Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley Get Dominated

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Ginny Weasley drunkenly stumbled down the hallway of Romilda Vane’s parent’s mansion. She was several long hours deep into a massive wizard house party, almost a hundred of her fellow friends from Hogwarts were there. As she navigated the long upstairs hallways of the Vane mansion, she heard the classic party sounds of someone getting fucked extremely rough in one of the bedrooms.

This just made the young redheaded witch’s cunt spasm and clench. She had been missing out on good dick during these summer months outside of Hogwarts stuck at the Burrow, and so she was insanely jealous. As stealthily as she could, she crept towards the rhythmic sounds of “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

It wasn’t until she reached the door that she froze as completely as if someone had cast petrificus totalus on her. She knew that voice, knew it from years of being the bestest of friends, between sleepovers and spending days together. 

It was Hermione. It was fucking Hermione Granger. More accurately, it was someone fucking Hermione Granger.

A broad smile broke on Ginny's face. Her witch friend had confided in her recently that Ron and Hermione were ready to take that final step and have sex. As much as it grossed her out to know it was her brother fucking her best friend, she was immensely proud of her. She wouldn’t interrupt them, and instead let them have their own private time.

Just as she was about to turn and sneak away, Hermione started grunting and screaming, the likes of which the more experienced slut had never heard before.

“Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh god! It’s so fucking deep! Uhhhh, holy shit, how can you be so big? How can it be so good! Holy fuck, right there, ahhhhh, I never thought It'd be so good!"

Ginny balked. She never would have imagined that Hermione would have been so filthy in bed, even if she was acting. Unfortunate life experience living in a tiny house let her know exactly just how much her brother was lacking in size, so she knew Hermione had to be playing it up. Taken all together, Ginny hesitated a bit, then reconsidered her plan on leaving them alone. She’d burst in and embarrass her best friend, the former-virgin bookworm, and her brother. He’d never live this down. Fred and George would go nuts when they heard this!

Counting to three, Ginny Weasley slowly inched the door open, but before she could do anything else, her jaw dropped in true surprise. Hermione was getting fucked all right, her pale skin, more pale than her classmates due to the hours and hours spent in the library, juxtaposed amazingly with the pitch black sheets on the bed in Romilda Vane’s parent’s guest bedroom. Her lean and slender body was absolutely drenched in sweat as if from an intense workout, and her shoes, robes, bra and panties were thrown all over the room. She was resting on her hands and knees on the bed, facing the door - and Ginny.

Her legs were bent so her face was down and her pale ass was up, presenting herself like a wild animal. On that raised pale ass, deep crimson handprints of an intense spanking shone bright. Her teeth were bared and gritted shut as she grunt with every thrust as her hands were frantically gripping fistfuls of the the bedsheet. There was a multicolored red and gold strip of cloth - her gryffindor tie - wrapped around her eyes like a blindfold, and her messy hair was wrapped firmly in strong hands, as if she was a horse and they were the reins being used to ride her. 

The only problem was that man taking her virginity wasn’t Ron Weasley. The man standing behind Hermione Granger giving her the most hate-filled fuck Ginny had ever seen in her life was Draco Malfoy. 

And he was looking directly into Ginny Weasley’s eyes. 

Ginny thought she was cursed with paralysis, but she was just in complete shock. She wanted to scream but no words came from her throat. Her cunt quivered and she felt a warmth spread from there to her nose. All she could do was watch her hottest, best, friend get brutally fucked by the biggest asshole they grew up with - and watch how much she absolutely seemed to love it. Love it despite how evil they knew Malfoy was, despite how much she loved Ron. 

Draco was smirking ear to ear at Ginny's helplessness. He had to know the rumors around Hogwarts about herself. He probably knew just what she did with all those boys. Was he enjoying putting Hermione in her place, or putting Ginny in hers?

Just then the asshole started to put on a show. He yanked on Hermione’s hair with a hand, forcing her to rear up on her knees. This let him grab her hip with his other hand, putting Hermione’s body on full display to Ginny. Draco’s positioning was making the recently-virgin witch stretch her body, her hard pink nipples fully erect and red with bite-marks.

Of her own volition, Ginny started inching into the room.  If she wasn’t wearing a blindfold, Hermione would be level with her now. But she was, so she couldn’t watch her best friend watching her get fucked - she could only feel the pounding she was getting. Draco took his hand from her hip and brought it down on sharply on her pale ass, letting a loud smack echo through the room. It was just the first of three, each spanking another nail of arousal hitting Ginny right in her cunt.

Hermione’s mouth gaped open and a moan escaped her lips, the words, “Harder dadddddyyyy,” shocking Ginny to her core. She couldn’t help it - her own slutty body was in control, betraying her. She was watching the scene, knowing who it was and how it was happening drove Ginny’s nymphomania into overdrive. She felt her cunt pulse in time with Draco’s rough humps, each throb getting her wetter and wetter. Draco sneered viciously right at Ginny’s face 

“That’s what I thought, you fucking whore,” Ginny couldn’t tell if the pureblood wizard was speaking to her, or the witch he was fucking, his message applying to both of them equally, “You played it so good for all those years, but I knew you’d break. I knew all it would take was one little push and you’d want nothing else.”

Draco started to really fuck her then, dropping her hair from his hand and collecting her thin waist. Hermione’s palms dropped to the bed and her mousy brown hair splayed down around her face. Her pale ass was thrusting back at Draco, who Ginny now had a chance to devour with her eyes. He was - well, there was no better way to say this - his skinny body was fucking ripped, muscles rippling and clenching as he drove a mammoth sized cock into Hermione Granger. 

Hermione could do nothing about the change of pace of her fucking. She sang in increasing pleasure, building in volume and pitch as he spanked her pale ass again, pounding into her like a muggle jackhammer. Hermione’s hanging breasts were now swinging wildly, heaving with every thrust into her from behind. 

“Draco, I’m gunna cum! I’m gunna cum AGAIN!” 

She screamed out as she collapsed into the bed, every hour spent studying gone to waste as she hiked up her ass just a little higher, for just a little longer, to let him go just a little deeper into the brightest witch of the age who was now just a conquered whore begging for a cock and the dragading fucking she deserved. 

She screamed, “I’M GOING TO CUM!” again, her voice announcing her impending climax with all the excitement she could muster. Her hands stretched out, her body starting to shake. Draco didn’t give Hermione the chance, for just then he grabbed another fistful of her mousy hair and pulled her back up. Hermione whimpered in pain, but instead of stopping started rocking back harder onto his cock to find her pleasure. It took Ginny too long to notice he was reaching for the blindfold, and by then it was too late - she was staring face to face with Hermione Granger as she crashed into orgasm.

Malfoy was ready for this. Before Hermione’s eyes got their focus back from the return of her vision, he wrapped one arm around her neck and pulled her body against him, trapping her tightly against him. The other pushed between her thighs and found her clit, which he started to furiously rub as he kept fucking her.

“AH AH! GIN - AH - NY?”

Hermione managed to sputter out in disbelief before her body gave the largest spasm of its young life, every muscle in her body betraying her to pleasure. Ginny wanted to run, wanted to get out, but was frozen in place. Hermione’s orgasm never stopped, it kelp rolling and crashing, her flat stomach flexing and her breasts heaving, straining against Draco’s powerful arm as her shudders slowed. 

It was then Draco allowed Hermione to collapse onto the bed. Ginny watched as she tried to scramble away, but Draco’s hand came down between her shoulder blades. All it took was a single touch to stop her, trapping her in place. His other hand grabbed her ass, never stopping the fucking he was giving her.

With every grunting thrust, Hermione would squirm. Every time Hermione would squirm, Draco would spank hard on her pale ass, and growl, “Take it, slut.”
Hermione took it. Any resistance she might have put up at seeing Ginny was surrendered as Draco pinned her down and dominated her, showing Ginny - and Hermione herself - that she was just like the friend that was watching her. 

A submissive whore.

In the end, this position was a brief one. Draco just couldn’t endure fucking a bucking Hermione Granger into submission, and having her surrender to his cock drove him to his own finish. His thrusts were deeper and wild now, with every ounce of energy he had left going into Hermione’s subjugation. 

Ginny felt her cunt contract around her fingers, and her nipple harder in her other hand. When had she started to finger herself? Or grope her tits? When had she got to her knees next to Hermione on the bed?

Draco roared his conquest, one last thrust planting himself deep inside of Hermione Granger. Ginny was transfixed. She had to see him cum, had to watch Draco Malfoy breed her best friend. She could see his shudder, delivering his seed deep inside of Hermione’s womb. Before he finished though, he pulled out of Hermione and roared again. Ginny thought his cock was magnificent - girthy and enough for two hands, Hermione’s wetness and his own seed gave it a shine, and it was pointing right at her. At just that time she lifted her eyes from his cock to his face, and saw that he was staring straight into her eyes as he came again.

Some of the last spurt of his seed landed on the panting whore that used to be Hermione Granger, but most of it hit Ginny Weasley square in the face, on her lips, where it dribbled down her chin and spattered onto her tits. This finally broke the shock that held Ginny’ mind. In a heartbeat her wand was in her hand, and she apparated from the bedroom, right back into her own bedroom in the Burrow.  

Ginny curled up in her bed, wanting to forget what she saw. To go back before the party when Hermione and Ron were soulmates. She couldn’t, of course,  She was furious. They’d known Draco for the last six years at hogwarts! Hermione was throwing everything she had with Ron away! To make matters worse, it was just because she was horny, the stupid slut! Ginny’s anger at Hermione, and her own shame at her own nymphomania, was doubled by watching them fuck like animals.

Eventually Hermione came back that night and swore, on their friendship, that it was a one-time thing with Draco, and that she’d never do it again. She wasn’t going to let one drunken fling ruin her life. On that same promise, Ginny promised she wouldn’t tell Ron.

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