When Dogs Howl

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Chapter 3 


The silence between us was shattered as Bill walked in follower by Molly. “If you would just let me cut it Bill, just a bit!” She pleaded causing Bill to roll his eyes,  before he stopped seeing Sirius and I in the kitchen looking at him and his mother. “Mum, no! No one has an issue but you.” He answered. 


“I’m sure I’m not. Hermione dear what do you think?” Molly asked causing me to glance between her and Bill for a second. “I think it’s fine.” I answered causing her to make a face. “Ha!” Bill let out before taking a seat at the table. He shared a long look with Sirius who smirked before giving a small shrug and leaned back in his chair. 


Bill turned suddenly and fixed Molly with a stern stair as she took a step towards him her fingers reaching towards his hair. “No” he repeated firmly. “Fine! I’ll just have to figure out what to tell Agatha Crowley and her daughter Tawny when they arrive tomorrow.”

She muttered. “Oh people are coming here?” I asked in surprise. 


“Well my son refuses to meet people so I have to bring...” Molly trailed off as Bill turned. “I thought you wanted me here to help with the garden?” He countered. “Oh I do dear, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a friend and her daughter pop over for a chat.” Molly answered quickly.


My stomach fluttered uneasily at how anxious Molly was at trying to get bill to date. This was the sixth girl Molly had attempted this with, and each time I felt sick. I felt a brush against my thigh and turned realizing it was Bill. He met my eyes and the message was clear. We would talk later. 


Once Molly had left for the night and Sirius had disappeared after a floo call from Harry, I headed upstairs and into my bedroom. I changed into a silver night gown that stopped at mid thigh, and tossed a black bathrobe over it before slipping out and heading towards Bills room. 


His door opened before I could even knock and I was quickly pulled in. “She’s not gonna stop trying to set me up.” He growled as soon as the door was closed. “Well honestly, you should have realized when she mentioned the garden.” I laughed softly. “That women won’t be happy until all her sons are married off! She’s still holding out hope for you and Ron.” He muttered. “Wrong Weasley brother.” I murmured untying my robe and letting it slide to the floor. Bill turned around his eyes widening and his mouth opening slightly as he looked me over.


Wordlessly he took a step forward his fingers moving to play with the thin strap as he raked his eyes over me hungrily. “I knew this nightgown would look amazing on you.” He breathed his fingertips moving to grave my collarbone before they slowly moved up my neck before he was cupping my cheek, his thumb tracing small circles of my cheek. 


I stepped closer my hands resting on his chest my eyes downcast. “What’s wring bookworm?” He asked. I shook my head. “Don’t lie, I saw your face when my

Mom was talking down there.” He murmured. “I’m just waiting for the day you realize that I’m just plain Hermione granger.” I murmured. 


“ I already know who you are,” he assured. “What’s the point?” He asked. “Bill, I’ve seen the women your mom tries to set you up with. I can’t hold a candle.” I whispered. “Love, compared to you, their dying embers. Your so damn smart, and soft, and I love hearing you moan my name. Or when your nails dig into my back and chest as you get close. The way you clench around me so god damn tight.” He spoke his voice low and holding a hint of a growl. 


“I don’t want them bookworm, I want you. All of you.” He assured. “We’re bit together Bill, eventually your going to have to come up with a reason and eventually that won’t be good enough and then I’ll have to watch you play nice while I imagine cursing her.” I murmured. 


“I only want you, and I want to make this official. Just...we need a few more months, until Ron is in Switzerland with the twins. That way I don’t kill him when he explodes and fuels whatever fire starts, and believe me love a fire will start.” He murmured. 


“what do you mean?” I asked in confusion. “Mum is waiting for you and Ron to get back together. If we do it now, she’ll think that I’m the reason you two ended and while she’s not completely wrong...Ron will agree and the next thing we all know Sirius’s poor kitchen will explode.” He answered making me blush. 


“You really want to be with me?” I whispered. “Yeah, and I’m not the only one either.” He murmured. I scoffed and moved past him waving my wand to light the fire place. “What was that for? You think I’m lying? Sirius is attracted to you as well.” He muttered. “Oh I really believe that” I answered sarcasm coating every word. 


“Don’t believe me. Ask him yourself. I can ask him up here?” He asked moving towards the door. I caught him and shook my head. My hair fell covering my face before Bill was tilting my chin upwards and looking in my eyes. “Merlin, I can smell how aroused you are.” He growled lowering his face to my neck and inhaling deeply. 


“We’ll discuss this later, right now I need to be inside of you.” He growled before I was suddenly tossed onto the bed, a laugh escaping me. Looking out the window I saw the moon high in the sky, it wasn’t full, but it would be by the end of the week, which explained why the wolf was having an easier time appearing. 


Warm hands grasped my ankles before I was pulled towards the edge of the bed, Bill on his knees in front of me. Slowly he started trailing kisses along my legs, going torturously slow, his warm hands running over my exposed skin before they began pushing up the silk of my nightgown. 


Bills mouth moved to my thighs nipping them gently before he slowly pulled off the black lace panties I was wearing. He played with the mataerial before inhaling deeply. He opened his eyes and I saw the wolf flash inside of them.


He hiked my legs over his shoulders and moved even closer. I knew I was wet, he always had me soaking. Seconds later I felt his tongue slip over me, a breathless sigh falling from my lips before he was spreading my pussy lips and working me with his tongue. 


“Oh fuck....” I whimpered my hands fisting the heavy comforter sparks shooting through me as his tongue swirled over my clit not lingering too long but just enough for my walls to clench.


“Fuck you taste good.” He growled nipping my clit making me whimper. “Please!” I

Breathed my hips arching against his mouth. “You wanna cum bookworm?” He asked gripping my thighs firmly. “Please...” I trailed off as a finger slid inside of me. “Not yet love, your gonna work for your orgasm” he growled before giving my clit a long hard suck. 


I fell back on the mattress my breath coming out on gasps as Bills tongue assaulted my pussy, while two fingers pumped in and out. I could feel the coil in my belly ready to snap, and just when I thought it would, he stopped.


“What?” I gasped sitting up. Bill was back on his haunches looking at me with a smug smile. “I told you, your working for this one.” He stayed standing and pulling his belt off his pants and boxers following.


His body was over mine his face in my neck his mouth nipping the tender skin. “Fuck I want to mark you.” He growled causing goosebumps

To break out over my skin. His fingers trailed along my sides before his fingertips ghosted over my stomach before moving back up to my breasts. 


“Please Bill, stop teasing me” I murmured. “I love when you beg. Your so wet for me, you want me to fuck you?” He asked. “Yes” I breathed.


“Think you can handle me tonight little witch?” He asked nipping my collarbone. “Think you can handle what I want to do to you?” He asked his breath traveling over my skin. “I’m not sure you can love.” He murmured locking eyes with me. I felt my breath catch as I realized they were amber.


“ I want you.” I answered firmly. “Fuck me” bill jerked me up before flipping me into my stomach. He moved so that I was on all fours in front of him. He spread my legs displaying me. 


“Such a pretty pussy love, I love looking at it, tasting it, being wrapped within it” he growled his hands gripping my hips. 


“Bookworm, you have to let me know if you can’t handle this. If I hurt you let me know and I’ll stop.” Bill warned. “I trust you Bill.” I murmured moving my head so I could kiss him. 


I felt his fingers bite into my hips and readied myself. With a quick snap he was inside of me. “Fuck!” I breathed feeling his cock fill me. Bills head fell into my neck his breathing rough.

I felt his grip tighten and realized he was trying to keep control. 


“Fuck...” I heard him rasp his breath warm on my neck. His head dipped lower his teeth grazing my over my pulse point gently. Slowly he withdrew before slamming back into me, my body jerked forward. “Fuck...” I whispered my fingers gripping the sheets of the bed tightly as Bill started slamming in and out of me. 


“Shit bookworm!” Bill growled one hand slipping around to palm my tit. His fingers rolling my nipple before giving it a hard pinch. I let out a Yelp my pussy clenching around him. 


“You gonna cum on my cock beautiful?” Bill growled. “Please Bill.” I begged clenching around him again. “Cum on my cock bookworm, let me feel that pussy milk me...” he growled slamming into my again as his hand slid down and he pinched my clit sending me over the edge. “Oh...fuck!” I screamed my back arching as I clenched around his cock feeling him pulse within me. “Shit!” Bill growled jerking against me as he came deep inside my pussy.


My arms gave out and I collapsed on the mattress panting my pussy still clenching and unclenching as I came down from my high. Bill kept himself braced above me before judging me with one arm. I rolled onto my back and met his gaze. His eyes rimmed in amber as he looked me over.


I felt his cock slip from me and missed the full feeling it provided. “Can you go again?” He asked breathlessly. I smirked before shifting and sitting up on the bed. I pulled him down catching him by surprise. I pushed him so that he was on his back before moving to straddle him, his cock growing hard once more. Slowly with my hands planted on his chest I lifted myself up and sank down onto his rigid cock. 


He lifted his hips slightly as I wiggled atop him. “Mione...” he growled warningly. Slowly I lifted myself and came back down. I kept the pace slow to drive him crazy. A growl ripping from his chest when I clenched around him. Smirking I picked up the pace bouncing on his cock, his hands coming up to play with my tits as I rode him.


“I’m gonna come baby....”’he growled his hips jerking up to meet my motions. Before I could say a word he jerked upwards and flipped me over. Caught off guard I fell backwards from the bed. Bill moved quickly to keep me from hitting the floor. He flipped me over my ass in the air my hands braced on the carpet before he slammed into me again. “Fuck!” I screamed as he picked up a brutal pace. 


“Oh fuck, Bill! Please...oh fuck, I’m gonna cum...” I warned feeling my orgasm rushing forward. “Come for me bitch” he snarled and I knew without a doubt his wolf had taken control.


“Shit...oh shit...fuck....oh fuck!” I screamed my body convulsing as I felt myself lose control. I felt a wetness surge from between my legs as Bill let out a growl that sounded alarmingly like a howl. His arms wrapped around me pulling me up, and against him, his chest flush against my back. “Look at you squirting all over my cock...” he murmured nipping my earlobe. “My needy little bitch.” The wolf snarled. 


“Bill.” I whimpered softly my body shaking. “Breath love.” I heard him murmur softly as he slid from inside of me. I turned and saw his eyes on me. No signs of the wolf. “Are you ok?” He asked. 


“I’ll be fine” I assured giving a smile and small nod. “A little sore but fine.” His fingers brushed along my cheek, as he brushed a piece of sweat dampened hair from my forehead. “I hate that I might hurt you.” He whispered. “You won’t hurt me Bill. I’m prepared for the nights your more wild. You know I don’t want you to change...Bill I trust you and the wolf within.” I breathed. 


“This is becoming more then we said it would Mione. You know that don’t you?” He asked. Biting my lip I nodded. “But I’m not the only one who wants you...” he stated. 


“Bill, what are you saying?” I asked in her confusion. “I’m saying that things are a little different then I first thought. How do you feel

About threesomes?” He asked catching me completely off guard.


sorry it's taking me so long to get these out. Things have been a little wild. I actually got engaged!!!! But the next chapter is gonna have some questions and answers....anything you guys want to see??? 

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