The Hidden King

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. No money or profit is made from the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Magic is might. This was the primal principle of Wizarding world.

Whatever social structure was established, and whatever laws were made, this always held true. Because magic was a primal force, all the wizards and witches were attracted to more powerful magic user. Due to this, there was always a power center in the wizarding world. One person who always had the final say in every matter, whichever position he held.

The last person who had such power was Dumbledore. After defeating Grindelwald, he had all the positions of power. He was not the minister of magic, but he might as well have been, with how much his suggestions influenced the minister's decisions. The last minister Cornelius almost always asked for his suggestions and more often than not followed it. And if the minister, or some lord spoke up against Dumbledore, they became hated in the public, who held Dumbledore in the highest regards. Using such power, Dumbledore had carefully cultivated the minds of younger generation for more than half a century. The light pure-bloods and half-bloods were taught to follow Dumbledore by their parents, the muggle-borns quickly viewed him as someone who had their best interest in mind. Even the Neutrals often followed Dumbledore, except when he spoke against their family traditions. And the Dark faction taught their children to be wary of Dumbledore. No one took him lightly.

Using such power, he had carefully formed the wizarding world to his imaginary ideal world. And he had succeeded to great extent. The wizarding Britain, and even the wizarding world as a whole, was much less violent when he died from when he had defeated Grindelwald. In Britain, he had achieved this through his position as headmaster, cultivating the young mind, and as Chief Warlock, to pass laws to prevent violence. When he died, he had planned to continue molding the wizarding world to his ideal world. He had known that he was going to die. He had largely helped plan it. And he had started to train kingsley as his second in command. He had planned for Kingsley to be the next power center.

But he had overlooked one thing. Dumbledore never shared his plans. And because it was Dumbledore, no one ever questioned him. If someone did, they would be strongly opposed by saying "If we can't trust Dumbledore, who can we trust?" and"Dumbledore knows the best for us." So, when he died, safe in the knowledge that Kingsley would continue his plans to change the wizarding world, unknown to him, his plans died with him.

Harry potter had learned this fact quite early. He had spent his childhood with the Dursleys. They neglected him, and abused him. Not physically, but emotionally. They would call him freak, useless, starve him, insult his parents, and made him do all the chores to earn his living all the while watching them spoil Dudley. He was also forced to do all of Dudley's homework, so he was not stupid in any way. he knew he would be punished, if Dudley's homework had errors. And the one subject that had always fascinated him was history.

So, when a whole new world was opened up for him, he had started learning history with far more enthusiasm than he showed in Binny's class. And though due to habit, he was an average student in class, he was intelligent and practical. And he also understood magic to a deeper level. He had wondered about his powers during his lonely time at Dursleys. And gradually, he had found his power within himself, which reduced his magical outbursts.

By learning history, he had observed the pattern early in his Hogwarts years, that there was always one person controlling the wizarding world. No matter what anyone said about there being a proper government, magic was more primal than that. And so was magical society. So, Harry, who had hero-worshipped Dumbledore when he entered the wizarding world, had slowly understood that Dumbledore may have the best interest of wizarding world, but he viewed everyone around him as tools to shape the wizarding world.

The triwizard tournament was the final straw. After that, Harry stopped trusting Dumbledore. And his started training after his name was entered in the tournament and Dumbledore refused to do anything about it. He was already ahead of his peers, and as Hogwarts students were giving him wide space, he started learning intensely.

Till then, he had two best friends, Ron and Hermione, few friends, the quidditch team, his dorm mates, and few others acquaintances like Susan Bones in Hufflepuff, and Terry Boot in Ravenclaw. But they all abandoned him at that time. Most of the students believed he had cheated, and his friends and acquaintances didn't want to be associated with a cheater.

After the first task, he had forgiven everyone. He knew that he couldn't alienate all his peers. And he also knew that some of them genuinely believed him when he said he didn't enter his name.

The Yule Ball went well for him. He went with Parvati Patil, and as he knew Ron wouldn't be able to ask anyone, he asked if Padma could come with Ron. He had not waited till the end, but he wanted to know the girl in his house and year better. And she was easy on eyes. Ron couldn't say the same. Harry didn't know how to dance, but he didn't completely embarass his date, as he had already confessed it to her and practiced a few times. But most of the evening was spent off the dance floor. And Padma had joined them halfway as Ron was sulking about Hermione.

He was rewarded by Fleur after second task. And what a reward that was! He had his first experience in sex with a Veela, who were considered sexual beings by many, and Harry wouldn't deny that after that night. Apparently, he was also good as they had few repeated visits that year.

The end of year was filled with tragedy. Voldemort had returned and Cedric had died. And he had to return to Privet Drive. The Dursleys mostly left him alone now, after Moody had threatened them. And to deal with his nightmares, he had now started to take advantage of his bad boy image. Privet Drive had no shortage of good looking girls, and he had no trouble in getting into their panties. By the time he left them, they would be singing praises of his skills.

By fifth year, he had deducted that if he played his cards right, he could be the next power center. So, he had played it calm despite Umbridge's many provocation. Though he did have a few outbursts, as was expected of him. And that year increased the number of people he was on friendly terms with, due to DA. He didn't want to have Dumbledore's name, but thought it would help cement his position as successor of Dumbledore.

Again the year ended tragically. This time he was partially responsible for his godfather's death. He knew that larger blame lay on Snape and Dumbledore. Dumbledore for withholding information and Snape for not teaching him properly.

His sixth year was better for him. Voldemort had come out in the open, and the war had intensified. And Harry had once again gained positive popularity. He didn't become ministry's poster boy as the new minister wanted. He also helped Dumbledore recruit a professor. That year he stalked Malfoy many to to find out what he was up to. But he couldn't find out, till the end of year.

He had made several good connection and allies from attending Slughorn's parties. He was not much surprised to find there were neutrals in Slytherins who didn't support Voldemort but couldn't openly oppose him.

During the year, he had observed Dumbledore's detariorating health. And he knew that soon he would have to step up. And his moment came when Snape fired a killing curse at Dumbledore. As Dumbledore's body fell down the tower, and the death eaters turn to fled, Harry followed them and managed to curse two of them. Not enough to stop them, but enough to make Snape notice him. They had a brief duel. Snape managed to escape, but Harry managed to land a dark cutting curse on Snape.

That was the time when Dumbledore's plans truely fell apart. Instead of Moody taking the charge of order, with Kingsley being second in command, as he had predicted, Harry swiftly took control of order, with Moody and Kingsley taking advisory roles. He also used the experience of his teachers and other members in order to develop an immediate plan.

After that, he told them he had to leave for a mission and didn't know how long it would take. After many protests from order, he agreed to take Ron and Hermione with him. They would leave immediately after Bill and Fleur's wedding. They had both insisted he attend the wedding. And as he was close to both of them, he had agreed. The wedding was interrupted, and they had to fled immediately. They first went to Grimmauld place.

During the time they stayed there, Harry and Hermione dove into the Black library for any information to help them. In searching for information on horcrux, they came upon many curses, wards and obscure spells, which would help them. But finally they found something they needed. They found a book on horcrux, but they couldn't destroy the horcrux as they didn't want to do fiendfire, and they didn't have basilisk venom. Kreature was a great help to them during that time, after they promised to destroy the locket. Getting the fake locket of Regulus might have helped.

Finally, they infiltrated the ministry, and obtained the locket. But they were forced to move around the country after that.

After one nasty fight, Ron left Harry and Hermione.

They had left from there the next morning. And continued their search. They were the sole support for each other. And it had been tempting for Harry to take the opportunity for more. But he knew Hermione was not ready yet. He had tried. On one such night, he had initiated things and had kissed her. Herimone had also responded but she quickly backed off. She had admitted that it was her first kiss. He was surprised to hear that. He had thought Victor had kissed her, but apparently, they hadn't done anything like that and were just friends. He didn't push her again for anything like that. Their closeness was limited to cuddling to each other and sleeping with each other only. And despite his desires, he had respected Hermione's wishes. Hermione was aware of his desires, but she didn't say anything, as Harry didn't force her to do anything she didn't want to.

And it all finally came to head in May. During that time, they had engaged with various snatchers, reunited with Ron, got sword of Gryffindor, had been taken to Malfoy Manor, but they managed to escape from there, rescuing Luna and Ollivander with the help of Dobby. They also rescued Griphook. Unfortunately, Dobby lost his life during the rescue. They had stayed at Shell cottage with Bill and Fleur for some days, and then they broke into Gringotts with the help of Griphook.

Harry had invoked a life debt for the first time to make sure Griphook didn't doublecross them. Griphook had tried to, after they had entered the Lestrange vault and retrived the Helga's cup, but before he even got a scream out, the life debt took action and he died on the spot. Luck was on their side, as Harry had read about one of the secret tunnel from below Gringotts, in one of the journal of Blacks which he had read at Grimmauld place. The problem was, it had to be opened from inside, so they couldn't use it to infiltrate, but now they could use it for escape. The Black had known about it as he was once hired as a warder for Gringotts, and he had managed to make a tunnel in secret.

After that, they immediately went to Hogwarts, where Harry retrieved Rowena's diadem. But no plans were perfect, and they never quite went past the contact with the enemy. The death eaters were alerted in Hogsmeade. Aberforth managed to sneak them into Hogwarts, where Neville escorted them to the Room of Requirements. He met the whole of DA and several other students, who were running resistance in the school, which had become torture ground for death eaters.

Harry decided to take the final stand there. As Luna escorted him to Ravenclaw tower, the Carrows alerted Voldemort about him. Harry quickly ordered McGonagall, who had met them by accident to gather the order. They forced Snape to run away and retook control of Hogwarts. He went with Luna back to RoR, and found all the order and DA had already been alerted that they were taking final stand at Hogwarts. He took charge instead of being shocked for long, and along with Moody, Kingsley, Remus and Tonks made plans and strategies. Everybody went out, Augusta Longbottom joining them at last, asking if she was not late.

As they went out, Harry entered the room of lost things with Ron and Hermione.

After Harry, Ron and Hermione fought Malfoy, Crabbe and Foyle, which ended in Harry rescuing Malfoy from Crabbe's fiendfire. They entered the battle in the courtyard.

The first part of battle was brutal. There were casualties on both sides. When Voldemort called a cease fire, it was welcomed on both sides. During this time, Harry went to shrieking shack and witnessed the death of Snape, watched his memories, and went to the clearing.

He had the Invisibility Cloak, Resurrection Stone and he suspected that the Elder Wand was loyal to him due to complete accident.

But he had no interest in becoming master of death. He went to Voldemort, took the killing curse and died.

After Voldemort paraded his not so dead body around, Harry decided to grab invisibility cloak and fired curses at the death eaters.

The second part of the battle was more intense, and it ended with Harry and Voldemort's duel. It was brief but spectacular, and in a stunning move, Harry took out a spare wand he had acquired, which decently for him and using that and Malfoy's wand fired two disarming curse at Voldemort simultaneously. One curse intercepted his killing curse, while other hit him. As he lost his wand, his curse backfired, and Harry caught the elder wand as Voldemort's body fell.

It was a while later that he finally met with Ron and Hermione. Thankfully, none of the Weasleys had died. The most notable death among the order was that of Alastor Moody, who had died taking more than twenty death eaters with him. Professor Flitwick had similarly taken many death eaters with him. Remus had died with satisfaction, taking Fenrir Greyback with him. Unfortunately, Lavender Brown was bitten by Greyback. The effects were not determined as it was not full moon, but she had to be given immediate medical attention. There were other losses, but they would recover and rebuild the wizarding world.

As Hermione and Ron reached him, Hermione immediately threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He had to take a step back to make sure they didn't fall down. He could hear her sobbing. Harry gently rubbed her back, and as she calmed down, he pulled her back, holding her shoulders.

"Are you ok?" He asked, as he wiped her tears gently.

"Harry." Hermione said, with a small amount of exasperation and amusement. "You were the one who fought Voldemort. And you are asking me? I was shocked when I saw the size of the basilisk and you fought it at twelve. How could you do it?"

Harry smiled. "It's not about how I could do it. I had to do it. It had petrified you. Ginny was down there. And who knew if it killed someone next time. But it's in the past now. Come on. It's time to look forward. It's up to us to rebuild the wizarding world."

Ron who had stood silently, all this time, came forward and said, "I would like to help you however I can, Harry."

Harry turned to him, and said, "Ron, just make sure you never abandon me as you have in the past and it would be a great start."

"Never, Harry." Ron said with utmost conviction. "I'd never abandon you again."

And that was the start of a new era in the wizarding world, with a new hidden king.

But the position which Dumbledore achieved when he was more than 60, Harry had achieved at 17. And now his reign would begin as he started to change the Wizarding World.

AN: I know it's not much. Mostly just the retelling of Harry Potter. But if you read it, you know I have made some subtle change. And I have mentioned the main idea, that being the hidden kings of the wizarding world.

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