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Harry woke up sensing some commotion. He raised himself on his elbow and pushed his sleeping mask up; ever since the end of September, when Ron had left them, Hermione insisted that they keep a light on at all times, so Harry had Hermione conjure him a sleeping eye mask. Squinting Harry opened one eye to find Hermione sitting on his bed. For the past few weeks from time to time in the middle of the night Hermione quite unceremoniously got into his bed, shoved him out of the way if needed, and slept with him. Twice he noticed her leaving before dawn, but generally he woke up with her already gone - either she was back in her bed or already up. She never gave him an explanation or even as much as saying a word about it and acted as if it never happened. So Harry thought that this was once again the same thing.

The light from the lamp was dim, but it still made him squint as he looked at Hermione impatiently, waiting for her to finally get under the blanket so he can go back to sleep. Hermione was sitting a bit sideways to him with her right knee jabbed into his thigh, so it took him a few seconds to notice that her hand was in-between her legs.

Harry immediately sat up straight. He glanced at the crotch of her pyjama-bottoms once more to make sure he hadn't imagined it, and then raised his eyes to her face. "What the hell?!" Hermione blinked and looked at him, but otherwise seemingly ignoring him continued to play with herself. "Hermione! What are you doing?!"

"Masturbating," she said without batting an eye. Then huffed with annoyance and added in her well-known lecturing tone, "Can't you see? Honestly..."

Harry's jaw dropped. It took him a few seconds to collect himself. "Here?"

"As you can see."

"Ehm..." His mouth opened and closed several times. "Want me to leave you alone maybe?"

"No," she said simply.

Harry just stared at her baffled, forcing his eyes not to linger on her crotch. Before he managed to come up with anything else to say, Hermione pulled her hand out of her pyjamas, gave a lick to her fingers and got up. Then without as much as another word she went to her own cot and slipped under covers.

Harry stared at the back of Hermione's head in total disbelief for a while. He thought that he wasn't able to ignore it anymore and decided to finally talk to her tomorrow, then pulled his mask down and dropped back onto his pillow.


"Morning," said Hermione as she walked into their small kitchen.

"Morning," mirrored Harry as he was busy making breakfast for both of them.

Harry tried to come up with the best way to approach last night's events as ten minutes later they were sitting opposite of each other and eating. He hoped that she would take the lead and explain herself, but she hadn't said a single word. His blood boiled at the nonchalance with which she carried herself and so much so that he several times questioned himself if that hadn't all happened in his head, but each time he assured himself that it hadn't.

When they were done Harry hadn't come up with anything better than just start with, "We have to talk about yesterday."

Hermione sighed without bothering to raise her eyes from her plate and said with evident annoyance, "Yes, I heard you already. Let's not rush things."

"Huh?!" Harry let out as several emotions flickered over his face, trying to keep himself calm, but failing. "It's ME who's rushing things?!"

Hermione looked at him, appearing confused at his little outburst. "I said that it might be dangerous. Godric's Hollow is -"

"I'm not talking about that!"

"Ehm... What then?"

Harry took a deep breath and counted to ten in his mind. This was beyond the pale - when she pretended nothing happened as she was simply sleeping in his bed was one thing, but THAT?!

"I mean about what happened last night! At about three in the morning."

"Something happened?" she said, sounding so innocent that Harry was barely believing that Hermione was capable of lying so seamlessly and that she so shamelessly still tried to keep the pretence.

Harry hit the table with his fist gritting his teeth. "Quit the rubbish, alright?! I mean, I kind of get it - we're alone and everything. But first, YOU, of all people, could've at least asked! And second - stop pretending it hasn't happened already!"

"Can you tell what exactly happened?!"

Harry threw his hands into the air in exasperation. "I'm not McGonagall or Snape. So quit it!"

"Quit what?"

"Gah! ... I can't believe you STILL keep pretending you don't know!" he said angrily. Hermione was taken aback by his stare as her mind raced trying to come up with some explanations. "Or is it your way to try to convince me that I dreamt it all up?"

"Dreamt WHAT up?" she asked, now starting to get angry herself because he made no sense.

"Hm... Let's see... Maybe that since Ron has left, you sometimes get into my bed in the middle of the night?!" He heard Hermione gasp and saw her cover her face with both hands, and was glad that she at least gave some acknowledgement to her actions. "But that was alright, I guess... You were just coming to sleep, so whatever. It never bothered me much. But last night -"

"Merlin, I didn't think this would happen again," she mumbled.

"Well... Last night was the first time I noticed you, so you're saying you've done that before?"

Hermione pulled her hands away from her face, but still didn't dare to raise her eyes to Harry's face. "Noticed me? What exactly have I done yesterday?"

"Touched yourself, what else?"

"Oh, god..." she said and her face and neck almost instantly went red. "I'm sorry, Harry. It hasn't happened with me for a few years."

Despite his still lingering anger Harry couldn't hold back a chuckle. "That was your way to end your abstinence?"

"No-no! I mean that last night and apparently not just last night, I was sleepwalking."


"You said that I also got to sleep in your bed multiple times. I don't remember ever doing it."

Harry stared at her with an open mouth. Everything finally made sense and his anger instantly evaporated. This was Hermione after all. Anybody else he wouldn't have even believed. He realized that before that moment he wasn't even sure that sleepwalking was a real thing. But if Hermione said it was, and she was afflicted by it, that it must be the truth.

"Ehm... Say something?" tried Hermione hesitantly.

"Guess I should've mentioned you coming into my bed earlier. Before it escalated to this."

"I'm really sorry you had to see me like that."

"No-no. I should've known better that you would do something like that."

"I would've freaked out too if I found you... mmm... wanking while sitting on my bed in the middle of the night."

"But you were okay for months. Have you ran out of potion or something?"

"No. There's no cure."

"What then?"

"Ehm... It's a bit sensitive topic, so... But I'm working on it," she said and a blush spread over her once again.

"Working on it? You learned about it two minutes ago."

"No, I... Well, I know the cause. I just didn't think it got that bad."

"What's the cause then?"

"It's personal."

A small smile played on Harry's lips before he steeled himself and said, "I'll be a bit frank here, alright?" Hermione nodded, looking a bit unsure as to what he meant. "Last night after you played with yourself, you licked your fingers before leaving," said Harry and watched Hermione blushing furiously.

"Why didn't you stop me?" she mumbled dejectedly.

"Well, I sort of tried to reason with you and... Wait! You talked! You had your eyes open even! How -"

"Sleepwalking isn't how it's portrayed on TV. I can do pretty much everything while in such state. I just sleep, so I remember nothing afterwards. Oh, and some things I might do are... Well, weird?"

"Okay... Anyway, last night less than a minute after I woke up you were done... I don't even know if you were DONE, if you know what I mean, but you stopped and went back to your bed."

"I... Was I naked?"

"Nah... You were in your pyjamas. Just put your hand in your pants. I saw nothing. Don't worry."

"It's really embarrassing to say, but what the hell - you wanted to be frank." Harry nodded. "You masturbate, right?"

Harry looked down at the table and shrugged. "Well, yeah... Everybody does."

"Exactly. I do too." Harry barely held back from blurting out that she didn't have to confirm it, because he saw her doing it with his own eyes. "But when I'm really stressed, for example it happened during exams, I just can't finish no matter how hard I try. I haven't been able for a while now. That's the cause - I sleepwalk because I can't cum."

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