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This is a NO VOLDEMORT universe.


Lucius stared at the business sign above him and sighed, rubbing his brow with a leather clad hand. He didn’t know what had finally compelled him to do it, but everyone had been telling him to since Narcissa had left him five years prior.


Madam Symmetra’s Pet Shoppe


The sign was adorned with a still painting of a scantily clad young man and woman, neither older than 15 or 16, smiling coyly at the viewer. Their poses were chosen with care; both shy and inviting, tempting.


As Lucius pushed the door open, a tiny bell tinkled overhead. Approaching footsteps were soon heard and a middle-aged woman emerged behind the counter from a doorway. Her skin was a dark tan, her hair even darker. She was clearly of Indian decent, but when she spoke, it was with a perfect English accent.


“Good day, sir,” the woman chirped with a slight bow of her head. “Welcome to Madam Symmetra’s Pet Shoppe. I am Madam Symmetra. How might I be of service?” The blonde man attempted to suppress a grimace, but only mildly succeeded.


“I… I-I… My wi-I mean, my friends…” Lucius couldn’t remember the last time he felt so flustered and awkward, if he ever had been. He took a deep breath and tried again, receiving an encouraging smile from the woman across the counter as he did. This could be an uncomfortable business. “Several of my friends have suggested that I need companionship without the commitment of a wife. This is what was considered to be the best idea. And I still don’t know how I feel about it.”


Miss Symmetra smiled warmly again and chuckled lightly. “Do not worry, sir. Most people find my shop intimidating, to say the least, even if it’s not their first purchase. Buying a person for sex doesn’t sit well with everyone, but it is important to remember that a Pet is about more than just sex, Mr…” She trailed off while extending a hand.


“Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy,” the man replied as he grasped her hand, kissing the back of it.


“Mr. Malfoy, if you could follow me to a more private area, we can discuss the finer points of owning and caring for a Pet.” Symmetra stepped out from behind the counter and headed down a hallway out of the lobby. Lucius rushed to keep up with her until they came to a plain, wooden door.


Inside was a small sitting room, big enough for three or four people. They sat in a pair of neutral toned wing-backed chairs. Between them, a small table already set with tea and biscuits. Lucius declined the offer of refreshments before they began.


“So, Mr. Malfoy, tell me what brings you here?” She asked in a serious tone. “If it was merely the prodding of your friends, then I believe you may be in the wrong place.”


“It’s not just that.” Lucius replied with a sigh. “My wife left me some time ago and as much as I love my son, he’s not the kind of company I need. Dating is difficult and women are fickle creatures.” He paused and sighed again. “And I’m lonely.”


The woman took a sip of tea. “I see. So you’re genuinely looking for companionship.” Symmetra noted.


“Yes.” The man stated.


“Good. Now, I can assume you’ve never owned a Pet before?” She asked, setting her tea back down.


“No, I have not. Though I’ve been doing research the last few weeks about Pets and the pertaining laws.” Lucius explained before deciding tea might help calm his nerves.


“Excellent!” The Indian woman said with a bright smile. “Most people that come in haven’t the slightest clue about Pet ownership and I’ve turned several witches and wizards away who think a Pet is nothing more than a living sex toy.


“It is imperative that, as an owner, you understand that a Pet is still a person.” She explained. “Now, I’d like to ask a few questions to see what knowledge you’ve garnered. First, how long must you own a Pet before engaging in sexual activity?”


Lucius waved a gloved hand and easily answered, “One year if the Pet is purchased new, six months for secondhand. This is to ensure owner and Pet have time to properly bond and make sure they are properly compatible.”


“Good, good. That even covers my next couple of questions. Next, are Pets allowed wands?” She asked coolly.


“That is up to the individual owner and there are spells Pets are not allowed to learn, including the unforgivables.” Lucius explained as if he had memorized the book on Pets.


The witch took another drink of tea. “It seems you’ve done your homework, Mr. Malfoy. I’ve come to the decision that you will be a responsible pet owner.” She said as she opened a drawer in the table between them.


From within the drawer, Madam Symmetra extracted a binder. “These are the Pets we currently have available.” She explained as she handed over the binder. “They are separated by gender and ordered by age, starting at fourteen.”


Lucius opened the folder to the first page. A black and white photo of a fourteen year old girl blinked up at him with a cute smile. On the back of the picture was a short list of the Pet’s interests, a brief description of her personality, her age, and price.


“While you’re looking through that, I’ll go get the Pets ready. Once we’re all set up, I’ll escort you to the viewing room.” Symmetra quickly finished her cup of tea before leaving the room. The blonde man nodded his understanding as he turned the page.


As he continued his way through the book, Lucius noticed that most of the pets were fourteen or fifteen years with one or two sixteen year olds sprinkled in.


A few minutes later, when the Malfoy patriarch was barely halfway through the binder, there was a soft knock at the door. Madam Symmetra’s head reappeared in the doorway.


“We’re ready if you are.” She said with a smile. “Bring the binder.”


Lucius set the cup he had just been drinking from down and followed the woman out of the room and farther down the hall. The viewing room was a smallish room with nothing but a squishy, red chair facing an empty stage. On either side of the stage was a door leading to somewhere unknown. One was marked ‘Girls’ and the other was marked ‘Boys’.


“Do you have a gender preference?” Symmetra asked, motioning for the man to have a seat.


“Not particularly.” Lucius replied with a small shake of his head. Although, thinking about it, he wasn’t sure he wanted a female Pet. He didn’t feel up to the task of putting up with periods and females hormone patterns. But there was no harm in looking.


“Alright then, we’ll start with the girls.” She said before walking back to the door the pair had come through. Before leaving the room, she flicked a switch and the lights in the room dimmed, leaving nothing but the stage lit up.


With a click, the door shut. At the same moment, soft classical music began playing.


Another moment passed, and the door to the left opened. The fourteen year old girl from the first page of the binder walked out to the center of the stage, completely naked. She had dirty-blonde hair and dark blue eyes.


Lucius was slightly taken aback by the young girl’s nude status, but he quickly reigned in his shock. He opened the binder to remind himself of the girl’s traits. In front of him, the girl began to slowly turn, giving him the full view of her body.


A minute passed and the Pet walked back through the door she had original entered through.


Just a few second later, the door opened again and a new girl stepped out, just as naked as the first. This one however, had brown hair and eyes. She performed the same routine as the one before her, turning in place a few times before leaving once more.


A half an hour passed and they had finally come to the last candidate.


Lucius looked at the boy’s information in surprise. He was the only seventeen year old in the bunch.


When the boy in question finally stepped out onto the stage, Lucius felt his breath catch in his throat. His picture didn’t do him justice. He had jet-black hair framing bright, expressive jade green eyes. And he was a little on the short side.


Lucius watched with curious eyes as the boy began to turn on the spot. He felt himself embarrassingly start to harden at the thought of taking the boy sexually. He’d made his decision.


As the dark-haired boy returned to where he came from, Lucius looked over his information once more.


Age: 17


Interests: Quidditch.


Personality: Bold, brash, and stubborn, but also surprisingly shy and quiet.


Price: 250 galleons.


There was shockingly little information about the incredibly sensuous boy. Though Lucius noted he was the cheapest by nearly fifty galleons.


A moment later, Lucius heard the door open. The music stopped playing and the lights turned back up to normal level.


“Well, have you made a decision or would you like to think on it for a few days. If so, you are free to take the binder home.” Madam Symmetra explained as she approached the blonde man. “Just be sure to return it.”


“No, no, I’ve made my decision.” Lucius said, remaining seated as he tried to will away his erection.


“Ah, wonderful. Not many people are able to choose so quickly.” She said cheerily. “Care to show me which Pet you’ve chosen?”


Lucius opened the binder once more and flipped to the last page. “Him.” With one long, leather-clad finger, he pointed at the black and white photo of the boy who had gained his attention.


Symmetra’s smile faltered just slightly. “Really, him? But he’s so old compared to the others.” It almost sounded like she was trying to talk him out of it. “And he’s been in our care for so long-”


“I’ll pay double.”


“D-double.” The woman stammered. “Of course, sir. Of course.” Doubling the price to five hundred galleons would make the boy the most expensive Pet Madam Symmetra had ever sold.


“If you’d follow me to the front counter, we can take care of payment.” She said after she’d gotten over her shock.


Finally, Lucius stood from his seat and handed the binder over to the witch. “Lead the way.”


At the counter, Symmetra took out a set of brass scales and weights equivalent to five hundred galleons. She placed the weights on one side of the scale and indicated for Lucius to place his payment on the empty side.


Lucius pulled a pouch from within his robes and poured the contents onto scale. It tipped in his favor. The man removed a few galleons and continued to do so until the scales balanced out.


“Perfect!” Madam Symmetra exclaimed as she procured a bag and swept the gold coins into it.


As Lucius placed his remaining funds back into his coin pouch, footsteps were heard approaching. He looked to his right to see his purchase accompanied by another full grown wizard.


Lucius smiled down at the seventeen year old who was a good foot short than his 6’ 2”. “Hello.” He politely greeted the boy.


“H-hello.” The boy nervously mimicked. His jade eyes flicked up for a moment before returning to stare at his feet. “W-what would you l-like to be called?”


“Master or sir will suffice.” The blonde man replied. “And what do I call you?”


The Pet tilted his head back to get a better look at his new owner. “Whatever you please, master.” He softly replied.


The man gave Madam Symmetra a questioning look.


“Yes, we hadn’t gotten that far yet, but you are permitted to name your new Pet whatever you wish.” The woman explained.


Lucius looked back at his Pet. “What is your name?” He reiterated.


“H-Harry, sir.”


“I believe his name is Harry.” Lucius told the woman behind the counter.


“Of course, sir.” Madam Symmetra said as she wrote something down on a form she had procured. “I just need you to sign here.” She turned the form around and slid it across the counter. Then she handed over her quill for him to sign.


With a flourish, the man signed on the dotted line after briefly looking over the piece of parchment. It was a certificate of ownership.


Symmetra took the form back and waved her wand over it. In an instant, an exact copy popped out of it to lie next to it. She took one copy and stored it somewhere beneath counter and rolled up the other to give to Lucius. He quickly stowed it within his robes.


“Now, your Pet is required to wear a collar in public at all times.” She gestured to the wall behind her. “As you can see, we have many styles and colors to choose from.”


Once more, Lucius reached into his robes. He pulled out a black, leather collar adorned with “LM” written out in tiny diamonds. “Will this suffice?”


Madam Symmetra motioned for him to hand the collar to her. She looked over the piece of leather and waved her wand around it. “Perfectly.” She replied and handed it back. “Will you be requiring a leash?”


Lucius looked his new Pet over for a moment. “Maybe for now.” He answered cautiously and looked at the few leash options hanging on the wall. “I’ll take that one.” He pointed at one that was little more than a plain, black strap.


The woman took the aforementioned leash down from the wall before disappearing behind the counter for a moment. She stood back up and placed a few colored pieces of metal on the counter next to the leash.


“And these are?” Lucius gestured to the bits of metal.


“Tags.” Symmetra replied. First, she picked up a plain, silver tag. “This one is for your Pet’s name. I’ll engrave it in a moment.” She set it down and picked up the black tag. “This one means the Pet wearing it is not allowed out without his or her master.” She picked up the red tag. “This one means the Pet is allowed out with his master.” She picked up the green tag. “This one means the Pet is allowed out without his master.” She finished explaining.


“So I should attach this one now.” He took the red tag from the dark-skinned witch and attached it to the loop on the front of the collar.


The woman picked the silver tag up and proceeded to engrave Harry’s name onto it. She handed it over when she was done and Lucius affixed it to the collar was well. He then put the rest of the metal tags in his pocket.


“It is important you remember to switch these out before and after leaving home.” She explained as Lucius turned toward his Pet.


“Come here.” He ordered the small boy.


Harry walked forward and lifted his chin. Lucius quickly wrapped the leather collar around the boy’s neck and clasped it. Immediately, the clasp disappeared. Only Lucius would be able to remove it.


“Is that too tight?” Lucius gently asked his Pet.


“No, sir.” Harry replied quietly.


“Good.” The man said with a soft smile. He turned back to the woman behind the counter. “Is there anything else?”


“I believe you just need to pay for the leash and everything is set.” She said cheerily. “Three galleons.”


Lucius placed the gold on the counter and picked up the leash. He turned to his Pet once more and attached the leash to a loop on the back of the collar.


“Ready to go home?” He asked the boy.


Harry looked up at his master and nodded.


In case anyone noticed, I may have borrowed the name Symmetra from Overwatch.

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