The Nutcracker Princess

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I don't earn money or profit from this.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Rose Potter was cleaning the attic, when she found the trunk. What intrigued her was that it didn't look to be covered in dust despite being kept in the corner. She went to it, but when she tried to open it, she felt a sting on her finger. She started bleeding but that didn't kept her attention for long. The lock on the trunk started glowing. She knew it was a magically locked trunk. And it could only belong to her mother.

She opened it to look what was kept in there. Mostly she found that it was textbooks and some potion ingredients. But she found some notebooks handwritten by her mother on charms and potions. There was also his father's notebooks on transfiguration and runes. She took those out, and then she saw it. Kept in the corner was a journal, labelled private.

She took it out, and put it in her pocket, knowing she didn't have much time. Aunt Petunia would soon call her to prepare dinner, and if she didn't hurry, she would be punished. Uncle Vernon never used his belt or a ruler to hit her, but she was not spared from his hard slaps when she made him angry. So, she quickly finished cleaning the attic and went downstairs to prepare the dinner, secretly putting the diary in her room.

After dinner and cleaning was done, she was free to go to her room. It was not a really comfortable room, but it was a vast improvement from the cupboard, which was her last bedroom.

As she opened the book, she saw, written on the first page, 'The conquests of Badass Ball-Busting Bitch'. She turned the pages and was soon completely immersed in it. It seemed her mother was not as gentle as everyone seemed to remember.

This diary was the accounting of her conquests in Hogwarts. She was a hardcore dominatrix. It started with Snape as her first conquest, and went all the way to James. But it didn't stop there. Her mother had lovers even after her marriage.

And all of her experience, and means and tricks were written in this diary. As she turned page after page, Rose was becoming hot and bothered. One of her hands went down and pushed her panties aside to stimulate her pussy. She continued reading it.

For the next few days, she completed her chores quickly and came to her room to finish the book. The Dursleys were happy with ignoring her. Well, Dudley may not be so happy. She had seen him staring at her ass quite a few times. But she didn't care. She finished the reading the book, and wanted to use her mother's knowledge and experience.

She had decided her first conquest. It would be Dudley. He had made her life miserable in her childhood. Even now, be never missed the opportunity to bother her. But now it seemed he had developed a crush on her. Well, she would show that she was the daughter of Lily Potter nee Evans.

She called Dobby after checking the door was closed. She had bound Dobby to her at the end of the year. Something unusual happened at school this year. Unless you counted annoying fanboys and fan girls. Turned out, Lucius Malfoy had slipped Voldemort's diary in the school and there was a fucking basilisk roaming the school.

Rose had killed it with the sword of Gryffindor at the end if year.

Tricking Lucius Malfoy to free his elf had been so satisfying. It had been good to get back at him for the scar on her hand where the basilisk had bitten her. Something strange had happened at the time. She may be in great pain, but she had noticed a black liquid oozing out of her scar, and when she had stabbed the diary, she had heard it scream, while oozing the same black liquid. But what was strange was seven different imprints of Voldemort had come out of the diary before disappearing, all of them screaming loudly.

What had actually happened was, as Voldemort's first and last horcrux had died within minutes of each other, the other horcruxes had not been able to anchor his soul. And he had finally died. She didn't know that. But Dumbledore had revealed that to her, looking relived for the first time. She had thought Dumbledore always looked relaxed, but after that she knew that was just a facade.

She had them tricked Lucius. Dobby had told her that house elves needed to be bound to sustain magic, so she had bonded with him. He now worked for Hogwarts, but he was secretly her elf.

Dobby appeared before her with a crack.

"How can Dobby help mistress?" He asked excitedly.

"Hello Dobby." She greeted the excited elf. "Can you perform magic here without being detected?"

"Of course, mistress." He replied. "The ministry only detecting wand magic. So, elf magic not be detected unless it is mimicked like wand magic."

"Wait." She cut him off. "The ministry can only detect wand magic?"

At her nod, she grew excited. All the spells on the diary required touch, not wand. It didn't even require loud incantations. She now had free reign to go forward with her plan.

She implemented her plan the next day itself.

Her day started as regular, with her making the breakfast for Dursleys. But after she had done her chores, as she was going to her room, Dudley collided with her. She knew this was purposeful, and she was ready for it. As he touched her she cast the first spell she had decided. It would increase his desire to turn the fantasy regarding caster into reality.

And then, she watched as it worked for the whole day. She saw Dudley checking her out more than usual that day.

As a 13 year old, she was not fully developed yet, but she was starting to develop some feminine curves. And she could see Dudley staring at them. And she didn't help him by giving him peeks of her skin.

Dudley's hormones were unbearable by the time of dinner. As it was over and the Dursleys went too the living room to watch TV, leaving Rose to clean up the kitchen. Both Dudley and Rose couldn't wait for Vernon and Petunia to go for bed. Though both had vastly different reasons.

AN: This story is based on The Nutcracker Princess on AFF. It's one of the few fem Harry ideas that have caught my eye. So, I'm going to attempt this.

Please review and give suggestions. Those are the things that help me write better as well as inspire me to write.

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