Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. Oh, by the way; no money was made or asked for.

Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson

By 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Harry Potter series. Oh, by the way; no money was made or asked for.

 “Speaking/Talking” ‘Thoughts/Pondered’ "SHOUTING/SCREAMING/YELLING"

Pansy Parkinson – 15

Harry Potter – 15


Friday, November 15th 1995

Gryffindor Common Room

When Harry talked to Hermione about being horny and his lack of getting some she told Harry the school was full of easy cunts wanting and willing to be screwed. Just not her. Hermione said she did not think of Harry that way. Hermione told Harry as much as he may hate being called the Boy-Who-Lived he may as well use it and get laid. It’s not like most of the girls in Hogwarts don’t want to shag the Boy-Who-Lived so pick one. Harry went out hunting for a quickie.

The Hogwarts Hunt

Finally after what seemed forever Harry saw someone in the hall ahead of him. ‘I should have brought the marauders map with me,’ Harry thought.

“Who’s there! If it’s you again Malfoy, GO AWAY or I’ll give you what I did to Nott!”

Harry ducked behind a suit of armor when he saw the bright colored light of a spell. Harry didn’t check what kind of color the spell was other than it wasn’t a tickling jinx. He heard the footsteps get louder. Whoever it was didn’t like Malfoy that was a point in their favor. Harry did not want to be trapped against the wall with no room to dodge if whoever it was got too close. He hoped that person wasn’t curse happy and stepped out.

“POTTER!” The Slytherin girl spat in the dim light when he stepped out near a wall torch where he could be seen.

“Pansy?” Harry was and was not surprised. He was not surprised she would try to curse anyone without knowing who she was throwing a spell at. Harry thought she was that kind of Slytherin. But he was surprised she thought she was trying to curse Malfoy.

Pansy looked Harry over. She had never been this close to the Gryffindor Golden Boy since she stood next to him before they were sorted in different Houses. He had that tousled ‘I don’t care’ look due to his mussed hair. ‘Why glasses? There are spells to heal practically anything,’ down Pansy wondered. Potter’s casual appearance was in direct contrast to Draco Malfoy. Pansy would swear the blond idiot spent more time in front of a mirror than she did. She looked at Potter silently.

Harry became nervous. Parkinson was quiet, not a good thing. A silent Parkinson was not a good thing. The fact she was a Slytherin made bad thing worse.

Parkinson was staring at Harry with her wand in hand was a very bad thing.

Parkinson was a short tempered, pureblood, Slytherin girl, the only way it could get worse was if it was that time of the month. Harry fidgeted and thought about running. His wand was in his pocket and her wand was in her hand pointing at him. If he tried to run or draw his wand, she could cast some dark spell, so he stared back. Harry mentally kicked himself when he began to think she grew out of her childhood ugly pug nose phase and was kind of cute now. From experience Harry’s cock stood at attention. Despite her suspicious frown and wand in hand and pointing in his direction he wondered what she would look like naked. It was his experience no two girls looked exactly alike. Not even the Patil twins, Parvati shaved her cunt hair in an interesting shape.

“W… what were you doing? Trying to sneak up on me Potter?” Pansy asked harshly.

 “I’m not Malfoy, Parkinson. I was looking for someone.”

Pansy lowered her wand. Potter was a wimp, probably pussy whipped by mudblood Granger. She was in no danger from him. Pansy was curious though. Maybe she could learn something. A good Slytherin always seeks potential blackmail information and any about Potter could be useful. “Who are you looking for?”

Harry mumbled.

“What was that Potter? A bit louder,” Pansy demanded. She stared at the boy, “Who?”

Harry mumbled a second time.

“What? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Pansy shouted which made Harry angry. “I bet you’re still a virgin aren’t you? You wouldn’t know to do with your wang if I danced naked in front of you.” Pansy said with scorn.

“I’d rather not be forced to watch a Slytherin bitch who’s breasts probably sags down to her knees.” Harry retaliated back.

“You know nothing about me Potter.” Pansy let out a bitter laugh “I have perfect breasts not even Greengrass has better. We share a shower so I know. Oh, that’s right Granger thinks if you ever saw her tits it would fry your feeble brain. Tell me, has she cut your dangles off yet?”

“SHUT UP!” Harry yelled. The Slytherin bitch knew nothing about Hermione, not that he did either. He stepped forward and grabbed Pansy’s wand.

“What now?” Pansy sneered to hide how nervous she was with how close Potter was. “You’re going to hit me? Are you like your friend Weasley? He hit me! Big brave Potter going to hit poor defenseless me? Some hero you are. You have my wand. I can’t stop you if want to rape me like Malfoy wants to?” Her expression was defiant but she did not try to back away when she felt his hardon poke her through their Hogwarts school robes. There was an open hallway behind her, she could run but she didn’t, she stood still even though she could feel Harry’s dick tap her. For some reason, Pansy didn’t knee Potter in the family jewels like she did Nott.

Harry was close enough for their robes to touch. “Why would I molest you? Get your mind out of the gutter Parkinson. I’d never try to…” He held Parkinson’s upper arms.

“You’re a faggot, I know.” Pansy held Harry and pulled him closer. She wrinkled her cute button nose and said with distain. “Bet you can’t even get it up, can you Potter.” Pansy rubbed her hips on Harry’s hardon.

Harry pushed her against the stone wall and slammed his hand down on the stone wall next to her head. “I told you to shut up, BITCH!” He yelled.

Pansy didn’t back down and got in his face and calmly said “Then prove to me that you aren’t a fag. There’s got to be a broom closet nearby.” She pointed down the hall behind him.  “Have you even seen a pair of tits?” Pansy asked. She unhooked her robe and started to unbutton the front of her uniform revealing her green bra underneath. Pansy half expected Potter to go all noble and tell her to stop or run away, she wasn’t sure which she expected.

“Of course I have.” Harry said.

Pansy’s eyes widened, “I never thought Granger would… never mind.”

“I’m not interested in your sagging tits.” Harry lied what he said when pulled Pansy’s shirt apart popping buttons.

Seemingly not bothered by Harry ripping her shirt, Pansy unhooked her bra, “Sag? Are you blind Potter I have the best rack in school.” How dare Potter insult her! Pansy shrugged out of her robe and shirt. Her necktie flew off somewhere then she pulled off her bra and let her breasts jiggle. “Sag? Check these out. Look close, no sag anywhere. These are perfect.” Pansy stroked her nipples until they were as hard as pebbles.

“I’ve seen firsties with better tits than yours,” Harry lied.

“You’re like Flint, Potter? You like ‘em young too? Muggles have a word for creeps like you… pedophile.”

One of Pansy’s hands was now inside Potter’s robe. She started to pull down his zipper when Harry let go of Pansy’s arms so he could cup both of Pansy’s breasts.  He was about to say how nice they were when a noise from the shadows behind Harry stopped him. It was Mrs. Norris, the caretaker’s cat. How did the hateful animal get so close without his knowing? Harry gently squeezed Pansy’s breasts, oh yeah.

Harry looked up at Pansy then they both looked at the cat. “SHIT!” They both shouted. No use in being quiet. Somehow if the cat knew, Filch, the caretaker, knew. The cat trotted out of sight to find Filch.

Pansy pulled her hand out of Harry’s pants and grabbed his hand, “This way, there’s a broomcloset…”

“And you know why?” Harry said breathlessly.

“Shut it Saint Potter I don’t want to get caught like this with you.”

Harry thought Pansy’s breasts moved rather nicely when she ran. No sag at all.

Pansy shoved Harry into the broom closet. Once inside, “Quick,” she hissed, “A locking spell! You have my wand! Hurry up you dolt!” Pansy was afraid what would happen if Filch caught her half naked with Potter. Her standing in Slytherin would be the absolute bottom.

It seemed like hours before they heard the man walking by grumbling something about not catching naked students running around the school. It was not like this in the old days, the whip at the very least. The two relaxed when they heard his voice fade in the distance.

“That was close, too close,” Harry said, “I owe you, here’s your wand.” Harry said, “Lumos.” So there was light. Being a red blooded boy the first thing he did was look down at the witch’s bare breasts. The breasts in question were the finest breasts he had ever seen. Now that he had seen them Harry remembered whose breasts they were and he had given Pansy her wand back so he hurriedly looked away.

Pansy stared at Harry. He wasn’t that bad looking. Potter wasn’t trying to maul her and mangle her breasts out of shape. Pansy thought when she had her hand back on his meatwand she wouldn’t be disappointed unfortunatly Potter was no longer emotionally out of control. Pansy would have to work on that. “Fag,” She whispered. “Harry the fag Potter.”

“I can prove I’m not,” He said grabbed her hand and pressed against his crotch. “Feel that?” The sight of Pansy’s bare breasts made his penis hard again. “No way am I a faggot.” He said lust in his voice. He pressed his cock against her hand.

“I see.” She said. Pansy looked him in the eyes while she gave Harry’s stiff penis a squeeze before she slowly started to pull down his zipper. “You can run any time you want. Filch is gone.” When the zipper was down all the way Pansy closed her eyes for a moment then she slipped her hand back under his pants to hold his hardness still under his boxers. In an insane moment she held the elastic of Harry’s muggle underpants and pulled it down as far as she could which wasn’t far but far enough to wrap her hand around his cock. His trousers were still fastened at the waist. Pansy had his to work Harry's cock out through and past the zipper to the warm broomcloset air. Pansy whispered ‘Fag’ in Harry’s ear while her thumb rubbed the tip of Harry’s penis.

Harry was no schoolboy fumble and knew what he wanted. Hermione made sure Harry had plenty of books to read on sex. Ginny let Harry practice undressing her and more in broomclosets last term. Because Harry knew how a girl’s Hogwarts uniform was fastened he soon Pansy’s skirt and knickers down around her ankles leaving her almost completely nude. “Call me a fag one more time and I’ll drill you to prove I’m not.”

Pansy kissed the tip of Harry’s nose, “Fag.”

 “Fuck you!” Harry said.

“Promises, promises,” Pansy kicked one leg free of her skirt and knickers so she could spread her legs farther. Pansy bent towards Harry a bit so she did not have to let go of his meatrod.

Harry reached under Pansy’s thighs so he could lift her up. Pansy wrapped one arm around Harry’s neck and bent to one side so her hand was still wrapped around his hard cock. Once she lined herself up with the head of his cock. She loosened her grip on Harry’s neck a bit, “Now,” She said. Harry let Pansy’s legs slide down until he held her near her knees. Pansy held Harry’s penis until she felt him start to enter her. She let go of his penis and let gravity impale her on his cock.

“Uuuhhhhh!” Pansy grunted. This was only her second or sixth time. Pansy was raped by a number of boys who took turns in the Slytherin common room starting her third year, she was never raped again after Daphne Greengrass taught her some nasty spells to help keep the boys she didn't want at a distance. That and being known as Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend had almost everyone leave her alone. Pansy promised Draco  much but never delivered. This year Draco was tired of waiting.

“H… Harry… Please… that hurt… wait a sec…” She asked. It had been two years.

Harry thought with surprise, ‘She’s a virgin.’

“I thought you and Malfoy…” Harry slowly started to move.

Pansy was disappointed Harry didn’t stop when she asked him to. But at least this is better than most girls in Slytherin. They were either like Daphne, Tracy and her with spells and attitude to backup saying NO or they were ridden like brooms.

Pansy thought she was lucky. Harry was slow; he did seem to care about the pain he caused her. No wonder Granger stayed by Potter such boys must be rare. Pansy stared at Harry Potter in shock. He was not like her, he was skilled, very skilled, for all she knew he could have shagged half the girls in Hogwarts. No matter. Pansy began to rock her hips in time with Harry’s thrusts.

 “Fag boy.” Pansy whispered. She nipped the top of his ear.

“Slytherin slut,” Harry moaned, “I can’t believe I’m doing this with you.”

“Fuck you,” Pansy ground out between her wordless sounds when Harry was full length in her.

Harry felt his orgasm build. He could have pulled out and would have but this was Parkinson, it didn't matter, so he picked up his pace. He was going to cum and soon.

Pansy lifted her legs away from Harry’s arms and wrapped them around his waist. She started to flex her cunt muscles. Pansy planned to milk him dry. He was her ticket out of Slytherin.“Don’t you dare cum inside me and… and… just you don’t… AAAAHHHH!!!” Pansy ended with a wordless scream and held Potter tight.

Harry grunted.

“Arsehole…” Pansy breathed. “Nnnnuuuuhhhh, it’s warm… that’s a lot, your cumming inside me aren’t you?” Pansy licked the side of Harry’s neck, “You bastard.”


“And proud of it, we’re not done yet, you’re still hard.” Pansy wiggled her bottom.

Harry grunted as he continued to spurt his milky goodness in Pansy Parkinson. Just as he was beginning to relax, moments later he filled up the annoying Slytherin with his cum a third time. “Slut,” He said exhausted.

“Grandstanding Gryffindor,” Pansy bit Harry’s earlobe, “You proved you’re not a fag.”

“Thanks, I think,” Harry slowly pulled out of her with a slurp.

Pansy looked down, “Oh great, now I’m dripping cum, you just had to cum in me didn’t you?” Pansy lightly slapped Harry’s shoulder “So put me down already.”

“Uncross your legs already and maybe I will.” Harry shook his head. Never did he think he would shag Pansy Parkinson tonight when he went hunting cunt. Still, he could have done much worse, Millicent Bulstrode came to mind.


“Yes?” Harry looked at the naked girl dripping his cum.

“You better be ready to do right by me if I’m preggers.” Pansy sucked a finger of cum from her thigh.

“Don’t worry, your Slytherin whatits won’t want to have anything to do with my Gryffindor stuff.” Harry started to put his sticky penis back in his pants when Pansy held his wrist. “No you don’t. I will NOT be the only one to wander outside in the hall half naked. Let me get dressed as much as I can and try to find my clothes.

Harry looked at the hateful Slytherin witch in front of him. She put her knickers on to try to stop leaking. “Did you have to cum so much?”

“Ummm, yah it just happened. Merlin, I miss Hermione. I guess I was backed up a bit.”

“You want the bookworm?” Pansy’ pulled her knickers tight with a squish, “Fuck you.”

“I did,” Harry said and grinned, “But not anymore. You are a wonderful fuck by the way.”

Pansy Parkinson, the Bitch of Slytherin, blushed, she actually blushed. The two left the broomcloset, Pansy’s breasts showed in all their glory. Pansy stopped, “Harry.”


She turned and grabbed his arm. Before he could knew what happened she pulled him into a deep kiss her bare breasts rubbed against Harry’s robe covered chest. “We really must do this again. Find something better… with a bed. That’s an order mister…”

Harry caressed Pansy’s black hair before he tilted her chin upwards for a kiss. Their tongues dueled for dominance, neither won and both looked forward to a rematch. Harry’s hands slid over Pansy’s bare ribs and Pansy did not seem to mind her state of undress in front of the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

“We should find something for you to wear. I doubt Filch left your clothes lying on the floor.”

Pansy looked down, her head on Harry’s chest, she blushed before speaking, “I promise not to wear any underwear next time.”

"Next time? We're going to have a next time?"

"Of course we are," Her hand squeezed Harry’s cock. It still hung outside of his pants. “It’s getting hard again, ready for another round?”

Harry nodded and looked around, “I don’t see anywhere we can use.”

“Silly boy, over here,” Pansy pulled down her wet knickers and bent over. She held on to one of the wall tapestries, “All right you horny bastard stick it in and do me.”

Harry held Pansy’s hips and pushed in. Merlin! It felt as good or better than the first time. It didn’t take long for the pressure to build.

Pansy tilted her head back, mouth open and eyes closed. She couldn’t believe she was doing this with Potter! He didn’t try to hurt her and actually seemed to care. She could get used to this. It didn’t matter what House they were in after graduation. Pansy Potter had a nice sound to it. It would be difficult what with them being in different Houses but doable... A fertility potion would help... Pansy would make sure she was very accessible and willing for Harry Potter. Pansy felt Harry Potter increase the pace of his thrusts and soon Pansy was flooded with his warm cum a fourth time.

Harry gave Pansy his robe, “It’s kind of cool here in the hall. You’re all right? You don’t mind we did it again?”

Pansy shook her head no, “No I don’t mind. I like it if it’s with you.” Pansy leaned over to kiss Harry. Harry’s robe on Pansy was open. She place one of Harry’s hands on her bare breast, “It’s yours, no one else’s, when you want fuck your girlfriend, you can. Let me know and when.” 


“Of course, you don’t think I would let anybody else see and do what we did, do you?”

Harry Potter was so easy to manipulate, yes, she could see a future as Mrs. Potter. 

The End


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