How to drive away Dementors

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for either.

How to drive away Dementors if you don’t know the Patronus Spell

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer:I hav e no claim to the Harry Potter series. No money is made or asked for either.

“Speaking/Talking” ‘Thoughts/Pondered’ "SHOUTING/SCREAMING/YELLING"

Canon? If you want canon, read the books.

Hermione Granger – 13

Draco Malfoy – 13


Chapter 1

Wednesday, September 1st 1993

Hogwarts Express

It rained, oh how it rained, Hermione was drenched. The leather of her shoes squelched when she walked. She started for the compartment Harry usually sat in but turned away when she heard Ron yelling about something and she was not in the mood to put up with his prattishness today or any other day. She left a trail of rain water behind her and looked for a compartment that was empty or would be quiet because she did not want be bombarded with ‘how was your summer’ chatter. Hermione didn’t think ‘I discovered how great sex is’ would be an acceptable answer.  Better to not say anything.

Hermione found an empty compartment up near the luggage carriage. The trunks for everything needed for the term was in the luggage carriage.

(Small trunks that fit in the overhead luggage rack could not possibly hold all the year’s school text books (for Hermione some ‘light’ reading extras), 2 or 3 month’s worth of clothing and personal effects. So I think the small trunks are just for the change of clothing.)

Nobody sat up there if they could help it. It was too near the Headboy/girl compartments and where the prefects meeting took place. For the same reason the prefects didn’t bother to patrol there. That was fine with Hermione she wanted some alone time anyway. Her wet clothes itched.

When the train was underway for an hour and the prefects had made their first and only round of the forward compartments Hermione stripped down to her underwear and laid her wet clothes on the other bench to dry a bit. At least she wouldn’t have to fight for a loo in order to change into her school uniform. She started to unhook her bra when the compartment door slid open.

“Well, well what do we have here? Not with Potty? The mudblood thinks she is too good to share her compartment?”

Hermione arms were on her back and held the two ends of her bra she just unhooked.

Draco eyed the girl on her underwear then faced his bookends, “You two. GET LOST!”

While he wasn’t looking Hermione stepped forward and slammed the sliding door shut. Draco barely yanked his hand back in time.

Hermione grabbed her wand off the bench seat to threaten the Slytherin pain-the-ass. The effect was ruined by her bra hanging from the elbow of her wand arm.

Draco leered and left.

Hermione waited wand in hand before she checked the aisle way to make sure he had really left before she took off her wet knickers. Hermione closed the door after she stepped back in the compartment. When Hermione sat down her knickers and bra was on the other bench to dry with her other clothes. A handkerchief helped dry off her cunt hair.

Hermione closed her eyes, her fingers between her spread legs to help her relax after her Draco incident. She fell asleep that way. Buck naked, legs wide apart with one hand on her cunt hair, a finger in her cunt to help her relax.

Draco ran up the corridor between the carriages compartments to get away from the screams and nightmare monsters behind him. The last door at the end of this carriage wouldn’t open. It was the HEADs’ compartment and they had locked it! Draco looked around wildly. A bony hand opened the far end door.

Hermione heared a strangled scream outside her door… “URK!”

Draco was frozen in place and stared at his approaching doom. “Ga… ga… black ghosts!”

Malfoy wasn’t acting. He was a horrible actor every time he tried.

Naked Hermione looked down the aisle at the things. She fought not to scream. Images of the primary school bullies began to haunt her. Hermione thought furiously, ‘Black ghosts… It was getting cold… COLD! Ghostlike form + cold = dementors and dementors can suck your soul out! Defense… defense... She needed protection! The patronus charm! I can’t cast the patronus! What else? Dementors feed on happy thoughts, but that’s a contradiction! The patronus is cast using happy thoughts. Maybe it’s the intensity of the happy emotions that drives dementors away. That’s gotta be it!’

Hermione yanked Draco inside her compartment, “STRIP! YOU GOTTA FUCK ME!”


“Dementors hate really intense emotions. I don’t know about you but having sex makes me really, really happy!” Hermione kissed the shell-shocked Slytherin, unhooked his robe and started on his pants. He needed to fuck her and soon! Hermione dropped his pants and worked his willy out the fly of his boxers. A few good licks and it was good to go. If only the pureblood idiot would snap out of whatever trance he was in. Hermione held Draco by the shoulders and made him sit on the bench then she climbed on the bench on her knees and impaled herself on Draco’s cock. Not the way Hermione ever imagined having sex on the Express would be or with whom. Harry would have been her choice. She flexed her thighs to sit up and then slide down. Hermione held Draco’s shoulders while she fucked herself. It must have been working because she didn’t feel as cold as she first did even as bare-assed as she was, the cold faded to nothing. ‘It worked!’ Hermione thought and gave another bounce for good measure.

At the back of the train Remus Lupin canceled his wolf patronus.

Draco was already in her, ‘Waste not, want not.’ Hermione closed her eyes and flexed her thighs again. While Hermione fucked herself she thought, ‘It’s a shame Malfoy’s such a prick. Otherwise she could see herself doing this with him in school. A bed would be so much better. Her legs were beginning to cramp.

Draco slowly became aware of his surroundings. He was in a compartment. He wasn’t dead. Tits were moving up and down in front of him. It was the mudblood. Why was she naked? He sat still and enjoyed what was happening. He looked up, Granger had her eyes closed. He looked down where his boxers met her dark brown bush. He felt really, really good. He could feel the pressure building. She was going too slow. Draco grabbed the mudblood’s hips firmly. He rolled his hips and jack hammered up into Hermione.

Hermione’s eyes shot open at Draco’s surprise move. His machinegun thrusts had her let go of Draco’s shoulders. Now that Draco was in control he pounded the bitch over and over until he shot his load up in her.

Naked Hermione was on Draco’s lap. He was still in her and he was still hard.

“Um, this is awkward,” Hermione shifted her weight but didn’t try to move off him. She liked having him in her and she liked that he was still erect after shooting his load unlike the Weasley twins.

Draco’s eyes roamed over Hermione body and he liked what he saw. Those Hogwarts robes hid her body’s curves if only she had been born to proper wizarding parents. A twitch of her hips changed the direction of his thoughts.

Hermione smiled down at Draco, “We have more than two hours to go before we reach Hogsmeade. Whatever shall we do?” Hermione felt Draco’s penis move in her in response. She leaned forward and hugged his shoulders.

Draco allowed her to hug him neither made a move to kiss the other. This was not romance. It was sex pure and simple. They could have been killed. They were alive. The act of sex proved they were alive.

Draco slapped one ass cheek, “Up.” His penis made a slurping POP sound when Hermione obeyed and stood. She started to frown at Draco. He smiled in response, “I can’t get out of my clothes with you in my lap.”

“Oh,” Hermione stepped closer so she could help. The front of Drano’s boxers was wet and sticky. “You could have pulled down my boxers at the same time you pulled down my trousers,” Draco said dryly.

“I was in a hurry so sue me,” Hermione said, “Gimme those!” Hermione snatched the silk boxers out of Draco hand.

Draco yelled, “HEY!” When she opened the compartment window and threw it away.

Hermione smiled sweetly, “Problem solved.”

“Now I got no underwear to wear,” Draco groused.

“Deal with it. Girls go without when they don’t want panty lines to show.”

“Says the girl with nothing on,” Draco leered.

“Your leer needs practice. It looks silly on a 13 year old.”

“Does not! It worked. I just got laid!”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Honestly, like as it matters who shagged who. Let’s sit.”

The space in the compartment was limited to two benches with wet clothes on one bench. So they sat together their hips practically touching.

“This is silly,” Hermione scooted closer until her hip was touching Draco her hand on his thigh.

Draco didn’t say anything as her fingers inched closer to his bits. Draco felt Hermione start to fondle his sack. He felt when she moved the bits inside the sack of skin.

Hermione caressed Draco’s sack, it felt different. It wasn’t as wrinkly as Arthur Weasley’s sack was or as hairy either which was strange considering the twin’s father was going bald.

Draco’s thoughts were shattered when Hermione knelt in front of him and eased his semi to one side. Hermione licked the sack before she opened wide and put the whole sack in her mouth. Once in she started to play marbles with her tongue.

Draco almost panicked at the thought of her biting it off. CHOMP! No more Malfoys.

Hermione’s nose rubbed the underside of his penis. Her upper arms rested on Draco’s thighs. Draco automatically started to rub the smooth skin of Hermione’s back. When she felt Draco rub her back Hermione let his wet sack slip out of her mouth so she could smile. Hermione kissed the head of Draco’s penis, smiled at Draco once more, rose up on her elbows, hunched over, opened wide and swallowed Draco’s cock in one go. She could feel his dick swell, get slightly thicker, then his cum flooded Hermione’s mouth and down her throat. Hermione pursed her lips to prevent one drop from escaping. She sucked hard to milk Draco of every drop.

Hermione climbed back on the seat and with her feet under her and rested her head on Draco’s shoulder. With a ladylike burp she fell asleep.

Draco wrapped an arm around Hermione’s shoulders, ‘If someone told me yesterday I’d have a naked Granger sleeping on me I would have called them insane. Now what do I do with her?’

He had a lot to think about. If Granger wasn’t a mudblood what was she? As a pureblood it should be his right to keep her as his pet or slave. Unfortunately his father wasn’t able to get that law passed. Damn Weasley and his Muggle Protection Act. Draco’s hand slid from Hermione shoulder down her arm where his fingernails lightly skimmed over the sensitive skin of one breast. Hermione shifted in her sleep but didn’t wake. Draco also fell asleep his fingers touching Hermione’s bare breast.

The magical PA system announcing Hogsmeade in 15 minutes woke up both of them. They slept through the 30 minute warning.

“Next time I pick the location, a compartment on the Express was not the best choice.” Being a pureblood whose mother apparated him to Kings Cross Draco already had his Hogwarts uniform on when they were attacked by dementors. In five minutes except for his boxers Draco looked every bit the Slytherin prince.

“Next time?” Hermione’s eyebrow rose. She took out her school uniform, “Draco could you pack my civilian clothes please?”

“You owe me bitch.” He put all her wet clothes in the carry-all bag.

“In your dreams, snake,” Hermione sat to put on her shoes and stockings, “Where’s my knickers and bra?”

“Wet so I packed ‘em.” Draco didn’t say where he put them. He intended to keep Hermione’s bra and knickers as souvenirs.

“Bastard,” Hermione stood to dress.

“My parents are married thank you very much.” Draco slapped Hermione’s bare butt while she buttoned her blouse.

Hermione’s necktie was next, “If you say so.”

“I do.” Draco thought Hermione had nice firm abs.

“Is that a proposal I hear?” Hermione said in a sarcastic voice.

“As if I would lower myself Granger.”

Hermione gave his pants covered penis a light squeeze, “When?”

“Let me find someplace suitable first.”

Hermione stood. “‘I hate you.”

“I hate you too,” Draco rubbed Hermione’s bare ass cheek. They both understood. This was just sex.


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