The Future belongs to the Curious

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Teddy Lupin(female) - Odeya Rush

Harry Potter was going to his room. Ginny, his wife, had taken Lily, Jasmine and James to the Burrow to spend some time with her mother. Lily was his eldest daughter, who was set to start Hogwarts next term. Jasmine was a year younger than Lily currently 9. And James was their youngest, of age 5. So, right now, he was alone in the house, except for Ted who stayed with them. Teddy Lupin was his godson who had lived with him since he was 3, and Andromeda had passed away. Currently, he was in his room. Harry didn't have anything to do now, so he was going to his bedroom, knowing how much the teenagers wanted their privacy.

He would have gone to his room, but as he passed Ted's room, he heard moaning sounds. Normally, he would have avoided the room after applying silencing charm. After all he didn't want to see his godson masturbating. But the peculiarity that forced him to enter his godson's room was, the moaning sounds were female. Now, he was curious. He quickly opened the door, and stopped in surprise as he was met with a surprising sight.

He saw a beautiful girl of Ted's age sitting naked on the bed, with long dark brown hair. She had large tits, narrow waist and long legs with thick thighs. She also had a nice pink pussy, which looked tight, and two fingers were going in and out of it.

Even as he noted all this, her hair turned dark red and shortened, while she covered her crotch with the nearest pillow she could grab. Harry quickly deduced that she was in fact 'he', and as he felt Ted's magic, it was further confirmed.

"Dad!" Ted exclaimed in a high pitch voice. He had always called Harry his dad, and referred to Remus as his father. "What are you doing here?"

At this, Harry shook out of his surprised, and raised an eyebrow with an amused expression on his face. "You are asking me what I'm doing here? I think it should be me asking that question."

Ted blushed, and the dark red looked more pronounced on metamorphmagus' skin. "I just wanted to experiment. I had seen some females masturbating in my friend's masturbating and it looked interesting."

That raised a whole lot of question, especially as a metamorphmagus had to be completely in touch with the anatomy. So, it seemed Teddy had studied female anatomy deeply.

"How long have you been experimenting this?" Harry asked. He was excited, the female form of his godson was hot.

"I have wanted to since Christmas." Teddy admitted. He had always been able to admit anything to his dad. He was always supporting, and even now he just looked a little surprised, not angry. Though he saw a look in his eyes, he didn't quite understand. "But I started trying this only after coming for vacation."

So, about two weeks, Harry deduced. Without thinking, and a little horny from seeing the hot form of his godson masturbating, the image of that tight pussy firmly in his mind, he asked. "Do you want to take that experimenting a little further? To feel what it actually is like to be penetrated?"

If Ted's head was a little more clear, he would have been shocked. But he was just on the verge of cumming before Harry had entered the room. So, with excitement he nodded, and quickly reverted back to his female form.

Immediately, Harry stood up, and removed his shirt. Teddy kept staring at Harry's chest, which was toned. His gaze turned downwards as Harry removed his pants, and he noticed a large bulge in his boxers. "Do you want to do this, Teddy?"

"Yes!" He exclaimed after noticing that bulge. He also got excited hearing Harry call him Teddy. Everyone normally called him Ted, so it was clear that this name was for his female form.

"Then come here and take off my boxers." Harry said. "Greet the cock that will take your virginity."

Hearing that, Teddy got excited. She was truly a virgin. She hadn't fucked in his male form either. She stood up, again revealing that tight pussy, and came forward. Harry pulled her to him and kissed her hard. He was moving his hand across her naked back, one hand going to squeeze her butt. She moaned in his mouth, parting her lips slightly. Harry took this as an invitation to enter his tongue in her mouth. Teddy kept moaning as Harry's tongue thoroughly explored her mouth. His tongue played briefly with her tongue, before they separated for air. Teddy had kissed before, but never like this. Harry's kiss was hard, and comforting at the same time, and it was making her extremely horny.

She moved down, licking his chest before going down to her knees. She pulled down his boxers after hooking fingers of both hands in the elastic. As the boxer was pulled down, Harry's cock almost slapped her face. It was half hard and about seven inches long, and it was thick. As Teddy held his cock with her hand, she realised that her finger and thumb didn't meet around his cock.

She slowly started stroking it up and down. It was truly a big cock. In his natural male form, Ted's cock wasn't this big. She could make it bigger, but for some reason, the longer she made it, the thinner it became. So, she could keep it girthy five inches, or he could make it slim seven inches. But here she was, stroking a hard girthy cock, which was about nine inches long.

"Give it a kiss, Teddy." Harry said, weaving his hand in her long hair.

Teddy brought her full lips to the cock head, which was starting to release drops of precum from his stroking. As she kissed it, she liked the smell and taste of his precum. Wanting more of it, she stroked him faster. And truly wanting to please her dad like a good girl, she opened her mouth wide and took his head in her mouth. Her jaw was stretched open, trying to take his head, but she managed to get it inside. She tried to take more of his cock, but had to stop because of her gagging reflex.

"Your mouth feels heavenly." Harry said. "Keep going Teddy."

She didn't let that stop her though. After pulling back for breathing, she again and again choked herself on his cock, taking a little more on each try. Harry was moaning loudly as he felt the tight mouth of his godson, or rather goddaughter. His hand had tightened the grip in her dark brown hair, and as his pleasure increased, he started to guide her using his grip on her head. As he was on the verge of cumming, he pushed her down, pressing her nose to his pubes. He started cumming as he felt her tight throat.

"Yes, Teddy!" Harry moaned. "I'm cumming. Drink all of your daddy's cum."

Teddy couldn't breath, so she started pushing on his thighs, even as she felt Harry's seed going down her throat. She pulled back, and took a mouthful of his cum, moaning from the taste. As she released his head, the last few shots hit her face, leaving trails of his cum on her face. She swallowed all of his cum, and even gathered it from her face. She opened her eyes and keeping eye contact with Harry, brought it up to her lips, licking it seductively.

"My god, Teddy." Harry exclaimed. "Are you sure you have never sucked any cock? You are a natural cocksucker."

"Yes Daddy." Teddy said, licking all the cum on her face and then put her hand on his softening cock to stroke it. "Your cock is the only one I'd like."

"What a slutty girl you are!" Harry said, as he pulled her up. "You are wet and gushing, just from sucking my cock." And sure enough, her juices had pooled below her, flowing down her thighs. "It seems Daddy has to punish you."

"Yes, Daddy." Teddy said, as Harry pulled her up and almost carried her over to the bed. "Punish your slutty girl."

He sat down on the bed, laying Teddy across his knees. Her ass was raised slightly. Harry caressed her ass with his hands, sometimes teasing her pussy with his finger.

"I'm going to spank you for being a slutty daughter." Harry said. "And you are going to take it."

Before she could respond, he raised his hand and brought it down on her ass. Teddy moaned. She felt a sting on her ass, but it was followed by a wave of pleasure. She had never been punished this way before. This was her first spanking, and it was so good experience for her she couldn't imagine this as punishment. As Harry continued to spank her, she kept moaning, her juices flowing down her thighs. In between spanks, Harry would knead her cheeks. Teddy could also feel how excited Harry was from giving this punishment. She could feel it poking her stomach. And unbelievably, she came hard as he spanked her ass. She was shaking on his knees, while squirting out her juices. Harry stabled her with his hands on her ass, caressing it, while also moving his finger over her pussy to prolong her orgasm.

As she stopped cumming, Harry laughed mockingly. "You are a slut for your Daddy. I haven't even touched your pussy and you came hard just from sucking me and spanking." Harry said. "Come here. I will show you the pleasure of getting fucked by a man. I'm sure your slutty pussy would enjoy getting fucked by my big cock."

He laid her down on the bed, on her back. He put his finger on her cunt gathering her juices, and licking it. "Hmm." Harry said. "Your cunt is delicious. But now it's time that it's introduced to my cock. Say hello to Daddy." He put his cock on her pussy lips, not pushing it in.

Teddy whined. "Don't tease me Daddy. Put that cock inside of me."

Harry started pushing it inside her pussy. She didn't have hymen, but it was still a virgin cunt, and so it was tight. He slowly entered his cock, feeling it being surrounded by tight pussy walls, and he groaned out. "Fuck, Teddy! You pussy is so tight."

"Oh Merlin." Teddy moaned, feeling her pussy being stretched to accomodate that monster cock. " Oh Daddy! It feels so full. Don't stop."

And Harry didn't stop until his hips touched her and he had fully entered her. He stayed there for a moment to give her time to adjust to the new feeling. When she nodded, Harry started pulling back. It seemed her pussy was reluctant to let it go, as it tried to keep it in, and Teddy moaned from the feeling.

Harry pulled till only the head was in it, and then pushed it to the hilt in one thrust. He repeated the action, moaning as he felt pleasure from her tightness.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard that no other cock will give you such pleasure." He growled leaning forward, and putting his mouth on her right tit.

"Yes Daddy." She moaned, raising her hand to pinch nipple if her left tit. "You are ruining my pussy for all other cock. No other cock will fuck this pussy."

Harry had started sucking and biting her nipple, even as he kept thrusting in and out of her pussy. He was now moving faster. He switched from right tit to left and started biting that nipple. He was leaving marks on her tits marking it as his. One of his hands moved to her clit and started rubbing it.

Teddy was now moaning as she felt him stretching her pussy and marking her tits. She knew that Harry had treated her as his own child, but now he was marking her as his, and this was in a far more intimate manner. When she felt him start to rub her clit, while not slowing his pace, she started cumming.

Harry stopped moving so as not to cum, even as her pussy walls tried it's best to milk his cock. He kept rubbing her clit and playing with her tits, to prolong her first vaginal orgasm. As she stopped cumming and looked at him with a content look, he slowly pulled out of her, and with a shock Teddy realized that Harry had still not cum.

Before she could say anything, Harry turned her over so she was on her hands and knees. He took his cock in right hand and rubbed it over her pussy gathering her juices. He leaned over her back, putting his left hand under her to squeeze her left tit.

He put his mouth next to her ear, and said softly. "I'm going to fuck your ass." She tensed. " Just relax. It will feel amazing." He said licking her earlobe before pulling up. He released his cock, and put one of his finger on her asshole, pressing it slightly. Teddy felt her asshole stretching out and slowly he put his finger in it. She felt a strange sensation in her ass, as she felt his magic, and knew he had cast a spell. But she trusted him, so didn't give it much thought, instead concentrating on the feeling his finger gave her. He then entered his second finger and started spreading her hole, preparing her to take his thick cock inside her tightest hole.

After a minute of fingering her asshole, he pulled out his fingers, earning a whimper at the loss from Teddy. It stopped as he put his cockhead at her rear entrance.

He slowly pushed in, groaning as her asshole resisted his cock, but Harry continued to push it in.

As he finally put it in, they both moaned. Harry from the tightness of her ass, and Teddy from feeling so full. Slowly but steadily, Harry pushed seven inches in, before he pulled back. He thrust in, getting more of it inside her before pulling back, and after a few more thrusts, he finally bottomed out inside her. As his hips touched hers, he again leaned forward and growled, "I'm fully inside your ass. And I'm going to fuck it now."

She just moaned in response, the initial discomfort turning into pleasure now. Harry put his hands under her, pinching her nipple, while his other hands started rubbing her pussy. Harry started pulling out and then thrusted inside her.

"Yes, Daddy." Teddy moaned. "Fuck my ass."

She started thrusting back to meet his cock halfway. Harry put both of his hands on her tits and squeezed. And then he pulled her up, so they were both sitting on their knees with his cock in her ass. He started thrusting more forcefully, while his hands pinched her nipples, before his right hands went downwards and started pinching and playing with her clit.

She moaned loudly, putting her hand above Harry's on her tit, and started to move his hand, roughly kneading her tit. Her other hand started pulling her other nipple. This new angle made her feel even more full. And as Harry pinched her clit, she started cumming.

"Daddy!" She screamed. "I'm cumming."

Harry could feel her ass clenching around his cock, and he could hold no longer. He started cumming in her ass. Feeling his seed shooting in her ass prolonged her orgasm. Harry brought he hand up from her pussy. It was wet with her juices, and out it on her lips. She obediently started licking it, and taking his finger inside her mouth started sucking it.

As they stopped cumming, they both fall down on the bed, Teddy on her stomach, with Harry on the top of her. His softened cock was still in her ass.

After a minute, Harry rolled over. "That was fantastic." He said.

"Yeah." Teddy replied, moving her head on his chest. "I've never felt so good."

As Harry gathered his thoughts, he said sternly. "No one can know about it."

Teddy nodded. "Of course, Dad. I won't tell anyone about it."

As they just laid there, Harry thought. "It's a good thing Ginny is staying the night at the Burrow."

The next few days were slightly awkward for Ted. It seemed they had both silently agreed that yesterday was a one time thing. But there was a slight problem with that.

He had always admired his dad. Wherever he went, everyone had good things to say about Harry Potter. So, he was Ted's idol. And now he had given Ted a taste of pleasure he could give. No matter how many times he masturbated after that, he was always left feeling unsatisfied, always reminded of his cock stretching his pussy and shooting in his ass. Harry was dominant in bed, but he had taken good care of Teddy. It was the most intense experience of his life.

He wanted to experience it again. And now he had his chance to do that. Ginny had again taken the kids to the Burrow. They were alone in the house again. He approached Harry's study. As he knocked on it, he heard Harry telling him to come in. But as he opened the door, and Harry looked up, Harry was speechless. On the door, Ted was standing... in his female form. She was wearing tight jeans which nicely showed her butt and his shirt, which was straining against her tits. Immediately, the last encounter with Teddy came to his mind, and his body started reacting. He was thankful that Teddy couldn't see it due to the table, but his pants were slowly starting to feel tight.

"Hello Daddy." She said, as she came in, swaying her hips, with straight back, which brought attention to her perky tits. "I want to experience the pleasure with you again. Please satisfy your slutty daughter."

Harry shook his head to clear his head, which didn't help much when his hot goddaughter stood in front of him. "Teddy." He said. "I thought that was a one time thing."

"I also thought that, Daddy." She said. "But I can't get the same pleasure again. Whenever I rub myself, my pussy want your cock inside it." She put his hand on her crotch. "It can't get the same pleasure without your cock. I feel so unsatisfied, Daddy. Please Daddy, fuck me again. Fuck my slutty cunt."

Harry's pants were becoming uncomfortable now. He was becoming horny, and knew he wouldn't be able to do much work now. 'It's a good thing Ginny's staying the night again.'

His face turned unreadable, as he looked Teddy in the eye. "Alright. It seems you are such a slut that you can't stay without your godfather's cock." She just nodded, feeling excited from his dirty talking. "Go to your room, strip and start masturbating on the bed. Wait for me and imagine all the things I would do to you. But you are not to cum till I come and say you can cum. If you disobey, you won't be fucked by me. Do you understand?" He asked sternly.

"Yes... Yes, Daddy." She said, her voice breaking from excitement.

"Well, go on then." He said, and watched as Teddy almost ran to her room. He closed the door with his wand and pulled his chair back. He centers his thoughts, to calm down.

'My God!' He thought. 'What's wrong with me? I'm fucking my godson in his female form.'

This was not the action of a person whose sex life was dull. On the contrary, Harry and Ginny had a very active sex life. Harry's stamina and libedo had not suffered because of his age. Sometimes Ginny was sore in the morning, but that didn't stop them from fucking at night.

Even then, he was now going to fuck his godson, in his female form, which was hot.

Good thing, Ginny was not coming home tonight.

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To differentiate between Ted's male and female form, he will be called Ted as male and Teddy as female. This would reflect in scenes, thoughts and everything.

AN 2: This is the first time that I have read an idea about female Ted and Harry. I have tried to give it justice.

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