the Chaser to become as hard as a rock. Unfortunately, and to Ginny’s distaste, he kept thrusting his hips forward, as if she was trying to fuck her mouth. For some reason, this offended her as she wanted to be in control.


“Stand still,” she snapped, slapping his thigh with his hand. “If you want me to do this, then stop trying to ram your dick down my throat.”


“Sorry!” he immediately responded.


“That’s okay,” she told him. “Just stand there and I’ll look after you, okay?”


The boy learnt his lesson as he remained completely still thereafter. Glad that he listened to her, Ginny purposefully sucked on his straining knob, stroking his shaft with her hand and using her tongue to drive him wild. It didn’t take long for the boy to put a restraining hand on her shoulder before stepping back.


“Oh, shit, that was unbelievable,” he gushed. “Someone else’s turn now, right?”


Ginny smiled, happy that she’d brought another of the boys right to the edge. “I guess so. Who’s next?”


This proved to be a stocky blond named Herbert Fleet who was the team’s main Keeper. Ginny vaguely knew him, at least by sight, as her brother Ron had been complimentary about his skills on the pitch. With his stood in front of her, Ginny was more impressed by his big, thick cock.


“My, you Hufflepuffs are all big boys, aren’t you,” she noted. Herbert just grinned and the rest of the team cheered her words. To be honest, she’d forgotten that she was being watched as she repeatedly gave out blowjobs. Still, it was a bit too late to worry about it now.


Fleet got the same treatment as the other two and, to his credit, didn’t seem to be in quite the flustered state as his teammates when he declared his turn was up. Ginny was starting to realise just how serious the ‘puffs took the concept of teamwork and the fact that none of the boys so far had wanted to monopolise her mouth proved it.


The next two she took on were both in the reserve team. Sullivan Fawly was a Chaser and Luke Cholderton a Beater. Both boys presented her with decent sized cocks already erect and ready for sucking, although Cholderton had the honour of being the first to generate a little pre-cum whilst she worked on him. The sudden, salty taste in her mouth made her pull back suddenly, but he assured her that it was fine and he wasn’t about to shoot his load into her mouth… yet. He was very deliberate in adding that last word.


Another first-teamer followed, Trevor Summerby, the Seeker. It was him that had snatched the snitch away from Ginny’s outstretched hand in the last game and condemned her to this fate. At that exact moment, she wasn’t sure if she should be angry at him or give him a big kiss.


“Alright there, Ginny?” he asked, a big smile on his lips. “I see you have other talents other than just being a Seeker.”


“Yeah, and it’s starting to look like I’m better at this then I am with a snitch,” she grumbled. “Oh well, to the victor the spoils, I suppose. Now, do you want to stand there and make clever remarks or do you want your cock sucked?”


“Cock sucked! Cock Sucked!” he blurted.


Laughing, Ginny took his length in her hand. Like all the recent boys, he was already hard. No doubt watching all the others take their turn had been enough stimulation. Either that or they’d all been wanking while they waited, but no matter. Almost feeling like she had something to prove, she angled his dick upwards and, starting from down nearly his balls, ran her tongue slowly up his shaft. Once she reached the end, she began to slowly lick his engorged helmet, flicking the slit with the tip of her tongue and letting her saliva drip back down his cock.


“Oh, fucking hell,” Summerby groaned. “Keep doing that and I’ll spunk all over your pretty face, I warn you!”


She giggled. “What, so quickly? All these other boys lasted much longer.”


“You’re doing this in revenge, aren’t you?” he accused her.




“I thought so. Well, your revenge feels bloody amazing, so carry on! I hold no responsibility for any semen discharged over members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, however.”


Ginny laughed out loud and began to suck him in a more regular fashion. Summerby definitely got into, though, and ran his fingers through her long, fiery hair as she worked. It all felt strangely intimate, even though she barely knew the guy. As a special treat, she began to massage his balls with her left hand as she sucked him.


Despite his words, the Hufflepuff Seeker lasted longer than any of his teammates. When he stepped back, he had a gleam in his eyes that suggested he had something good planned for her later. Bring it on, she thought.


The last player to be introduced was the reserve Keeper named Craig Dunn. He was a little awkward and shy, not to mention he had the smallest dick of anyone else on the team. Ginny took pity on him immediately, beckoning him forward and giving his stubby member the same loving attention she’d given to all the others. Dunn clearly appreciated it, moaning loudly as she blew him and shaking at her touch. By the time he pulled away, his nervous twitch had been replaced by a wide smile.


“Well, that’s it,” McManus declared, stepping forward again. “You’ve met all the team and sucked all their cocks. Thanks, Ginny.”


“Oh, is that it?” she asked in surprise.


“What? Oh, hell no. Now we’re all going to fuck you,” he told her, smiling evilly. “You didn’t think you were getting off that lightly, did you?”


“I was a bit surprised,” she admitted, stuttering slightly as a sudden attack of butterflies in the stomach hit her. “So, I do all of you, do I? One at a time?”


“Nah, we just all pile in,” he told her. “Come on, boys. This little beauty needs some dick.”


Suddenly, two of the players, Preece and Fawly, she thought, lunged forward and picked her up. They carried her over to the nearest sofa with McManus following closely. She was deposited roughly onto the couch as the three boys stood grinning at her.


“Ready to get started?” Michael asked.


“I thought we already had,” she replied, eyeing them warily.


“Nah, this is where the fun really starts.”


Without another word, McManus dropped to his knees and forced her legs open. His head darted forward and, before Ginny realised what was happening, he began to eat her pussy.


“Oh, bloody hell. BLOODY HELL,” she nearly screamed as the Beater’s tongue began to work its magic. Her previous boyfriend, Michael Corner, had never had the bottle to do this which was partly why she’d refused to perform oral on him, much this Michael seemed to have no problem with it. Indeed, he seemed to be an expert!


Ginny writhed in pleasure as the Hufflepuff licked her most intimate parts. It was, without doubt, the most amazing sensation she had ever experienced and she knew that if he kept this up she would orgasm soon. Not wanting to miss out on that, she grabbed his head to trap him between her legs. The boys responded by actually penetrating her with his tongue. She nearly came on the spot.


While McManus tried to melt her brain, Preece and Fawly both knelt on the sofa on either side of her. Both of them cradled their hard cocks in their hands and offered them to her expectantly. After a moment’s indecision, Ginny turned her head to the left and accepted Preece’s dick into her mouth while grabbing Fawly’s in her hand and beginning to wank it.   


After a minute or two, she turned her head and began to suck Fawly’s straining cock. Preece, however, darted out of reach and, a moment later, she felt his mouth close around her left nipple and he began to suck it hard. Between this and McManus’s continued attention, it all became too much for her and she came.


“Fuck!” she screamed, her body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure hit her.


McManus didn’t take mercy on her and continued to ravage her pussy with his mouth, even as she quivered and shook. As each shudder washed over her body, she squealed like a stuffed pig, much to her own embarrassment. Never before had she lost control so completely and the Hufflepuff boys didn’t seem inclined to let her be. As Michael’s tongue drove her over the edge, her body went rigid with her back arched and her eyeballs rolling into her head. Seriously, were they trying to kill her?


Eventually, the sweetest torture Ginny had ever known ended and McManus raised his head. Preece and Fawly also leaned back, while she became aware of the other ‘puffs standing around the couch with their cocks in their hands and huge grins on their faces.


“Enjoy that, Ginny?” the Hufflepuff captain asked with a smirk.


“Bugger me, that should be made illegal,” she managed to slur.


“Oh, the buggering will come a bit later,” he assured her. “Right now, I think it’s time you had some cock in that tasty pussy of yours.”


Despite the fact her body was still descending from its orgasm-induced high, his words sent another stab of excitement through her. Despite her earlier protests, sucking all that cock had gotten her so horny that she was desperate to be fucked. What scrambled her mind, however, was that this was about to happen with six other naked guys watching and waiting for their turn.


What really surprised her was just how much that thought turned her on.


McManus straightened, allowing Ginny to catch sight of his magnificent cock once again. It stood, straight and proud, with his helmet purple and angry looking. His manhood seemed even larger than when she’d been sucking it and she briefly had a stab of fear that it would hurt when he put it in her. After all, her only experience up to that point had been Michael Corner and his weedy member.


Taking the throbbing monster in his hand, McManus shuffled forward until he was lined up with her entrance. Automatically, Ginny spread her legs wider, inviting him in. Even if she was nervous, her all-consuming lust overcame any concerns. She wanted that big dick in her pussy and she wanted it now.


Offering her a quick wink, McManus rubbed the head of his cock against her soaking-wet folds several times, gathering lubrication and frustrating the hell out of her. Then, finally, he pushed forward and sunk his throbbing dick into her needy cunt.


“Oh, bloody hell!” she moaned as she felt the first few inches slide into her. It felt like heaven to her and she couldn’t wait until all his length was buried deep in her cunt.


“Alright there, Ginny?” Michael asked, sounding rather worried.


“Fuck, yes!” she spat. “Come on, McManus, I want all of that big dick inside me!”


Smiling again, the handsome Hufflepuff needed no further encouragement. Slowly and deliberately, he pushed his cock further and further inside her, causing Ginny to nearly cum on the spot. Taking a firm grip on her hips, he began to move backwards and forwards, repeatedly thrusting his dick deep into her pussy. She began to squeal each time he plunged into her, her body tingling with excitement like she had never experienced before.


Only now did she finally understand what a poor lover Michael Corner had been. To be fair, the Ravenclaw had been young and inexperienced, but his surly attitude and a rather selfish approach to sex hadn’t helped. Now, with a well-hung stud like McManus servicing her, Ginny realised that her poor experiences up to this point hadn’t been her fault and that she going to make the bloody most of it now, even if she did have to fuck the entire Hufflepuff Quidditch team.


By this point, McManus had set a furious pace and, in addition to her cries of pleasure, a rhythmic sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air. To say she was loving this would have been a massive understatement. As far as she was concerned, the boys could do this to her all evening and she’d be happy.


Ginny suddenly felt the sofa to her left dip and, turning her head, she saw Fawly was kneeling beside her with his cock in his hand. Almost without thinking, she opened her mouth and permitted his throbbing member entry. With her mind almost melting from lust, she sucked on the deliciously stiff dick while McManus continued on his quest to try and fuck her to death.


Not content with her servicing two cocks, she felt someone grasp her spare hand and soon she felt it guided to another erect penis. Realising that this was probably Preece on her other side, she began to pump it with her fist.


“Just look at that!” she heard someone exclaim, no doubt one of the yet uninvolved Quidditch Team. Clearly, she was impressing them.


“Yeah, I can’t wait for my turn”, said another.


“Okay, okay, I get it,” McManus grumbled, pulling back much to her displeasure. “Stop hogging Ginny and let someone else have a go, I get it. I guess that means you’re up next, Malcolm.”


“Great!” Preece exclaimed and scrambled to change places with his captain. Almost before she realised what was happening, the Chaser sank his cock deep into her and began to fuck her hard.


“Oh, sweet Merlin, yes!” she bellowed. Preece was only slightly smaller than McManus and just as enthusiastic. Dimly, she briefly felt a pang of shame that she was being such a slut as to allow a second guy to fuck her without a word of protest, but she was in such a state of arousal that she wanted them all to do her – repeatedly.


“Having fun, Ginny?” McManus asked cheekily, his arm resting to the back of the sofa next to her.


“Fuck, yes! I fucking love this!” she managed to growl in between Preece pounding her.


“You’re a bloody star, Ginny,” he laughed before standing up. “Right, who wants to get their cock sucked next?”


There was a brief argument before Herbert Fleet appeared and took his captain’s place on the couch. Fawly also shuffled up and suddenly she had two cocks just inches away from her face. Mentally shrugging, she grabbed one in each hand and began to take turns sucking the large dicks, groaning as she savoured the taste of each of them.


With her chest heaving in pleasure, Ginny examined the two engorged dicks in her hand. She’d never really examined a man’s genitals in any great detail, having never really felt the need with Corner’s disappointing example. These two specimens were a different class, however, and she couldn’t believe how excited it made her just holding them in her hand. They needed to be worshiped!


Rather than just sucking it, Ginny let her tongue lazily start to drag over the head of Fleet’s cock. She heard him groan as she examined every inch of its surface, taking particular care to linger over the slit in the tip and causing a few precious drops of pre-cum to dribble out which she consumed immediately. She then turned to Fawly and repeated the process, although this time she also ventured down his shaft until she reached his ball sack. To the boy’s delight, she took one of his testicles into her mouth and began to suck hard.


By this point, her shameless examination of the two cocks, not to mention continual pounding Preece was giving her pussy, was driving her over the edge. Almost without warning, she came again. She threw her head back and screamed as her body shook although she didn’t for a moment loosen her grip on the cocks in her hand. In time with the waves of pleasure washing over her, she pumped the boys with her fists until the sensation weakened. Blinking, Ginny realised she had spots before her eyes such was the intensity of her orgasm.


“Fucking hell,” Preece muttered, pulling his cock from her and shuffling back. “That was incredible!”


“You’re telling me!” she exclaimed, finally letting go of the two boys either side of her. “Bloody hell, you boys will be the death of me at this rate. Still, I’m not finished yet. Who’s next?”


“Me!” Fawly exclaimed. “Come up onto your hands and knees, I want to fuck you doggy style!”


“Woof, woof,” she barked loudly but nevertheless did what she was told. As soon as she was on all fours on the couch, she felt the head of Fawly’s dick rubbing up against her sex. With a grunt, he penetrated her and she let out a long groan of pleasure as he slid deep inside her. Fleet had also scrambled to his knees with his cock inches away from her mouth, meaning they were very soon split roasting her. She bloody loved it.


As she took the two hard cocks into either end of her, she heard the other Hufflepuffs shout words of encouragement to her. These were mostly along the lines of ‘suck that dick!’ and ‘go, Ginny!’ but it reminded her that she still had an audience who were enjoying watching her get fucked. That several of them were still waiting their turn with her was not lost on Ginny who thought the idea very appealing. She felt like she had suddenly achieved sexual liberation and she determines to make the most of it while she could.


Eventually, Fawley’s pace began to slow and she could hear his laboured breathing. He ground to a halt and bent forward, letting his hands run up and down her naked flesh before he backed up and pulled out of her. If she was expecting a breather, she was disappointed as Fleet immediately dropped to the floor and lay on his back with his cock standing erect like a flagpole. Giggling to herself, Ginny shuffled over and straddled the boy, before lowering herself onto his waiting cock.


“Oh, yeah, that feels fantastic!” Fleet exclaimed as he began to thrust himself into her hard. Ginny was of the same opinion, especially when he reached up and began to fondle her tits, his thumbs roughly rubbing her nipples. Another orgasm was approaching fast!


“Hold up there, Herbert,” a voice called from behind her.


“Bloody hell, Trevor, can’t you wait your turn,” Fleet moaned.


Ginny looked over her shoulder and saw the Hufflepuff seeker kneeling just behind her with his cock cradled in his hand.


“I’m not about to spoil your fun, mate,” Summerby assured him. “I just felt that Ginny here has delights that we’ve yet to sample. You carry on fucking her in the pussy and I’ll take her arse.”


“Oh, okay,” Fleet acknowledged. “Let me know when I can carry on.”


“You must be a pureblood,” Ginny told the seeker accusingly.


“Err, yeah. What’s that got to do with anything?” Trevor asked, sounding confused.


“I was warned that purebloods will always want to fuck you up the arse. Well, get on with it, then.”


“Good girl,” the boy praised her and shuffled forward. A moment later, Ginny felt the head of his cock rubbing up against her back entrance and she silently thanked Angelina for insisting she lubricated that hole, too. Then, with a grunt, Summerby pushed his hard cock into her arsehole.


“Oh, HOLY FUCK!” she screamed.


“You okay, Ginny?” Herbert asked nervously.


“Fuck me! Both of you, fuck me now!” she wailed.


This was the only encouragement the boys needed and they immediately began to ram their dicks into her willing holes at a furious rate. For Ginny, it was a revelation. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that being penetrated in this manner would feel so amazing. The sensation of being sandwiched between the young men’s hard, muscular bodies was fantastic and feel their big, hard cocks so deep inside her nearly melted her brain. She orgasmed almost immediately and then twice more in short order.


“Oh, fucking hell,” she slurred. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop, I’m begging you!”


“Oh, holy fuck, your arsehole feels so good,” Summerby managed to gasp in between thrusts. Both boys were panting loudly by this stage and sweating profusely. Nevertheless, they continued to pound Ginny’s arse and pussy like their lives depended on it. Then, without warning, Summerby cried and suddenly scrambled away. Ginny turned her head in time to see a small jet of spunk shoot from the end of his dick before he got control of himself.


“Wow, you boys really don’t want to cum yet, do you?” she noted.


“We’re saving that for the end,” Michael informed her from where he was standing off to the side. “We intend to all shoot our loads at once and give you a really good coating.”


“Dirty bastards,” she giggled, quite liking the idea.


“Hmm, well if Trevor is done for the moment, I guess it’s my turn,” Craig Dunn announced, stepping forward.


“Room for one more on top,” Ginny agreed as the Reserve Keeper knelt behind her. A moment later she felt the head of his cock press up against her anus and then enter her.


She screamed out in pleasure as once again she had two cocks inside her. Poor Dunn was by some ways the smallest endowed of the Hufflepuff team but, as he was ravaging her back passage, it didn’t seem to matter. The young man was probably no more than four inches but all of it was shoved deep into her arsehole giving them both immense pleasure. Fleet resumed his heroic efforts below her and soon her loins were again aching for release. The next time she came it was so intense it made her whole body shake.


Perhaps feeling his best mate Fleet was hogging all the action, Malcolm Preece decided to get in on the fun, too. He dropped to his knees in front of Ginny and offered his throbbing cock to her. Having to only slightly stretch her neck, she was able to capture the head of his dick in her mouth and she began to suck it hard. She now had three cocks inside her and it felt wonderful.


It was inevitable that Herbert Fleet was the next boy to demand a halt. At his panicked cry, both Craig and Malcolm backed away, allowing Ginny to roll off the red-faced Keeper. Herbert crawled away, leaving Ginny lying on her back gasping for breath while the rest of the team looked on admiringly.


“You know, Ginny,” Michael began, “you might have noticed that not all our team are currently here.”


Ginny frowned. Now he mentioned it, someone was missing. The Hufflepuff team normally featured a big Chaser that everyone thought should be a Beater.


“Yeah, that big bloke, umm, Calderwood, or something,” she noted.


“Cadwallader,” Michael corrected. “Eurig Cadwallader. You see, Eurig is rather a special boy and you, being so small, well, we didn’t want to see him here from the outset and get scared. Girls have been known to faint at the sight of him naked, you know.”


“Really? And just how ‘special’ is this guy?” she asked.


“Eleven inches, erect.”


“Fucking hell!” Ginny gasped. “And here was me thinking you lot were well hung. Well, where is he, then? I want to see this monster in the flesh!”


“You’re up for it? Great!” Michael exclaimed and hurried over to the door in the far wall. He opened it and stuck his head through. Ginny could hear a muffled conversation going on but none of the words. A few moments later, Michael retreated and closed the door before walking back to where Ginny was still lying on the floor. “He’ll be right out. A word of warning, if you need some more lubricant there’s some over on the side there.” 


Being a sensible girl, Ginny rose to her feet and hurried over to a table where several bottles of clear liquid were waiting. She squirted out a large glob of the stuff and began to work it into her already battered pussy, much to the delight of the watching Hufflepuffs. Still, it was a bit late to worry about privacy now.


Just as she finished the far door opened and a large, shaven-headed young man entered. He, like the rest of his team, was stark naked and his impressive muscles were on display. No matter how remarkable his physique might be, what made Ginny gasp was what hung between his legs.


Cadwallader’s cock wasn’t nearly hard yet, but it hung down between his legs like an elephant’s trunk. Ginny assumed the boy would have to strap it to his thigh just to function normally such was its length and girth. Suddenly, her legs began to tremble and her mouth went very dry. Shakily, she walked over to meet him as the rest of the Hufflepuff team watched on intently.


“Umm, hi,” Eurig said to her.


“Hello,” she replied, her eyes never leaving the massive dong bobbing just inches away from her.


“Meet the pride of Hufflepuff,” Michael called from behind her. “I’m pleased to see that a brave Gryffindor like you aren’t intimidated by his excessive manhood, Ginny.”


“Intimidated?” she gasped. “I think it’s beautiful!”


With trembling hands, she reached out and took his length on both palms. Instantly, she felt him stiffen slightly and she wrapped her fingers around his hardening cock reverently. Sweet Merlin, what would this monster feel like shoved up her pussy?


“You up for a shag, then?” Eurig asked.


“Bloody right I am!” she retorted. “Get on your back, big boy, and I’ll soon have you nice and hard!”


Deciding that she would give her audience a show, Ginny climbed on top of the large Chaser in a 69 position. This proved to be a good move. As soon as she was in place she felt Eurig’s tongue parting the lips of her pussy. She moaned with pleasure as he began to eat her out enthusiastically.


As Cadwallader continued his delightful work, Ginny turned her attention to the massive dick lying passively in front of her. She grabbed the base of it in her right hand and ran her tongue up the length of his shaft and was thrilled to feel it stiffen in her hand. Repeating the action twice more, Ginny soon found she had him semi-erect and she had to take him in both hands to manipulate it.


With some effort, she managed to get the boy’s cock facing her and she marvelled at the size of his pulsating helmet. Opening her mouth wide, she took the head of his cock into it before starting to suck it hard. There was no question of accepting much of his length as his helmet filled her mouth fully. Still, there was just enough room for her to rub her tongue over the slit in the tip of his dick while she pumped his shaft with both hands. The big man writhed underneath her and groaned even as he continued to lick her soaking pussy.


It didn’t take her long to make Eurig totally hard. She popped his dick out of her mouth and wondered at the magnificence of it. Michael had said Cadwallader was eleven inches but she could honestly believe he was even bigger than that. Suddenly, she was gripped by a fierce desire to find out what this monster would feel like in her cunt.


Scrambling off the big man, Ginny reversed herself and was soon straddling the expectant-looking boy. She could feel that huge dick resting against her arse and it made her tremble with desire. Urgently, she reached between her legs and grabbed his shaft. Raising her hips, she soon could feel his swollen helmet pressing up against her dripping entrance. The rest of the Hufflepuff team, who were gathered around to watch, seemed equally eager for her to get on with it judging by vocal encouragement she was getting.      


“Come on, Ginny, you can do it!”


“Yeah, go, girl!”


“Ride that cock!”


Turning her head, she grinned at them before turning her attention back to the matter in hand. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself before pushing herself down onto Eurig’s waiting monster.


“Oh, holy fuck!” she bellowed as the head of the dick entered her. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined taking something so big inside her and it took a moment for her to adjust to his girth. Then, with determination, she began to push downwards, slowly taking more of his incredible length into her pussy.


Placing her hands on Cadwallader’s broad chest she was able to push harder and she shuddered as inch after delicious inch of cock ground deeper and deeper inside her. This was the most incredible thing she’d ever experienced and there was more to come. A quick exploration with her hand revealed she’d only taken about half of the dick in so far. Well, she wasn’t a girl who gave up easily! Gritting her teeth, she again pushed herself down.


“Nearly there!” she heard McManus shout.


“Go on, Ginny, just another inch or two,” Summerby added.


Her body was shaking and her face was red, but she was determined. Summoning up one last effort, she pushed and took the last of his length inside her. The rest of the Hufflepuff’s immediately started to cheer and clap as she felt Eurig’s balls resting against her arse. Pushing herself upright, she let out a loud cheer and flashed them the V for victory sign.    


“Fucking hell, you’re tight!” Cadwallader grunted.


Ginny didn’t reply, instead, she leaned and placed her hands either side of the young man’s broad chest. Then, with her panting with lust, she began to move her hips. The Hufflepuff boys began to cheer again as she felt the lips of her wet cunt cling to Eurig’s thick shaft as she moved up and down slowly. As her pussy began to adjust to his girth, she increased her speed, thrusting herself down onto this king of cocks. She could hear herself screaming out loud every time his dick rammed itself deep inside her and, as Cadwallader’s hands began to roam greedily over her body, she knew she was close to cumming. Then, a loud shout made them both stop short.


“Johnson! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


McManus’s cry made them both freeze. Ginny turned her head to the boarded-off area where her team captain had been monitoring events just in time to see a mass of braids disappear behind the wall.


“It’s no use hiding now,” McManus yelled again. “We all saw you!”


Slowly, Angelina Johnson’s head appeared over the edge of the temporary wall with a stern expression on her face. The Hufflepuff team captain strode over to confront her.


“What were you doing?” he demanded. “You know that you’re only meant to listen out in case it got too much for Weasley. You weren’t meant to be watching.”


“I was worried about her,” Angelina snapped. “I hadn’t counted on you lot forcing her to accommodate old Centaur dick over there!”


“We gave her a choice and, I might add, she seems to be bloody loving riding Eurig. You had no reason to break the rules.”


“I only looked for a moment,” she protested.


“It doesn’t matter. You knew what the rules were and you knowingly broke them. That means Gryffindor has defaulted in settling the bet and will have to suffer the consequences,” Michael announced.


“Angelina!” Ginny shrieked in anger.


“Now, wait a minute…” Angelina began.


“No, the rules are clear and you broke them,” McManus cut her off. “No House team has defaulted on a bet for over fifty years and your name will be long remembered, Johnson. Not to mention, of course, that we can impose any penalty we like on Gryffindor.”


Ginny stared in horror. She’d only agreed to all this to preserve the honour of her House and her efforts now looked to have been all in vain. Being associated with a disgraced team might even affect her chances of becoming a professional after she left school, unless…


“Michael, I’m sure we can come to a compromise,” she called out. “Yes, Angelina broke the rules but it was only because she was worried about me. Perhaps she can do something that will make it up to you all and mean you won’t have to call out our entire House.”


“Like what?” Michael demanded.


“Do to her what you’re doing to me,” Ginny said with a shrug. “I’m sure she’d fuck all of you if you’ll just overlook this little transgression.”


A hungry look suddenly appeared on McManus’s face. He turned to his fellow teammates.


“What do you guys think? If she gets her knickers off and gives us all one, do you think we can overlook this?”


“YEAH!” cried his teammates, to Ginny’s complete unsurprised.


“I… wait! I… oh, bollocks. Okay, I guess I can do that,” Angelina grumbled.


“Well, in that case, get over here and get you kit off!” McManus urged.


By this point, Ginny had rolled off Cadwallader and they were both watching the events unfold intently. Of course, Ginny had seen Angelina numerous times in the showers after practice and knew what an incredible figure the older girl had. She had to admit to a slight feeling of satisfaction that Johnson, who was directly responsible for her getting gangbanged in the first place, was now suffering the same fate. Not that Ginny wasn’t enjoying the experience, but still.


The Hufflepuff team all watched closely as Angelina began to pull off her clothing. With a put-upon expression on her face, she shrugged off her robes, undid her blouse and let her skirt slip down her legs. Her bra and knickers followed rapidly, leaving her standing naked as the day she was born.


“Fucking hell,” Herbert Fleet gasped in appreciation.


Ginny had to agree with the Keeper’s assessment. Angelina looked like some sort of warrior Goddess. Curvaceous was the best way to describe the Gryffindor captain; her breasts were large but firm-looking and, while her hips and backside were wide, her waist was trim. Her long legs were sleek and powerful, with a dark patch of pubic hair nestling above her sex. She looked at the salivating boys with a challenging expression.


“Oh, yes!”


These were the only words McManus spoke before he lunged at her. He was closely followed by the rest of his team and, a moment later, Angelina virtually vanished under a pile of naked Hufflepuffs, all intent on getting their hands on her flesh.


It took a little while before Ginny caught sight of her captain again. By this point, Angelina was on her back with the seven Hufflepuffs all attacking her with their mouths. Michael was to one side of her head, kissing her passionately with their tongues intertwined in a mad dance. Preece and Fleet were lying either side of her chest and both of them were licking and sucking the girl’s extended nipples like their lives depended on it. Fawly was between her legs, licking her pussy while Fawly rubbed her clit with his finger from above. Finally, Dunn and Cholderton were sucking her toes.


Ginny watched with amusement as Angelina squirmed and groaned at the boys’ assault on her body until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Cadwallader looking at her.


“Umm, do you think we can carry on with what we were doing?” he asked.


“Of course,” she replied with a grin. “On your back, big boy, I haven’t finished riding you yet.”


Seconds later, Ginny found herself astride of the hulking Chaser and she cried out loud as his huge cock was forcibly thrust into her cunt. Eurig grabbed her buttocks and began to ram himself into her at a rapid pace. It was completely unlike anything she’d ever experienced before and she soon felt a familiar pressure building in her loins.


She came hard and suddenly, her body convulsing as she screamed at the top of her voice. Not that Eurig took pity on her and, despite her body flopping around like a puppet that had just had its strings cut, he continued to brutally fuck her. Her eyes nearly rolled back into her head and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth like a panting dog, but the big man continued to thrust all of his eleven inch plus cock into her battered pussy.


“Change… change position,” she managed to slur, desperate for a moment's respite.


Almost immediately, she was thrown on her back with her legs in the air. Eurig’s massive dick was then thrust back into her and he continued to try to fuck her to death.


If she’d been capable of rational thought at that moment, Ginny would probably have admitted that Cadwallader was rather too big for her. Given a choice, she would rather have had McManus or Summerby’s big dicks buried in her snatch, but there was no denying that this was an incredible experience. She’d probably never tackle a cock this big again in her life and it was a measure of pride that she, at barely five feet five inches, could accommodate the boy’s massive girth. Still, she’d be glad when it was over.


In his current position, Eurig was able to fuck her even harder than before and Ginny was sure he was hitting her cervix each time he slammed his dick into her. At least when she’d been on top she’d had some control over the proceedings but now, being pinned down by Cadwallader’s muscular body, she had to lie there and take it. Then, just when she thought she could take no more, Eurig suddenly gasped and pulled out of her. Seconds later, a thick jet of spunk hit her body.


Looking up, she saw the big Chaser kneeling between her legs whilst masturbating furiously. From the end of his cock, blasts of creamy cum were being pumped over her, coating her stomach and groin area. She’d never seen a boy ejaculate like this before and she could only stare at him, wide-eyed, as he emptied himself all over her. After what seemed an age, he finally finished and he looked down at her red-faced.


“Oh, fuck. I wasn’t supposed to do that,” he mumbled.


Cadwallader’s actions had caught the attention of some of the others and Trevor Summerby wandered over from where he’d been watching Angelina being fucked. He looked down at Ginny’s cum-soaked body before turning to his teammate.


“What the hell, Eurig, you know you’re not supposed to shoot your load yet,” he complained.


“Sorry, it… it just felt too good,” the big man apologised whilst trying to get his breath back.


“You boys seem desperate not to cum,” Ginny noted as she looked down over herself.


“Ah, you see we’re saving ourselves for a big finish,” Trevor explained with an evil grin. “We fully intend to all cum at once and leave you dripping in jizz from head to toe. It will kind of be our salute to you.”


“What, an eight cock salute,” she giggled.


“Well, a seven cock salute now this big ox has already shot his bolt,” Summerby noted. “Still, at least this means one thing.”




“Ginny’s free again!” Summerby called out again before dropping to the floor and pulling Ginny on top of him. A second later and his cock was firmly embedded in her pussy.


“Not going for my arsehole this time?” she asked as he began to thrust himself into her again.


“Nah, I have to try all your holes, don’t I? Besides, I think someone else wants to try that position.”


A pair of hands unexpectedly grabbed her waist and she felt something brush up against her back entrance. Turning her head, she saw Luke Cholderton, the reserve Beater, grinning at her.


“Reckon you can squeeze me in?” he inquired.


“You boys are going to be the death of me,” Ginny grumbled. “Go on then, fuck me up the arse.”


Not needing any further encouragement, Cholderton pushed himself into her back passage and Ginny found herself once again double penetrated. Moaning in pleasure, Ginny squirmed as the two boys began to rhythmically thrust their rock-hard cocks into her. This was much more like it, she decided. Even if Cadwallader had got her off, this was a much more gratifying experience than having a tree trunk shoved up her cunt.


“Oh, bloody hell, yes! Go on, fuck both my holes!” she begged.


Summerby and Cholderton continued to do just that, whilst at the same time plastering her neck and face with hot, needy kisses. Sweet Merlin, she loved this.


Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of how her captain was doing. She too was being fucked in both holes, with McManus underneath her and Preece taking care of her from behind. Fleet and Fawly were knelt in front of her, seemingly getting their cocks sucked in turn. Craig Dunn was standing nearby a little dejectedly. At seeing this, Ginny called him over.


“Why are you standing about like a wet weekend when I could be sucking you off?” she demanded. 


“No bloody idea!” he announced, dropping to his knees and offering his decidedly average sized dick for her attention. She had to stretch her neck a little, but she soon captured the head of his cock in her mouth and she began to suck it greedily. It occurred to her that between Angelina and herself, they were servicing no less than seven Hufflepuff cocks. Let it never be said that Gryffindor girls weren’t adaptable!


The boys settled into a nice, steady pace allowing Ginny to luxuriate in the wonderful feelings that washed over her. She didn’t orgasm again but maintained herself at a level just below that, her body tingling with ecstasy as her multiple lovers hit all her hot spots. She could have gone on like this all night but, sadly, the boys could not.


“Let’s switch around,” Luke suggested in a strangled voice.


“Ginny’s arse just feels too good, doesn’t it?” Trevor noted with a chuckle. “Still, I’m up for having my dick sucked some more.”


Slowly, the four of them disengaged and Ginny rose to her feet as Cholderton made himself comfortable on the floor while the other two eagerly waited for them to resume.


“Bloody hell,” she grumbled, “I feel like a fairground ride with everyone waiting to take a ride on me! I hope you boys have paid for your tickets!”


“You’re definitely the main attraction,” Trevor chuckled.   


“I guess we’re going round again,” she sighed as Luke settled himself down on his back with his cock standing upright awaiting her attention. With a grin on her face, she dropped to her knees and straddled the eager young man before she felt his straining dick slide into her waiting pussy. It felt just as good as Summerby’s manhood had. A moment later, Dunn dropped down behind her and she felt his stubby dick struggling to gain entrance to her arsehole. She reached behind her and spread her bum cheeks with her hands, enabling him to penetrate her.


The boys then began to start thrusting themselves into her eagerly. Craig Dunn might have had the smallest cock in the whole Hufflepuff team but, Ginny reasoned if it was shoved up her bum it didn’t matter. Excitement once again began to build up inside her as the two Quidditch players fucker her. The third player, Trevor Summerby, chose to just stand and watch for a moment.    


“Fucking hell, Ginny, you are something else,” he noted appreciatively, his hand stroking his big, hard cock as he watched her take two dicks at once.


“Like watching me getting fucked, do you?” she asked, her breathing somewhat strained.


“Oh, hell, yes,” he confirmed. “There’s nothing as sexy as watching a beautiful young girl do utterly filthy things. Before we started, I truly thought you’d be a wet blanket but you’ve totally proved me wrong. I think I’m falling in love with you, Weasley.”


“The word is lust, not love,” she corrected. “Now, why don’t you get down here so I can suck your cock?”


Grinning so hard his face nearly split, Trevor dropped to his knees and shuffled forward. Ginny eagerly took him into her mouth and ran her tongue over the head of his diamond-hard penis. As she tasted the curious mix of his pre-cum and her own pussy juices, she was grateful that the boys were swapping in that order. She doubted that Cholderton’s cock, which just moments before had been wedged deep in her back passage, would have tasted so good. There was just something about tasting her pussy juices coating a guy’s manhood that just really turned her on. 


Almost lovingly, Summerby stroked her hair as she continued to suck him off. The other two boys unrelentingly fucked her from below and behind, making her body tremble with pleasure and her loin’s burn with desire. To think, she’d actually been worried about this. She was having the bloody time of her life!


It was Cholderton who again called a halt to proceedings. As he crawled out from underneath Ginny, he was red-faced and sweating profusely, yet he seemed determined not to cum until it was the appropriate time. Once again, the boys changed positions and Luke took the opportunity to take a breather.


Ginny looked over to see how Angelina was doing and saw little had changed. She was in pretty much the same situation Ginny had been herself, other than the tall girl had four cocks to satisfy. Currently, she was riding Preece hard while wanking off McManus and Fleet while sucking Fawly. Cadwallader was sitting nearby, watching events with a grin on his face and his still-flaccid cock in his hand. Seeing that her captain had matters well in hand, she turned back to impatiently waiting lovers.


As she suspected, Dunn’s small todger felt distinctively unsatisfying after the other two huge cocks but as the young keeper had yet to sample her cunt yet she wasn’t going to deny him.

It was just a shame that she could barely feel him inside her.


As Craig began to pump into her ineffectively, she saw Trevor standing watching them with a smirk on his face. He was stroking his cock and had an evil glint in his eyes. It didn’t take much imagination for her to guess what he was thinking.


“You going to shove your cock up my arse again?” she demanded. “You are such a pureblood.”


“You going to let me? You’re a pureblood, too,” he pointed out. “Besides, I can’t let that lovely little pink hole go to waste, can I?”


“I guess not,” Ginny agreed. “Go on, then, fuck me up the bum.”


“Don’t mind if I do.”


Summerby wandered behind her and a few moments later she felt his hands slowly part her arse cheeks. Dunn had the sense to stop frantically fucking her as his teammate lined himself up. Then, with maddening slowness, Trevor slid his big dick into her back passage. Ginny groaned with pleasure as she once again found herself impaled on two cocks.


“Sweet Merlin, that feels so good,” Summerby groaned as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her.


“Mmm, yeah! Go on, big boy, fuck me!” she growled.


The boys immediately began to ram their cocks into her with renewed vigour. It seemed odd to Ginny that she was gaining more pleasure from being shafted up her bum than her pussy but perhaps the striking difference in the two Hufflepuff’s equipment explained it. Size, it appeared, really did matter. She just lay sandwiched between the two of them and enjoyed the experience.


As she wallowed in pleasure, Ginny noticed Luke Cholderton sitting red-faced off to the side. She tilted her head inviting him over but the boy shook his head. Presumably, the Beater was too close to the edge to join in again but, a few seconds later, he was thrown a lifeline.


“One minute!” McManus yelled. “One minute!”


For a second, Ginny was mystified what the Hufflepuff Captain meant by his mysterious cry but the look of relief on Cholderton’s face gave her a clue. It appeared that all of the ‘puffs were about ready to shoot their loads.


The effect on her two current lovers was markedly different. Craig Dunn, below her, began to slow his pace while Trevor, on the other hand, began to fuck her even harder. Both were presumably both trying to climax at the same time. She couldn’t help but think that the Hufflepuffs were taking this whole ‘togetherness’ thing a bit too far.




The minute passed in a blur and Ginny blinked in surprise when McManus yelled again. Before she knew what was happening, Dunn and Summerby had wormed away, pushing her to one side. She was then grabbed by the arms and pulled to her feet before being guided to the small stage where she’d performed her striptease for the appreciative Hufflepuff boys. Off to the side, she saw Angelina also being led to the stage. The two girls soon found themselves on their knees, side by side, with the boys all gathering around them.


“Had a good time?” Angelina asked whilst still breathing hard from her exertions.


Ginny giggled. “Yeah, I’d be lying if I said otherwise.”


“I told you, didn’t I?” the older girl said. “There’s nothing better than having a bunch of well-hung boys lining up to shag you.”


“You’re right. It looks like they’re all ready to pop, though,” Ginny noted, looking around at the assembled Hufflepuff’s who were all looking at them hungrily whilst stroking their cocks.


“Looks that way,” Angelina agreed. “Do you like the taste of cum?”


“Dunno. I’ve never tasted it before.”


“Well, I think that’s about to change,” Angelina noted as Herbert Fleet approached her.


Ginny watched in fascination as the tall keeper stood right in front of her and aimed his straining cock at her face. Angelina obligingly opened her mouth and, just seconds later, Fleets cock exploded over her. Ginny gasped as a thick jet of creamy liquid shot from the end of Herbert’s dick and hit her team captain. The majority of it splattered all over the girl’s upturned face but a substantial amount landed in her mouth. A second load followed almost immediately, further coating Angelina’s face.


With a pitiful moan, Fleet grabbed the back of Angelina’s head and pulled it forward so he could guide his penis into her mouth. She accepted it willingly and she grabbed his shaft with her fist, pumping it as she milked it for every last drop of precious spunk. With her eyes wide, Ginny watched and great globs of semen oozed from between her lips and dripped down her chin. It was the dirtiest thing Ginny had ever witnessed and she couldn’t wait to try it herself.


In answer to her silent wishes, Luke Cholderton appeared in front of her. Taking her direction from her captain, Ginny immediately opened her mouth wide. Luke smirked and began to wank furiously. Eager to taste what he had to offer, she reached up and began to massage his ball sack with her hand. This tactic must have worked as moments later Luke came.


The impact made Ginny jump, but the Beater was more accurate than his counterpart as nearly all his discharge landed in her mouth. The sensation was odd, to say the least, as his cum tasted salty yet creamy at the same time. Cholderton spurted again and this time he shot his load over her face. She closed her eyes as a jet of jizz hit her on the forehead and began to drip down her face. A third and fourth jet followed before Luke shuddered and stepped away.


Using her hands, Ginny wiped the spunk away from her eyes before opening them. It then occurred to her that she had a mouthful of jizz that she didn’t know what to do with. Taking a deep breath, she followed her instincts and swallowed. The creamy gunk slipped down her throat without a problem.


“Oh bugger, I needed that,” Cholderton moaned, stepping back.


“Blimey, you had been saving that up, hadn’t you?” Ginny noted with a giggle. “In fact, you…”


“Coming through!” Craig Dunn suddenly yelled, pushing his teammate out of the way.


Frantically, the Reserve Keeper pumped his stubby dick for all of two seconds before he spurted. Rather than the directed jet Luke had hit her with, Dunn sprayed his jizz all over the place while wailing in a pained tone. Spunk landed in her hair, over her face, on her shoulder and down her chest. He may have been small but Craig had managed to do a viable impression of a garden hose. The boy was practically sobbing with relief as he massaged the last few drops of cum out of the end of his dick.


Ginny looked down at herself and gawped at all the creamy goo that was dripping down her body. Looking over, she was just in time to see Michael shooting his load all over Angelina’s upturned face.


“You ready to take my load now?”


Turning her head, she saw Trevor Summerby with his cock in his hand, smirking at her. Ginny couldn’t help but smile back. The sight of the handsome, muscular young man slowly stroking his big, hard cock was certainly appealing. She was suddenly gripped by a burning desire to see that magnificent manhood spurt like a volcano.


“Of course I’m ready to make you cum,” she replied.


Trevor stepped forward and, on a whim, Ginny moved his hand away and took over responsibility for wanking him off. Grasping his thick shaft in her fist, she began to pump it hard. Summerby grunted and watched her with a hungry expression on his face.


“Cum for me,” she begged, looking him straight in the eye.


“Soon, beautiful, very soon,” he assured her, his breathing growing more laboured by the second.


“I want your spunk!”


“Yeah, I’m… oh, fuck, yes… I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”


Opening her mouth wide, Ginny aimed the head of Trevor’s pulsating dick directly into it. It was just in time, as a second later the boy exploded. A thick jet of spunk shot practically right down her throat, coating her face and lips as it went. He spurted again and again until Ginny feared he might pass out. Then, as he stood with his legs trembling, she lurched forward and clamped her mouth around his hot cock, sucking the last drops out of him.


As she desperately sucked the last of his discharge from him, Ginny could feel great dollops of creamy cum dripping down her chin. With her cheeks bulging, she pulled back and, quite deliberately, began to dribble his jizz down onto her tits. There seemed to be gallons of the stuff and her chest was soon coated in cum. It dripped down her body and some of it even ended up in her pubic hair.


When her mouth was empty, she licked her lips and looked up at Summerby, who seemed to have been struck dumb. He shook his head in amazement.


“Fucking hell, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he gasped.


With cum-stained lips, Ginny planted a firm kiss on the end of his drooping cock and sat back, proud of her efforts.


“You look like you’re in the same state as me.”


Turning her head, Ginny saw Angelina regarding her with an amused expression. The taller girl was indeed in a similar state, with her face and tits thoroughly covered in the boys’ discharge. On her dark skin, it was even more notable.


“I think we’re going to need to clean up a bit before we head back to our common room,” Ginny agreed.       


“No need to hurry back, though,” Michael told her. “We’ll shortly be opening up the party to the rest of the sixth and seven years. We’ve got plenty of Firewhisky to go around, too.”


“Hmm, I could do with a drink after all that,” Angelina noted. “We’d better get cleaned up and dressed right away.”


“No need,” Trevor told her. “Hufflepuff parties are always conducted in the buff.”


“What? Seriously?” Ginny gasped. “You mean that you all get naked and party together?”


“Sure,” McManus confirmed. “Our House is all about togetherness. You can’t get much closer than by drinking and shagging together. That’s what all the mattresses spread around the place are for. If someone propositions a housemate at one of these events it’s considered bad form to turn them down without a good reason. Most of the seniors in this House have fucked each other.”


“Yeah, for instance, Malcolm and Herbert are on a promise tonight, aren’t you, boys?” Summerby called out.


“Sod off,” Preece suggested.


Ginny and Angelina shared a surprised look. They quickly went and gathered their clothing before retrieving their wands. They then cast Cleaning Charms on each other until not a drop of spunk could be seen.


While they were doing that, the Hufflepuff Quidditch team made themselves busy. A long table was brought out and a large number of bottles of Firewhisky were produced. Glasses were laid out as were a selection of snacks. While the Gryffindor team parties were normally as well-stocked, it was generally due to Fred and George’s skill in procurement that allowed it. Ginny was shocked that the supposedly uninventive Hufflepuffs could get their hands on so much illegal hooch. Angelina’s eyes were certainly wide in surprise.


“Can I offer our guests a little snifter?” McManus asked offering them each a glass with a generous amount of amber liquid in them.


“Don’t mind if I do,” Angelina confirmed, grabbing one of the glasses and taking a healthy swig.


“Yeah, why not?” Ginny said with a shrug, taking the other glass and taking a much more cautious sip. She managed to stop herself shuddering as the fiery liquid burnt down her throat.


“Hey, Michael, are we okay to let the others in?” Fawly called out.


“Guess so,” Michael confirmed.


With slight trepidation, Ginny watched as the Reserve Chaser went over to the side door and threw it open. He yelled something she didn’t hear before turning and walking back into the room. A moment later, a mass of bodies entered the room and hurried over the drink laden table.


A mass of naked bodies.


She blinked at the sight of so much exposed flesh. It looked like nearly all of the House’s sixth and seventh years were present, all evidently willing to let it all hang out. Not all of the new arrivals headed for the drink, however. A brown-haired girl peeled off and headed straight for Preece and Fleet who were standing with a resigned expression on their faces. The young woman could be described as plump, if you were feeling generous, and also wore thick glasses.


“Hi, boys,” the girl said enthusiastically, throwing her arms around the two young men’s shoulders. “I hope you haven’t worn yourselves out that Gryffindor girl.”


“Girls,” Herbert corrected, “we did Angelina, too.”


“Don’t worry, Gladys,” Malcolm added. “We still have plenty of energy for you.”


“Well, what are we waiting for?” she demanded and dragged the two young men towards one of the mattresses located against the wall.


“What was that all about?” Ginny asked as the three headed off.


“Oh, that’s Gladys Prescott,” Michael explained. “I know she doesn’t look much, but she’s probably the most popular girl in the whole of our House. She’s kind, considerate and she goes out of her way to help anyone who needs it. She’s the perfect Hufflepuff. I should also mention that she’s a horny cow and as she’s so well thought of if she propositions a bloke he virtually always says yes. Our Gladys has probably had more cock than any other girl in this school.”


“Good for her!” Angelina exclaimed.


“Anyway, the other day, she decides that she wanted Malcolm and Herbert to both do her at once. Neither of those lads was ever going to turn her down and it looks like she’s about to claim her prize.”   


“I hope she enjoys herself,” Ginny giggled. From where she stood, she could just see that the three of them had reached the mattress and Gladys had dropped to her knees and was busy sucking the boys’ cocks into life. A few people nearby had paused to watch, but no one seemed surprised or offended. She was tempted to go over to get a better view when a large, hulking shape blocked her path.


“Looks like the party is in full swing,” Eurig Cadwallader stated as he stood in front of them. Ginny couldn’t help but notice that he had his enormous cock in his hand and it was stiffening rapidly. This time, however, that monster wasn’t aimed at her. “So, Angelina, your lovely teammate managed to accommodate me, how do you feel about taking a ride on eleven inches of prime Hufflepuff meat?”


Angelina looked shocked for just a second before a confident smile crept onto her face.


“I guess I can hardly expect one of my team to do something I won’t,” she agreed. “I think I can manage your sausage, Cadwallader, the only questions is whether you can keep up with me.”


“Why don’t we grab a mattress and see?” he replied with a grin.


This time, Ginny did follow behind and stood and watched as her captain and the Hufflepuff Chaser selected a suitable mattress. Angelina instructed the bloke to lay on his back before she lay on top of him in a 69 position. She then took his massive dick in both hands and began to lick it enthusiastically.


“Hey, Eurig is doing Angelina Johnson!” someone yelled and, seconds later, a crowd had gathered to watch. This didn’t seem to bother Angelina in the slightest as she took the head of his dick into her mouth and began to suck it hard.   


As the audience started to yell encouragement, Ginny happened to look up at Michael’s face. He’d walked over with her to watch Eurig and Angelina, but she was surprised to see what looked like actual pain in his expression. It then occurred to her that once her team captain had been dragged into all this, Michael had given her his exclusive attention. She knew the look on his face all too well – it was unrequited love. McManus had feelings for Angelina.


Of course, this opened up a whole kettle of fish. Angelina was supposed to be dating Ginny’s brother Fred yet, here she was, watching as the older girl gobbled Cadwallader’s oversized dick. Naturally, there was no way that she was going to mention any of this to Fred, especially as she didn’t want her own activities this evening brought to light. No, as far as Ginny was concerned, Fred and Angelina were still an item and it was just Michael’s hard luck.


Still, Ginny did feel a bit sorry for him. Michael had been a perfect gentleman all evening and she’d be lying if she said she’d had anything less than a great time with him. Maybe she couldn’t do anything about his feelings for Angelina but she could keep him occupied while the girl was getting fucked by his teammate.


“Hey, Michael,” she said, grabbing his hand. “Watching those two go at it is making me feel horny. Why don’t we go and grab one of those spare mattresses over there and get busy?”


“What? After shagging the entire Hufflepuff Quidditch team, you’re still horny? Bloody hell, Ginny, you’re insatiable, aren’t you?”


“You ‘puffs have been so good to me, I just want to keep the party going,” she replied. “You up for it?”


“Hell, yes!”


They hurried over to a vacant mattress on the far side of the room which, Ginny noted, was far enough away that they couldn’t see what Angelina and Eurig were up to. Of course, Michael was limp by this point, so she made him lay on his back which he did so with an expectant grin on his face.


With the feeling of excitement building in her, Ginny flopped down between the older boy’s legs and took his flaccid cock in her hand. As soon as she wrapped her fingers around it, she could feel it start to harden but that wasn’t fast enough for her. While keeping eye contact with Michael, she stuck out her tongue and slowly began to run the tip of it over his soft helmet. His cock was sticky and, she realised, probably tasted of Angelina’s pussy, but she didn’t care. As she left a silvery trail of saliva over the head of his dick, it began to stiffen rapidly. Very soon, Ginny found herself with a fully erect cock in her hand. Doing what she did best, she slid it into her mouth.


Michael shuddered with pleasure as she began to suck on his magnificent member. As she slurped, she remembered overhearing older girls talking about deep throating their boyfriends and she wondered how much of McManus’s cock she could take. The boy was a good seven or eight inches long, so it would be a challenge but she was up for it. After all, she’d been a total slag up to this point, so why not go the whole hog?


Taking a deep breath, Ginny began to work more and more of Michael’s rock-hard dick down her throat. It wasn’t easy and her initial reaction was to gag. It took her a little while to adjust to breathing through her nose and to fight her instincts. Once she was comfortable, she pushed her head down further and took even more of the long shaft into her mouth.


By this point, McManus was sobbing like a baby and gently stroking her hair as she gobbled his cock. She was pleased that he didn’t try to force her to take more of it down her throat and for her to work at her own speed. Grasping that she only had an inch or so to go, she made one last effort and a moment later her nose made contact with the soft flesh of Michael’s groin. His pubic hair tickled her upper lip but she’d managed to do it. All his cock was now in her mouth!


“Gah!” Ginny yelled as she pulled her head back and was at last able to breathe. Saliva dripped down her chin and all down Michael’s cock. The boy in question just stared at her in amazement.


“Fucking hell, Gin! That was amazing. I never expected you to do that!”


“First time for everything,” she slurred. “You know what you can do to pay me back?”




“Stick that big cock of yours right up my pussy!”


With that, Ginny crawled forward until her head was parallel with his. She kissed him once, her tongue jousting with his briefly before she reached down between her legs and grabbed his throbbing shaft. She manoeuvred it until it was pressed up against her dripping hole before she thrust her hips down hard.


“Oh, fuck, yes!” she screamed as she took most of his length into her cunt in one go. This wasn’t enough for her, however, and she ground herself down onto him until all his delicious cock was inside her.


Ginny paused for a moment so she could enjoy the wondrous feeling of McManus’s big dick filling her but she couldn’t remain still for long. Soon, her hips began to move of their own volition as she repeatedly impaled herself on his rock-hard column. Michael gasped and grabbed her hips, helping to ram her small body down onto his pole.


Before long, she was screaming each time his cock plunged into her soaking wet pussy. It felt absolutely incredible and Ginny congratulated herself on instigating what had started as an act of kindness but had turned into a fantastic fuck. Michael was clearly loving it, too, and was thrusting himself up into her like his life depended on it. Such was the enthusiasm with which he shafted her that Ginny could feel his balls slapping against her arse with each lunge. Sweet Merlin, could this get any better?


She soon got her answer. With a strangled cry, McManus suddenly flipped her over onto her back and pulled her legs into the air. In this position, he could really start giving it to her and Ginny laid back and let the handsome Quidditch player try and fuck her into unconsciousness. She orgasmed once, twice… hell, she lost count of the number of times she came. Her body was dripping with sweat and her mouth was bone dry but Michael continued to pound her grateful cunt hole with his massive dick. Her nails dug into his arse cheeks as she urged him to fuck her even harder. The haste with which his backside was moving made it look like they were in a film that was being played at the wrong speed.   


“I’m… oh, fuck, I’m going to cum,” Michael suddenly gasped.      


“Do it!” she ordered. “Cum in me! Shoot your whole fucking load deep inside me!”


“I’m… I’m… aaaarhag!”


Michael wailed as he slammed his dick deep into her one last time. He looked positively pained with his mouth open and his eyes closed. Ginny desperately ran her hands over his sticky body as she imagined all the creamy spunk he was pumping into her.


“I’m… oh, fuck… I’m done,” he managed to slur after some time.


Ginny stroked his cheek. “Mmm, that was wonderful. I bet you shot so much spunk into me that I’ll have wet decks for a week, you naughty boy.”


Michael started to laugh until a slow handclap made him look around suddenly. There, standing watching them, was Angelina Johnson. She had a massive grin on her face as she looked down at their entwined bodies.


“Bloody hell, you two were really going for it,” she noted.


“Finished taking Cadwallader’s oversize prick, are you?” Ginny asked. “I’m surprised you’re still walking straight.”


“Oh, don’t worry, I rocked his world. I see you two were too busy to watch.”


McManus looked a little embarrassed as he climbed off Ginny. He managed a rueful smile as he stood, spunk still dripping from the end of his cock.

“Yeah, well, you see…” he mumbled.


“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Angelina told him. “It looked like you and Ginny were having a great time. I was getting tired just watching you.”


“Glad we provided you with some entertainment,” Ginny smirked.


“You did. I’m afraid all good things must come to an end, though. It will be curfew in the not too distant future and I really need a bath. It’s time for us to leave, Ginny.”


Ginny nodded, understanding the older girl’s logic. While she might have fancied staying a little longer, Michael really had shagged six bells out of her and perhaps now was the perfect time to leave. She picked herself up off the mattress and looked up at her team captain.


“Okay, boss, let’s go and find our clothes.”


With McManus trailing behind them, the two girls soon located their discarded garments and quickly dressed. Around them, the party was in full swing with the senior Hufflepuffs all either drinking, dancing or shagging. A quick glance showed that Gladys was still keeping Preece and Fleet busy and she was currently being spit-roasted by the two boys. Ginny grinned and silently wished the girl well.


The girls turned to go but Michael grabbed Ginny’s hand.


“Umm, Ginny, I was just wondering if you’d fancy getting together with me some time? I mean, we seemed to have hit it off, eh?”


Before she had a chance to answer, Trevor Summerby came hurrying up having seen the two Gryffindors were about to leave.


“Hey, Ginny, will you go out with me during the next Hogsmead visit?” he asked, obviously not having heard his team captain also ask her out. A glare from Michael soon clued him in.


“Oh, this is awkward,” Angelina sniggered.   


“Hmm, what tempting offers. I’ll have to give them some thought,” Ginny told the two young men. “Or perhaps I might take both of you up on your offer. I mean, the three of us might have some fun together, eh?”


Michael and Trevor, who had been glaring at each other, suddenly both turned their heads. After a moment, big grins crept onto their faces.  


“Yeah, that might be interesting,” McManus agreed.


“I wouldn’t mind sharing,” Summerby added.


“Well, I might see you boys soon,” Ginny told them before turning to leave. She ignored Angelina’s quiet chuckles.


They were again blindfolded and led out of the common room by a disgruntled sixth-year girl who obviously resented having drawn guard duty at the door and the soon found themselves in the corridor near the kitchen. In silence, they began to walk in the direction of the Prefect’s bathroom where they intend to take a cleansing bath. They got as far as the staircase before Ginny broke the silence.


“So, how many times did you have to peek over those walls they hid you behind before they noticed?”


“Four times,” Angelina grunted in annoyance. “It sounded like you were having the time of your life and I was damned if I was going to miss out. Not a word to Fred or George, got it?”


“My lips are sealed,” she confirmed before another thought struck her. “So, our next match is against Ravenclaw. Are you going to make a bet with them, too?”


Angelina burst out laughing. “I might just do that, Ginny. Some good looking blokes in that House, eh?”


With wide grins on their faces, the two girls headed to the bathroom.













































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