Hermione's Bucket List

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Hermione’s Bucket List

By 2CRsgt

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A/N: Ignore Voldemort and his Death Eaters, for this story they don’t exist.

AA/N: What is a Bucket List? A Bucket List was originally, ‘Things to do and see before I die.’ now it is usually a list of vacation ideas. In this story it is Hermione’s sex list of things to do and experience.

Hermione Granger – 15

Harry Potter – 14


Chapter 1

Saturday, July 1st 1995

Alton Towers

Harry was staying with Hermione for a week before the last week at the Burrow this summer. As a treat Hermione’s parents’ took them to Alton Towers, in Staffordshire, one of the top theme parks in the UK, unlike Disneyland style family parks, Alton Towers had sections that were aimed at different age groups and attractions with its amusements and thrill rides.

Daniel Granger bought Hermione and her friend weekend passes on Friday afternoon. It was not what Hermione originally wanted but her daddy had this thing about not having sex with his daughter no matter how often she was naked in front of him. Before her parents turned her and Harry loose in the park they had to promise to meet them at the Splash Landings Hotel at 9:00 PM.

The theme park was spread out in a wooded region with trees hiding the fences and blocking the sight of different zones. These zones were connected to the general areas by roads through the forest, zip lines or gondola style cable cars overhead.

Hermione skipped riding the popular zip lines that weaved between the trees. Harry would love it Hermione was sure, she watched the zip line ‘flyers’ mimic Harry’s way of flying on his broom. ‘Not me,’ she thought.

Then Harry whooped! She saw something even worse, The Galactica. Before coming here Hermione read everything she could about the park. The Galactica was a ‘flying rollercoaster,’ there were no rails under the riders; the rail was over the riders’ heads. The diving corkscrews looked really scary to Hermione. The ride was huge and could be seen above the treetops. While the history of roller coasters interesting to Hermione she had no intentions of trying this latest version of the ride with or without Harry. To make it worse the rider could rent a virtual reality ‘mask,’ plug in the attached cord and experience the ride in a spaceship or some such. The idea of not knowing what was next on the ride made Hermione shudder.    

To Harry the zip lines were tame. The lines were straight from one platform to another. No last minute dodging trees.

While Harry rode the Galactica three times Hermione explored different areas before they met up for supper. After talking about was to do they decided to spend tomorrow at the adult water park.

Sunday, July 2nd 1995

The next morning after a leisurely breakfast Emma Granger left to spend the day being pampered in the Alton Towers Spa complex while Daniel Granger planned to spend the day on a professional tournament level golf course.

First thing after her parents left Hermione went back to the hotel park store to buy suitable swim suits with the money that was supposed to last the day. The one piece her mum bought her covered too much in Hermione’s opinion and Harry’s trunk style swim suit was too baggy. Hermione had high hopes for tomorrow. She wanted to try things she never had before going back to boring Hogwarts. Where she had to hide what she wanted.

Harry met up with Hermione in her room. Her parents didn’t ‘’know’ it but Hermione had a very active Hogwarts sex life with Harry and Ron, sometimes both at the same time. Even they didn’t know there were other cocks that plowed Hermione. She thought summer without fucking would be boring until now. Hermione planned to try things she never could at Hogwarts.  

Harry shared the large shower with Hermione to save water. After Hermione was good and slippery Harry had her up against the wall and was in Hermione for their first shower sex. The prefects bath was fine but doing it in an actual shower was so different. Hermione felt her nipples slide up and down Harry’s wet soapy chest as he thrust in her. There was no way she could be rubbed too hard with all the bodywash on them. She thought she was in paradise and hugged Harry tighter, she spread her legs wider to wrap around Harry’s legs. In response Harry pressed Hermione firmly against the wet tile wall so he could sink his entire length deeper in Hermione. Nothing good lasts forever and after he unloaded in her they had to finish washing up. Hermione spent special attention to washing Harry’s cock and balls. After the shower Hermione was flat on the hotel bed where Harry carefully shaved her pubic hair with an electric razor. Her new gold colored bikini had been described as ‘3 postage stamps with a bit of string guaranteed to knock the socks off her boyfriend’ by the sales girl. What the sales girl didn’t know was Harry wouldn’t wear socks today. When Hermione felt the vibrations from her dad’s electric shaver Hermione came again and left a wet stain on the bedspread.

It was a satisfied Hermione who wore a white sun hat, sunglasses, flip-flops and a gauzy red cover-up.

Harry was nervous wearing his skinny Speedos in public so he wore a pair of shorts over them when they left Hermione’s hotel room.

There was no way Hermione was not going to be royally screwed again today with this bikini being so small. There was no Ron but that was okay, if it wasn’t for Harry, Hermione never would let Ron touch let alone fuck her. Hermione forgave Ron about the troll but had no intention of forgetting it was all his fault. Harry was willing to share her with Ron who’s been a git more than once. Hermione planned to have sex with people she didn’t know just like her mum and dad did at the sex parties they went to. Hermione had to make sure she had the right conditions for Harry to agree to share her with strangers. She didn’t think that would be difficult. He was a very understanding boy so long as she made sure he had holes to plug. Hermione was still feeling especially horny even after being fucked this morning.

The Water Park

In the water park there were all kinds of water slides bending off in all directions. The hollowed out ‘log’ flume rides were all in the family area.

Hermione tugged Harry to follow the signs to the young adult section of the water park. Once past the gate Hermione saw lots of teen girls and young women with wet tee shirts and no bras. No one seemed the least bit bothered by this except poor Harry who had never seen so many tits all at once. When she saw Harry stare at other girls… er… women, Hermione turned around and told Harry to untie the top of her two piece swim suit so it became a one piece bikini under her gauzy red cover-up. With hundreds of people able to see she was topless under the cover-up gauze Hermione’s nipples perked up.

Harry’s hardon made his new Speedos were very uncomfortable and he was aware he tented the loose material of his baggy shorts.

‘This is more like it,’ Hermione thought when she eyed Harry’s tent.

Harry was in shock when Hermione moved his hand from her waist to one of her gauze covered breasts in public.

Harry felt Hermione’s stiff nipple rub the palm of his hand through her the thin cover-up. That she wanted for him to hold her boob in the open like this was more erotic than he ever imagined. In public, no less! Where was the Hermione who acted so proper in public at Hogwarts?

While the park officially discouraged PDAs there were numerous semi private ‘picnic hide-aways’ for couples. Hermione led Harry in one of these, past the bench in the center that could be seen from the path to a corner out of sight. Once there Hermione’s cover-up came off and she had Harry untie her last piece of gold cloth between her and Harry’s cock. Seeing what she was doing Harry couldn’t strip out of his shorts and Speedo fast enough. Sandals, glasses and Hermione’s white sun hat were tossed aside in their rush to get completely naked. Once they were nude Hermione was on her back with Harry on top. She arched her back to make it easier for Harry’s cock to slide back in where she wanted it. Hermione had to bite her lower lip to keep quiet. Merlin, she needed this, Hermione was wet from the moment she placed Harry’s hand on her breast out where everybody could see.

At Hogwarts she had to limit herself or gain the reputation of being a slut. Hermione knew, hell everybody in school knew, Pansy Parkinson was a slut and would have sex with anyone so long as he or she was a pureblood. If Hermione Granger gained that kind of reputation she would not be protected by her blood status so she had to limit herself to just Harry, Ron and two special friends Harry and Ron didn’t know about and then only in hidden locations.

Now she was in a muggle park with thousands of people and no wizards or witches would know. The only wizard who knew in the park had his cock buried deep in her. Harry Potter, Hermione’s best friend and best fuck mate, now might be the only time she could let herself go wild, Hermione had plans, Harry would thank her for it later. Hermione’s hips bucked in anticipation of fun.  Her thoughts were interrupted when Harry unloaded more of his cum in her.

They laid side by side to rest. If anyone walked in she and Harry would give them the full monty. Nothing happened like Hermione hoped so she encouraged Harry to roll on top of her for another round. Soon his bare ass rose and fell in time with his thrusts in his special friend. Hermione spread her legs so wide her knees almost touched the grass on either side. Both of them thought this was great. Neither of them had a chance to do the nasty outside at Hogwarts, it was too cold for most of the school year and when it was warmer the highland Scottish ‘no-see-em’ midges would eat you alive.

The more Hermione was fucked the more she wanted to be fucked just like her parents who often attended sex parties. Unfortunately for Hermione her dad had this hangup about screwing his daughter which left Hermione frustrated when she was home. Until now, she was going to make the most of this opportunity to be shagged hard and as often as possible during the summer hols.

In a way Hermione was glad Ron was not with her and Harry was. Ron was a one shot wonder who only cared about getting his rocks off. Not to mention he got all possessive when she was shafted by Harry. Hermione thought Harry was too trusting and never noticed Ron’s jealousy. Before the end of the term Hermione cut Ron off cold. Her cunt was off limits.  

She could feel Harry fill her, his sliding in and back. Hermione loved the way he paid attention to her wants and needs just like she trained him. Even after he started to soften Harry didn’t stop and he didn’t go to sleep after. Fortunately Harry understood Hermione wanted more than his cock so he talked to her after. He thought it was kind of exciting the way Hermione talked about other girls he could fuck… cunts she called them, with no complaints. Hermione would try her best to make sure satisfy him so he wouldn’t care about her planned fucking around.

They stopped when they heard clapping. A young man and woman were standing at the entrance. She was wearing a string that was supposed to be the bottom of her bikini with nothing else. Not even a piece of gauze. He wore a Speedo that was so thin the top on his penis showed. Hermione didn’t know they made Speedos smaller than what she bought for Harry. Hermione licked her lips. Here was a chance for another cock to shaft her. She could feel herself getting wetter at the thought so soon and stood. Hermione stood up and walked over to the unknown man trying to be a sexy adult like in the movies, her shaved cunt showing.

From where Harry lay on the ground he appreciated her smooth expanse of skin. He waved the girl down to where he was. She looked no older than the upper year girls at Hogwarts. Like Hermione she had no hesitation in losing the tiny scrap of cloth that jokingly was supposed to cover her.

She wasn’t down fast enough so with a growl Harry pulled her down and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. When she was next to him he inhaled her aroma of flowers from some nice smelling shampoo. After a kiss and lick he learned she tasted as good as she smelled. Suddenly Harry rolled her on her side next to him. Starting at her neck he lowered his head as he tasted her collarbone, to her chest without touching her erect nipples just yet and up to her lips, his hips grinding on hers. He kept his lips on her lips when she moaned.

Her lips parted and her tongue pressed into his mouth to show he merely caught her by surprise that she was willing rubbing her mound against Harry’s hard cock.

Harry broke the kiss to lick her cheek. ‘She tastes even better than on her breasts,’ he thought while he lined up his cock with her cunt. He slid down a bit to guide the tip of his penis against her wet and willing opening.

She wrapped her arms tight around him just under his arms. She tugged and pulled him in an attempt to have him all the way in her. She ground herself harder against the mushroom head that was barely in her. She moaned as he slowly went deeper, just the way Hermione liked it, each inch he went in Harry would pull back before he slid back in just a little deeper. She wiggled underneath Harry trying to get him deeper, faster and he wouldn’t, not yet. Finally Harry surrendered to her demands and slammed into her hot tight center. Her legs wrapped behind his ass to hold him there when he filled her. She made a loud wordless sound of pleasure as he fucked her which became louder and louder until she was screaming. "YES! YES! HARDER! FASTER!" She screamed when her walls clamped tight around Harry’s cock and he couldn’t move. Her hug and legs around held Harry in her as she came and screamed her release.

"More," She whispered. Her legs tightened around him as she pulled him deeper into her.

Hermione and the man in her stopped their own sex to watch. “She never acted like that for me,” he said.

“What can I say; my man is a dream lover.” Hermione turned his head away from the other two. “You’re in me. Now fuck me,” Hermione growled.

For a few minutes the only noises from the park’s hide-away they were in was the slapping of flesh on flesh, gasps, grunts and moans of four people in their own lust filled world. Everything became quiet when the two males filled the girls with cum.

Later after Harry and Hermione sort of dressed they separated without learning anything more about the other couple having got what they wanted. They were two unknown couples who got what they wanted.

Hermione picked one of the many artificial ponds where she and Harry claimed one of the park’s many extra wide custom couples lounge chairs with its courtesy towels. Hermione looked around, no overweight older men anywhere, good. The music, the activities, the general atmosphere was geared towards younger adults and the park staff discouraged parents with children and questionable individuals. She had plenty of time to find a cock later and most of the men wore narrow Speedo type swim suits. Hermione now thought the Speedo she talked Harry into was rather conservative and wondered where these smaller ones were sold. She saw more than one penis tip exposed. Hermione wondered if that was a fad. If so choosing which one would fuck her next would be easy. But for now the water beckoned.  

Hermione ran and dove in the water. She loved the fact that almost all of the women around her were almost naked in public. A large number of women wore the same style bikini bottoms in different colors, probably purchased from the Alton Towers stores. Hermione thought it was funny the park rules said a bathing suit must be worn but the cloth bits were so small until you were only a few feet away you didn’t know a girl wore anything at all.

Once she was at the raft Hermione saw the majority of people stayed near the beach area or the water slide on the other side of the artificial pond. She fingered the knot that held her bottom triangle on. No one would know until she left the water. Her mind made up, Hermione pulled the string. Now where was Harry? She held the bikini bottom between two fingers and wondered what to do with it because she would need both hands when Harry finally showed up. There! Off to one side near the retaining wall was a small raft. Perfect, she could leave her almost nonexistent bikini bottoms there, no one would see it. She tingled at the thought of being naked and being shagged in front of so many people even if they couldn’t see it. Hermione was startled when someone took her bit of cloth out of her hand. When she looked over her shoulder she saw a young man dangle her bit of cloth.

He held on to the raft with one hand and smiled easily to the younger girl.  “Hello, I haven’t seen you around her before, my name’s Wright.” He tossed the cloth on the raft.

“Hermione,” She felt warm in the cool water when the hand that no longer held the bottom of her bikini slowly moved down her side until it rested on her hip. This thrilling for Hermione, she was naked and she was being felt up by a strange man in front of hundreds of people. If only they knew. This day kept getting better and better. At Hogwarts everything was hidden in an empty room or broomcloset.

“Lost something?” He rubbed his hand on her hip before moving to her front where her triangle bikini bottom was supposed to be so he could rub the smooth skin Harry had shaved only hours ago.

“No, not lost. I know where it is.” Hermione pressed his hand from the small swell of flesh that was normally covered by her cunt hair and moved it down between her legs. “I know what you want,” she said boldly in a low voice. With her hand over his she rubbed his fingers over her bare front and slit.

Wright took the hint and his finger wriggled in her. Hermione sighed before she closed her eyes and lifted one leg so more fingers could go in her. He raised an eyebrow. He shouldn’t be able to do this in a girl as young as this girl looked. He pulled his fingers out, “Turn.”

Hermione did not do what he wanted so he grabbed one shoulder and spun her around.


“Hold the raft with both hands.” Wright ordered.

Curious, Hermione did as she was told.

He held Hermione’s hip under the water with one hand and reached over Hermione to place his other hand on one of hers holding the raft. Now that he knew the she couldn’t get away if she changed her mind he started to penetrate her. Her eyes widened. She knew he was going to fuck her in the water but wasn’t sure how he could do it with nothing to give them traction. That he was going to do it right here in front of everyone was thrilling. Everyone splashing about wouldn’t see it or know she was being so shameless. That didn’t matter, she was naked, he was naked and was partially in her. He churned the water making little waves while he tried to push deeper until he held Hermione’s shoulder with the hand that had been on her hip. He pulled himself in Hermione’s body. Wright never had a girl who looked so young so willing.

This felt different to Hermione. He didn’t push in. He pulled in. It was much slower and somehow softer. Oh, he was as hard as Ron or Harry’s cock but this was her fifth fuck today and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. Hermione thought she was right, she was doing things she never did in different ways and in different places. “FASTER! FASTER! HARDER! MAKE ME CUM!” Hermione screamed.

Wright slapped one wet shoulder, “Quiet!”

Hermione whimpered, his slap left a red mark on her wet skin and Wright continued his slow paced shag. When he worked himself to the edge of cumming Wright stopped. He tapped Hermione’s sore shoulder, “Come with me.”

He swam to the beach and Hermione followed him, her bikini bottom forgotten on the small raft.

When they were in shallow water he stood up and helped Hermione to her feet.

“But they can see… the rules…” Hermione could see he wore no swimsuit either and had an erection for all to see. “They’ll kick us out…” she said weakly, this was being too public. She wasn’t ready for this.

“So? We are leaving anyway.” Wright held Hermione’s waist. At water’s edge he slapped Hermione’s ass, “Get your things and meet me over by the path.”

Hermione didn’t know why she obeyed but she did. Her breasts jiggled as she ran. That was when she saw Harry talking to a pretty girl who was almost naked. All he did was talk when the pretty girl was there for the taking. Naked Hermione walked to Harry, “Come on Harry, we have places to go and things to do.”

The girl’s eyes widened at Hermione’s complete nudity.

Harry stood up running his hands over her wet ass, “Did you get any?”

“Yes and there’s more to be had but not here, not now, we gotta go.”

They gathered their things and left the other girl behind.

On the way back from the lounge chair Hermione’s nipples perked up with all the men looking at her naked body. She never thought she would ever do anything like this. Hermione thought she looked silly because she only wore her wide brim sunhat, wraparound sunglasses, flip-flops and nothing else. From the number of erections outlined in Speedos Hermione saw, the men around her didn’t think she looked silly.

When she reached the path, “Miss, I think you forgot something?”

Hermione’s widened. Her cover-up! “I’ll be right back!” Before she took a step Wright’s low but forceful voice said, “No!  

Harry’s eyes narrowed. Nobody gave his best friend orders like that.

Hermione cocked an eyebrow like she did with Harry when he tried to contradict her, the Park attendants forgotten. Park attendants? There were two older men in the same colored tee shirts and black slacks standing near Wright and he had a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Miss?” The attendant held a towel for her to use.

“I’ll just nip back and get my cover-up.”

“No time. We really must go. Come along,” Wright ordered.

“But I…”

“No need. It would come off soon enough anyway.”

“Oh.” Hermione wrapped the towel around her.

“Who are you?” Wright asked.

“Harry, who are you?”

‘Boys,’ Hermione thought. She rolled her eyes, “You’ve both shagged me and I’m sure you will again, we gotta go.”

They were escorted to the car park and at the entrance gate the three were given a one week ban after their names were recorded and a Park attendant demanded the Alton Towers towels back before they left.

“Harry,” Hermione said sweetly. “I bought that Speedo here for you. Why don’t you give it back?”

Even though Harry was alone in the small back seat he would have made a contortionist envious when he took off the swim suit.

“Why did you do that Jack?” The gate keeper asked the Park attendant holding the towels, “Those are souvenir towels.”

Jack grinned, “Did you get a look at the girl?”

“Ya, I did, noticed she shaved, I wish I had your job.” The gate keeper watched the VW convertible drive out of sight.

“Well, you would never know she shaved if I didn’t take the towels back.”

“Ya, right thanks.”

Once out of the park Hermione realized her parents didn’t know she and Harry were out of the park. Oh well, when it gets late enough for a shift change they could sneak back in and her mum and dad would never know. In the meantime… Wright was completely naked and drove down the road with a hardon.

“Can I play with your stick shift?” Hermione asked.

“Not now dearie,” Wright grunted while he shifted gears.

TBC (To Be Continued)

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