Not Again ::Sequel to And Again::

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 “Remember, they can’t get married until I come back from going potty.” Emma stated as she pointed at the half dressed dolls that were being set up in a mock wedding.


“I know.” Lily replied to her twin. “Hurry up so we can play already!” She picked up a doll and began dressing it.


Emma rushed out of the room and toward the bathroom door on the left. The door was closed though and she was about to go use the one downstairs when she heard the unmistakable sound of someone being sick.


Taking a closer look at the door, the seven year old saw that it wasn’t shut all the way. She tiptoed forward and peeked through the crack to see Scorpius bent over the toilet. His hair was sticking to his face and his lack of a shirt revealed that he was shiny with sweat. He also appeared to be shaking.


Just as the blonde girl was about to push the door open, Scorpius brought his arms up to rest on the toilet seat and began sobbing into them. The sight scared Emma. She’d seen any and all emotions from the sulky teen but she’d never seen him outright cry before.


“Scorpius?” Emma said softly as she pushed the door open. The dark-haired boy’s entire body stiffened before he jerked toward the doorway to see who had called his name.


Despite the fact that he was a boy, Scorpius grabbed a nearby towel to cover his naked torso as he exclaimed, “Lily! What do you want?”


Ordinarily, the little girl would have taken offense at the use of her twin’s name, but with how upset her brother was, she ignored it. “Are you ok, Scorpius?” She quietly asked as she stepped a little closer.


Scorpius only seemed to back away. “I’m fine, Emma.” He replied as he wiped his eyes with his free hand. “I think I just ate something that was bad.”


“Do you want me to tell Daddy?” Emma whispered nervously.


“No!” The older boy nearly yelled and then forced a small smile. “I probably just needed to get it out. I feel better already.”


Emma was still unsure but she smiled back anyway before running forward and giving him a hug. Scorpius returned the gesture. “I hope you feel better soon.” She said when she pulled back.


“Yeah, me too.”


When Emma went back to their room, Lily was impatiently undressing and redressing the Barbie dolls. “You were gone forever, Emma!” She shouted exasperatedly.


“I’m sorry.” Emma said. “But I gotta go talk to Daddy. I’ll play later.” She then turned back into the hallway.


Lily got up and ran to the door. “I didn’t wanna play with you anyway.” She said in a snotty tone and stuck her tongue out at her twin’s back. Then she went and sat back down on the floor where she had been playing. “She better come back soon.” She huffed.


Downstairs, Emma found Harry in Elliot and James’ bedroom putting them down for a quick nap before dinner.


“Hi, Daddy.” She whispered as she walked into the room.


Harry looked up from the baby in his arms and smiled. “Hey, Princess.” He made some space on the rocking chair he was sitting in so the young girl could sit with him. “Do you need something, Emma?”


Without replying, Emma laid her head on his arm and looked down at the sleeping blonde baby. The three of them sat like that until Harry determined that James was asleep enough to be put in his crib. He then kissed the sleeping three year old on the forehead before taking his daughter’s hand and leading her out of the room.


They walked into the kitchen where Harry picked Emma up and set her on the counter so that they were near eye level with each other. “Now, what’s wrong?”


Emma bit her lip and refused to meet her dad’s eye. Scorpius had told her not to tell, but if he was sick, she wanted him to get help.


“I think… Scorpius is sick.” She finally replied.


Harry frowned. “Why do you think he’s sick?”


“’Cause, I had to go potty, but he was already in there and he was throwing up and then he started crying.” Emma explained in a rush.


“He was crying?” Harry asked, shocked to hear that more than anything else.


Emma nodded. “And I think maybe he had too much lunch too, ‘cause when I hugged him, his tummy felt extra full.” She added as an apparent afterthought and patted her own stomach.


“Thank you very much for telling me.” Harry helped her jump down from the counter. “When Papa gets home with dinner, we’ll see what’s up with him, ok?”


“Ok.” She replied with a smile.


Harry gave her a pat on the head. “Go play.”


Ten minutes passed and Draco returned with pizza. He walked into the kitchen where Harry was setting the table and put the two boxes on the counter.


Immediately Harry approached him and sternly crossed his arms. “I think we have a problem.”




Upstairs, Scorpius was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and listening to music. He heard a knock at his door, barely, and shouted, “What?”


The door opened some and Harry’s head popped in. “Can we come in?”


Scorpius rolled his eyes but stopped the music and sat up. “Sure, whatever.” He mumbled.


Draco followed Harry in and shut the door behind them. The latter sat on the edge of the teen’s bed while the former chose to stand.


When no one said anything and the silence started to become awkward, Scorpius spoke up. “Well, if that’s all you wanted, I’ll see you at dinner.” He then made to turn his music back on, but Harry stopped him.


“Emma came downstairs to tell me something a little while ago and we were just wondering… are you alright?” They had their suspicions, but they wanted to hear it from him.


Scorpius froze for half a second but quickly shook it off.  Parents tend to see everything though.


Harry and Draco looked at each other and the blonde sighed in frustration.


“Scorpius…” That’s all it took for the boy to break down in tears. “So, you are then? …Pregnant?” He nodded and wiped at his eyes.


“I-I’m sorry.” The teen whispered and buried his face in his hands.


Harry pulled his eldest child into his arms. “It’s alright. We’re not mad at you.”


“Speak for yourself.” Draco suddenly interjected, earning himself a glare from his husband. “We had an incredibly long discussion about sex and protection with you. Then there’s also the fact that Hogwarts finally added a sex education class several years ago. So, how the hell did this happen?!”


“BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW!”  Scorpius screamed. His face was red and wet with tears.


Draco absolutely could not believe that that was the excuse his son came up with. He was about to voice this thought but Harry spoke first.


“What do you think you’re doing, Draco? We’re supposed to be comforting him right now, not yelling at him!”


“He’s sixteen, Harry.” The blonde stated.


Harry suddenly stood up to be closer to eye level and put his hands on his hips. “And how old were we?” The question was obviously completely rhetorical.


“That’s different.” Draco crossed his arms belligerently but sounded slightly unsure of his response.




Draco fumbled for an answer before finally replying with, “Because you didn’t have anyone to teach you any better.” He hadn’t even finished speaking when he realized that was, absolutely, the stupidest thing he’d ever said in his entire life.


Harry was astonished. He couldn’t remember the last time Draco had something so inconsiderate. Finally, he recovered from his shock. “I grew up without parents… so I’m a slut. Is that what you’re saying?”


“No, of course not, Harry. I didn’t mean—”


“Quite frankly, Draco, I don’t care what you meant right now.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Obviously, you aren’t dealing with this very well. Just… go. Take the girls downstairs, wake up the boys, and go eat dinner. We’ll be down in a bit.”


The blonde attempted to apologize, but gave up quickly and left the room without another word.


“He hates me, doesn’t he?” Scorpius sniffled, on the verge of tears again.


Harry sat back down and sighed again. “No, he doesn’t hate you. We could never hate you.” He put an arm around the boy’s shoulders and Scorpius rested his head on him. “Now, what do you mean you didn’t know?”


“He’s a muggle.”


“He’s a what, now?” Harry asked, eyes going wide with shock. “A muggle?” He then started giggling in a slightly hysterical matter. “I’m sorry, Scorpius. I know it’s not funny, but you just seem to have a horrible combination of circumstances.”


The teen understood what his dad meant and managed a slight twitch of the lip in amusement. It was followed by a soft sob.


“Why don’t you tell me what happened?”


Scorpius wiped his eyes and sat up straight so he could look at his dad as he spoke. “It was when I came home for Easter holiday. His name’s Ethan. He’s nineteen and lives with his dad a few blocks away. We hang out a bit whenever I’m home from school ever since I met him a couple summers ago. Obviously, we did a little more than hang out the last time I saw him.”


 “I didn’t even know you were gay.” It was the only thing Harry could think to say at the moment.


“I never said I am,” the teen said with a shrug.


“No, but-”


The teen rolled his eyes. “I can like both, can’t I?”


There was a short, awkward silence. “So… do you know anything else about him? His last name?” Harry finally asked, returning to the subject.


“He told me once, like, the day we met. Wah… wuh… it started with a W. That’s all I can remember.”


“Well…” Harry sighed. “I suppose there’s nothing we can do tonight. But tomorrow, you’re going to have to show us where he lives so we can explain everything to him and his family. And if things don’t go well, we’ll have to obliviate them.”


Scorpius didn’t like any part of that plan. He didn’t want to have to tell Ethan anything and he certainly didn’t want him to be obliviated, but he knew all of it was necessary. He nodded feebly, indicating his agreement.


“Alright then.” Harry attempted to smooth down his son’s wild hair. “Now, do you want to come downstairs and eat with us? I won’t make you, but I think you should. If not, I’ll bring you something later.”


The teen thought it over for a minute. He really didn’t feel like being around anyone at the moment, but he was also starving. “What are we having?” He’d let the answer decide for him.


“We felt like being lazy tonight so Papa went and got pizza.”


“Well… I suppose I could grace you all with my presence.” Scorpius replied cheekily as he stood up from his bed and stretched. His shirt rode up with the action and Harry noted the slight bump he saw there with no small amount of anxiety.


Harry quickly schooled his expression to one of amusement. “There’s that bratty son of mine.” He replied with a grin.


Father and son continued with their banter as they followed the smell of hot pizza. When they reached the door to the kitchen, however, Scorpius froze.


Sensing his son’s sudden immobility Harry let the partially opened door close again. He wrapped his arms around the boy and held him tightly. “I promise he does not hate you. If you don’t want to speak to him though, you don’t have to. And don’t worry about anything he might say. He’s not quite stupid enough to say something in front of your brothers and sisters. I’m going to talk to him about it tonight so we’re all on the same page. Ok?”


Scorpius nodded. “Ok.” Harry smiled. “Good. You also have my permission to go back to your room if you get too uncomfortable or your father does happen to say something.”


The brunette boy nodded again and followed his dad through the swinging door into the kitchen.


The chattering of the rest of the family died almost instantly as Harry and Scorpius took the two empty chairs at the oblong table. Their seats were next to each other with Lily on Scorpius’ left and James in his highchair on Harry’s right. On the other side of the blonde baby was Draco.


Luckily, Draco was sitting at one end of the table while Scorpius was on the side so he didn’t have to look directly at him.


Scorpius stared down at the slice of pepperoni pizza already on his plate. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast and had thrown-up twice since then, but he wasn’t feeling particularly like eating. He knew he had to eat though, for the baby’s sake, if not his own.


“James, you think it’s more fun to wear your food than to eat it, don’t you?”


As he took his first bite, Scorpius looked up at the child in question to see his face was covered in pizza sauce and little chunks of pizza covered his highchair. He took another bite and set the slice back down.


Tuning out the din of conversation, Scorpius slowly finished his first piece and reached for another from one of the boxes in the center of the table. At the same moment, he felt a slight tug on his left sleeve. He glanced down at his sister and she beckoned him closer.




“Emma said you’re sick. Are you?” She whispered with wide eyes.


The teen sighed, not entirely knowing what to say. “Sort of, but not really.” He knew his answer was incredibly vague, but he wasn’t ready for everyone to know just yet.


Lily looked confused. “So… you’re a little bit sick?”


“Uh… yeah.” He replied and looked away from her to stare blankly at the table. That was probably the best he’d be able to do for now.


“Do you need medicine?” The girl asked.


Scorpius released a breath, having hoped she was done pestering him. “No, it’ll go away by itself.” He finally said.




He slammed his fists down on the table. “I don’t know, alright?!”


Realizing the room had gone deafeningly silent, Scorpius looked up to see everyone was staring at him. He stood up, nervously scratching his forearm. “I’m… I’m going to bed.”


For a moment, it looked as if Draco was going to say something, but when the blonde man opened his mouth, he suddenly winced and glared at his husband. Scorpius left before he had the chance to speak again.


“Don’t, Draco. Just don’t.” Harry said when Draco tried to speak again.


“Harry, we nee—”


“We’ll talk about it later.” Harry’s tone and hardened expression left no room for negotiation. “Are you girls done eating?” He asked, turning toward the blonde twins.


They nodded, both afraid of being yelled at and of what was actually wrong with their big brother.


“Ok, why don’t you two go on up and get ready for bed?”


“Ok, Daddy.” They chorused and hopped off their chairs. They took their dirty dishes to the sink before shuffling from the room.


“What about you, Elliot, are you full?”


The small boy nodded. “Yeah.”


“Alright then, it’s bed time for you as well.” Harry said as he began unstrapping James from his high chair. “Draco, I’m going to get the boys in their pajamas. Would you mind clearing the table?” His tone was stiff and he refused to look at the blonde man.


“I… yeah, sure. I’ll take care of it.”


With the one year old held tightly in one arm and Elliot’s hand grasping the other, the dark-haired man left the room, leaving a flustered Draco behind them.


It took nearly twenty minutes, but eventually Harry had his youngest boys cleaned up and in their pajamas.


“Papa’s mad at Scorpy.” The toddler whispered somberly once his top had been pulled over his head.


Harry pulled the blanket back and waited until he’d tucked the small boy into bed to reply. “No, Papa’s not mad at Scorpy. Or anyone else. Life just does weird things sometimes and he’s mad at that.” He smiled tightly.


“Like the time a gobstone got stuck in my nose?”


“Yeah, only a much bigger one.” Harry replied with a small chuckle.


Elliot grinned and pulled the covers up to his chin. “Can I have a story?”


“Not tonight, little love.” Harry bent and kissed his son’s forehead. “But definitely tomorrow.”


“Ok. I love you, Daddy.” The three year old whispered and snuggled further into bed.


Harry smiled and replied, “I love you too, Elliot.”


Before leaving the room, he checked on the baby already in his crib. The infant was obviously fighting sleep pretty hard, but it wouldn’t be long before he’d succumb to the sandman.


The man clicked off the light, a soft nightlight flaring to life simultaneously, and shut the door behind him.


Upstairs, Harry found Lily and Emma sitting in the same bed looking at a puzzle book. “Did you girls brush your teeth?” Their raven haired father asked. The pair nodded in unison and flashed their pearly whites. “Good job. I’ll be back up at 9:00. You can stay up until then. And just in case you’re already asleep when I come back…” Harry made his way to the bedside and gave both of his girls a goodnight kiss. “…I love you both very much.”


“We love you too.”


After leaving the twins to their play, Harry turned his attention to the door hiding his first son. He noticed the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign hung on the doorknob and checked to see if it was locked. It came as no surprise to find he couldn’t open it. It was an easy decision to give Scorpius some time to himself.


Upon entering their bedroom, Harry silently shut and locked the door behind him. Just as quietly, he stepped over to his bedside table and retrieved his wand from the drawer.


From his place in front of the vanity mirror, Draco watched his husband’s reflection move around the room as he finished brushing his hair. Remaining as wordless as the other man, he set his brush down just as Harry cast a silence barrier on the room.


Not entirely sure where to start, the brunette man blurted out, “What is wrong with you?”


Draco slowly turned around to face the angered Harry. He hesitated before softly replying, “Nothing.”


“Then why are you angry at our son who needs our love and support right now?” Harry shouted with his hands balled into fists at his sides.


“I’m not!” The blonde man cried, suddenly near tears. “I’m pissed at myself. And… and a little bit at you.” Harry scoffed, but Draco continued before he could speak. “I thought we did better than that. We told him ev-everything! Everything! Absolutely. EVERYTHING. I thought we made it clear that what happened with us wasn’t a good thing! That we were lucky we had money and resources to help make it easier! That he’s lucky he has us to support him in whatever way he needs! Wh-where did we fail?!” Tears of anger and confusion began falling.


Harry rushed to his hysterical husband’s side and gently, but firmly, held his face in both hands.


“Draco, we didn’t fail. He really didn’t think it could happen. If you had bothered to actually listen, you would have heard that the other father is a muggle. Scorpius genuinely believed he couldn’t be impregnated by a muggle.” Harry calmly explained to his exasperated husband.


“That-that’s what he meant when he said he didn’t know…” Draco hung his head in shame.


“Yeah.” Harry led Draco to the bed and the pair took a seat on it. “I told him we’d go have a talk with the young man’s family tomorrow. His name’s Ethan, by the way.”

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