Emma Granger's Night Job

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for.

Emma Granger’s Night Job

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for.

 “Speaking/Talking” - ‘Thoughts/Pondered’ - "SHOUTING/SCREAMING/YELLING"

A/N: Like most of my stories I ignore Voldemort. Otherwise you can’t write a story unless it’s about him and that’s been done to death.

Friday, December 25th 1994

Granger Home

Hermione had stayed at Hogwarts for some school dance. Which was fine with Emma Granger, holidays were work nights for her. She packed her working clothes in her large brushed aluminum briefcase and locked it. Time for brunch, Emma dressed special for her husband.

Emma sat across from her husband. She wore an oversized men’s V-neck men’s T-shirt. Daniel Granger spit his mouthful of coffee on the table and almost choked on a piece of toast when Emma sat across from him dressed the way she was.

Emma’s round dark pink aureoles clearly showed and her nipples thrust out in two points through the thin material of her white T-shirt.

Daniel Granger’s eyes reluctantly left his wife’s breasts up to her face expecting an explanation. When she said nothing Daniel knew something was up.

Daniel raised an eyebrow. “Dear your fun bags are showing,” He tried to say calmly as if discussing the weather. That he was using slang from his university day days showed how flustered he was.

“Are they? Oh, silly me,” Emma shrugged and let the T-shirt slip off one shoulder almost exposing all of one breast. She spooned another slice of grapefruit. “Our little girl is growing up, isn’t she Dan?” Emma ignored what he said and changed the subject before she sipped her tea.


“Surely you remember Hermione, our daughter?”

All Daniel could do was nod, his eyes back on Emma’s chest.

“Dear could you pass the fried tomatoes?” Emma leaned far forward for the plate to let one of her breasts slip out from the T-shirt’s V-neck with practiced ease.

Daniel’s eyes bulged at Emma’s tit on the table.

“Oh, dear, wardrobe malfunction,” Emma said calmly and tucked the tip of her tit back in her oversized T-shirt.

Daniel didn’t know what to think. His wife acted as if this was an everyday occurrence. He was feeling very uncomfortable in his pants. “Emma, Ems…?” He squeaked.

“Yes dear?” Emma said innocently.

“Uhhaaa… ahhh… what…” Daniel stopped when Emma’s was breast was exposed again.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Emma waved a hand as if brushing aside whatever Daniel was going to say.

“But your breas… wha…” Daniel was no stranger to those wonderful breasts just not at breakfast… lunch… brunch… whatever.

Emma smiled over her teacup, “By the by, I have to work tonight, you don’t mind?”

“Why you? You work a lot of holidays.” Daniel thought he would celebrate Christmas with his wife.

“Really dear, if I want time off for a long holiday in France with you during the summer I have to be available to work holidays like tonight.”


“Wait until you see my new swim suit, it’s a one piece bikini. It can be top or bottom, your choice, French law says a swim suit must be worn.”

Daniel’s eyes glazed over, “Uh…”

Emma stood, “Love you dear,” she pecked her husband’s forehead, “Before I have to leave, we have time…” Emma inched her T-shirt up to her arms, “Some help dear?”

Daniel rushed out of his seat to pull Emma’s T-shirt off.

Emma thought about her husband walking up to the master bedroom. He really was a dentist with his own practice but the poor dear had no idea how to make good money in the real world. As far as he knew she had a job that was a secret and couldn’t tell him about. When he asked one time she smiled and said, “Think Bletchley Park.” That had been a secret government project in WWII so Emma must work for the government and wasn’t supposed to talk about it. Daniel could understand that and never questioned her again.

Emma knew she could only sell herself for just so long before she would be passed by younger models. That was why she married Daniel, for future security. Emma was lucky Daniel accepted her baby girl. He probably thought Emma was another unfortunate unwed teen mother. In a way she was. Emma hadn’t used protection her first year as a professional and Hermione was the result. Emma was getting older and could face facts. She had no intention of ending up like the majority of has-been prostitutes. Daniel was her safety-net. Emma loved Daniel; he was Emma’s lover, her man. All the others were fools she separated from their money. Their lust served to give Daniel and Hermione the life she and they deserved.

Daniel entered their bedroom behind Emma. He reached around and pinned Emma’s arms to her sides, so he could hold both of her breasts. “You’re right. Holding them direct is so much better than before.” Daniel whispered when he leaned forward to kiss the side of Emma’s neck. She tilted her head to one side to make it easier for Daniel.

Emma turned around in Daniel’s arms, to rub her bare chest on him before she pulled him into the deepest, most demanding kiss she could. Soon they stepped apart. Their foreheads touching, “I still have my knickers on. Are you going to do something about that?”

Daniel never noticed the expensive designer label of her imported red silk knickers when he practically ripped them off.

Now it was her turn. Emma opened his shirt all without breaking their liplock. They rested for a moment when they broke for air before Daniel pulled her towards him. Emma’s hands were pinned between them when she was squeezed after she unbuckled his belt. Like she knew, her Daniel’s erection pressed against her. Emma quickly unzipped Daniel’s fly so she could reach in both his pants and boxers underneath to wrap her fingers around his cock which made Daniel moan.

He let go of Emma so he could strip out of his clothes as fast as he could. This was the woman who married him. They met at a university party and he fell for hard. She was a single teen mother but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she loved him.

After they fell back on their bed Emma’s wet and willing cunt pressed just above Daniel’s erection. Emma acted like the non professional Daniel thought she was. She screamed and thrashed around to Daniel’s love making. Emma loved her husband but sex with him was rather bland.

Emma dressed for work and that took time. Emma wore a business dress suit and carried a locked briefcase. In that large briefcase was a dress that was tight and slinky but easy to remove. Emma’s poor husband was clueless. As if they could afford their upscale home, send Hermione to a public (private in the USA) boarding school and afford long overseas vacations every year as dentists. Really, the man had no head for the realities of life.

Friday, December 25th 1994

Christmas Eve at Home

Hours later when she was ready for work Emma called from the door, “Are you going to be alright dear?”

Daniel didn’t say anything and held up the book he was reading, Everything about Anything.

‘What the hell. I’ve got time,’ Emma thought and walked over to her man. Her grey jacket and dress dropped to the floor. Emma’s slip and high heels were next. Because of her work dress she wore no bra. 

When she reached the chair Emma took the book from her husband’s slack hands. Then she sat on the arm of his overstuffed chair, “I can think of a better use for my big…” she placed one of his hands on her breast, “strong…” Emma placed Dan’s other arm around her bare waist, “man…” Emma slid the hand up top from breast to breast until both nipples were rock hard. Then Emma slid his hand down to the elastic waistband of her imported panties.

Outside a black limousine that looked official stopped in front of the Granger home.

Emma sat on the arm of Daniel’s chair, her legs rested on the other arm and her panties covered arse only an inch or two above the stiff cock straining the fabric of his pants.

Emma leaned on her husband’s chest. The kiss she gave Daniel was no mild husband/wife’s kiss. Merlin, she was so needy! Emma adjusted herself so her bottom sat on her Daniel’s lap. Daniel groaned when he nearly creamed himself because Emma’s panty covered ass rubbed on his pant’s covered erection.

“Dan, I’m over dressed. So are you…” Emma’s voice trailed off.

"Here let me help you." Daniel reached down and grabbed a handful of her red knickers or whatever she called them to push them down to expose her wet slit. He wanted her naked so bad and she was so willing! Emma straddled Daniel’s leg to wiggle her  panties down to her ankles and kick them off.

It started to snow.

Emma wiggled back up from Daniel’s leg to his lap so she could give her man an impromptu lap dance.

Daniel groaned and held her bare hips so he could rub up against Emma with the length of his pants covered hard cock.

Emma gasped, when the zipper rubbed on her clit created an unexpected sensation. Not bad. It felt very, very good.

Daniel gently but firmly forced Emma off his lap so he could stand his pants showed the wet spot mixed with his cum and her juices. He wanted to leave so he could cleanup but Emma blocked the way so he had to stay where he was. Daniel stood still while Emma knelt down and unfastened his pants. Then she slid the sodden pants down... Emma’s tongue licked her lover’s boxer covered cock before she opened wide to suck more of his and her wet juices from the cloth.

Emma felt deliciously degenerate. She had seduced her man, he was going to fuck her and that made her even hornier. Emma’s lustful thoughts were interrupted when Daniel collapsed back in his chair. Not wanting to lose her meatsicle Emma inched forward on her knees until she had her Daniel’s cloth covered cock back in her mouth. 

Daniel’s eyes glazed over when Emma sucked on his penis a second time. Somewhere in his mind he thought, ‘This is wonderful...She’ll be late for work…’ It felt so good. He didn’t want Emma to stop for any reason. But whatever would Emma think of him later? If her bosses… This thought disappeared when Emma pulled the front of his boxers down far enough to expose his cock. Daniel sat completely still.

Emma loved to suck his large thick cock. ‘Maybe it’s because I’m used to client’s inadequate cocks.’ She thought and slurped the creamy goodness that filled her mouth. That wasn’t enough so Emma slowly took him in deeper with each forward move until she deep throated him. Emma licked Daniel’s penis clean when he couldn’t cum anymore. Regular oral sex seemed to be what he liked most because he became harder, thicker with her tongue’s TLC. Then Daniel grunted as his cum flooded her mouth hitting the back of her throat. Fortunately Emma had enough experience to swallow it all. To make this as memorable as possible Emma moaned around her lover's cock then his hips slowly moved upward in her mouth to empty every drop in Emma. She patted her lips, she covered her mouth with a cloth when she made a small lady-like burp, “I’m going to be late if I don’t get dressed.”

Daniel collapsed in his chair, “Go… no more… I’m dead tired...”

Emma smiled. She was dress and put on her winter coat. Mission accomplished, her husband was satisfied, now for some emotionless sex.   

Outside it was snowing harder.

Friday, December 25th 1994

Christmas, Time to Party!

Emma sat in the back of the limousine while it drove slowly through an inch of snow. She raised the privacy window between her and the driver Emma wiggled into her sequined skintight red dress from her small suitcase sized/large briefcase. Now she was dressed for work.

Emma checked the white envelope she was given by the driver. Inside was her fee for the night. No prostitute EVER gave free samples.

Emma arrived at an expensive downtown London townhouse where a German industrialist hoped to secure a favorable contract. He was hosting a special Christmas party for several influential members of Parliament. 

Emma walked around the Grand Ballroom in the townhouse. It was a regular Who’s Who party. She knew she would be screwed tonight and she could see by whom. Emma also knew the people of Britain would be screwed tonight by these same people. As a taxpayer she felt like she should leave but a client was a client, money was money. Some of them were old enough to be Hermione’s grandfather. She made a delicate shrug. It didn’t matter, what is done is done, Emma scanned the room to choose who her first customer would be.


The fat, way overweight German grunted as he plowed deeper and faster than he should. He was obesely overweight. Emma thought he wouldn’t be the first man to die while having sex. She hoped not now if she wanted to keep her name out of the newspapers. She felt sweat fall on her. Emma promised herself a shower as soon as possible as the sweat dropped from his forehead on her. Tired, he rolled to one side without cumming. He was exhausted but satisfied he made Emma scream.

Emma Granger waited until he was asleep before she pocketed the ₤300 ($711) tip and left the bed to shower in the hotel room’s adjoining bathroom then she quickly dressed and left to find her next rich idiot.

Emma was that oddity of prostitutes. She loved sex and looked forward to her next customer… most of the time. That was why she got into the business. Why give it away like most girls did in her secondary school when she could be paid for doing the same thing? When she was in her teens Emma had worked more than one boarding school party. Greek Houses were a goldmine.

Three more men and one woman later Emma reentered the ball room to see new girls arrive. The majority of new ‘single girls’ were obviously underage. This screamed SCANDAL to Emma. Unless this was part of the German Embassy and she didn’t think it was, Her Majesty’s law applied. That meant it was a good bet the authorities were already on their way. Emma quick walked to the cloakroom for her coat and briefcase then she slipped out the servant’s entrance unnoticed.

The service door opened to a side alley. She would worry about the £1,500 ($3,555) being traced if there was a police raid like she suspected, nobody would notice or care about the money what with the humiliation, confusion and excitement, this would be sure to be on the front page scandal for days to come. Nobody in their right mind left a paper trail when paying women of questionable morality. Now to ensure she had an alibi Emma walked to the nearest tube station. A cabbie might remember a fare dressed in a fancy party dress near the ‘Christmas Party Raid’ if there was one. Emma didn’t survive long in this business because she wasn’t careful.

In an underground Ladies Necessary Emma changed back to her civilian clothes and rode the tube to an exclusive men’s clothing shop in London. Emma made sure to complain about the price of the silk oxford button down shirt so sales clerk would remember her. Then it was from London in a limousine to Gatwick International Airport in Crawley. She made sure to receive a receipt. If the police tracked names on the guest list she was not at the party. Emma walked a block before she hailed a random taxi to go home.

After Emma walked in from the winter’s cold, “Dear, I lied, I didn’t have to work. I forgot to pick up your gift. Fortunately they had it wrapped up in the stockroom. I came home as soon as I could but the snow slowed everything down. Forgive me?”

Daniel snored from his chair.

The next day Hermione’s proper English muggle parents picked her up at the Kings Cross Railway station.


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