Hermione and the Weasley Twins in Diagon Alley

BY : 2CRsgt
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Hermione and the Weasley Twins in Diagon Alley

By 2CRsgt

Hurray! Today she goes to Diagon Alley for her school supplies and tomorrow Hogwarts and all those lovely cocks! Hermione wanted to rub herself just thinking about it!

Then she saw them. Hurray! Two Weasley cocks! Just for her! Ron doesn’t count. He would assume she was his girlfriend instead of just a fuck. Hermione still had her sights on Harry for that and now that she knew what to do with what was between her legs he was as good as hers. Harry would thank her later, over and over again. The only downside of marrying Harry Hermione could see was it might get boring with only one cock for life. Hermione thought the Weasleys had the right idea to share the wealth. Harry was a boy she could bring him around, in the mean time… The twins were only feet away.

“Um, Harry? Could you do me a tiny favor?”

“Sure Hermione, what do you want?”

“Could you pick up my school things for me?” Hermione planned to keep part of last year’s school uniform. The blouse and robe were a little tight in the chest but that wasn’t a bad thing.

“Why broke an arm or somethin’?” Ron was in a bad mood Hermione kicked him in the family jewels when he tried to climb in her bed last week. On top of that Harry mentioned his old robe was too short and he needed to buy a new one for this year. NEW! Harry just has to buy a new robe while he had his older brother’s hand-me-down Hogwarts uniforms. Ron knew, he just knew, Harry was fucking Hermione already. It wasn’t fair. Ron got nothing, even Ginny refused to spread her legs for him and she was only twelve.

Hermione ignored Ron, “Thank you Harry. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any time left to browse the bookstore. Fred, George come with me.”

“Why…” One twin began.

“… should we?” And the other finished.

“You wouldn’t make a girl carry all those big, heavy books, would you?”

They nodded.

“Let’s go Ron. Those two might as well surrender,” Harry laughed.

“Please? I really need two big strong men,” Hermione winked.

“Do you mean what we think you mean?”

Hermione nodded and licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

“We’re in! In you that is.”

Hermione thought out loud, “It can’t be the Leaky Cauldron. Everybody would know before we even get a room. Any ideas?”



“We need 10 galleons. (₤50/$118.50) Cough up.” The three pooled some money and one of the twins ran to Gringotts Bank. He soon returned with a key, “I rented one of the empty flats above a store for a day.”

“Only a day? That’s a week’s rent.”

“This is goblins we’re talking about Forge they’ll gouge every knut they can.”

Hermione interrupted, “We’ve got a place, let’s go, we only have a limited amount of time before Harry finishes his shopping.”

“Right you are, this way.”

The flat was empty, nothing in it.

Hermione crossed her arms, “I am not getting shagged on a dirty hardwood floor.”

The boys whipped out their wands and violá cleaned, polished and cushioned.

“Better. Some coat hooks to hang my clothes on would be nice.”

“Nag, nag…” one twin said.

Hermione pointed to the other twin, “You’re first.”

“Sometimes you talk too much bro.” He started to undress.

Some hooks appeared on the wall. Hermione hung her clothes and underwear on them, “Thanks. You get undressed too. I can take care of your little problem while your brother takes care of me.”

“Little, she said,” he snickered. With his boxers off he stroked his dick nice and hard.

“Hey! We’re twins! If I’m little, you’re little,” and stuck out his tongue at his twin.

“Limp dick, little.” The twin who was going to shag Hermione pumped his dick straight.

Hermione directed the boys where she wanted them.

Hermione got down on her elbows and knees.

The brother who was going to do her first was behind her with his dick lined up with Hermione’s hole. ‘Ass or cunt? Ass or cunt? Which hole should I drill?’

The other brother lay down on his back. Hermione kissed the tip before she opened wide to suck his dick.

He pushed into Hermione’s cunt this time and save her ass for a special occasion like winning a quidditch game. Besides she might bite if she didn’t like it.

The Weasley cock in Hermione’s mouth was deep throated enough her nose brushed reddish brown pubic hair. 

It took a few tries before they had a sort of rhythm where she was fucked while she sucked. He pounded while she gobbled until both brothers empted their cum in Hermione.

Then they traded places. This time the three lay on their sides with Hermione in the middle.

Hermione could taste her juices on the penis she sucked on. They might be twins but this cock had a slightly different skin texture. “”Which one are you?” Hermione asked as the other Weasley cock penetrated her again.

“Guess,” the twin grinned.

The tip of Hermione’s tongue teased the hole on the tip of his penis, “Name?”

He shuddered from the wonderful sensations Hermione gave him, “G-g-g-guess.”

Hermione grinned back, “I’ll call you Twin 1,” she looked over her shoulder at the twin whose thrusts made his hips slap her ass loudly, “and you’re Twin 2.”

“It’s hard to believe you’re only 13.” Twin 1 moaned when Hermione swallowed his cock again.

When she came up for air, “Almost 14,” Hermione answered absently before her mouth was full of Weasley cock again.

Twin 2 pounded Hermione enough that the sound echoed in the flat.

After the two filled Hermione’s tummy and womb with cum before all three rolled over on the wood floor flat on their backs.

Hermione’s fingers played with both boys flaccid penises. The twins were spent so they laid there and enjoyed her touch.

“It’s only been twice this past month and I’d love to be fucked more but I gotta get up before Harry starts looking for me.”

“Not me I’m knackered… Not getting up.”

“Me too. The flats paid for until tomorrow.”

 “Wimps! John did me 6 times in an hour.”


“Muggle boy who lives near me.”

“Six times?”

“In an hour, you two wizards can’t keep up with one muggle boy, pity.”

The twins looked at each other then at Hermione, “Liar!”

“Mmmm… would you believe four times?”

The twins stared back.

“Okay twice with the help of a friend.”

They grinned and conjured a shoulder bag for Hermione who bundled her clothes in it and only wore her outer robe.

Outside the breeze felt cool on the bare skin of her overheated cunt.  Maybe she would come back after she bought some books.

The End… No, Really


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