Who needs Dinner when she could Have…

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for.

Who needs Dinner when she could Have…

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for.

“Speaking/Talking” ‘Thoughts/Pondered’ "SHOUTING/SCREAMING/YELLING"

Hermione Granger – 16

Blaise Zabini – 15


Great Hall

Ginny is approximately 6 months along with her pregnancy with Harry's baby and has had difficulty sitting at the desks with fixed seats. She has even greater reluctance to stand once seated. Not really true, unless Harry is near. But when Harry hears Ginny has difficulties he helps her sit and stand when he is around. Ginny doesn’t mind his hovering.

Hermione rolls her eyes. She would have threatened to hex Harry for acting this way if she was unfortunate enough to be pregnant.

In Ginny’s opinion three good things came out of her condition. Harry pampers her like a princess, she carries the next Potter guaranteeing marriage with the Boy-Who-Lived, her personal Knight-Savior and best of all she had been forbidden by Matron Pomfrey from taking Snape’s potions classes and Snape couldn’t fail her for not attending.  

At dinner Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry cutting Ginny’s meat and hand feeding her.

“Sickeningly sweet isn’t it?”

Hermione twisted in her seat to see who was behind her.

Harry never noticed this. His attention was focused on Ginny and Ginny? Well, she has what she wants.

Ron was face deep with his first true love – food. (He licked the gravy from his otherwise empty plate at the end of his second helping.)

The boy standing behind Hermione wore a necktie with Slytherin colors. His black hair and light tan made Hermione think of a young Dean Martin, her mother’s favorite American singer.

 “HERMIONE! DON’T TRUST HIM! HE’S A SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERINS ARE EVIL!” Ron spewed a mouth full of food across the table. Gravy smeared on his cheeks.

“Are you evil?” Hermione asked. She liked the way he looked. His robe was open and his hands were in his pants pockets with an air of casual sophistication. Hermione’s next thought was, ‘Yum!’

“Oh indubitably, I have several nefarious schemes planned for a certain young witch.” He smiled innocently.

“Oh dear, I fear this young maiden has fallen under the spell of this beguiling wizard.” She hoped. She hoped.

“HERMIONE?’ Ron was shocked to see Hermione walk away with a Slytherin. The last he heard was Hermione ask, “Can you sing?”

Remote Hogwarts Hall

A few charming smiles and the right words had him carry Hermione’s robe over one arm. When they were farther away from the Great Hall a few kisses later and soon Hermione’s Gryffindor necktie was draped over his arm. Hermione refused to take anything else off until he took off his robe and necktie. Somehow when he took off his robe the top button of Hermione’s blouse opened. She hesitated letting him unbutton anymore because of the reputation of his House. When he gave his necktie to Hermione and pulled her in for a tongue tingling kiss the next two buttons of Hermione's blouse came loose. Now her blouse was open enough to show cleavage and the top of her bra. Hermione didn’t mind. After her awful experience with Ron there was no way this boy could be worse.

Then his white shirt was unbuttoned down to his belt in a V.

'Merlin, even his chest hair is like Dean Martin’s album cover,' Hermione thought. She mewed in disappointment when he stepped out of sight until he was behind Hermione to lick and suck on the pulse point of her neck.

With a sigh Hermione leaned back against her handsome Slytherin. His nimble fingers unbuttoned the rest of her white blouse and unhooked the front hooks of her bra. He didn’t rush to grab Hermione’s goodies. With soft touches and brushes of his fingers Hermione did what he wanted and turned so he could fondle her breasts easier.

This was better, this, was what Hermione thought sex should be like. Not pull down her knickers, shove it in and BAM Ron was done and asleep.

The Slytherin boy turnes her around again, his fingernails sent electric jolts of pleasure up Hermione’s spine. Before she knew it his hands slid down her back to the waistband of her school shirt. In mere seconds her uniform skirt was down around her ankles. It felt right when Hermione shrugged off her blouse and bra but when he hooked his thumbs on the waistband of her knickers she whispered, “Not here, not now.” Hermione pressed the flat of her hand behind her on his hardon in a silent promise. They walked down the dimly lit hallway his fingers under the front of Hermione’s knickers. His fingertips teased the edge of Hermione’s slit. She never thought about her clothes left behind on the floor or how little she still wore.

Farther down the shadowy hall they stopped and he pushed Hermione’s knickers down until they were on her upper thighs. He sang softly and like all the other witches before her Hermione didn’t complain or try to stop him from doing what he wanted. Soon one finger was in her so Hermione stepped almost as wide as the elastics of her knickers would allow. Hermione laid her head on her handsome mystery man’s shoulder and bumped her bare ass against his hardon while his skilled fingers stroked her clit while he sang a soft wizarding song.

He smirked in the dim hall and decided not to wait when he saw a nearby tapestry. ‘Yes, now.’ He guided Hermione over and palmed his wand. With a flick of his wand and a silent Wingardium Leviosa he surprised Hermione when he levitated her where he wanted on the tapestry wall. He held magicly light Hermione in place with one arm so he could cast a quick sticking charm followed by a feather light spell so Hermione wouldn’t sag where she was stuck when he stopped the Wingardium Leviosa. When she started to speak he put his finger wet with her juices to her lips for her to be silent.

Hermione watched with interest when he raised one of her arms up over her head and stuck it to the tapestry. He was surprised when she put the other up so he could cast the sticking charm on it. Hermione never thought of having sex like this. She had never heard of anyone having sex while being stuck on the wall. Certainly Lavender or Parvati would have mentioned it by now if someone had. Maybe this was a first? Obviously a mild form of bondage, it didn’t hurt so Hermione decided to play along and lifted her legs one at a time so he could take off her shoes and stockings.

He started to wonder about this Granger witch. No screams, no calls for help, no begging to be let go. She silently obeyed his command and watched his every move.

He dropped his trousers and boxers and lifted both of Hermione’s legs up and back almost to her shoulders.

‘Not bad,’ Hermione thought when she saw his hardon, definitely bigger than Ron’s pencil dick; his foreplay meant sex with him would be better than Ron. No one could be worse. Hermione needed to be fucked to get rid of the Ron experience. She was going to ask Ginny to borrow Harry but this was better, they didn’t know each other, no being awkward in the Gryffindor common room.

This girl was weird. She should be trying to kick him or something. Her cunt should be puckered and dry instead she was dripping wet. With a shrug he plunged in with a single thrust like he did with that Bones girl, she was a pleasure to rape, Bones screamed and threatened the whole time until she was obliviated. The Slytherin rammed in Hermione a second time and pulled out before he rammed in as hard and fast as he could a third time. She didn’t complain. Her legs rested on his shoulders. She should be drumming her heels him on his back in protest instead she moved her hips in time with his thrusts and wanted more. This was too much. This was no fun. Granger was willing, too willing, so he pounded her until he came as fast as he could and buckled up without bothering to wipe his dick dry.

Hermione watched him fast walk away in the darkness. She was left hanging there but wasn’t worried, none of his spells were permanent, she might get chilly before the spells dissipated in 15 or 20 minutes but that’s all.

In the darkness Blaise Zabini was disappointed; this was not as much fun as he thought it would be. Sure he stuck it in Bookworm Granger and stuck it to Potter. Granger was a strange one. Potter can have her.

While she hung around on the wall Hermione thought about what just happened. ‘Morgana, I needed that.’ Hermione thought. Harry was a slave to Ginny’s cunt, Ron… Ron was… never again Hermione vowed. Hermione could feel the Slytherin’s cum trickle down her legs. Hermione wished the Slytherin would come back, maybe with friends, Merlin she was horny, he never gave her a chance to orgasm.

To Be Continued?

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