Triple Threat

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Blaise and Harry landed in the dining room of Grimmauld Place, where Remus and Molly were sitting having tea while Dumbledore stood in a corner talking to Pomfrey.


Harry flushed as every eye turned to them. “Um...”


“Ah, good, you've made it back!” Dumbledore said cheerfully. “Up to the third floor now, boys, the bed has been turned down for you!”


Harry flushed further while Blaise grinned. “Thank you, Sir.” Blaise said.


“Yeah.” Harry mumbled. “We'll just... Go now.” He dragged Blaise from the room quickly, heading up the stairs amid Blaise's soft laughter. “Arsehole.” He added to his mate.


Blaise stopped laughing and a punishing swat landed directly on Harry's sit-spot as he ascended the stairs. “You watch your mouth with me, gorgeous. Or I'll have to punish you.” He warned.


“Don't tempt me with a good time.” Harry shot back.


Blaise hummed in approval.


They got to the room and Blaise closed the door and added a silencing charm. “Strip, and on the bed for me.”


Harry hastened to obey, nearly tearing his clothes in his fervour to get out of them, but managing to remember not to just in time.


Blaise smiled watching him as he undressed much more slowly. “Mm, you really do miss me. I’m glad.” He purred, slowly unbuttoning his robes.


Harry was naked before Blaise had even gotten his robe all the way off, and Blaise smiled at how hard he was. “Been thinking about this all night?” He teased.


Harry cocked an eyebrow at him. “Hoping you can live up to my expectations.” He shot back.


“Oh, gorgeous, I’ll surpass them all.” Blaise promised as his robes pooled around his feet, proving that he had gone bare under them, the same way Harry had, at Lucius’ insistence.


Blaise stalked over to the bed and pushed Harry back against the pillows. “What do you want tonight? Breathplay? Spanking? Perhaps a little biting?” He purred, then nipped at Harry’s neck.


“Mm, yes.” Harry agreed.


Blaise laughed. “I’ll just give you a little bit of everything, then. Accio riding crop!” He held out a hand, and a shrunken crop emerged from his robe pocket. “I also brought this.” He resized it and laid a smack on Harry’s outer thigh, and Harry gasped. “Figured we should use at least one implement in a new place.” He added.


Harry let out a breath. “Should I turn over?” He asked.


Blaise drew back and smiled. “Yes, do.” He said.


Harry flipped onto his front and gasped as the crop came down on his ass. He moaned as Blaise began raining blows down on him, skilfully reddening his skin and driving Harry’s lust ever higher.


“Alright, up!” Blaise grabbed a handful of Harry’s hair and tugged, and Harry rose onto his knees. “I’m going to fuck you, gorgeous. At least twice. And then when you’re all shagged out, I’m going to head home and plan our next date night. I have an idea of where we could go. Mother wouldn’t approve, but I think you’ll like it.” He said. “Onto your back, now.” He added, and let go so Harry could obey.


Harry flipped back over and stared up at Blaise.


“I think some rimming is in order.” Blaise said conversationally, and Harry moaned in anticipation as Blaise slid down his body, tongue tracing a path from his chest all the way down.


Harry whimpered as Blaise found his mark and swirled his tongue around the hole, then nibbled at the edges. He pointed his tongue and drove it in and out, and Harry moaned. “God, you’re so good at that!” He breathed.


Blaise chuckled and redoubled his effort, quickly turning Harry into a puddle of goo.


Harry smiled up at him when he stopped and slid back up the incubus’ body. “That was good for a warm-up. Now, do you want to feel the burn tonight, or should I make sure you’re ready?” Blaise asked.


Harry shook his head at the feeling of fingers tracing the edges of his hole. “No, just get in me. I want to feel it!”


Blaise smiled and slicked himself, then carefully slid in.


Harry let out a high-pitched moan and arched into the slight pain, bringing his hands up to dig bloody crescents into Blaise’s shoulders.


Blaise slid in and sighed happily. “So hot and tight. Merlin, you feel perfect!” He said.


Harry wrapped his legs around Blaise and held on. “Fuck me!”


Blaise laid a hand on Harry’s neck and smiled as he paused his thrusts. “Deep breath, gorgeous.” He warned.


Harry drew in a deep breath and Blaise covered his mouth and pinched shut his nose.


“Hold until you come.” Blaise said, receiving a nod from Harry. He reached down and began pumping Harry’s cock, driving him higher quickly.


Harry could feel his lungs burning and his head spinning, and he was about to grab Blaise’s wrist when he felt his orgasm bearing down on him. He tried to cry out as he came, but the sound couldn’t escape past Blaise’s hand, and he felt his whole being seemingly bursting apart with his release.


Blaise cried out and shuddered against Harry as his own orgasm was ripped from his body, and he lifted his hand with a smile. “That was good. Did you like it?” He asked.


Harry nodded, panting. “Yeah, it was great. That was possibly the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had!”


Blaise chuckled. “It was supposed to be, gorgeous. Anyway, we have time for another go if you want.” He said, tracing his fingers over Harry’s abs.


Harry assessed his hunger and blushed. “Still ravenous.” He admitted.


Blaise nodded. “Good. I’m going to fuck you hard and fast this time.” He purred.


“Harder and faster than last time?” Harry asked hopefully.


Blaise smirked. “Oh, yes. On your hands and knees.” He ordered.


Harry grinned and rolled over, bringing his knees up under him and wiggling his ass at Blaise. “Fuck me, Blaise. I need it so bad!”


Blaise hummed and grabbed his hips. “Hold on, because here we go!” He slid right in and set a brutal pace, slamming into Harry only to pull almost all the way out and slam back in, occasionally adding a twist of his hips to hit every inch of Harry’s passage, making sure not a single spot went untouched.


Harry was crying out loudly, each thrust drawing a sharp noise out of him, and he fisted his hands in the sheets below him.


“Fuck, gorgeous, I hope you’re close!” Blaise panted. “Drop the bloody glamour for me, love.” He added.


Harry dropped both his sight and sensory glamours and Blaise shivered, both in pleasure and with the chill of Harry’s skin.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He chanted, seeming to thrust even deeper than before as his cock hardened a bit further at the sensation of cold around his cock. “Fuck!” He buried himself deep and came hard, then wrapped arms around Harry, pressing a kiss to his neck and adding little nips and nibbles to the skin. “So hot!”


Harry chuckled as Blaise collapsed and pulled him down to be the little spoon.


Blaise was panting heavily. He hummed. “Turn over for me.”


Harry obeyed and Blaise gasped. His eyes were still glowing, nearly pulsing with it, and he swore. “You’re still hungry?”


Harry nodded and burrowed into his chest, licking and nipping at the skin there, adding a sharp bite to his nipple.


Blaise looked down. “I’m not sure...” His cock twitched encouragingly, and he smiled. “Never mind, I can go once more. Hopefully, it will be enough.” He added in a mutter.


He quickly stroked himself to hardness and lifted Harry’s leg, then slid in. “We’ve never done it this way. Just hold on.”


Harry moaned as he slid in, eyes glowing eerily bright in the low light of the room.


Blaise watched his eyes as he moved, spellbound by the glowing green of his irises and they way the seemed bottomless, drawing him in with promises of sensory pleasures, delights he could only experience with Harry, and the incubus arched back and sobbed his pleasure as his eyes slid closed.


“Gods, you’re really deep into either sub-space or incubus space, if that’s a thing.” Blaise remarked.


Harry leaned forward and bit gently at Blaise’s neck, then bit harder, and then once more, hard enough to draw blood.


“Fuck! Warn me next time!” Blaise said as Harry lapped at his blood, then made a face and drew back.


Blaise chuckled. “No good?”


Harry stuck his tongue out. “Bleah.” He said.


Blaise laughed hard. “Then let’s just stick to feeding the incubus, yeah?” And sped his thrusts.


Harry wrapped around him, cuddling in close, and Blaise started to develop a new appreciation for laying on your side for sex. It wasn’t half-bad.


He felt his release coming on, and grabbed Harry’s cock, stroking him. It seemed to take longer than usual, and he was starting to get worried, when finally Harry came, and Blaise was able to let go and follow him.


Harry went lax and boneless and Blaise smiled, congratulating himself on a job well done.


That is, until Harry opened his eyes.


Which were still glowing brightly.


Blaise stared in alarm. “Gorgeous, we have a problem. You’ve worn me out.” He said.


Harry whined and ran a hand over his chest.


“Wait here, I’ll find one of your other mates!” Blaise said, throwing on his robes and heading out of the room. He knocked on the closest door and Draco answered.


“What are you doing here, Blaise?” He asked.


Blaise flushed. “My mate. Only, we’ve gone three rounds and he is still hungry!” He exclaimed.


Lucius came out of the room on the other side of the hall and frowned. “I can help. You’ll have to be there to make sure his incubus stays out and can benefit rather than just drawing out... Something else, but I’m sure we can do this. The Wards here increase all his hungers.” He explained.


“I can tell.” Blaise said, leading him down to the room they were in. “This is mad!”


Draco went back into his room, muttering about how he “didn’t need to hear about Father’s kinky threesome.”


Lucius and Blaise entered the room to find Harry lying on his back stroking himself and whimpering.


Blaise grabbed his hands and pinned them next to his head and then kissed him. “I brought Mr. Malfoy. You’ll be good for him, yeah?” He asked.


Harry nodded and his fingers flexed.


“Good.” He let go and stepped back. “He’s all yours, but he needs to be properly dominated. I can help if you need pointers. He’s pretty deep in sub-space right now.” Blaise explained.


Lucius nodded and began removing his clothes. “What does he like?” He asked.


“Hair pulling, biting, spanking—although I took a crop to him, he might be too tender still for any more of that—and breathplay, which we have already done tonight. Those are his main favourites.” Blaise explained.


Lucius was finally naked, and urged Harry onto his back. He cleaned him with a spell and straddled him. “I’m surprised I’m getting to do this, but I will make sure it is good for us both.” He said softly.


Harry lay lax and pliant under him while Lucius gently checked to make sure he could easily take him, and slid in. “You’re so cold.” The man commented, and Harry’s sensory glamour snapped into place.


Blaise frowned. “I’m surprised he can do that as far gone as he is, but could you please not do that? I’m trying to get him to realize that at least one mate likes him just as he is!”


Lucius flushed in shame. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I was just worried.”


Blaise shook his head. “You should roll over so he can be on top and ride you. You can reach his hair that way and give it a good pull. He really likes that.”


Lucius rolled over and ran a hand up Harry’s back, sliding it into his hair and fisting it, then pulling him by the hair until his back bowed in a graceful arc, pushing his chest and peaked nipples toward Lucius, who reached up with his other hand to play with them a bit.


Blaise watched them and kept track of how bright Harry’s eyes were, sighing in relief as they dimmed, finally.


After a few more minutes, they went back to normal and Blaise smiled. “Alright, he seems to be done. You can finish him off now and he should go right to sleep.”


Lucius nodded and grabbed Harry’s cock, fisting it slowly, but with purpose.


After a short time, Harry sighed heavily as he came, then collapsed on top of Lucius, snoring softly. “You said he’s in sub-space?” Lucius asked Blaise.


Blaise sighed. “Yeah.” He ran a hand through his hair. “He shouldn’t be alone when—”


“I will stay here tonight so he doesn’t wake alone. I know how to properly avoid sub-drop, and I will take care of him.” Lucius said.


Blaise smiled. “Thank you, Sir. I’m going to go find Professor Dumbledore and go home.” He dressed and headed downstairs.


Lucius pressed a kiss to Harry’s hair and smiled. “Good night, love. We will see how you feel when you wake, you ravenous thing.” He said fondly.



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