A Confession by Hermione G.

BY : Scarlett_Pimpernal
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1. Time for Sex

2. The Cabinet of Prof. S

3. Virgo Intacta

4. The Dick Whisperer

5. Filched

6. Yuletide Balled

7. Five in Five

8. The Kiss

9. Juiced up

10. The Hogsmeade Madam - part 1

11. The Hogsmeade Madam - part 2

12. HG and the Golden Snatch                                                                              

13. The Iron Maiden

14. Served up

15. Snagglepussy

16. Did you ever..?

17. Captivated: The End?


This is a selfish work, highly confessional in nature. It is not intended to summarize the facts of the incidents, disasters and conflicts that culminated in the demise of TR, the self-styled “Lord V-,” in any comprehensive, narrative or chronologic way. Certain corrections to the romanticized record are a natural byproduct of this excercise and I expect that some members of the public will find genuine “bombshells” herein. The scope of the conflict created by TR far surpassed the magic community’s ability to conceal itself from the world-at-large. In the aftermath, many useful fictions were created by authors - including myself - working under a series of pseudonyms in all sorts of publications both mundane (i.e. “muggle”) and magical for reasons both commercial and confidential. I believe the time has now come to risk straightening that crooked record.

Like most writers, this one struggled over the title of her work. I thought first to entitle it “The Humiliations of Hermoine,” out of a weakness for aliteration and consideration of certain underlying facts. While I experienced humiliation, it would be disengenuous to paint myself as a chronic victim. Indeed, I came to revel in all flavors of sex, including humiliation, and still seek it out on occasion. I next sought to entitle it “The Sexual Life of Hermione G.,” which, while more apt, lacked a certain poetic flair. I settled finally on the present title, which I hope, splits the difference. I have enjoyed intercourse with many different men and women, and more than a few fantastic beasts. And I have made love in the bodies of many different men and women.

The first part of this confession treats on my days as a student at the fabled school of witchcraft and wizardry, curtailed as they were by the dramatic aforementioned civil war that unintentionally resulted in the collision of the two previously segregated worlds. The second part of this coital memoir considers my subsequent travels following the dissolution of my marriage, the unquenchable lust that drove me to fuck my way across the globe and into the shadow realm of Faerie. Certain names have been changed to protect the privacy of their owners. Others, having shuffled off the mortal coil and beyond care of the material world, bear their own names.
- H.G. 2020

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