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Ginny’s fifteenth birthday is fast approaching and she was very frustrated, see the Weasley family has very strong fertility magic so all their males have giant cocks and sometimes their females developed cocks also which grew once they reach their fifteen birthdays and their libido also grew. Ginny has fucked many girls in her time at Hogwarts specially her friend luna lovegood but ginny still wanted only harry so she talked to her mother and her mother told her not to worry and she will have her husband/wife soon enough.

Mrs Weasley was deep in thought, she just finished a conversation with her daughter, her daughter had strong male magic which manifested in a huge cock, and she wanted harry potter, and she was going to ger harry potter if molly had anything to say about it, besides the boy looked skinny, and delicate with his big eyes heavy eyelashes, small nose and full lips, but he needed a bit of work to be perfect for her daughter, so she started to come up with an idea, she told Arthur to take the family for a vacation to let them relax before school and to take bill and fleur with them for family bonding time, but she told him that ginny will be staying to help her with some house work, and harry needed to relax now and not be around the twins and their antics, there was some protest but she got her way as usual, in the next morning the Weasley family packed up and went to Romania where Charlie has some connections that lent him a beach property for the duration of the summer. Which left her with harry and ginny in the house. So she started preparing potion and getting ready.

Harry was disappointed that he did not get to go but understood that it was family time and he was very grateful that he is not at the Dursleys right now.

Mrs Weasly has just served breakfast with harry and ginny setting on the table, “ I need help around the house dears, I will allow you to use magic around the house but only with my supervision alright”

“yes Mrs Weasley”  harry said enjoying his breakfast, he did not know that his breakfast was laced with potion to make him more feminine and decrease the size of his cock, as he was eating his already 5 inch cock decreased to 3 inches and he filled out a little.

“oh harry dear I want you to drink this potion it will help with you pit some meat on those bones” mrs Weasley said, the potion will help him put more meet on those bones but in the hips and chest area mrs Weasley thought.  Once harry drank the potion “ Ok I want you two to get ready we are going to clean the rooms today”

While harry and ginny go try to go up the stairs harry bumps into ginny and almost falls back on his ass if ginny did not catch him. “are you ok harry?”

Harry looks at ginny and realizes that she is a bit taller then him now even with her being a year younger. She was also very pretty even in her normal shirt and pajama pants. Harry realized that he is blushing and stammered “ sorry ginny “ in a soft voice

“sure don’t worry about it hary I am glad I caught you” ginny laughed and they went to their respective rooms her to hers and his to Rons.

Suddenly MRs Weasely was there “ ok we will start with this rom honestly that Ronald he should learn to clean once in awhile “ shaking her head. “ok start with the vanishing spell on the trash harry”

While harry was pointing his wand at the trash mrs weasly discreetly pulled hers and as soon as harry said the spell she overpowered it and directed it to his trunk which was destroyed along with all his possessions.

“oh no all my clothes and books were in there and I need to change” harry said dismayed

“don’t worry harry dear we can figure out something later now be more careful and concentrate on your wand work” Mrs Weasely said sternly and harry continued doing shores joined by ginny later.

After working for a couple of hours Mrs weasly asked them to take a shower and change,

“mrs weasly can I borrow something to wear from ron until we go to diagon ally ?” harry asked embarrassed

“sorry harry dear Ron took all his clothes with him, and he is much taller then you, I will ask ginny if she has anything” Mrs Weasley replied “ but I cant wear her clothes” harry protested

Mrs Weasley looked at him with an angry stare and said sternly “ we are not a rich family harry who have extra clothes lying around but since ginny is the only girl we still have some of her third year and fourth year clothes I can get for you to wear”

Harry embarrassed and chastised replied “yes Mrs weasly”

“good now go get a shower and I will ask ginny of some of her old clothes, besides were the only ones in the house you don’t need to het embarrassed” Mrs Weasley said

Harry went in the shower and found a flowery smelling shampoo which he assumed was ginnys also since the boys took theirs with them, so he used it and finished his shower, he noticed that his chest is a little heavy so he might need to do push up or something since every where else is skinny. Sadly he noticed that his cock did not grow in fact it looks like it shrunk but that’s impossible so he got out of the shower and went to the bed to see what Mrs weasely got him , he saw pink jeans and a tight silk shirt, he guessed that Mrs weasly tried to choose clothes that were unisex but she obviously could not find any.

He pulled up the shirt and something fell on the floor, and to his horror it was a pair of green and white knickers with a bow in the middle, he also saw a camisole with the same color as the knickers, he wanted to protest but then remembered the anger mrs weasely showed he did not want to disappoint her so he removed the his towels and was shocked by finding all the hear except the one on his head is gone.

He put his legs in the knickers and pulled them up around his waist, they fit him snugly and were quit soft, next he put on the camisole, which felt silky smooth on his sensitive nipples, then he pulled on the jeans which only reached mid-calf and then the silky shirt. After he got dressed he went downstairs for dinner, he found ginny sitting there in a nice red dress that went great with her hair, suddenly he blushed when she looked at him knowing that he was wearing her panties in third year which still fit him.

“oh harry dear you finished fast I was able to prepare and clean your boxers and I was going to bring them up to you” then she looked at him with a stern face “ are you not wearing underwear young man?” while tapping her foot.

Harry felt that his fuse will combust “ I thought you left me underwear Mrs weasely, so I wore them”

“oohhh “ ginny said “ did you give him one of my third year outfits ?“ she giggled “ I used to put whole outfits together even underwear mom”

Of course molly knew this but she wanted harry to get used to wearing knickers, “I see then you will not be needing this” and she vanished his last pair of boxers, harry wanted to shout but he held his tongue and ginny still laughing made his little dick stir.

“well that’s perfect we don’t have to go to diagon ally and waste money on new clothes I will give you ginnys entire 3rd and fourth year wardrobe” Mrs weasley said with finality.

“yes, Mrs weasly “ harry said still red and sat on the table and starts eating from a plate mrs weasly prepared for him., ginny came and sat down next to him “ you look cute harry, do you like my knickers?”

“umm ginny I “ harry stammers, mrs weasely cut in “of course he does, he is wearing them right, now once you finish off to bed with you”

Harry finished as fast as he could and he went to rons room closed the door stripped to his knickers and camisole and slept.

He woke up in the morning and was about to get out of bed Mrs weasly barged in “ ah harry I came to collect the laundry, ah I see whats a cute pair of knickers, your wearing” she said grinning seeing the effect of the potion already taking place on the body of her soon to be sissy daughter.

“Mrs weasly what are you doing here?” harry demanded

“listen here young lady, don’t take tone with me, now go get your clothes from ginny and get ready for the day” Mrs weasly demanded.

Harry wanted to protest being called young lady but just put his head down and went to ginnys room and nocked on the door, ginny opened the door wearing a sports bra and tight shorts, “ hey harry what do you want?” and she smirked at his attire.

“Mrs weasly told me to get clothes for today” harry said blushing in his knickers

“well come on in” she said, harry went inside and saw all the quidditch posters of an all female team,

“ok strip and put these on” she said holding a pink frilly kickers and a bra “come on I don’t have all day “ when he hesitated “whats that ?” she said pointing at his erect 3 inch penis “you call that a dick, I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend but with a dick like that that’s not going to happen”

Harry deeply ashamed “ please ginny I really like you”

“are you stupid you cant be my boyfriend, you look more like a girl then a guy and with your package which is more of a clit, you might as well be a girl, you know maybe you can be my girlfriend instead.

“G Girlfriend?” harry asked but his little dick was very hard and leaking precoma on the floor “ ok please ginny let me be your girlfriend”

“of course but from now on you will not come without my permission got it”  now she waved her wand and a small plastic prison was formed around his clit “ now for your breakfast” she dropped down her shorts and panties.

Harry gasped “w what?”

“its my dick harry a real one not like that clit you have, now kiss it” she ordered

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